What’s Faster an Automatic or Manual Hellcat? Watch This Drag Race to Find Out

have you guys ever wondering what’s fast around the quarter mile is it a stick shift or automatic well we’re gonna find out today because we’ve got our 8-speed automatic Hellcat we’re gonna race this six-speed manual down the quarter-mile and that is coming up right now on the fast lane car [Applause] of course the biggest difference between these two Hellcats is this is a manual and this is an automatic this one’s right this one’s right this is a 2015 this is a 2016 but they both have 707 horsepower and Jesse Bailey was kind enough to bring his Hellcat out here to race me so let’s meet him so how’d you get the 16 manuals of the 8-speed automatic I figured it’s a wild ride you know cut loose a little I like a car that’s uh got a little something behind it yeah I feel like you’ve just taken away my car guy card because I’m the one with the automatic and you’re the one with the real transmission how fast you think you’re gonna run I was hoping for I was hoping for an 11 5 7 that’s what I had my this would be a really fun race you know good luck to you okay let’s see which one’s faster is it the manual or is it the automatic and you know we like to say it’s not about the driver but it’s about the driver okay we’ll see yep I’m gonna learn today [Music] he’s gonna kick Romans I’m convoy man oh don’t tell Jesse this but I’ve got a secret weapon my friend I’m almost out of gas and there’s a little bit of pride at stake here I do want to hold up and wave the TfL flag [Music] a little bit of a burnout to warm up my tires hold on [Music] you know what I think we should probably switch cars and try it again just give him another shot and the automatics and see how I do in the manual 13 6 to his 12 4 here and cut consistent to what he said he was going to run I had a 12 point four six one he had a thirteen point six one five so the answer is the automatic is a full second faster than the manual I feel like I got my man card back test cuz that was a second faster than your or just under a second it’s hard to lungs isn’t it it’s very hard to launch I didn’t expect so much bounce out of the back end I thought you know I had a nice nice piece rpm I was working with but it’s tricky yeah it’s okay so you wanna switch cars right off yeah you want to go for it yeah he’s really trying to add up his man card all right all right let’s do it ago actually you go drive right right flick it over or stand over there tells you what gear you’re in right second gear sheriff lunch like that they want to launch as soon as yeah that’s that simple simple enough oh yeah I definitely been a black fimo here no no red key I’m joking give me another L All Right see ya good luck are you an eco mode you guys had something planned in you you don’t think I Drive my own car what the hell is this I’m looking you have like a green leaf I don’t have any Como timeline that’s not even an option really yeah is it somewhat the automatics it must be okay it’s different key you have a red key here right so when you bring it over to uh it gave me the key I mean smoked custom oh that dirty dog he said you put you put him an eco mode on purpose I notice he’s got a full tank of gas too you [Applause] [Music] waiting to is sitting like a racecar driver he’s up here tight I’m leaning back like I’m like I’m gangster do that I’m not gonna do a Burnout in this car these are his tires not my tires [Music] expensive to begin with [Music] question is can i feather the throttle so let I don’t launch too fast [Music] oh definitely got the jump on me in terms of traction okay bitch then spun the tires and then finally got traction and spun the tires again in second gear so we shall see and the verdict is oh my oh my thank you right he ran a 12-6 and I ran a 13-8 god [Music] all right so we figured out two things first that Jessie is a better driver cuz I’ll take it you got the faster time in the manual sure but there’s a saving grace I actually had the fastest time in the automatic definitely overall fastest time of the day yeah yeah something so maybe maybe the takeaway is that the automatic is faster but the driver and his car is even faster or maybe the takeaway is that my reaction time sucked and yours is a lot better it really depends on you know what you’re doing I think on the drag strip the automatic is just a lot easier no doubt always guys this is rollin and Jessie thank you bring your car check out TL card comm for more news and of course Vandermeer drag strip with you see you guys next time ciao you do some more yeah I definitely will probably eken on the wife make sure she’s in charge for the day and then

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