Wheel of Fortune with Special Guest Jacob Anderson – Guest Grumps

Wheel of Fortune with Special Guest Jacob Anderson – Guest Grumps

Jacob Anderson aka Raleigh Ritchie as our guest and the show is Guest Grumps (Dan) Hello, and welcome to a new episode of Game Grumps. (Arin) Welcome back. (Dan) We’re playing Wheel of Fortune (Jacob) Hello (Arin) Again with our good, very british friend Jacob (Dan) Yes, you know it (Arin) How are you feeling today ? (Jacob) I’m not British (Dan) I’m from West Dakota (Dan) Holy shit, so we’re gonna play Wheel of Fortune (Dan) Wheel of Fortune, do they have that in UK, does that get exported ? (Jacob) We do, but it looks pretty different (Dan) Really? (Jacob) Yeah (Dan) Oh shit. Well, you’re playing fucking street rules bro. (Dan)We play for keeps out here.(Jacob) Let’s go bro. (Arin) I’m gonna be SRTY (Dan)Oh, I’ll be empty (Jacob) I am empty.(Arin) You can be e4io. (Jacob) INSIDE. (Dan) E4io? What? Oh…. (Dan) You couldn’t have created three profiles Arin ? (Arin)I don’t… there’s more profiles on here (Arin) I don’t know why they’re not showing up (Dan) OK (Arin)God. Don’t judge me bro (Dan) Boy, so many choices (Arin) Fine, you can be SRTY and I’ll be e4io. Alright? (Dan) Alright. (Arin) That’s the way you want it to be (Dan) And I’ll just be empty. (Jacob) Alright. (Dan) Okay. (Jacob) Wait, no, that’s not fair (Dan) Should we create a profile real fast? You want to hang out while we creat a profile? (Arin) Create a new one. (Dan) Alright. (Dan) Uh, how do I do that Arin? (Arin) I don’t fucking know (Dan) Alright, we’re playing the game fuck it. We’re doing it live. Oh, sweet, you get a face. (Jacob) That one looks like me. That one on the top right looks like me. that actually does. (Dan) I was scared to, like, focus on one, and be like, which one does he mean? (Arin) The white pretty one? (Dan) Oh! Mr. Tinyface! Oh there’s me! Oh right, I forgot we created – okay cool. (Jacob) Chinigan (Dan) Yeah, Arin, you can’t tell cuz he grew a beard now But Arin has like the weakest chin in the history of man. (Arin) Oh, I do. (Dan) It folds into like four chins. It’s incredible (Arin) If I just go like this then it just becomes, like, a neckface. (Dan) It’s like one of the worms from Dune (Dan) Where did I fucking – did my mom dress me today? (Arin) I’m ready. It’s like fuck yeah, come on. (Jacob) Where’s the sensor bar? (Arin) Oh just hit ready there’s no cursor anymore. (Dan) Oh yeah, just hit A, you’ll be cool. (Arin) Enable minigames? Sure. (Dan) What do you mean easy medium or hard? It’s fucking wheel of Fortune. (Arin) And the classic stage oh, we don’t have we don’t have any of the new stages unlocked. (Dan)Alright, Jesus. (Dan) Well, we’ll just have to play this more. (Jacob) Does it just change the setting? (Dan) Yeah (Arin) So you can do it in the bahamas. (Dan) Finally my hours of time investment. (Arin) I don’t like a special like island giveaway, and they’re like look at us. We’re here. Oh My God what the fuck is happening with your faces while is this why do we have hands, but they don’t? Sequence initiated here. I forgot that my guy is high as shit. Oh, God what? What what are they? That’s a Sajak and Vanna Vanna ok see ya Wow, they just worked in dialogue Bullshit was it swayed. Doug is like. He’s hitting yeah. Yeah, yeah [that] wouldn’t be mike. They have like 27 years of sexual tension All right classic classic movies all right Whoa whoa no the uh the blob blob you fucking know it? I decide. Why did I say it out loud? I you knew it bitch I’d already hit the thing fine you can go ahead and say that but there’s no proof blah I said it first, so there you go the blab I Am Gonna lose this game That’s bad. Yeah, wait. Which one. I’m wagon. I believe the asian woman What what makes her asian? Action of character Franklin Roosevelt that is incorrect fucking monkeys shit I done Wait, wait. Can I skip can I skip like to the number? Oh shit? That’s an who it was never fill it in Fuck yeah. Go for fucking monkeys. See what happens [fucking] [fucking] monster. Oh shit. Oh No, I’m sure that’s exactly what this I love that you’re committed to getting it right, and he did oh Something else want to give it a try. Oh no, oh God damn it. It’s cookie monster. Well. Thank you. I don’t know what it was. Did you I can cock in Monster cock in Monster? Did you not know what it was and I’d I totally fucked Mr.. Do This by the way is not how [wheel] [of] fortunes played we ended up in the lightning round for some reason? I think it was just like find out who starts ok Really really lady. Yeah, I’m high as shit. Yeah. Yeah, dude a trip to maine. Oh my God. We shit You can I the us as a 38 visit? visit the World’s second favorite Portland Yeah, yeah, fucking I’m hi [alright], that’s you. Oh, that’s me Spin. Brow a vowel Press and hold be wet and then go ah do you know how this has played. We done. It’s not like this summer, okay? Well, we’ll explain it as we go. It’s called do I thinks we’re a fortune everything as Fucking street rules ok [is] more like countdown will go something what yeah? So no damn money do I have to go again? Yeah? Yeah, [I’m] gonna buy the back Just one e. Come on alright vanna white geez speed it up a little bit Here we go. All right Spin again. Son of a bitch Bruce Betty’s oh shit. I miss a trip to Maine no clothes. God The police were the farm potatoes they do not they do Rishta County, maine are you serious? It’s the number one potato You’re gonna fucking embarrass me and school me on main facts in front of everybody whatever dude Crap fuck you What do you think of that Jesus you’re getting a lot of points the mustards County it? is it That’s it the day. That is it tity it is Stop and look while buying vowels. Oh Oh, oh, oh, I know what it is. Do you really well? I got a ticket to get some bar. I’d I know the second and third word really yeah Yeah, yes, oh, I got the gift dude. I’m bringing that home to my wife think I’m Gonna get so much puts tonight. Oh You son of a bitch. What’s the first word? Yeah? It could be anything, okay Chula The gift is just a sticker that says gift All right, I guess I’ll spin again. Yeah with letters that I know What the fuck is up? Yeah? Replay it why don’t you fucking choke on your own cock fucking war fine. She doesn’t matter What is happening to your face the val is free? Oh nice. Call a letter and it’s not in the puzzle uh-huh don’t lose your turn Go on you can even try to solve the puzzle and if you’re wrong Utah God have Mercy on us See what? What could that be? I’ll just also the letter I know then see ya You’re running out of fucking I know running out of three letters. Yeah, wait Do you really not know what that is no? I know what that last two are but I know the top one is rigorous stupid dog How do you say rook to get ours name? Is it like that [or] is it? Oh? No? We say rutger hauer Rutger hauer, brother howard. He’s a he’s an actor. Oh very talented. Oh here. We go blade Runner oh, Bobby Mmm-Hmm, what do you know it? No? Oh, you know it? Oh? I don’t know it join me inside, Nigeria’s tourist attractions Like I had my jiggers various dears dejected What the fuck is this work? Oh, dude? You’re gonna lose everything nine rats What the fuck oh, God this is driving me crazy. I mean it day. I have to have to buy the you oh shit I just spend oops spawn well Fuck on. I don’t [even] give me that shit. I love it and in front of my gift Was Gonna get mad boys. Oh Ok think I’ll spin think I will spin. Where’s my uh There we go to Spin the wheel press and hold the b button you got it baby nude ron’s the hype dude Dude roster is geoff ron. Come on man. Oh, no, not this again please What’s that hot is so traumatic? Yeah? It’s like gunfire again police siren. That’s great smashing Yeah, they’re like a domestic dispute like in the distance Ya see what you wrote a spin all right hold down the trigger. Yeah, boy. Yeah That’s a good fuckin will be here for a while. Oh yeah, three hundred dollars in the bank wait Wait Hang on What was happening you’re picking a letter you think you got a gum? We gotta do a quick Sorry wait. [uh-huh] sorry yeah, cuz it did it took a little too much dad. Oh, sorry. Sorry Fuck you, Pat Sajak you Merciless crazy yeah, no uh God, I don’t I’m scared of hitting the g wait what I understand. There’s one There’s one There that is in it what he definitely in it, really oh, yeah, that’s it But it was it wasn’t it bright red. Let’s take a look Okay Clap clap clap it could it could have been one of the Valise smells I have to buy I don’t know what’s happening enough to like start pick up and start picking out inconsistency you are You will have figured it out within the next 30 seconds I promise Okay, you got it which letter is it? You the you oh yeah? Yeah, it’s val the value. Oh, I see okay father. There’s no Jay geez dude What the hell is this word Mm? Hmm? This is Gonna be some shit [that] none of us have ever heard of and it’s going to be infuriating 500 alright make it happen. Yes. Oh, I know oh shit Hmm fuck. Oh I want to solve all right oh No, don’t buy the valve well. I just solve it Just solve it or how to do that hit I guess. It’s late. Fuck it. Just just buy it now Yeah Well that was yeah Is it like to solve please I? Didn’t yes AmI was a mob guidance on [new] Marbs? Numa Numa rob’s I mean just a dumb. Yeah, just it done you’re done. You did it ah Two hundred fifty dollars in the Bank wow, damn, you’re killing it dude. Yeah Fuck, we’re playing like American house rules to dad. This is brewed, and you want a trip to our land out lee Oh, yeah, jealous who did those dolphins? 33 Dolphin Orlando is a landlocked like why is there [dolph]. I don’t know Because you see well Darren goddamned. It panic is a close talker. He was like all of it fucking Hmm. Where’d you say you’re from how would you live okay? So you’re in what are their commercials? You’re a possible, asian descent I see Why is he like redder than all of us? That’s true? He’s like very tan We may be a game break like you looks like an erect penis music wait a second hang on Well should we continue this next time on game grumps? Oh, no, not this should be one. This is a one-off, okay, all right Let’s do it. Uh each player takes a turn higher low I Sorry, I took that really we didn’t touch it. Jesus. This is like new fucking rules oh Oh, oh, that’s all you have to do you all you have to do is roll. Okay? I mean spin Very good hot son of a bitch Yeah Come the fuck on you only roll bankruptcy. Yeah feels like I got one wild thing Are you farms on? Yes, that’s right. That’s bullshit Congratulations you the first chance you all right? Fuck you play once I give and heard have and art love and heart Love and Heart Dave and Beard oh No, not a lot lip of no Epid love and heart. That’s not a fucking betrays I’m Gonna get this wrong What yeah I don’t think that’s a phrase nope. Oh, oh cool for zero dollars Okay, oh, yeah, it’s crazy uh cave and Bears holy shit, alright for zero dollars live oh and tears I’m about to fuck you uh I still think you should’ve been keep [fit] [kids] Baseman bed was the right Are you guys swear we all know is the right ones? Oh man? It’s like have you ever seen the three amigos. Yeah Yeah, it’s like when the fucking elf, El Guapo the bad guy gets a sweater for his birthday. He’s like he says wetter Holy shit, okay place. It’s you. Oh no, it’s me. Oh shit. Okay. Let’s do this bitch, please. Thank you [Aaron] No, no problem Try to break it down for you. Worry about it um If you want to salute me in 20 litre good third ass What no bad lying fuck? Have I gotten one order okay? Oh? Here goes is your version in the uk wheel of fortune where you just spin it tells you your fortune He’s laughing already living oh You know what? sucking my boredom saying Yeah, yeah, I was gonna say there’s no specifically. No, there’s none of that letter o Five hundred thou are yes, fuck you aaron rest rest Mmm. I think guys says Rest good I get this video you spin again Come on, baby. I like it like that [I’d] like to solve the puzzle is it rump but ass 3 s’s I Know this is do you yeah, but it’s not it’s not funny. Oh Does it have to be does it have to be? What was that? It’s the studio audience not clapping, and you’re just like This is kind of an awkward chug. It’s super awkward. Yeah, it makes for great game grumps episodes somebody’s going to man oh Shit, what if you get this letter, right? Pressures on yeah my God dude. How many lighthouses they have up there, too? Too late houses there’s one Which one is it the bigger one of the smaller one you’ll find out when you’re in may will never turn I guess Hey, oh, I fucking know what it is. Yeah, I fucking know what it is You know mmM son of a bitch yeah, damn it. Oh well I can’t give it up now cuz we’re cultured yeah, exactly right are you guys? And [goddammit] spin. You clueless bitch. I’m gonna be a place. This is a Frank uh And God damn it. No, you [know] it just All right, don’t worry. I’ll have fucking bankrupt or lose a turn or some kind of hairy garbage Yeah, clap clap mother fucking clip No, I was like for it ok uh boy ok boom Maybe this will help Aaron oh No, it is. Oh, I thought it was room with a bear I’ve [okay] with a bear I got a gag you know what I don’t have a wheel of fortune mind I I need to fucking I need to get more money though. I gotta be greedy yeah, that’s that that’s the That’s the trade-off man. Thank you Kinda site I’ve realized my hoodie really stinks. I’m sorry. Oh dear. It’s okay. Well, you should smell this room in general Yeah, I Haven’t showered in four days. Is that right? Give or take mine. Wow yes, you know what I’m not gonna say good, man. I’m not gonna. Give him props for that There’s only vowels left so you yes yeah, okay? I? Figure, I think that’s my voice Hahaha money damn what about what if I spelled of you like Vio damn? you Yeah That’s something you still won’t be able to afford with only that a couple thousand dollars More importantly this bitch is not going to me! I have it though aren’t I going to me? No you gotta win the round you take it? Yeah? The Letters RL Stine will be revealed then you’ll read- RL Stine? (All laugh) Is that a like… fiction author? Yeah! It’s the guy who wrote goosebumps. Is it really? Wow following this, the letters guessed by the original contestant will be revealed you do know the answer buzz in and try and solve the puzzle. Ok Good [ok] what I’m basically yeah, we just got a buzz in if we know the answer. Cool… And I think we all have it! uh James Earl Jones ah It’s a person that Kick camel… camel tar buff! Got it. You’re welcome He’s from Croatia Wasn’t it fuck what um why don’t get to do again you? Oh? No? I shit a song cool for me Maybe they’ll give us one more letter know if it now No one was the handle of the puzzle Civil War buff that do they even say buff in uk it just means someone who’s like way into something Yeah, like someone who’s a nerd for something milo. We say that but what a civil war bach of it. That’s not specific person Oh, no, yeah, I was thinking names, too Yeah, I mean, I guess I’ll say name if it’s like some way. No, how does this make any sense? Like it’s a Civil war buff is like a like a titan, or Civil war buff it I don’t understand is how is that the answer when they saw person because I if you’re a buff of something? Necessary mean person yeah in like a [per] [person] blast not helpful On the map, I didn’t design this game. Yeah I’m sensing a lot of hostility I’ll break it down for you super. Easy. Oh fuck off a civil war buff is like a guy We should just have like a one [half-hour] [log] miscommunication. That’s like the most [fresh] change made for people in what? No, no, I clearly just doesn’t know what a civil war buff is yeah, he’s planning to it. I’d be glad to You see in the 1800’s the Civil war This isn’t even a game to get mad about no. I’m not I’m sorry. I’m not playing nicely. No, you’re just fine dude what if there’s no he’s Dude, if rage wasn’t welcome on this show. Oh Yeah, I mean, then we would have no show there that I know what it is I forgot to finish that sentence because I was like oh, it’s my turn better concentrate. No. I don’t know what it is What do you think it is our I was I thought it [was] Christopher Columbus Ridiculous on the mat on the mat know I made a man you change the map Brittain discoveries Wait, what did I lose all my money? Next round yeah it oh. Yeah your your money’s still saved from the step one watch What kind of bullshit is what is on that? Is it like a band that people are like starting to know about There on the mat, baby Yes, but back to the future. I am not getting Mm-hmm This is not helpful hurts That is my fucking voice. Oh I think they came here and recorded you and then put in the game. Yeah um HMM, whoa, whoa Hmm. What could it be it’s a kick [in] the dick. Oh Whipped one at that Fuck nice. Oh you are pretty good. That’s you that’s you my man Huh, I’m struggling with this What is everything yeah? Thank you It’s been Yeah, it’s been alright um See go, there is a seein. Thank you. I Excited you should be a little more excited. Please nope absolutely not yeah Is it cracker tits ah? Fuck this is a weird one mmM Especially since we don’t even fully understand what the category is bad. This could be anything oh, Lumbia. Yeah All right, yes. What’s my cheese’s? No, do you know that letter? I’m not a second Wednesday All right, uh I think I might know this is it wontons is it is a type of soup Make a move bitch. No do this. How do you relate? Oh, fuck you. I just hope I don’t get a bankrupt Just like you right in the junk Yep, we got here. Oh you do know what it is. Do. Oh now. I do too. I’ve even been there. Yeah, fuck my life I’m gonna spend one more time, and then I want to risk for brand adoration Pontoons Show me a duration putin’s thing is ah ok. Do not know how to spell it. I know how to spell it. Yes Yes, shit. Yes Yes No Damn, it is it wrong. [oh] tell ya damn it. Where [is] that? This is an American yeah, yeah, absolutely oh Yes, no, yes Dammit Son-of-A-Bitch Yes, psyching me out P. I’m gonna look it up in love look it up. That’s cheating is it it’s cheating all right no Damn it son of a bitch ass I’ll buy a vowel fuck you yes, ah Smart yeah, yeah, it’s a real dick move oh Shit, that’s not small. Yeah, [actually] I need I need to buy another vowel because I forgot I Your errand what you are actually mad right now, and I am here to here boy I switched it to I and then I was like Hold on. I’m also that it looked silly. I’ll give it a chance Oh, we’re going wild go, we’re going wild we’re going wild Is there an x is it that adirondack Mountains? Oh? Yeah, we have run out of in Condo is my wild thing you got your all very capable of pooping That means you’ll be attacked by a wild animal It is I damn it. God fucking damn this could have been my day. It’s could have in my moment to shine But it’s certainly in front of a guest in everything. I know you know. I have no [idea] what time In any way, so if I’m more money than you yeah, you do. I’m losing this game I have more money than both of you stop so stop your fighting Go to the Adirondack mountains and fuck yourselves mini game break this Is the longest game of wheel of fortune ever each player will guess three consonants in a vowel to play with the most correct guesses? Will then atTempt to Solve the puzzle ok? Food and drink yep mosque in Jake of your legs go are um can t yeah O Monster Rock down there you go Tim it. I’ll check out see to help nope oh shit, I don’t fuck the uh uh uh I don’t earn their game Oh now, I know what it is. God. Damn it She’s about it’s whoever gets the most letters. Oh, that’s major shows oh. Yeah. Yeah, it shows not There’s no more consonants. Yeah, whoa wait. Why did you decide? Yeah? I don’t know and it’s I can’t choose the fucking letter There’s no, I’m gonna say Lobster Riviera Shit, oh shit you guys tied fuck. Do you know? What yeah this is make sure this does not make lobster with Jimmy Lee oh man Oh, they’re giving you a they gave it to you Hit Dunn’s yep, crushed it. Yeah, when it would have just had the art though. Oh in the LI was like is it lobster roll? A coffee shirt no go, oh, wow fuck only the logo you gotta get the shirt later What is this oh made this? Wouldn’t the fine he doesn’t know she’s crazy the longest episode of wheel ever played my thing alright great well The fuck is this is the thing a wig grunting class That’s exactly what it is. Oh Good. I’m very happy [I’ll] give you full credit Even gave you a beat. I was like thing is he gonna fuck alright cool, I Don’t care Yeah Are just we have we have all checked out can we actually get you on a real episode of wheel of Fortune just like don’t You know what guys pat sajak. Yeah, I don’t care Around the house fucking let us go home. Who’s named Pat Sajak Pat sajak? Yeah? Yes, it’s a jackoff Yeah, you go, holy shit mmm. I no one ever well. I didn’t think of that Got a google it. Yes Hold on. I’m Gonna do it that’s a Jack Pat pat Sajak on funny yeah [okay], you guys just you guys chat amongst yourselves for a second. I’m gonna do this very holy Wiimote like a ninja Well like this yeah. Yeah, it’s just like I don’t know it’s comfy for me is it kind of like a secret? We mowed down here And still playing dude. No it just it it automatically filled out pat pat Sajak official fan club when I wrote Pat Sajak So also something that Jacob created yup? It’s real okay Is there a fucking s you prick? Oh alright. That’s it going final been wicked Alright, let’s move the game along you crazy plague release me from these shackles What are you lookin? Yeah, your life is worth Jack shit Jack oh, oh dude. If they hit a million on this note, okay, still a lot seven hundred and give us a letter player uh Yeah, oh shit. Sorry fuck What’s a purely Japanese letter aaron? I like sue to um oh You get a chance to Solve it cuz you got a letter grim secure let it go inside and out yeah exactly yeah um There must be some nice, okay what was the whoa Speak Japanese are iron ore barely. I want to say some with you Fuck I’ve got find it You are sure you when I went to Japan I wrote it down to no I did not get say it’s any one person Oh my God, what do you have it? Yeah, go to? Daddy, no, I don’t I don’t have [it]. I thought I did. Oh are you doing to me? Yeah, I’m having my own little Conversation so I’ve checked out of this that’s a wholly understandable new kitchen not applying to you. Yeah, fuck it just stinks I Thought those new kitchen cabinets, but it didn’t work your shit Yeah, you’re like better than at this game than any of us and and yet you like don’t care. Yeah, I’m not winning. Yeah You are probably not anymore. We’ll see cuz this is the last round wow um dad a new Mukatte a mano attend. I oh That sounded like that again. It does actually yeah, that ain’t a Macaque day, Ma noi, Tendai Oh, I might be pronouncing it wrong now. That sounds right Is something [about] who? It was so tight it who recognized who? Did something somewhere? It’s like what were you looking up? [okay]? I think Why is your ass? I’m sure some of course I don’t know cuz it’s the only [better] japanese I know [uh] oh well apart them like you just go around and talk to random People in Japan like that, I’d a got though Cos. I must yeah yeah, uh Von is the best place are you well? Oh shit? Uh you really kindred spirit Yeah, I’ve been in Japan four times now. Oh, I can’t wait to go back anyone know this We dance we Mean [oh] shit all right? Janine what is on the map? What was on the map last time whose header, onda yeah? Yeah, it’s a location Hello, Well Zebra islands sit lands Music at this and then he hit the chance to put some businesses. It’s like a big star wars name cuz That’s what I’m trying to do the best the best allah’s name. No games the guy that flew the morning Falcons. I ever she not That I up Jim nuts. Oh my god uh how fucking though dude. Okay, got it Come on Fuck called Aaron Mosher was your best hours name. Oh You know what anosh slapnuts it spelled slapnuts, but with an umlaut over the year laughs dude, oh Boy, we’re losing it. I might know it’s Canada, but I don’t know what the first word is um shit Get [our] [boys] twr p on the phone Sorry tre swear You know it Mashallah oh, I’m just put it fuli eight games Oh, yeah, a bit. Wow they wanted to secede from the Union anyway damn fine political here yeah Wow, you fuck it will crowd favorite all right? Yeah, all right. Well me oh yeah Yeah, it’s cuz they they love my weight was that the ultimate winner yeah, I think so. Oh shit Oh, you’re yeah, you’re about to get steel in his words. Yeah piece of shit Where are we yes? We’re oh yeah where we had our lives dude think about the barf just Decide I’m trying. He catches ready decide Move give me the whole fucking thing. Why don’t you provide us with three more cons ah book title? cross Fred you get to choose a bunch more letters [ceo] I do yeah, okay see um What? The fuck word starts with len and how about I think I know it is yeah, yeah I’m over this out loud this time a flawless I Think all of E in today’s up banana. Oh fuck. Yeah. Look don’t worry We’ve got a wall of unhealthy shit outside for you to snack on uh shit No, oh come on Aaron pick a letter. I want to go home. Damn it. I don’t know and I p it on oh I know what it is [you] ready. No, I genuinely know what it is Is it working oh? Come on Liz something no it can’t be the wait if he doesn’t get it do I get no this is over like this is the final Game she want to know what it is sure leaves of Cross. Oh Fuck shit you idiots Once again, don’t you fucking read and write lack. I never even heard of that, ya know I it’s a it made into a film. I think 01 that’s how I relate to it Made into a film. Yeah, if it isn’t [a] book about Batman, I don’t want any part Wesley Dada that vs. Superman cuz yeah, you want a car dude way to fight. You seventy-five thousand dollars yeah in car value Oh, well excuse me like it’s better. I don’t think I gotta [for] [less] access on that card Such an asshole G’nite Pat saying that to vanna white yeah good [night] everyone Boy, you think he’s gonna. Talk of the sphere handed freaks in the audience that Dude and a sweater. Oh fun! And Orlando! And a stamp that says Orlando. Coffee shirt logo! Lightning disguise and cupcake. Even within like game logic Unworld this- this was bullshit. Well, thank you for joining us. Oh man, it’s been a pleasure, it’s been a fucking pleasure! ‘Adam affront-ee’? Yeah yeah. ‘Pizza Armstrong’? Are these people that made the game? Yeah, these are actual… They should be this proud. of their faces…. made in Manly John Manly, Jesus God all these people need to have their [faces] kind of squished thq published this oh yeah, they’ve done, like, proper publishing? Yeah they have! They went out of business wow, oh They did? Shit. Oh so we can talk shit on them. Oh yes with no repercussions. They’re all. They’re all dead What’s up this without of you? Let’s laugh at all these people who lost- let’s massacre all of them! Nobody who worked on this game will ever be able to hear this. Oh, Joel Lee. He looks nice. Yeah he does- (They laugh) (Arin as Joel Lee: “Hey, can you make my face look like a nice person?” yes, Nod. There’s no reference. You want to make no dude. I made any dish Ransom Yeah, you know I would you like to sample the man dish. That’s like what he says the women at bars. Oh Damn, they’ve got a lot of potato face people working on this game, but not Chris Lentini, he keeps it trim. He’s ‘Jason Cool’ Cool. Let them is it much for was it good match fit? No, not Match-fit What am I talking about when you when someone does like a drawing of someone oh a caricature? Yeah, like a budget went photo fit. What do you call him? Well shit? I don’t know. I you know. I mean a caricature It’s look the images so far gone. Yeah, it’s a caricature, but like for police. Oh, please Oh, just yes, I just say police sketch- oh okay. Yeah, what do you call them? something fit I- Don’t [know] [yes], but let’s just say it’s a british thing okay cool, and then British people, we like ‘fuck you’. And then… and then hopefully Americans would be like He’s great. Yeah, exactly. We’re so smart. We could literally say and you could say anything in the All the [fuck] tell you walk out sourcing manager- Sketch Ditty! Sketch Ditty? Are you serious? (They all laugh) It’s Sketch Ditty! He looks like the lead singer of Smash Mouth! You know you’re an all-star sketch diddy. Oh, man, Jesus wow this has been wow? whoa Finley oh, oh I get it. Baby was born, on yeah. And yeah when you out of that first baby like wow Wow, those rocket. I don’t want to tell anyone when their baby is ugly, but I I mean we all saw it How come Funnel House doesn’t get any caricatures like what was so ugly about them, and their like: ‘nah forget it.’ Fuck it. Geez I’m so glad we played this game to completion. We should call this the finale this game was 2010 yeah, dude. There’s no excuse for this game. Yeah Yeah, that was a great vintage year dude fucking wheel of fortune. Go in the corner, and think about what you’ve done It’s ok no imagine the authors are copyright holders the sufferer is presented as is home track to put you to [work] What’s a tort we don’t know huh? Oh Dude, that’s actually that’s fucking with my head a little bit like what are the extras in this game wait Does anyone else see like if you concentrate on the wheel of fortune words that the wheel it starts to Spin like in your mind? A little bit yes, oh that’s something weird backgrounds sort of spinning to know that’s what it is like It’s an optical illusion because it’s not moving at all Well, I mean like the even behind the wheel. There’s no wheel spinning Oh, God, that’s fucking with my head like the opposite Direction guys I think we have to call this an episode because I’m tripping balls over here. Fucking delirious. Thank you for joining us Jacob. Could be the fucking man. Thank you so much for hanging on me This has been a treat come back anytime. Coming back any time, eat our only banana again. Yes, you started a bitch I can’t believe you. I want to say that this game has been a treat Then we’ll know the company. Ya know [can] fucking do will call up sketch diddy and tell him what yeah? He’s- I’m gonna find him. I hope Sketch Diddy (Jacob mutters: ‘I’m gonna kill him’) is a here That was so uncalled for! Well, he’s already dead based on the lore of this episode so. I’m afraid of God sketch diddy is a huge fan of game grumps and a huge fan of game of thrones And is watching that’s right, and it’s like super touchy so he’s like. Oh, oh what the hell dude my dreams are crumbling Yeah, we should have made a better game, Mr.. Diddy care doctor diddy. I assume. You’ve got your doctorate since this came Along with Dr.. Mann, Dish oh Is it all right? We’re out good night. Everybody see ya later fuck off Sorry, no, that’s our new sign off from now on hey. It’s all the lovelies out there. Go fuck yourselves I’m hoping Own it stronger you just say suck your mum is my favorite. Thank you, mom It’s horrible, but it’s really I don’t I don’t know like is that a thing people say yeah, how do you like? How do what’s the cadence I should say with suck your [mum]? So I think he wants us to say it an American about suck your mom everybody suck your mom Huh gay guy no, it’s not as good. Oh you sayin like a British actor. Oh, oh suck your mum sux your mum we can you do an american accent uh yeah, but it’s quite good, so It’ll not far superior to your british accent Where’s the fun about yakin doing ok go for Hebrew its? I’m in America And I love chickens and waffles Bro, you fear that no one would know I really like it when you put on the on the honey and maple syrup until all of the breads and and we Jamaican Yeah You know like they talking to me Hey, speaking me. Can you say can you say hello? I would like one cheeseburger Please hello. I would likes me Hey Hello, I would [like] one cheeseburger, please that’s really good actually Hey, I would like one cheeseburger please he boy served Cheeseburgers, I really hope that somebody takes it like really serious footage of Grey worm and like what’s that? I’d like two cheeseburgers I’ll have 40 cheeseburgers with a coke Just one count as I go to wash it [down] with you Do you have American cheese because I am American I? Have one slice of apple pie as well. Yeah Good old-fashioned American apple pie serve it to me on a flag Stars and stripes forever

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    "Love and Heart"
    (The Hell?)

  4. i always remember this episode not for any other reason than them roasting maine bc i’m from maine and it always, without fail, makes me fucking cackle bc it’s true. all we have is potatoes and a really shitty portland, we’re like discount ireland

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    Arin:”I know what it is.”

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  8. A tort, in common law jurisdictions, is a civil wrong[1] that causes a claimant to suffer loss or harm, resulting in legal liability for the person who commits the tortious act. It can include the intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, financial losses, injuries, invasion of privacy and many other things.

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