Wheeler Dealers S18E02 “Ford Bronco”

Wheeler Dealers S18E02 “Ford Bronco”

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for them and I’ve seen them sell very successfully for about fifteen thousand dollars and they’ve got an inbuilt marketplace people want them they desire them so let’s just set the car still there when I get there what a bond it’s a problem with it you must be out yes how are you Mike yes nice to meet you sir [Music] it’s a 5.8 Windsor very durable long-lasting model that is absolutely fantastic okay where the wheels tires look good oh wow look at that interior that’s immaculate and being that this is the XLT model you get the electric seats let your windows air conditioning you get order the creature comforts okay look at that electric window rolls down very nicely and then this big cake pops down you’ve got easy access into the rear well I’m really impressed I suppose the only thing left for me to do is for sure if it’s okay to take it for a test drive yes you can do it for any kind Chester Road you want perfect how is a smashing feller and he really does have a nice car he’s told me not to drive it just on the normal roads because it just drives lovely but to go on to this bit of graded Road and really put it through its paces now these Broncos are pretty unwieldy they are tall they’re wired are quite wallowy they’re basically an f-series pickup truck that’s been converted to carry passengers you can get six adults in this vehicle crack robber impressively a Bronco can carry 7800 pounds that’s a lot [Music] this particular vehicle has a very very sweet engine it’s the 351 Windsor v8 it pushes around 200 horsepower it’s hooked up to an automatic gearbox it looks in really good condition under the bonnet I mean there’s the inevitable little things like tiny leaks and there’s the battery leads that could be to him we’d replace him but overall I think had to be delighted the steering feels fantastic and as for the suspension well this is a rough gradient road and it’s soaking up the ruts and bumps easily [Music] inside its museum quality and all the stuff seems to work in error gauges happy I can see that there will be issues that we will have to address I mean number one it could really do the a clean and I can say the overdrive button on these it’s a little bit hits a miss they get moisture in them [Music] now I can see why the market is really strong and healthy for these Broncos they really are a great vehicle then call reliable dependable and they’re pretty safe you’re sitting up high you’re across the rest of the traffic they give you an air of superiority and I know that all of those ingredients added together means a car that is well sellable now au is a fantastic guys ass in just ten thousand dollars for this and in my book this car is a bit of a bargain so I’m going to go back and I don’t even think I’m gonna bid him I think I’m just gonna hold out my hand and try to buy it [Music] well that is one nice car exactly what you said I took it on road off road I really did try it out I don’t mind but though that’s a it’s a very nice car isn’t it yes now you’re asking just $10,000 for it yes this is the point where I usually try to get some money off but in this instance you know it’s such a nice vehicle 10 grand it is you’ve got yourself a deal thank you ma’am and I just bought myself a full Bronco and yes you do this car the devil is going to be in the details and if we can shine it out when nobody can pull any fast one on us nobody will be out to find a Fault in this vehicle I know we’re gonna drive ourselves a really healthy profit right let’s get back to work shop see what hand things [Music] did I nail it or what what a fantastic car yeah right I can see I’ll tell you what’s happening here he’s got a walk around a vehicle he’s gonna fret because obviously he thinks that I’ve bought him back something that needs a ton of work and it’s gonna be looking at the mud and thinking it’s quite a clean car underneath this and he’s gonna actually start to worry that there is gonna be a huge amount of work he’s gonna rush to do – after because that’s how this usually works I mean they do bring him back lots of stuff that needs a lot of attention but in this case it’s a nice refreshing job for him yeah you love it yeah I mean other than the mud it’s a fantastic car so basically you bought me a car to clean don’t quite follow me come and sit yourself inside it look at that interior go on your clothes clean yes your clothes are something of mine for a prank do you like it inside are there the two previous owners basically abducted on this car like a child what I wanna know is how much you spend on it cuz these things make big money this is like tens of thousands of dollars yeah well the first generation they’ve gone now people wanted those so badly that they’ve been found they’d been fixed up and they’ve all been sold but this is the fifth generation Ford Bronco these considered to be one of the top ten click this master buy right now I’ll tell you about that in a minute first let me just show you underneath the vomit come on Andrea you’re gonna see it’s got that 5.8 liter fuel-injected Ford v8 engine that is all pretty good in it right you’re gonna love this little feature down the back and put the key in turn it and the third electric window drops down very nicely yeah that’s really nice that shows the back of this truck and everything about it is nice on the back swing your legs this is perfect for us this truck yes a little bit too perfect so I’m worried you’re about to drop some massive mechanical bombshell either that or you’ve just spent tens of thousands of dollars on the truck that just needs to clean well let me just break down what you just said first of all we don’t know if it’s got a mechanical bombshell because we ain’t start work on it and secondly who said anything about tens of thousands of dollars how much was one ten thousand dollars seven and a half thousand pounds buys us this whole truck you spent seven and a half grand on this oh no I’m good at my job listen do I ever tell you how to do your job oh yeah in fact you do everyday it’s a very good point well made well listen let’s start on that oil leak and if I was you I’d remove those induction pipes first then you can get to the throttle body once you get the frog border you can remove that I mean you get down to that manifold now rumor has it that Ford are gonna be launching a sixth generation Bronco in the future and if that happens it firmly puts this car as a future classic no I reckon this is one of the cleanest examples I’ve ever seen in the workshop but even clean cars have dirty little secrets in our case an oil leak it’s hard to tell but it looks like our leaks coming from the inlet manifold or the distributor which means I’m gonna have to dig a little deeper I’m disconnecting the battery and removing the intake hoses I need to make room to access the problem I’ve drained the coolant as the intake manifold has fluid running through it this is the inlet manifold anon this car is actually split into two halves this top section here has these really nice big sweeping curves that completes the airflow into the engine it’s this part of the strip down where the problems still are known I mean it could be something really simple like an oil seal on the distributor or it could be much worse I kind of like this detective part of being a mechanic these here are the electrical fuel injection connectors you’ve got to be quite careful when taking them off they actually have quite a hard life under the bonnet with all the changing temperatures they’re made of plastic and if you break one a new set of these is expensive four hundred and fifty dollars so now with a coolant drained I can remove the upper radiator hose right I’m now down to the lower intake manifold and they still oil below there which means that now has to come off and that’s obviously one source of our oil leak it’s gonna need a new oil seal there but it’s not the main part of our problem to disconnect the fuel line I’ve got this little tool here this is the quick release sighs I need a great thing about these old trucks I don’t mind climbing all over them they’re built to last just pop away a little bit and now I can finally get to the lower intake manifold bolts I’m gonna go for a slightly longer arms ratchet bit more leverage whoops Eris bolts broken which means the bottom half of it’s still stuck in the head and this is part and parcel of working on old cars it’s inevitable that every now and then you’re gonna break a start thing is it’s made me nervous about the rest of them think about breaking a start is you tend to be a bit more cautious with the rest so frustrating yeah it’s broken and it’s stuck in there I don’t think it’s a coincidence that both the front studs are broken comparing the bolt and the start I think it’s obvious what’s happened waters probably got inside it’s rusted it and that’s ruined the integrity the strengths now gone this is only half the problem the bit that worries me the most is the bit that’s left in the engine that can be a pain this is the last one as well Turner worries me that that moves away so easily normally I’ll expect the gasket to grip it a bit more and straightaway I can see the problem you know this front gasket is completely compromised in fact I can see where the oils been seeping away there’s the remnants of those two studs and actually the more I think about it the more it’s obvious where our problem is those two studs have a sole job of holding down the intake at the front they’ve rusted because they’ve not seated properly water’s got in the rust is built up lifting the intake away slightly that’s just enough gap for all to get out and water to get in making the problem even worse so there’s our daily little secret not so perfect after all Mike before I get my head around getting those broken studs out I’m gonna give this area really good clean the first thing I’m gonna do using this blue towel is stuff up these pores the last thing I need is debris or anything else falling inside the engine there’ll be a whole world of new problems I’m not going to put off the stud extraction I just want to give this area a nice clean up so I know exactly what I’m working with now there are a number of ways of getting out broken spouts depending on the circumstances you see the plan is you want to remove the broken stud while safely preserving the threads you want the stud out of the way or the rest of the head stays intact now unfortunately for us our broken start is pretty much worse case scenario it’s broken just a few millimeters above the surface so you had it broken higher there would have been enough meat to maybe get some pliers on or put a nut on them whined it out and I think the reason it’s broken there’s obvious there’s been a gap between the inlet and the head water has got in there and that’s where it’s corroded now I’ve taken a pretty risky path the plan is I want to try and weld on top of that bolt little by little bit by bit until I have enough metal to work with I’m TIG welding here this is a very localized heat source way more precise than mig welding makes a bit more violent and not recommended I have to make sure I only hit the bolt itself welding the steel bolt to the steel head would present another challenge and is exactly the same for the second one there is a risk doing it this way you have to be extra careful where the world is going aside from welding the bolt to the head if any spatter gets on the mating surface it’ll create havoc when it comes time to reinstall everything that’s why TIG is such a great technique it’s so precise the key is take your time make sure the settings for the world are spot-on and always do a couple of tests welds in advance on the broken top of that should be enough not only is the take put plenty of heat into my bolt it’s also given me something to grab onto so I’m just going to use these gingerly yeah it’s freed up I’m just moving it bit by bit but it is moving whoo yeah it’s freed up now my risk paid off and there you have it one broken bolt one down two to go [Music] that should be enough yeah number two’s crapless to our three ain’t bad this is when I know if this car is my friend or my enemy now in my world that’s a hat-trick I am kind of relieved those three spouts came out it saved me a load of drama later I did notice while the top of the engines off with this water pump showing signs of a leak I’m undoing three of the fan bolts while it’s under the tension of the fan belt I’m gonna use this tool here to take the tension off the belt the fan is trapped within the shroud both must be removed together lose the fan belt and the fan pulley then on loosening the AC compressor it makes it much easier to set aside the big bulky AC bracket keeping out my way and then undo the coolant hoses this lower hose still holds quite a bit cooling and that’s it finally I can access the water pump the water pump has a built-in indicator that will tell you in it’s failing this is quite deliberate it’s a weak hole it’s actually a kind of warning device and tells the owner that the water pump itself is on its way out give this a little tap loosen it up should slide off yeah on the underside you can see that weep hole right there the water pump is made up of this impeller on a shaft and on the front of here is that pulley and it rotates using a fan belt when the engine rotates it turns this and then the casing is deliberately designed to support the flow of cooling now this entire thing is responsible for 100% of the circulation of coolant in the engine now this impeller here sits on a bearing and as this is a consumable item it needs to be changed the bearing cam wear and as it wears coolant sneaks past the bearing and comes out of that little weep hole in fact you can see the signs here that that’s exactly what’s been happening with our water pump now if you ignore the warning and the water pump completely fails the coolant stops flowing things can heat up really quickly and they have a tendency of getting really expensive the point of the weep hole is it gives you a heads up now before I fit my new water pump I’m gonna give this surface a nice good cleanup now I’m using a plastic scraper although our engines made of steel it’s quite strong a metal one can still leave score marks in it and you definitely don’t want to damage it I’m just fitting a new gasket with a little bit of sealer make sure this new water pump goes on coolant tight we do not want any leaks there’s a water pump I’m now gonna hold off from reinstalling all of my ancillary because right now I’ve got great access to reinstall the intake now with the surfaces all cleaned up I’m of course using brand new gaskets and for that front area where our leak was I’m gonna be using this old-fashioned cork style gasket and a little drop of sealer make sure it never leaks again I’m also gonna put a little bit of sealer just around the waterways and then a more modern gasket now removing the intake of this engine is actually quite interesting because it reveals part of the sealed oil system see inside here you’ve got these lifters and these push rods they’re hollow moving oil from the bottom half of the engine up into the rockers making sure the heads are really well lubricated as a result the oil drips back down into this cavity and escapes of out of those holes back into the engine now bear in mind when the engines running is also under pressure so what you end up with is a cavity high-pressure full of oil and of course if there’s a hole the oil is going to take the path of least resistance in our case escaping out of this seal right there another little dab of sealant on top of the cork gasket and it’s ready for the intake manifold knowing that the Bronco has the problem the aftermarket sector has come up with a solution and I’m going to be using it it’s these stainless steel bolts and we won’t have that problem again stainless doesn’t rust now of course the inlet needs to be talked down and it has to be taught in a specific sequence and you can get hold of that sequence either online or in the owners manual now on this car it’s done in three passes the first one there’s only ten foot-pounds it’s important to follow the correct sequence when bolting down large items like this take your time and follow the manufacturer’s specifications for the correct order and the amount of force now when I started taking the car apart I was hoping that the old leak was simply coming from the distributor oring now obviously is part of the problem because I can see in fact I can feel it yeah that is just broken off in my hand see this o-rings supposed to be soft and pliable it’s made of rubber but over time as the engines getting hot it’s turned into basically plat plastic and it just snaps in my hands now the new one is nice and flexible that’s how it should be and it only takes a few seconds to fit it simply slide it on and slides in the gap as easy as that I know this little oil leak has taken ages to sort it is a long process to strip find fix and rebuild but that’s often the way with those dirty little secrets what appears to be simple on the surface often escalates into a late night in the garage but it could have been a lot worse they’re both broken bolts are a bit more stubborn it could have easily escalated into one of those nightmare jobs that you end up sleeping in the workshop and trust me I’ve done Lowe’s before I feel like I kind of got away with it we’ve taken a Bronco to the barrett-jackson car auctions it’s worth more than that come on auctions don’t get much bigger than this so it has to stand up to scrutiny and better get a wiggle on you know I can’t leave the battery cable like this see not only does it look terrible but what’s going on underneath that insulation is actually quite sinister and it’s one of those small jobs that’s easy to let slide because you think about it the car starts it runs and it drives thing is though it’s the multi-strand wires inside that insulation that worry me they’re corroded in fact they’re now so bad that it’s starting to bubble from the inside out also that cable is right near the battery and when you consider the battery is full of sulfuric acid the problem is sulfuric acid is when you charge it it produces hydrogen sulfur gas and that amplifies the oxidation process so the thing about this cable you can actually feel it I mean it should be flexible but it feels all sort of locked up and while I’m doing this the Bronco suffers from an extra issue linked to the same cable here is the starter motor and my issue relates to that flat Spade type terminal right there you see over time with the changing temperatures and the fact that the engines vibrating eventually this falls away corrodes and slides off so I’m gonna Park the old starter motor and swap it for this and then you’ll notice that the terminal here is more robust it’s a thread and a nut that really locks it in place you’ll notice that the cable that I’m taking out of the car is slimmer than this new cable I’m putting in it’s much thicker there’s way more copper inside a cable like this is measured in cross-sectional area now this cable is 1.0 which means it’s about 8 and 1/4 millimeters or 0.32 inches and if I grab a knife and cut open the old cable right where it’s corroded now you can see right here there the strands the thing is they’re made of copper they’re supposed to be that nice bright shiny color but they’re not they’re all black and corroded a part of this old loom that I am gonna save is this O 2 sensor right here that’s going in the bin and then I’m just gonna tape this together so it’s all nice and neat [Music] I’ve opted for cloth style tape because it generally doesn’t harden like the old electrical tapes perfect this cable here it’s wrapped in this PVC coating it’s designed deliberately to keep the electricity on the inside it’s relatively thin I mean it’s only carrying 12 volts the thing is though the current can be huge the amps can be deadly compare that cable to a HT lead HTS have tiny amounts of copper core because the current is pretty small but it has really thick insulation due to the voltage being so high the insulation keeps it contained now there’s a reason that the electrical industry uses copper and I’m not just talking cars houses stereos even the phone in your pocket and that’s because copper is really good at delivering electricity it’s also flexible available and brilliant at dissipating heat you know I’m in the market for refining the perfect Bronco so I’ve been having to look online to see what this cars common problems are and one of them is at the base of this gear lever in fact more specifically it’s the wire that joins the gear leaver hidden by the cowling the problem is that wire is linked to fuse 17 if I take out the fuse box have a look at this cap it tells me fuse number 17 right this is responsible for the warning buzzes the chime module the warning indicators the gauges the tachometer the electric transmission I mean can you imagine all of that goes because that wire phrase so I’m going to take the safe option and check it out now first up remove this column tilt lever I’ll turn the key into the run position place this pickup here and the barrel just comes out I move this gear lever up it’s held in by just a single pin which tapped out the fact that it’s on a pin allows it to pivot that pulls out may have it now straight away I can see the protective sheath has already gone and it started to free the wire itself but if you think about it it’s hardly surprising because it’s the gear stick this has to be used every single time you drive the car I mean if this was my daily driver I’d at least be driving it to and from work that’s two gear changes and then I’d be going up a lunch I’d be putting it in reverse I’ll be moving up to the shops going home taking the kids to school I’ll be using it even more at the weekend so if you think about it in a seven-week period I’ll be using it 8 9 10 maybe 12 times a week 52 weeks of the year and this trucks like 30 years old so when you add all those days up all those gear changes together you’ve got with just loads and loads of gear changes you talking to yourself were you talking about the gear changes there’s nothing wrong with the gearbox when I bought you a ninja oh I could hear you talking to yourself and what’s going on about the gear shifter in this car was lovely it went in the gear no no it’s not necessarily got a problem but listen I spend a bit of time online looking on the Bronco forums really nice fellows those Bronco owners I know it turns out that this is a problem that’s likely to happen so I’ve made a preemptive strike and I’m gonna sort it out see you’re avoiding any problems for the future owner exactly perfect yeah that’s a good call so did you get the rest of the thing all buttoned up nicely broken studs Oh what hello yeah three oh no did you get them out yeah yeah deadly serious that some bush I never asked you there okay I’ll go and get this for you I’ll leave you to carry on and we get it cleaned up and get it out for a drive Amazo head to the beach [Music] [Music] and if you ever seen the vehicle sitting here in this environment that looks more capable of tackling anything yeah I mean it’s perfect think about it it’s big its bulky high suspension big wheels it’s got loads of storage in the back it’s got big bumpers even got a tow hook but what worries me is it’s a little bit too clean I’ve seen six-figure sports cars that haven’t been cared for as much as this yeah but it begs the question why have we brought our super clean car here what upper mountain yeah what’s a test it of course what you want to get this dirty before auction yeah you think about it right the next owner is gonna be down at the auction putting their hand in the air and we want to make sure they buy a mic and and capable vehicle and if it gets dirty don’t worry about say I’ll clean it your cleaner every inch lovely we’re in that case [Music] right in here we get look at the whole strength away me better be careful on these roads roads where we go in some we vote the N and it just will just oh look at that straggling I am struggling it you trying to tell me every offer oh hey listen I’ve got vast experience off-road which we talk about your off-road crit you know where you’ve been upside down like off-road to the long travel that massive hole around it even I want to avoid the bushes well I don’t wanna scratch the Holly don’t worry I’m gonna polish up clean it I’m gonna do everything to it [Music] I still work out why Ford stopped making the Banco this weird isn’t it but you know my core manufactures they stopped making some e box all stop making the beaver guess what the beans is coming back fold with the Bronco they stopped making it and guess what Bronco I mean that beautiful engine now it’s smooth its precise asleep free and it just powers its way through all this but the water to splash fruit property’ this is really good to get it dirty lovely show up this is pretty good but it’s not that challenging I reckon the Broncos capable of much yeah of course it is well tell you what just pull over here do me a favor just lock back from hob for me no worries come on right Absalon four-wheel drives collected let’s off-road oh and one other thing China put it on the roof I got fooled if you are if you are bringing the Bronco back please can you put the Brandel on the passenger side because there’s nothing to hold on to look at this this is proper stuff I can clean stuff I can’t polish out dents or scrapes [Laughter] tastic there’s no doubt in this car is not only capable it’s good on and off road it’s immaculate inside here is the perfect candidate for an auction yes the burden is now 100% on you okay don’t worry leave the rest of it to me making somebody very very happy and hopefully counts in cash often very nice [Music] no my Brewer how are you brother I’m good are you doing no bad it’s all look bad it’s all save me male save me from this it’s dirty I’m sort of panicking ever so slightly because it’s gonna go to the auction block an auction blocks our place is where it’s gonna be under intense scrutiny pop the hood yeah we’re gonna blast that out with a pressure washer we’re need underneath the undercarriage and get all that heavy mud and stuff off of there then we’re gonna roll it in the shop will do the finite detail there [Applause] the degreaser a handy brush and a bit of elbow grease is what you need the male is using a pressure washer that’s the get rid of all the dirt sand grease and grime that built up underneath the vehicle particularly when and took it off-roading now you could do this yourself at home you can get yourself a pressure washer from your local DIY store or you can even the Holly one and it’s really good practice to make sure your car is clean as it possibly can be before you even put it in your garage already know you go high I’ll go low and I’m gonna use this silicone dress in now the reason we use sort of con dressing in the engine bay is it won’t ignite under heat plus silicone is the enemy of a paint shop [Music] [Music] you don’t Mel even though you attack this with the pressure washer there’s still a lot of dirt underneath them it looks like it’s ingrained into the fabric of the car we’ve got this cool water texture right here this actually is a pressurized degreaser [Music] alright let’s take a microfiber towel here look it’s amazing already check that out [Music] underneath and the engine bay is looking like brand new and that’s exactly what we need to get top dollar when it rolls across the auction block sports utility and it’s a vehicle from the 90s picture perfect inside and out like look at a brochure from 1952 at the Ford dealership leaving and with some minor services is when I know if this cars my friend before allegedly spin in the countryside the little spit polish and she’s ready for her public we’ve got the Bronco for $10,000 gaskets hills and bolts 83 water pump 53 starter 109 shipped the electrical repair parts an overdrive switch 260 battery cable materials 17 a detailing was just 350 this gives us a grand total at ten thousand nine hundred and twenty-five dollars that’s around eight thousand five hundred pounds all done in twenty eight man-hours was it a wise investment I’m here at West Palm Beach in Florida and I’m here for the world’s biggest collector car auction this is barrett-jackson look at it a Bronco it’s made it in one piece no marks no damage it’s just as we finished it with mere mail why we’ve got gaps around it and now getting the cars ready to go through the auction this is lot number six 18.2 it’s an early one so it’s gonna go in a minute I’ll just check it over quickly Wow you go ahead enjoy it enjoy the drive [Music] [Music] she goes this is it no turning back cars on its way to the block I just hope the room is full of people and they’ve all got money in their pockets yes I’d love a ride in it looks it looks absolutely it looks amazing it looks so clean and there it is this is a Bronco this is the staging Lane staging lanes really important because this is the last opportunity the members of the public get to actually touch and feel a car and you’ll see that people will start to dive into the car and my recommendations to people are if you come to it staging naming you see the car take some time read the sheet and then get a words with the driver so if I get this driver what was them what was it like did it driver right oh yeah yes see that’s exactly what you should be doing asking the driver does it driver right what at a brake feel like did it start up on the button because you’re never going to get to the test drive this car before it goes to the auction and this is the closest you’re gonna get now in just one moment’s time this car is going to leave this little area once all the eyeballs have been on it and it’s going straight into the hall no matter what it’s going under the Hamas [Music] episode original for [Music] [Music] yes Bronco has got what I need on it is got that the sold sticker at barrett-jackson across the block and so for $14,000 that shows us a little bit of a profit to be honest with you it’s more about the excitement of putting this car back on the road I’m just hoping now that the person who’s bought the car is going to come and was you to go to bought this you are give me a name Monte DeLuca yeah fantastic Monte thank you very much for buying this Bronco you bought yourself an incredible vehicle he’s been briefed on and worked on by me and then in our shop we love this vehicle we really do are you a fan of Broncos yes I am that’s us it’s all right your end you got yourself a deal you just bought yourself a cracking Bronco thank you this car did what it needed to do it returned us a lovely little profit and we can’t say fairer than that Monte has got a car I know he’s gonna love for years to come but if you want to see more cars like this being turned around by being ant then join us again soon on wheeler dealers Tala

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