What your Car says about You – Foil Arms and Hog

What your Car says about You – Foil Arms and Hog

I’m just looking for a car Certainly sir. What is it you’re looking for? Something sporty How about an Audi? Luxury, power, prestige The only drawback… is that you have to drive it in the bus lanes. I could live with that Great, I’ll get the paperwork. You just need to give me the finger. Sorry? The finger. Give it to me I don’t want to I’m afraid I can’t sell you the Audi Why not? They’re trying to maintain an image. How about a Merc? Oh, I’m not authorized to sell a Mercedes to anyone under 50. I suppose I could go for an electric car. Whoa! You think you’re better than me? No, I… em What’s the story with that van in the…? Ah, the Ford Transit Comes with all the mod cons Including a dashboard already stuffed with rubbish and graffiti drawn on the back window For a good time call… That’s my phone number Hmm, personalized. Well, what about that Nissan Micra? Isn’t that like an old person’s car? Absolutely not. It comes with cruise control… travel sweets… an André Rieu CD… and a state-of-the-art bifocal windscreen I think I need something more adventurous than that Adventure? Well, look no further than the Peugeot 205. Will it start? Won’t it start? Every day is different Range Rover? Ah, you’re looking for something you can double park … outside the gourmet deli? No, I… The 4×4 really gets you up onto that kerb… to block that cycle path. There was a black BMW on the way in? Oh, yes. Are you a businessman or a drug dealer? …Businessman Sure it’s all business at the end of the day, isn’t it? No, what? Now would you like an automatic… or would you be afraid that might emasculate you? You think automatic isn’t manly? I didn’t say that You implied it It’s your choice Ok, look, I just want a bland car. Okay? Something that doesn’t say anything about me at all. Bland! How about a Volvo? God, I don’t want a Volvo! Okay, so you’re a businessman… what do you do? Oh, well technically I’m studying business A student!? Yeah Why didn’t you say so! You know what you should be driving? What’s that? Your mom’s car Now get out Hi, we’re Foil Arms and Hog. Thanks a million for watching our video. We have a new video every Thursday, please subscribe to the channel Mmm, if you want to see us live Which is really what we hope you want to do. We are playing the Dublin Fringe Festival That’s kicking off super soon. All the dates are on our website. And after that in 2019, we’ll be touring Ireland and the UK We’re touring Ireland and the UK… you ruined it. Yeah, just say it if you’re gonna say it. Don’t mince your words You knocked one of my teeth out Ehhhhh DoooommmmmmmDaaaahhhhhh

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Who amongst you comments in this section usually Foil, Arms or Hog ? Even your comments are hilarious. I see the video and scroll down to read them too !

  2. hahaha OH NO…. I'm a female Ford transit high-top driver .. i'm a cliche -and yes. it's dirty. and yes i'm gay..but NOT easy :@)and yes there's an old phone number on it faded out :@))

  3. Back from school this is exactly what I needed! Brilliant as always lads
    Aaaand I'm really looking forward to seeing you live in December!☺

  4. I'm pretty sure Toyota (most models) are what you drive if you don't want you're car to say anything about you. Perhaps driving culture is different your side of the pond; here Volvo's are just scarce enough to be slightly interesting.

  5. Love the vids guys, well edited and obviously very funny.
    One form of constructive criticism would be either your mic type or mic placement. I'm not sure of your set-up, but you guys could defo improve on the quality of the speech with a bit of tweaking on that front.

  6. Oh! Finally a funny sketch! I've been pointing the mouse on top of the unsubscribe button until the Volvo joke came up! That saved the sketch.

  7. Drove an Almera for 5 yrs. Electric windows. Manual shaft. Kick-ass tape deck. Had to go back to the Toyota Corolla though. . Couldn't handle the attention. It was poontang magnet. You know yourselves.

  8. As a mum of five grown kids who all drove our cars (and some still do), I love the ending! What does a MINI say about a person–that's what I drive!

  9. Gold as always, lads; already watched 3x in a row, lol. Also would LOVE to whose idea was the punch and if it was Arms was it because he was in last weeks sketch AND his character was called (if so than I think he might have punched the wrong person unless it was Foil’s idea to omit him, lol)?

  10. What about a VW? had a 1970 beetle in high school and a “new beetle” in college. Now it’s just an old beetle again after graduate 🏦 school 😂

  11. That was great, especially the unexpected sock to the kisser at the end. This could also be an auto sales training film for global interests that don't want people having the freedom that personal auto ownership provides.

  12. Actually so rude and superficial to judge people based on their cars. Videos like this are simply arrogant and offensive. I’m a student and think it’s disgusting to assume I drive my mam’s car. I drive my dad’s.

  13. The punch at the end needs to have a sound effect to it, otherwise it doesn't work meaning it's not as funny.

  14. I actually clicked on the video thinking that it would reveal the dirty lies my Hyundai Tucson is saying about me behind my back. Disappointed 😞.

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