Wheel Hoes

Wheel Hoes

Hi I’m Tricia an organic gardener.
Back in the eighteen hundreds everybody had a garden and a wheel hoe.
This is a perfect tool for any area that’s too big to hand weed and too small for a
tractor. The wheel hoe has three special uses: loosening the soil, furrowing or digging a trench, and weeding. Tined cultivators loosen up the soil to
the depth of four to five inches. Tine cultivators are perfect for
incorporating soil amendments. Furrowers are ideal for creating furrows
for the planting of garlic and potatoes. These oscillating hoe attachments with a sharp blade will slice weeds in
half when they’re tiny. We have four different models of wheel hoes
here. We have two that are made in Switzerland by Glazer
and we have two made right here in northern California by Valley Oak. The Valley Oak wheel hoe is available with
the steel tire or a pneumatic tire. When working with any of pneumatic
tires make sure they’re softly inflated, versus hard, this helps keep the hoe on track. You can adjust the height of the handle
on the Valley Oak wheel hoe without using tools and the height of the handle should be
hip height to the operator. By adjusting this bolt you can easily offset the handles. Offsetting the handles allows you to hoe
without stepping in the bed. To change attachments simply pull out
this pin, slide on the new attachment and put the pin back in. This eight inch attachment hoe blade will come with your valley oak wheel hoe. You can also get other size blades such as this
fourteen inch which is good for paths or larger beds and you can add tine cultivators and a
hiller/furrower. The Glazer wheel hoe comes in two versions,
the standard model for home gardeners and the professional models for market
gardeners or small farms. The standard model comes with two mounts
in a row so your able to use two attachments at one time. For example you can put a stirrup hoe in
front and a tined cultivator behind to weed and break up soil at the same
time. The professional model the mounting
block is configured with one behind the other and two additional mounts on each side, which allow you to mount these wide knives. Be sure that all of your attachments are
mounted tightly and Glazer provides all the tools that
you need for your wheel hoe. To adjust the height of the handles on
the Glazer wheel hoes, just loosen these bolts and adjust accordingly. The professional model comes with
brackets so you can offset the handles. To maintain your wheel hoes in tip top
shape make sure and sharpen the blades. Sharpen at least once a season or more often if you have tough soil. Clean your tools after each use and to keep them lubricated use a
vegetable cooking oil. Wheel hoes save time, spare your body and
help the environment because they reduce the use of herbicides and fossil
fuels, so use a wheel hoe and grow organic for life!

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. I have a Hoss double wheel hoe and love it, however, I like the valley oak for its simplicity and the way the attachments change with just the pull of a clip pin. I'll have one before next season.

  2. I am not convinced. Think you need very light non-stony soil, and they look like a lot of physical work.
    For gardening you really need to dig a spade head depth down. I had a rotovator that dug very shallow and it was a complete waste of money.

  3. This wheel hoes are very good .and very helpful..in Myanmar we dokot see yet..now I will going to test for first .

  4. That looks so easy to use!!. I have to get one for my garden really soon!. The people that lived here before us threw every thing they could in the yard, so It's hard to till it up. This would work perfect! It's hard for me to dig a lot and get the soil ready. I was in a bad car accident 10 years ago and it slowly creeps up on me every now and than, but it's something I will never give up. It's such a passion of mine. I'm almost all the way switched over organically which is really exciting

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  9. My dad had a larger metal wheel version of this type of thing that was called a push plow that I remember him using in the 50’s till he was unable to use it in the late 80’s before he passed away. His had wooden handles and interchangeable attachments

  10. Using this tools in harder soil will definitely consume a lot of time. It's better to using a spade than this wheel hoe

  11. Please specify those are items how much of that prices and include export to india!!! Pls send me the mail I’d or any other contacts🙏

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