What’s inside the UNCUTTABLE Lock?

What’s inside the UNCUTTABLE Lock?

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  1. So the robber can just the bike frame LOWERING ITS VALUE AND MAKEING THE BIKE LESS STRONG
    Mostly they steal bikes to sell.

  2. 4:10. Try London instead of NewYork, thieves in London really don’t give a toss who watches them or how long it takes, in broad daylight and surrounded by people they actually do not care

  3. You should look up videos and or pictures of what happens to peoples faces when a zip disc explodes…..

  4. Express VPN might as well be re branded express hack. It's literally just a super hwy for hackers to get into your phone or computer even easier than before. I would not suggest any free vpn or VPN apps. Have someone make one for you that actually knows what they are doing.

  5. you dont even need such a big lock just get one good enough that ppl wont target your bike and dont have a $5000 bike in ny then you dont have to worry about it getting stolen

  6. So maybe you are one of those fanatic cyclists that buy an expensive carbon fibre bike that is really light so that you can go really fast. Then to protect your expensive investment you buy one of these heavy locks but having to carry it around on your bike makes your investment in your super light bike a waste. You might as well just ride a beater bike and buy a cheap lock.

  7. It could be cuttable, but it’s not very bendy. You can’t bend that to get it off the piece of metal you attach it to.

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