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  1. Is it just me or does it seem in the classic shows. Michael took the pis out of ed ? As if he waa stupid when comes to the money etc. And simply used his mechanical skills.

  2. Next time you buy my Bronco , I was the first owner , ask me how long it burned and why the rear bumper was hanging down you morons , oh buy the way , he lied about the odometer , and did not mention the right front axle spline being stripped , was quite surprised to OJ on tv. At least the Aerostar I bought at the same time faired better then that pig did.

  3. I'm guessing they lost money on this bronco. They didn't factor in the cost of shipping it to Florida from California. But it's only a tv show right? Fake news?

  4. omf, i could take my toyota echo everywhere they took that bronco. this is what happens when you let townies go "offroading".

  5. why did you use the cork intake gasket !!!!! just use a big thick bead of gasket maker as a mechanic & every mechanic i know we never use that silly rubber or cork front and rear intake manifold gasket

  6. Those cheap intake manifold gaskets look like junk! I live near the West Palm Beach auto auction. I would have went.

  7. As good a tech as he is, my god man stop your bloody eye acting! It’s like watching Roger bloody Moore.

    Stop overacting.

    I miss Ed, he didn’t making over exaggerated movements.

  8. With what you paid put in man hours, parts and Auction fees there was just a little bit of profit but the Bronco lives on.

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