Wheel of Opinions with John Mulaney

Wheel of Opinions with John Mulaney

-How it works is you’re going to
hit this button here, which really works. It activates the opinion topic
generator. It will land on a random topic
that relates to this time of year. Whatever it is, you have to give
your opinion on it. -Knee jerk?
-Yep. First thing. Doesn’t have to be prepared.
Nothing. You ready?
-Okay. Yep. -Go ahead. [ Musical beeping plays ] -Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.
-Oh. You know what? This is what pisses me off
about that. No, but for real, okay so
they’re mean to him and there’s a foggy night. I guess this is the first time
it’s ever happened. And so Santa puts him in front,
I’m assuming, and he lights the way. And then they go, “then all the
reindeer loved him, and they shouted out with glee,
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, you’ll go down in history.” First off, you don’t just erase
the abuse. And secondly,
“you’ll go down in history,” That’s a claim. And fame and
love, I hate to say it, but fame is not love.
They are very different things. I have done a lot of work to get
to that conclusion. And I hope Rudolph
sees a therapist. [ Bell dings ]
-That’s unbelievable. [ Cheers and applause ]
-I never thought about that. That is fantastic. -I’ve never
thought about it either. -That’s so good. That’s the
whole point of the game. Let’s give it another go
over here. -Okay. All right. [ Musical beeping plays ] -Mistletoe. If any decoration
needs to be me too’d, the mistletoe — this is the
most — who the hell? Like, in what world — like
walking through a doorway with another person
weird enough. I don’t need this perverted
garnish over the door. I don’t want to see it.
I don’t want to hear about it. -Oh, my God. I’ve never —
That’s fantastic. I’ve never heard you
raise your voice. -It’s an upsetting garnish.
-It’s an upsetting, yeah. Let’s do another one.
-Okay. All right. [ Musical beeping plays ] -Fingerless gloves.
-Okay. They seem to be favored by
crooks in movies. [ Laughter ] Now, I’m no forensic scientist,
but I would imagine that it’s exactly these parts of
the hand that you want to cover up if you’re a crook.
-There you go. Listen up, crooks.
-Alright. [ Cheers and applause ] -I want to do this all night.
We only have time for one more. -I love my own thoughts.
[ Laughter ] -John, you have one more.
-Okay, go. -Thank you very much.
Here we go. -yeah. [ Musical beeping plays ] -The 2010s. 2010s.
-Oh, they’re ending. -They are, the decade is over.
-Ooh! [ Audience groans ]
-That’s right. -Well, what a decade. Here’s how I’d sum up the 2010s. I was going through the airport
and there was a guy and he was traveling and there
was a woman from TSA. And they were screaming
at each other. And she said,
“I wouldn’t disrespect you, if you hadn’t disrespected me
in the first place.” And that is the 2010s.
[ Laughter ] We’re trying to figure out who
disrespected who in the first place and we’re
both screaming at each other and everyone is just trying to
get on their Southwest flight. -That’s fantastic. That is John Mulaney
right there.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. "Fame is not love." Better than hate, but Santa whipping the other reindeer extra hard might help smooth things over. Oh, wait, jealousy and abuse aren't love either. Did everyone just forget about the holiday spirit? When did Santa's workshop turn into Amazon?

    Man, the North Pole really needs an HR department. All those budget cuts, elven layoffs, and half operational lights really aren't doing anyone any favors. Better than watching Ms. Claus try to pry apart the reindeer butting their heads together, baying for the blood of the new guy's fancy red nose. Probably an implant, fake ass runty little bitch.


  2. Does anyone think that John Mulaney is a more boring version of Grant Gustin…the guy who plays the Flash on the CW?

  3. 3:51 good to know he really takes Southwest now and not that “made up airline” Delta that tried to frame him for murder because they’re “Delta airline and life is a fu#%ing nightmare” 😂

  4. Omg I completely agree with him on the 2010s. It's all I seem to do with people. They just won't ever admit they are being jerks.

  5. John Mulaney just said oof and I don’t think I’ve ever been closer to looking like that meme of the guy blinking

  6. Mulaney is literally only white comedian thats funny because he owns his vanillaness without it being a racial issue.

  7. Trump is a fart joke , #1 rule fart jokes are cheap they have no class . It’s true you might get a laugh chances are if you start with a fart joke you probably can’t deliver it properly either , get advise from a fart joke expert , a 4 year old they can deliver a fart joke and if you follow it with a belch your a failing comedian you probably will get a laugh out of pity.

    My advice to fart joke comics , keep your day job your dreams just let loose like a fart in the wind fart comics work themselves up to become shitty comics if the mommies are honest with them

  8. 2010’s
    John: oh they’re ending
    Jimmy: the decade is ending
    John: oof 😂
    My favourite person to ever say oof 😂

  9. John Mulaney (I hope) will end up taking over for Jimmy (eventually) on the tonight show. I love Jimmy, but after he gets sick of it, I really hope John takes over.

  10. John Mulaney is perfect for this game because so much of his comedy revolves around his opinions on completely random topics, such as gazebos, sleep-shirts, and waving at a boat.

  11. I love how he mouths “oh” at each topic, like it’s something new and interesting he’s never thought about before.

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