What’s inside a Tesla Battery?

What’s inside a Tesla Battery?

(smash) (people cheering) – Welcome back to What’s Inside? I’m Lincoln, this is Dan, and today we’re gonna see what’s inside a Tesla Model S battery. – This is our car that, sadly, we are getting rid of tomorrow. We bought this guy off of-
– Ebaaay! – Underneath your Tesla car
it has 15 of these cells. That’s where a lot of the
weight comes from on the Tesla. We did cut open an actual
engine from a Jeep recently. Yes! But for this, it’s basically a battery and then you have the drivetrain that’s built into the tires. They really wrapped that
well in that plastic. I have a friend, I have a neighbor, he drives only Nissan Leafs, he has solar panels on his house, this guy knows a lot about batteries. – John has a website
called johnsavesenergy, teaches you lots of really cool tips, how to build your own car. You wanna build your own electric car? He’s done it. Not once, but twice. Here’s our battery.
– Wow. That is a thing of beauty. 21.5 volts. I think a fully charged one
should be about 24 to 26 volts. – A few things that we’ve determined is that this right here,
this is the actual battery, and it has around 450 is what we determined are inside of this without taking off the top layer. This is very well-protected. It has plastic that is glued on, it has the metal tray on the top. It’s not like there’s a couple of screws that you undo and you get into this thing. But right here, what we assume this is, the actual coolant right here. – It’s amazing that even just one module has a computer on it. So it’s just taking all these
measurements all the time. – Here’s the deal: You have all these batteries
that are underneath your car, if you’re lookin’ to
buy an electric vehicle that might scare you
a little bit to think, “What if a metal bar
is bouncing on the road “and it comes up and
punctures your battery?” – Well what if you did
that to your gas tank? It would go boom! – Yes. If it happened to a gas
tank and there was a spark that would happen too. – That’s what’s mostly startling to me, is like 250,000 cars burn
to the ground every year. – 250,000? – Yes, in the United States. And no one’s startled. – I’ve got an idea that
involves a metal-tipped arrow and the Tesla battery. I wanna see if we can shoot it
and hit one of the batteries. We’ve already determined that
there’s some power in here, there’s some juice in here. So I would expect some type of fire, but what happens when you
puncture a battery pack with 450 batteries at 21.5 volts? – So here’s the setup. We have a Tesla battery on top of this, arrow block? I don’t really know what to call it. And then we have the safe
door from the bank video. – That’s solid.
(knocking) That’s solid. So the idea is we take the arrow and we try to shoot it right
in between here or here. There’s a lot of things
that could go wrong here. I’m gonna be honest. But the goal is we hit the batteries, it goes through and
punctures a few of ’em- – It goes kaboom! – And hopefully there’s some kaboom. Don’t try this at home. (dramatic music) (clank) – Ohh!
– Whoooa! What happened? Ohh, it went right through there. It went through, oh, is there heat comin’ off this? I’m not feeling any heat. We clearly have punctured it. Oh man. It ate the tip. Oh look, there’s some black
stuff went down there. Not what I expected. I expected a kaboom. (elevator muzak) (smash) (slow-mo smash) Ohh! – [Lincoln] Do you hear that sizzling? – It’s still sizzling. It’s smoking. But I really feel like
it needs one more drop, so I’m gonna take the chance of running in my house up the stairs out London’s room, to throw it back off the roof again and hopefully it doesn’t explode
on my trip through there. This is sketchy. (dramatic music) (smash) Ohh ha ha!
– Whooaa! (slo-mo smash) – Batteries everywhere! It just came down, just smashed, and poom! – Here’s your coolant rack right here. If I pull on this it should
just drop the batteries out. (cracking) What I think is cool is how the coolant is weaved
in between every one of them. So it’s getting both sides, but
it’s just metal and plastic. I mean, this metal, look at that, it can come off, it’s pretty thin. (ripping) See that? There’s a layer of that metal. It’s pretty light. (clanking) There’s some battery acid
comin’ out of it right there. It’s probably super hot right now. Kudos to Tesla for making a battery that really doesn’t
explode all that easily. We gave it multiple times, with a hatchet, with a bow and arrow. That was fun. And batteries are dangerous, don’t mess around with
batteries like we do. We had some people helping supervise this. You may not see it, but they’re behind you right now. – Two people.
– Watching. We are going to take
these to a battery store, they know how to properly
dispose of these. We’re getting rid of our Tesla, and we’re getting rid of
these Tesla batteries. That was a nice way to send it out. – So go and watch our family channel, then we can explain why we’re
getting rid of our Tesla. – Yeah. – Yeah. – For sure.
– Yeah. – That’s it.
– Yeah. – Goodbye.
– Goodbye. – Yep.
– Yeah.

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  1. If possible to receive the remaining cells? We are producing an e-surf prototype. So, Panasonic tesla cells will be super (or maxwell). Txs

  2. Dude, there are many people salty about this video. They are the sceptics on whether the battery would explode in an event of puncture. You've proven them wrong that's why they attack you like a kindergarten.

  3. I wonder how long Dan and Lincoln would last as Boy Scouts Lincoln being a scout and Dan being a adult leader? Hey here an idea what's inside Boy Scouts you will fit in Boy Scouts are cave men Lincoln and Dan are modern cave men they destroy stuff after all

  4. This is the best proof of how intelligent an American is. You can break it apart professionally, you don't have to crush! Oh my God! What can such people do for their profession? Clown?

  5. No kidding! This behavor is extermely dangerous, if the battery exploded, it could have destoryed their house.

  6. Where will the world send spent lithium….total bs…Do not buy electric cars dangerous….Lithium fires inhalation kills …smoke inhalation scar's lungs

  7. Learn how batteries work or you can die. Batteries explode due to thermal runaway. Chopping one in half won't cause it to explode, it requires overheating. Yes, if you destroyed the integrity of a battery and wait long enough it might go into runaway but runaway typically happens during charging or discharge. These two events create "heat" . Too much and KABOOM. CHARGE or DSCHARGE a damaged battery and 100% of the time it will explode.

  8. The LI-ION Cell is dangerous on full charge, if is discharged the reaction of the lithium with the oxygen is most less.

  9. Thanks 😂, important thing, I noticed here is because I am thinking off building the same bettery, there is a coolant strip srounding each cell of the battery 🔋.
    This is to protect it from the heat 🔥 generated during long running time… 2nd important thing is struture shell's metel quality that is originally protecting it from explosion 💥
    Any body want to suggest me any thing can whatsApp me +91 9468 9468 01

  10. What an absolute waste. The amount of things that battery could have been used for, and you smash it to bits.

  11. Will these batteries degrade over time? In other words, if one of these cars is made and just parked in the garage for 10 or 15 years without ever being driven or charged/drained/recharged, will the batteries still perform just as good as new?

  12. Tesla uses nickel, cobalt, aluminium (NCA ) chemistry for their battery for optimum performance.
    The juicy liquid that is oozing out of battery is electrolyte.
    Smart engineering design by Tesla.

  13. This Battery as Cylindrical Lithium Polymer not a Li-ion This Battery is Li-Polymer

  14. It would have been enough to short-circuit one single fully loaded cell to find out about the ka-boom. Maybe put it in the oven additionally to simulate a the battery becoming hot because of the short-circuit. One single cell can only produce so much amperes, no matter how many others are around it.
    As these cells are canned, they will probably just vent the excess inside pressure.

    Total nonsense, this video. I wasted this part of my life.

  15. So a Tesla is basically powered by a bunch of rechargable AA batteries, and all of us who have owned rechargable AA's know they don't last long before they're shot and will not charge. Tesla, the cars for fools with more money than sense!

  16. Yeah. Gas tanks don't spark and go "boom" . -_-… Like seriously. Expected a Kaboom. There is NOTHING EXPLOSIVE in these. They are batteries. Batteries go BOOM, after over heating and discharging for a while. Creates a fire over time. Also, why in the hell would you let your kid just pull the arrow out, when there is chemicals inside the batteries. This is the 4th video where there wasn't enough safety discussed before the making of the video.

  17. Well I guess yall leaving negative comments about it no being "wats inside" didn't read at 3:33 "testing the durability of this tesla battery"

  18. Did anybody notice that at the start of the video when dan throws the battery off the roof the sound of the people saying woah sounds like a drone

  19. Spend money to buy a perfectly good working battery and ruin it to see what happens.
    Only white people can do this kind of stuff, love their adventurism and blood soaked dollars.
    Asian people, I am Indian, wouldn't do that with non-working products, because their is miniscule salvage value.

    Enjoyed the video, please do same with Tesla space shuttle. I am sure you already thought about it.

  20. Tesla's are still bad for this world and ruining the world because Tesla gets their batteries from holes that he has that go down deep in the earth not good for the environment btw and the machine's they use to dig the holes take gas. correct me if I'm wrong

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