Wheel of Opinions with Ray Romano

Wheel of Opinions with Ray Romano

-How it works is you’re going
to hit this button here which activates the
opinion topic generator. It’s going to land
on a random topic. Whatever it is, you have
to give your opinion on it. You ready?
-Right away? I have to give
my opinion right away? -I would like — I would —
that would be fantastic, but you can think about
it if you want to. All right, here we go.
All right, go ahead and press the button and see what opinion
you’re gonna — what topic. Yep.
[ Beeping ] [ Light laughter ]
-Okay. Bunk beds. -Well, I have four kids,
so we had bunk beds. Because I have twins.
So of course, I’m pro-bunk bed. [ Light laughter ] I like the idea that you can
stack your kids. [ Laughter ] No, it’s like a New York
parking garage, you know? [ Applause ]
Yeah. -A New York parking garage.
[ Ding ] – That’s it, we’re done? -Yeah, that’s the way it works.
They ding it. All right, let’s give
it another go here. -I hit it? Okay.
-Yeah. [ Beeping ] -Blowing kisses.
-Blowing kisses. -You know something? I know, you didn’t have
to demonstrate. I know what blowing kisses is. [ Laughter ] -I’m a professional.
-I know. I know. -Sorry about that, yeah.
-I — As a matter of fact, I kind of
wish blowing kisses was the standard because this way —
first of all, I’m a Germaphobe. I mean, like at a party —
at a party, you got to say hello to people.
-Yeah. -I don’t know if you have gotten
caught. I’ve gotten caught in the —
is this a cheek kiss or is this a — oh, no, you got to feel
it out, right? -It’s a fast decision, yeah. -Yeah, you gotta kind of bob
with the head a little. [ Light laughter ] And then, you gotta —
I’ve gotten caught leaning too far, and then,
you’ve got to go in. You’ve got to go, and if
she’s not — if she wasn’t expecting it,
then I got to whisper — I got to come up with something
to whisper. Ah, the potato chips are stale,
stay away from the potato chips. [ Laughter ] So I’m for it.
[ Cheers and applause ] -You’re for blowing kisses.
-You know what, if we could — -That’s better, it’s an easier
life if you do that. -Yes, yes.
-You know, I met Clive Davis once at this dinner, and I’ve never met him before
I was with my mom and dad. And I go, “I got to say hi
to Clive Davis.” So I went over to say hi
to Clive. I go, “Hi, Mr. Davis, pleasure
to meet you.” And he goes — [ Light laughter ] I go — “does he want me to
kiss him on the cheek?” I was like — so I go — [ Laughter ] And he looked at me like —
he goes, “I just couldn’t hear what you were saying.” [ Laughter and applause ]
Sorry, dude. I thought you — [ Ding ] Here we go.
We’ve got one more here. Here we go.
Yeah, here we go, yeah. [ Beeping ] -Dogs.
[ Audience aws ] -I love dogs.
-I have three dogs, myself. Actually, we wanted —
one is gone now. we have two.
[ Audience awes ] Yeah, let me talk about that. [ Light laughter ] I have a little gripe with the
Big Guy. If dogs are our best friend, why
don’t they live as long as us? Why is their life span so short? Somebody’s — He’s got
to fix that. -Yeah.
-You know what He should do? [ Applause ]
Yeah. [ Laughs ] -He’s hearing you right now.
He should! -Shave a couple years off
the tortoise, right? The tortoise —
[ Laughter ] No! -They live to long.
I know, yeah. -150 years! [ Laughter ]
-Just give a couple to the dogs. -I’ll bet he would be —
I’ll be you the tortoise would be for it, because…
[ Light laughter ] …he don’t mind checking out
a little — What does he do? He chews on a leaf for 60 years. [ Light laughter ] And then, he turns to the right.
You know? That’s all he does.
[ Ding, ding, ding ] -That’s all the time we have for
“Wheel of Opinions.” -I like it!
-Ray Romano, right there!

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. VERY GOOD question Ray, I think it's just a setup for alot of heartache and pain. Our truckload of heartache (#talesofour12tails)-Instagram & Youtube

  2. That dog bit sounded real sad right off the bat, you could tell Ray was a bit emotional, but he did make a good joke out of it.

  3. Omg haha the part about leaning in and having to whisper something that’s actually in one of the episodes of everybody lives Raymond 😂😂

  4. I had no idea how hilarious Ray was! His improve skills are sharp and the tortoise bit was classic! What a legend!

  5. Shave a few years off of the tortoise life..i kinda have to agree here, those suckers live WAY to long 🐢

  6. Gosh! Ray Romano is such a funny guy, a great story teller (even the tortoise story made me LOL!!) He always makes me laugh, he’s great and seems to have a good and normal life which,I guess,is not easy in show-business. If you are reading this (Ray Romano), I just wanted to say:”Congratulations for everything and wishing you also all the Best.” I mean it, with my heart.

  7. I mean he had a point why the fuck do tortoise live so long yet they aren't man's best friend but dogs are but die at a younger age? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  8. I cannot stand that every greeting includes a freaking hug nowadays. Stop! Just say hello. Body slamming is not required. I hate, hate, hate it.

  9. 2:41 – here's the most touching and effective demonstration that humor can convey all messages. How do you turn your obvious pain that your dog is gone? You have a gripe with the big guy for making man's best friend's lifespan so short. Brilliant and heartbreaking, even more so than the expression of the pain itself. And funny to top it all off. Kudos Ray.

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