What to do in Puerto Vallarta – Ride the Bus to Walmart

What to do in Puerto Vallarta – Ride the Bus to Walmart

Hey everyone today we’re gonna be riding the bus from downtown Puerto Vallarta over to Walmart and we’ll give you a quick tour So let’s check it out Hey everyone, it’s Ken here from Northern Viking Explorer And if you are new to this channel, it is all about travel exploring and discovery So make sure you click that subscribe button, so you don’t miss out on upcoming videos Today we are in beautiful Puerto Vallarta Mexico we’ve been hanging around in downtown and the old town checking out the beautiful beaches Going through stores different things like that. And today we are gonna be heading back to the Walmart area on a city bus So we’re gonna show you what that experience is like when we get to Walmart We’ll do a walk-through of Walmart and show you what that kind of looks like inside But we’ve actually made our way down to the Sheraton here. We’ve walked for a couple of miles You can grab buses from the downtown area, but we’ve walked down here and you can see across the street here There’s plenty of buses going by Tons of them here in downtown and a lot of them say Walmart on the front. So we’re gonna cross the street up here and Grab one of these buses and see how that goes Be really careful when you’re crossing the street here in Puerto Vallarta, it’s really busy You can see there’s people kind of stuck in the median in the middle You don’t have a lot of time to cross when it is your turn, but you can see there’s more buses coming We’re gonna get across here and try and grab one that says Walmart on it Some of them are newer buses and some of them older ones and we found this one which is an older style bus So we’ll get on here and pay our fee Broken seat there So that costs seven and a half pesos each to get on to this bus which works out to about 40 cents u.s So really inexpensive to get on the bus here And we are off you can see there’s lots of shops around here there’s an H&M over there But what I’d really like to know is why he’s driving with the door open It seems kind of dangerous with kids right next to it However, it is a hot and humid day here in Puerto Vallarta. So he’s probably trying to cool down the bus If you’re looking for a bus that goes to Walmart, you can see in the windshield there on the right hand side It says Walmart in really small letters. It’s a sticker. Lots of buses do say Walmart on it So those are the buses you’re gonna be looking for? This bus is definitely on the older side But it seems to be doing the trick and everybody on the bus seems really friendly today. There’s lots of families So we’ve had a good experience that way if you’ve ridden the bus in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico I’d love to hear your comments on how your experience went If you can leave that in the comment section down below. and this whole bus ride over to Wal Mart Took us about 15 to 20 minutes All right, so we are here at Walmart I guess I need to go off on the back of the bus. There’s lots of people getting on I’m not sure about these people getting on at the back if they are paying or not but they seem to be sneaking on there and Will get off here There’s our bus one more time So seven and a half pesos each like I said about 40 cents us Pretty good deal to get all the way down here to Walmart. There’s also a Sam’s Club right next to us here as well We are actually here on a Carnival cruise You can see the cruise port over on the left-hand side, which is really handy that it’s next to Walmart if you do need any last-minute items to take back on the ship Sunscreen and that sort of stuff but let’s head on in to Walmart and show you what they have in there And when you walk into Walmart, you’re gonna see it’s very similar to one that you see in the USA or Canada And one cool thing my Wi-Fi on my phone was connected to Walmart in the USA And when I walked in here in Mexico my Wi-Fi automatically connected and I could have free internet while I was shopping in Walmart All sorts of electronics, but we’re not looking to bring a TV home to Canada You’ve got swimsuits and dresses over there Puerto Vallarta bags. if you forgot your sunglasses Or you broke them, you can pick up some cheap ones over here It’s always handy to have those when you’re in the Sun. if you need a motorcycle, go ahead and pick that up They’ve got some sporting goods and snorkels that kind of stuff Alcohol, They have got a big alcohol section here Wines and coca-cola. We don’t have three liter coca-cola back in Canada. So that’s kind of interesting And also buy cans However, I’m gonna go for a coca-cola from the cooler that’s nice and cold They are 13 pesos which works out to about 70 cents. There’s lots of drinks to choose from in here If you’re looking to bring home some souvenirs They’ve got lots of stuff here Tons of stuff that says Puerto Vallarta on it and if you’re looking to bring something home for your family picture frames Keychains maybe a Mexican looking wallet. They’ve got it all here for you or if you want to bring home some vanilla They’ve got that here as well 36.9 pesos per bottle all sorts of Mexican painted dishes and things Sunscreen if you’ve run out you can grab that here. It’s cheaper than on a cruise ship or at your resort t-shirts There’s tons of t-shirts here and Ninety-eight pesos. So five or six bucks for a t-shirt Alright, so we are ready to pay for our souvenirs drinks and spicy Mexican candy, but on the way out Don’t forget to buy your ice cream cone from McDonald’s 11 pesos around 60 cents u.s Great deal, and there’s also some free restrooms here to use before you head out for your adventures Here’s a look from our ship and in the background there You can see you Sam’s Club in white and Walmart next to that in the middle there is a shopping mall over there on the left hand side with a big food court and some restaurants and Department stores as well as free Wi-Fi in there at the food court and there’s a Starbucks as well So I hope you did enjoy this video of our bus ride from downtown old town Puerto Vallarta over to Walmart If you did make sure to give it a thumbs up Also, remember to subscribe to Northern Viking Explorer because I’ve got tons of videos coming up that I’d love to share with you Thank you so much again for watching and take care

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  2. could we use our costco card to get into sam's? coming tomorrow….do they sell rashguards at a decent price inwalmart/costco? too late for me to order one this weekend and thought how that'd be practical in such hot weather.

  3. "free restrooms"…LOL are there places where they charge to use the toilet? btw, is there a citibank inside the walmart?

  4. Mexican parents don't protect their kids the way American and Canadian ones do, as they know their children are smart enough not fall out of an open bus door! Also, none of all of that silly antibacterial this and that, so children in Mexico grow up having stronger natural immune systems, healthier diets, get more exercise, and are all around happier than American children who are raised on junk food and spend their days on their electronic toys.

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