What the Toyota Tacoma Sport looks like For Sheila and Dale from JT

What the Toyota Tacoma Sport looks like  For Sheila and Dale from JT

Hi Dale and Sheila this JT here at Handys on so what I’ll do is i’ll walk you through this certified use one obviously you are getting a
brand new one on by all try to point out all the different features that are in
that sport package I’m as we look here in the front right
off the get-go fog lights come on the sr5 and the
sports or get those this is the hood scoop pretty simple
doesn’t stand out all that much as we walk down the side I you do get different different tires
when you get the TRD I’m and as we keep moving back obviously this is a used so its a little
dirty on you get the bilstein suspect on shocks and the different suspension in
there the logo’s in the back backup camera inside the bed K like I said this is the hard plastic liner on it goes all the way around do
not see any I’ll metal so it’s a little different than a
normal bed liner than what you would have in your time drop with that TRD Sport Package you do get
the power outlet in the tailgate like I was telling you about the normal again player radio hours are
something like that out a bit so what appear we have you followed by
new power outlet for the power and the bad are you at the RCA
roles like an airbag switch the reason why I have that is if you are
taking off-road utility vehicle over if it feels like you’re going to roll
over if it senses that you’re in that direction it will automatically deployed deploy the side airbags I so you do have
a switch to turn those off your traction control standard on all
upon arm the interior on this worse is what you’re getting is a little
different are you will have all your audio control in all your Bluetooth
controls on the steering wheel alright Sheila I N Dale I’m like I said the TRD package gives me
a few features we walked her summer those I’m obviously this is a little hard to
tell because this is a use not a new one I am what we’ll do is we’ll talk about
all the different options obviously a go over what whether what
does TRD Sport features are that you care about what they are what you don’t care about obviously most
summits telling for your bro on now we are working to see if we can
get one in sooner that is an identical match the one I
already have coming and I’ve given you pricing for and so what we’ll do is we’ll touch base
here a little bit later on today after you watch the video I am if you have any questions in the
meantime 802 528 2219 or send me an email Geo Tracker
Hindi cars dot com have good day

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