Wheel Man #8 Rappy Wheels

Wheel Man #8 Rappy Wheels

[Dunkey Rap Time!] Boom Boom! Hey what’s up man its Dunk back with Happy Wheels man again y’all man.. Boom Boom! Maaan this time is uh..rap..is a rap video of this new Mario level.. Boom Boom! From- Oh! Damn he’s eating my son Oh…it looks like my son is Richard Dun..Boom Boom! And now I gotta get the Star (pause) cause I gotta win the level and be the Super Star..Boom Boom! And now I gotta watch out this guy is a total dick don’t let him hit cha on the head with his giant dick- uh oh.. Boom Boom! And his got red eyes…you can’t trust a man with red in his eyes Boom Boom! Cause that means he’s got blood eyes and he likes to kill people because he’s a killer (Stops rapping cause almost dies) Boom Boom! And here comes this thing..this thing is a long ass thing Get me outta here bada bing! (Wait for Dunkey to get out).. Thank you..Boom Boom! And look a (something) Bullet Bill (Sowie Dunkey) I-I-I..they should call him Bullet Head Joe Cause he’s a lil bitch.. Boom Boom! Yea next is da wall but its ok cause I’m Paul Wall Now watch y’all Ima get this Star Aw…. Boom Boom! Now through the- I guess we gotta go this way Cause I was going the wrong way before.. Boom Boom! Had the same Chomp..wow this is pretty realistic stomp.. Boom Boom! Make it past the hole go through the under bridge to the cannon yo…Boom Boom! Watch for da bomb he’s a fucking bitch he blew my son to fucking bits.. Boom Boom! Dammit says the da dude…I wish I had this bomb wasn’t so rude.. Boom Boom! Past my son’s corpse gotta make this jump- Oh its not as easy as it looks…Boom Boom! Here we go again..son of a bitch this game is made by men…Boom Boom! Men in Black 3 see it down in theaters see it on DVD…Boom Boom! Yea broke my fucking back…this fucking guy’s a bitch and he blew me in the fucking sack…Boom Boom! Uh…here I go off the cliff…Boom Boom! A-And and then a uh jump down here and kill this fucking bitch…Boom Boom! [Dunkey frustrated chuckle] God dammit I gotta do the whole level again This game is definitely made by a him…Boom Boom! Now Im fucking stuck.. FUCK! [Aggressive] Boom Boom! Off the ramp with ease! Watch out for the bowling ball He got me in the knees…Boom Boom! And my fucking head and my whole torso And this game is made by fucking Billy Borso…Boom Boom! Oh there we go… going back down the ramp I got all three stars two uh da two stars…….hoe And now I gotta watch out for the Piranha Plant fuck you dunkey, i do not watch your videos because you are black Son of a bitch! Boom Boom! The bowling ball again god dammit it knocked my fucking off my head again. Boom Boom! Here’s the fucking bomb- you son of a bitch I’m gonna shoot you in the bomb. Boom Boom! The pink bomb is a snitch Watch out for the Chain Chomp… He’s a fucking bitch Boom Boom! Ah..here we go all- into the son of a bitch…Boom Boom! Watch out for Yoshi I think he’s plotting against me cause he likes to eat… Bum bees Boom Boom! Hey its this guy again thanks for the tip I’m gonna go and win Boom Boom! Ow my fucking head I don’t need a fucking helmet tho cause I’m a big old bat … Uh…. redo cut that line (Its already in the subtitles tho>.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. "To get past this course, i'm gonna have to run over my own son's corpse"
    Hahaha – i love you Dunkey

  2. "And now I gotta watch out for the piranha plant. He's a fucking- he looks like Richard Plant"
    "Uh oh, watch out, uh uhhh"

  3. "here I'm going back, back to the portrait, oh we're going up and oh and oh ayyyy!!!" lol that was kinda catchy lol

  4. “MM MMM But I got a good feeling about this, and this… game is never gonna YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!”

  5. "and here comes this thing, this things a long ass thing, get me outta this thing, badabing"
    I really felt that

  6. I woke up with this stuck in my head and i had to re-watch about 20 dunkey videos til i remembered which one this was in! One of my favourite Dunkey videos of all time.

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