Said what’s the point of breaking the wheels views views? Here’s the plan for the day today, we have a bunch of these wheels again because I have 300 of them basically we’re gonna do is whoever can break one of these wheels first will get either a set of MU wheels either 110 millimeter or 820 millimeter whichever one fits a scooter or whichever one They want both come with bearings. Of course or They can get whatever they want off of my website whatever piece of merch that they want and that’s basically if they already have wheels That are pretty good and they like them they’ll have to take these but they can take whatever what they want Like I said, so here are the rules whose all doing it Scott as participating steve-o is participating. Jess is participating Tristan is participating which one of you guys are participating Yeah Rochambeau for it. No, there’s one one. Here we go. One two, three go So every single person is gonna put the wheel on the back the Ares I’m gonna get one wheel and you have to actually Break the wheel completely. So what I mean by that is the wheel cannot be rideable whatsoever either you have to deal of it or Chunk the wheel Completely or you have to pop the core out of the inside Like pop the wheel core out of the actual wheel everybody understand that. Yes. Okay, cool so is yours who’s yours theirs yours and Yours your two or actually already on my scooter and they’re all both perfectly fine So actually no I have these two which are brand new right here But what for we can actually ride these you guys need to get bearings which are in the wheels that are on my scooter Right now everybody will start at the exact same time Okay, every starts at the same time and there’s only gonna be one winner just so everybody knows first things first I have to get these wheels off if I scoot right now I was gonna just give them these ones to ride but I feel like that’s not really fair because I rode these ones pretty hard last night So we’re going to take the bearings out of these wheels give one set to Scott one set to steve-o going to the skate park and Start this thing off Justin coming through with the wind That you got the tools so we’re all gonna put our wheels on right now Ellen do Alan you okay? in success Skol alright, everybody has their wheels on everybody’s got them on everything. I’m on the back, right? Yeah. Alright cool So we’re gonna whip the timer out just because I’m curious to see how long they actually do that. Here we go one New cute, okay, here we go in three two one go That was exactly what I would have done. Alright time has started I’m putting this in my pocket and let’s go see what these guys do really quick Deebo going straight over to the three block wasting no time whatsoever Stay with Tristan. They know that both the biggest kids here So just banging his on the side little ledges right now. Look at Dominic Dominic, don’t forget You gotta be riding it you gotta be ridin All jess is going for the 7 going for the 7 still last and Stevo up here. You can’t look like he’s getting tired just Ever he’s just doing big hops to flat. Let’s see what Scott’s doing. Scott is a smallest guy I’ll just entire group and if Scott wins, I’m gonna be so stoked for him Tristan is really going for that. Freakin 3 block and look you gettin tired dude, you tell Tell him Let him know anymore in the hospital you already know how health care is in this country how you feelin Tristan? How’s it looking? How’s your we look? See really quick confident really fast. I think there’s any cracks or anything. No, no cracks at all See wasn’t wheel just looking gnarly he was going more for the hole d hugging range as opposed to actually snapping the core which is totally fine cuz like I said These guys have to break the wheel to the point where it’s not writable and D. Hobbing is definitely not writable although when we are referring to an actual D hub the entire wheel has to come off like I’m saying like not Rideable like it won’t roll forward at all. That’s what we’re talkin about He was just he’s going for the super D hub though, oh My god any damage no damage still no damage for Jessa’s either. Nobody’s gotten even a crack Actually looking Dominic popper up here. Let’s see it nothing These kids think that just kids are plastic. They’re gonna break super fast I’ve seen some metal cores break faster than this, but I’m not gonna name names see well I’m gonna see I need to see some stuff on the 8th, like any of you air too flat. You’re just flowers Let me see it again. Oh cool Look, it’s gonna air straight to Flatpoint I can start kind of here, but it’s hard to save with the bearings or the actual wheels. These guys are working hard They either want the wheels or they want to merge. Oh goodness He was gonna break the rest of his scooter before you actually breaks that wheel The skatepark just sounds like an like an elephant zoo right now. I chose Sue’s you got Steve-o’s winded yes coming up here. Just go for the straight Tokyo Drift Okay, it’s been almost six minutes so far coming up on six minutes see what Steve was going for just super umbrella Straight to the wheel if you win, what are you going for the Wheels, you’re gonna need a front wheel after this apparently Dominic if you win, what are you gonna get? You know for the wheels you’re going to merge Steve I was working. Oh, I think if anyone’s right now yours might be in the worst shape Do I see a crack? Actually, we’re right there small crack every dude Oh Everywhere how you doing Scott? Yeah, we were really quick. Let’s see it. Lets see it Stevie got new damage. Yeah Got no cracks on there boy. You’re sure There’s nothing wrong with that nothing at all I see nothing wrong with your wheel whatsoever yet so you got some time you got some time click that car right now Let us know who you think is gonna break these wheels first. We got Scott. We got Jess Jess is over here playing around on the hip right now Steve. Oh, do you think Steve was gonna get it? You think Tristan’s gonna get it or do you think Dom is gonna get it? Let us know right now. Click that card This is about the only time where I’m stoked when you guys know sketch so tiring Dom just praying that this is gonna be over soon Don’t forget these wheels are a hundred bucks for a pair of wheels a hundred bucks. Yeah, a hundred bucks What are you going for you going for the wheels of the merge? Those are not a hundred bucks. There’s like 50 cent. Are you gonna be going for the merge are you going for the wheel? No Murch, it’s my man. These guys these guys Oh Will give you will give you something new it will give you a chance. Just just smashing right now. Just one good Smash is just on the ground right now. Hey when you’re small stay here 1 2 3 There’s one one more one more Okay, that’s all you get keep riding. We had to give it to Scott He’s he’s tiny. He’s tinier than a lot of these other guys. Let’s see how Tristan’s doing this check-in how you feeling? Okay. Why not? I’m just tired tired. Yeah, you see that wheel. How’s she looking? Have you heard anything yet? no looks knocked him as it came the funny part about this challenge right now – Your wheel so far is the only one that I’ve seen any kind of crack on I Can’t it still lasting and he’s been doing this for like what how long has it been now? We’re at 11 minutes right now 11 minutes straight of just absolute smashing these wheels Down all front wheel you’re gonna snap your front. Let’s see Oh Oh your finger, huh? Oh Shoot that crack is definitely getting bigger. Let me see right up there You guys can see it right there on that upper like right side right there. How much longer you think that wheels got? Dude on your knee. No, you don’t need no freaking. Okay. Okay. I’ll put my baby sticker Said what’s the point of breaking the wheels views? Views Mellon, he does that three block steve-o’s got a small crack in his wheel Get Scott, it’s got big awful man. Well, how’d that did let me see. Let me see Oh Go go go. Yo Scott, has he fat crack it is right now Get it Scott Scott this is a three block hit the three block just laying that thing. I’m room for Scott, right? Oh, you have your beat bite your little brother who is literally like 70 pounds lighter than you. I’ll never let that go Could you imagine trying to do this with like a metaphor? Well, uh, I would never happen He was putting so much force into this freaking back wheel That he’s just falling on his knee pads every time it’s been 15 minutes just about 15 minutes so far The two brothers are the ones that are the closest to breaking these wheels He’s following Big Brother’s footsteps with the Umbrella ego dropping in golf or the umbrella as well. Let me see yours These guys are seriously dying right now because they are realizing how strong as wheels actually are and they’re just plastic This is all we had to ride back in the day. But this this proves that they got us through just fine Yeah, they’re not nearly as strong or as fast as the wheels that we have today, but they still get the job done So you guys need a wheel for like a week. These are work There you go So tired it goes to show you a little bit plastic can wear out like five kids I’m gonna go get mine here, okay Draw blood Well Let’s it pick it up. Pick it up. I can still go think it still go hear mine. It’s still got a flair Oh you broke the bearing rib? I’m still writing He’s getting mad close. Yo, the metal bearing broke before the wheel You see it? Oh, dude There’s no way a bangs getting in she we can we call that form I Want to see I want to see you get a little bit further a little bit further Did you always wheel is pretty much done Yeah your point now, yeah your actual quote like that it’s bother the bearing is it can’t it Can’t take a bandage myself see though the winner Make getting it done a but you got freaking close though, dude for the smallest guy here. He did pretty good Hah. Yes, you didn’t even crack his chest where Scott’s is starting to crack right there Scott you got you did pretty good, man How much you weigh Scott? Eighty pounds. Let me see how yours he’s doing completely fine can ride it for the rest of that. Yeah Are you gonna write up the resident? Oh Yes, you started to get a very minor crack kind of you guys can see like where it see like that spot on the actual urethane when it’s kind of lighter right there that’s actually part of the inside of that braking but I asked for the core I mean Very much good to go Nothing, nothing nothing at all. No, nothing at all man. Nope still brand new wheel You guys are a hammer on these things. Mr. Steve-o Congratulations. Steve-o, you freakin got it done. My man. What do you want, dude? You want the wheels or do you want something from the site? Well, I mean as you can see my wheels are pretty and it really looks good to go. Good. Did you need any wheels? Yes me yeah my wheels. They’re like pretty good. So I think I’m gonna grab a hoodie wants a hoodie What size you your large I think We’ll just the medium and I’m wearing a large right now. I think you’re by a large, right? Yeah, you got it. Congratulations, Steve Oh, well done. Oh my gosh that made me tired just washing and and walking around. Oh wait How long does that happen two minutes ago and we are officially at twenty two minutes right about now, so twenty two minutes So those things they did pretty good. They did pretty freakin almost 20 minutes of just straight hammering on those things It’s pretty good for wheeled out Nowadays, you could probably get just straight-up for free if you got your local scooter store, and they have some so thank you guys So much for participating. Thank you. Steve Oh. Congratulations Thank You. DOM Thank You Jess Nice hoodie. Where’s Tristan? Tristan high five everybody. Nice job Scot You actually surprised me with how close you got if you if there was a second I mean you would have a 110 percent deserved it, but I still have a ton of these wheels left we’ve been brainstorming today trying to think of things that I could do with these last like Seriously, probably like 280 wheels left We’ve been trying to think of things and if you guys have any ideas Please let me know in the comments below what you guys want to see us do with these wheels and I can do anything I can just absolutely destroy them and like melt them down and try to make something out of them We don’t we don’t know we’ve been trying to like brainstorm, but there’s so many different things you can do But let me know what your guys thoughts are any comments, but I am adding here Hopefully you guys Enjoyed that video if you guys want to grab some merch without having to go through all that hassle that these guys had to go through you can just by going to WWE and Warner calm you can snag yourself a hoodie like Steve was getting as well as Jes hat on you can get yourself a hat if you Want whatever you guys want to get that easy Thank you guys again for watching and until next time we’re out of here Scott ready. One, two, three

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