What’s Your Car Trade Worth

Bellco Credit Union Bank Smarter. Live Smarter. Car Smarts for our Partner Auto Aves Hi my name is Gilbert Chavez and I
am the vice president of operations and the general sales manager for Automotive Avenues. What is my trade worth? One of the biggest questions consumers have is what is their trade worth? There is a lot of places they go. They go to the internet, they go to KelleyBlueBook.com, several different sites
to get an idea of what their trade is worth. Now no site, Kelley Blue Book or any other site can really write
you a check for what they say your car is worth. At Automotive Avenues, we have a very sophisticated but simple
process in how we do the trade appraisal. What we do is take the make, model, year and the
miles and plug it into a tool called vauto. Vauto takes several different values from Kelly Blue Book,
from the NADA guide book, manheim auctions, and all the prices that are on the internet,
and it plugs it into one place. So we get an idea of what your trade is worth,
then we go out and look at the condition. Does it need a windshield? Does it need brakes replaced? Does it need new tires? Are there dents or scratches? Has hail hit it? And then we look at what the vehicle needs in terms of reconditioning and give you a real value for what your trade is worth. Where do I start? If I’m a consumer where do I start to
look at what my trade is worth? Well you can get an idea if you do go to a
Kelley Blue Book or NADAGuideBook.com or several different places, doing a Google search to see what people
are retailing their cars for like yours. Go to a craigslist, go to autotrader.com, go to cars.com,
and see what your vehicle is being retailed for. Now understand that most dealers are going to bring a car in
at wholesale and then put a retail price on it. How should I prepare my trade? We get a lot of questions on what can
I do to bring value to my vehicle? Well one of the things is clean your vehicle. Wash it before you take it to a dealer. Do you replace your breaks, do you replace your windshield, do you
replace your tires before you bring it to a dealer? No. All you are doing is buying somebody else a new pair of
tires, a new windshield, or a new pair of breaks. No. All you are doing is buying somebody else a new pair of
tires, a new windshield, or a new pair of breaks. So it’s not a good idea to throw good money after bad, by
reconditioning your vehicle before bringing it in as a trade. Bellco Credit Union. 75 years of Banking Smarter. Bank Smarter. Live Smarter. Bellco.org

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