What’s My Car Worth? Trade in Value Process at Markquart Toyota near Eau Claire

What’s My Car Worth? Trade in Value Process at Markquart Toyota near Eau Claire

At Markquart Toyota, we understand that one
of the most important steps in the car-buying process is the trade appraisal.
Customers are better informed than ever before and we know it’s in everyone’s best interest
to make sure you get the full and fair market value for your vehicle.
Whether you’re trading a 2003 …or a 2013… your vehicle is important to us. And while
we’re the Toyota experts, we never discriminate against a good used vehicle.
Our goal is to take the mystery out of the used-car appraisal process, which is why we
welcome you to come along and watch as your car is inspected.
The process for evaluating your vehicle is fairly simple. We gather essential information
about the vehicle, evaluate its condition, and then research its market value.
Researching the market value of your car is a detailed process in which we use multiple
resources to get you the very best value for your trade. We include resources most consumers
are familiar with such as Kelley Blue Book, Edmunds, and N-A-D-A, as well as several auction
reports. We access this information with just a few
clicks through a software program called vAuto that also provides us with outstanding information
about similar vehicles available in the marketplace. Our trade evaluation process is research-focused,
which allows us to deliver a better sales experience to our customers by more consistently
satisfying their expectations on the value of their trade.
If you have any questions about your trade value don’t hesitate to ask. At Markquart
Toyota, we would be glad to discuss your vehicle and how we arrived at our value.

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