When This Happens, You Need to Replace Your Catalytic Converter

When This Happens, You Need to Replace Your Catalytic Converter

rev up your engines, tidus wig says
what should I do about a noisy catalytic converter should I buy a new one to
replace it, I Drive a 97 Dodge Intrepid ok let’s say it passes the emissions
testing, you don’t have any check engine lights on, you can live with it, it won’t hurt
anything, but eventually if they break down inside
the substrata is a ceramic material and it’s got platinum in them there’s
little holes if you look through one end to another with a flashlight you can see
all the tiny little holes inside that the hot air goes through, if it finally
breaks off into little pieces, then it will jam into the back of the cat and
it’ll clog up the exhaust and then you won’t have any exhaust coming out the
tailpipe or very little and the engine will start to overheat won’t go fast,
then you have to replace it, so if it runs okay you can actually live with it, but
if the check engine lights coming on and you have running problems, then you got
to replace it, my advice for that car is price around because a lot of the
aftermarket ones are cheap and that will work perfectly fine, a lot of the new
ones you gotta buy a dealer OEM one because the software is really touchy
but, on an older one like that often you can buy an aftermarket one save a ton of
money, Roman Medina says what company makes the
best pickup trucks, depends on what size truck you want, if you want a smaller
pickup truck, I would say get a Toyota Tacoma they’re really well made and they can
last a really long time, but if you want a full-size you can’t beat the f-150 fords,
they’ve been making them for ages you can get v8’s, you can get a
turbocharged v6 that puts out 300 something horsepower and now you can
even get diesel engines in them recently they started putting diesel engines in
them, so you can get a lot of choice with the Ford f-150 if you want a full-size
truck that’s pulling around a lot of stuff, especially if your towing things,
Martin sue says Scotty I’m not sure about buying my neighbors 94 honda accord
with 175 thousand miles, it has battery drain, two
windows don’t work, the radio doesn’t work, and the brake light is not working
should I still take it for 700 bucks, it starts up and it runs and it shifts fine
go right ahead, those things can run for ever, I got customers with those with 350
thousand miles on them and that’s got 175, it’s got half of that
700 is nothing for that, all that other stuff you can fix, the windows who cares
you can live without them, as long as it’s got a heater and an air conditioner
and battery drain, yeah you can try to trace it down I’ve got videos to show
how to fix battery drain on your car, or you can just disconnect the battery
when you shut it off overnight, I’ve had customers do that for years
shoe shine boy says I went to Jiffy Lube, they
wanted to run oil flush before they changed my oil are they trying to scam me,
yes you should never flush the oil in your car, it can actually damage an engine,
the only time you’d want to flush it is let’s say you bought an old junker
car from somebody and it’s all full of sludge, then you can put the flush in,
run it 15 minutes or so like the directions on the can say, then change
the oil and filter, normally the oil is all detergent these days, change it
regularly you never need to flush it they’re just trying to sell you stuff and
I’ve seen it actually damaged things in the long run by putting harsh chemical
flushes in that can make seals and stuff start leaking, Hans Krupp says my
2008 Grand Prix started slipping out a second, I added some x75 or something
like that slip stop, dropped the pan new filter, it ran 2 months now it revs to 5,000
out of first, should I rebuild or get a remanufactured tranny, ok if you want to
keep the vehicle you’re better off getting a factory reman transmission,
they come with a guarantee usually in a couple years, they’re better made and
they can last, something like 33 percent of the transmissions that are rebuilt at
transmission shops in the United States 33% of them are done wrong and have to
be done over once twice or three times so if you want to get it done right, have
a factory remanufactured one put in, me with the 2008 Grand Prix it’s 11 years
old I just get rid of it, I just sell it for whatever I could rather than put
money into it, cuz those things generally turn into endless money pits when their
11 year old, those are the cars that you know Pontiac pretty much went out of
business after building those, they were so poorly made and people just stopped
buying them entirely, they stopped making them, matt drop says what’s
a good product to keep the trunk compartment dry, I’m getting condensation
I’ll check the gaskets too, yeah first thing you want to do is, open it up and
then get some good silicone spray, all hardware stores, auto parts stores sell it,
it’s silicone spray in a can, any brand it
doesn’t matter, spray the heck out of all the rubber seals, then clean them with a
nice microfiber towel and do it again, because a lot of times they have dirt
little pieces and that lets water get in, so do that first, and then on the other
side the trunk itself metal part, clean that really good with Windex and stuff so
all the dirt and crud is off of it, past that there are many products you can buy
any desiccant, most hardware stores sell bags of the stuff in a little plastic
container, you can buy a desiccant and you can just stick it in there and that
will keep it dry and every once awhile just replace the desiccant bag, I used
to do that all the time in the closets in the house, but my house is so old I gave
up and now I just have giant dehumidifiers that run all the time and
it keeps the house nice I got to say, it’s humid in Houston, so if you never want to
miss another one of my new car repair videos,
remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. Catalytic converters are easy to fix! They get clogged up with this honeycomb gabage that builds up inside. What you have to do is unbolt it, beat on the sides a few times with a rubber mallet and then stick a really long screwdriver into it and break up the honeycomb garbage into chunks small enough that you can shake them out of the opening. Once you break them all up you shake them all out through the holes and once it's empty you can put it back on the car and you've saved hundreds of dollars!

  3. I replaced the cat on my old '93 Chev, 350. I thought it was going to cost a ton but it was only a couple of hundred to have my muffler guy weld it up properly. Zero, zip, nothing, nada on the smog check–perfect. When I took a look at it however, I was surprised how small it was. Then I thought about how long the original monster lasted–over 280k. I suspect the little guy is gonna punk out muy pronto. But, yo dog–how long can the old beast last?? She clicking up at 300k pretty soon. So, good enough for the money, right?

  4. Hi Scotty, I have a 2004 Subaru legacy with the 3.0 H6 engine with around 90 thousand miles. Runs really smoothly apart from when I'm slowing down, the automatic downshift from 4th to 3rd gear makes a jarring thud and shocks the entire car. This does not happen when It downshifts while I'm accelerating or when I manually downshift from 4 to 3. Was doing intermittently and now doing it more often than not. Relatively reputable mechanic flushed transmission a few thousand miles ago. Any ideas appreciated.

  5. Here in uk When the engine light comes on and the fault code on a ford fiesta is P0420 you have to replace both lamda sensers with genuine ford and they cost £100 each. The after market ones are no good as the heaters go open circuit. I scraped my fiesta and replased it with a 2002 nissan micra k11 it cost £100 to buy. The nissan was written of and I got £500 for it. And I then bought 2007 vauxhall astra. And now I could be set to get £3000 damages for the accident which will GoD willing pay for a new central heating boiler. All things work togeather for good for those who love Jesus and are the called according to his purpose.

  6. You can just buy another universal cat on ebay for 30 to 50 bucks and have a muffler shop weld it on to whatever random size exhaust pipe you have.

  7. Ok I have a 1994 Camry and every time I put more than half the throttle down I get a serious loss of power and rpms to the point where it shuts off if it's not fully warmed up any idea what it might be

  8. Hay Scotty my sister has a 2009 scion with a small rust spot and is trying to sell it for 4500. Is she asking to much. She's been try to sell it for the past year now and I'm the only one interested in it.

  9. There is a used 2015 Ford Explorer with 106,000 miles on it and it’s 18,000 thousand dollars, wondering if it’s a good deal or just look for something else. ??

  10. In most states with emissions testing aftermarket cats are illegal. In fact most states with emissions testing forbid you from even touching the catalytic converter. So if you even know that this has happened and your state has emissions testing you are breaking the law. Why you telling people to do illegal things scotty?

  11. So I wonder what Scotty thinks is better. So let’s say it’s the same car make and model from different years. A 10 year old car with 200k miles or a 20 year old car with 100k miles?

  12. Oddly, just had catcon problems on both my vehicles. The 89 Blazer converter was stopped up (156k miles). It's so old the state doesn't check emissions on it, so it got a test pipe replacement. The 2001 Nissan catcon started rattling. The guts had broken loose from the shell, so it got a replacement cat at 149k miles (It's not old enough to be exempt from the emissions testing). $520 worth, but the car is in very good condition so it was worth it. $420 is about one payment on a new one. When the wheels fall off or the car ceases to be reliable, we'll get a newer used……. Toyota!

  13. 2:09 – Hey! This is a bottom of the range version of my car; I have the Peugeot 306 2.0 XSi and its a great car, with fantastic handling and performance. Sure there are faster more modern cars, but this little car is legendary for many things including the handling.

  14. Went to replace my oxygen sensor on my 95 mustang and turns out the computer doesn't work and the front end is shot. Only 56k miles too. No car for me now 🙁

  15. Scotty, I have a 95 eagle talon tsi. Rebuilt 4g63t engine and 5 speed with some tuning and such. I never drive it. I’m 45 now and don’t want to sell it to a kid who will miss treat it or kill himself in it. My wife says it’s one of my most expense paperweights. Should I just keep her or let her go??

  16. No scotty when that happens you just weld a pipe in its place cheapest fix… Have you seen the prices of converters

  17. Hi guys could anyone help me with this. the engine light is on for the catalytic converter but the car is running fine. Its a 2010 1.6 tdi gold 140k miles. do I need to replace it or can I keep driving? Ive been driving the car with no problems since I bought it with the problem 3 months ago.

  18. I love Scotty and I’ve repaired my vehicles because of him but I was REALLY disappointed when he said to get a ford for a full size truck. Yuck!

  19. Hey Scotty, would silicone spray harm the paint on the car or as long as you wipe it off right after, shouldn't do any harm? Also, I love your channel!

  20. Our 2014 f150 with the 5.0 has a ton of electrical problem the sync system gets confused and will only let you use AM radio or it won’t come on truck has less than 40k miles. Engine runs good transmission has clunky shifts and 4×4 makes a awful noise. They don’t make them like they used to

  21. Hi Scotty. I have a 2006 HHR. Never had problems. Now the exhaust smells like something is burning. The check engine light is on and it says its the O2 sensor. I replaced both recently so I dont think its that or if it is would a bad catalytic converter cause them to go bad? Whats the smell all about . No smoke just smell.

  22. Haha… my 1992 1JZ Supra had an engine rebuild last year & after a few days, it started stalling constantly. The builder was 700 miles away, so I took it to a local shop 3-4 times, they found nothing conclusive. Took it back to the builder after a year, and they found the brand new aftermarket high performance catalytic converter had grenaded & the chunks were getting stuck in the outlet, choking the car to death!!! I guess they pushed it a bit too hard on the dyno during the tune. HA!

  23. Thank you 🙏 I have had the same question for the same problem , would the lacquer thinner help in this specific situation to keep it from breaking down as fast ? I have been using cataclean

  24. Scotty F150 is a terrible recommendation!!!
    I had a 2006 f150 5.4 3v it was nothing be trouble! Spark plug change was $750 because of the ‘recall’ 2 pice spark plug cracked while being changed, then had issues with cam phasers and transmission!! Finally gave up and sold it
    Meanwhile my dads 2000 Silverado 2500 has 260k miles no major issues!!!!

  25. A 97 intrepid? I'm surprised it's still one the road! If you fill it full of gas the gas is worth more then the car!!

  26. Hi Scotty
    I have a 1990 Ford F-250 Club Cab 4×4 w 460 motor very strong
    But the trans will not go into O drive been that way for 4 years runs great
    Will do a filter change but I think it might b a valve body
    Could there b a electrical connection to prevent of from engaging the switch does operate light goes on and off but no o d
    Please help
    What a great engine love it

  27. Scotty, had an 07 frontier 4.0 v6 manual transmission rebuilt but I have to take it to the mechanic every other week because it leaks it that normal or is my mechanic not worth the tools he owns?

  28. A first-gen Dodge Intrepid. Jeez, it's been forever since I've seen one of those on the road. The last NICE one I saw was literally like 2004.

  29. Mr. Kilmer you might also note. A lot of times when a transmission goes out its due to running hot or hard because of trans. Problems. Such as clogged lines or cooler, torque converter, solenoids, and propper fluid level and maintenance. If not corrected no matter where you get your trans. Its not gonna last long. I suggest replacing and/or cleaning any lines and cooler. Also replace torque converter it will save your wallet and trans. In the long run.

  30. 2003 Saturn under 75k ran fine a month/2 ago now runs for about 2 seconds then dies, we think fuel pump
    Or bcm (security light wont come on but not 100% on that either) anyone have any suggestions. Or things to check for a definite diagnostic

  31. If living in your wagon/van/car for a long period of time would you recommend Desiccant bags to absorb moisture from sleeping in the car without proper ventilation in winter and such?
    And how big of a bag would you need? Just place them tucked away on the floor or at each end of the car ect.? Thankyou Scotty!!

  32. no you dont…. just cut it off and put a resonator on it… unlock the ECU and shut off the o2 sensors "or just put them back and disable the code prompt….. But thats only if you actually appreciate freedom and dont want to play into the little government game called inspections. Or for you people the pre 96 ecu's just slap a carb on it.

  33. I haven't used this trick in newer engines, but a pint of diesel fuel in the crank case will cut right through the sludge so you can drain it out with the oil after 25-50 miles.

  34. Im swapping my atf should ibuy Toyota atf or ROYAL PURPLE atf? Ive used ROYAL PURPLE 5w30 for 100k mi no issues, i always use a ROYAL PURPLE oil filter aswell! 216k 2nd hand owner FGT

  35. Our 2011 sienna with almost 180,000 miles started misfiring today with multiple random misfire codes going to try to replace the coil packs tomorrow first. There were 3 different misfire codes in it a total of 9 altogether it listed them for cylinders 3 4 and 6 but, it has a stored code for those and then listed the same code again as permanent code hoping coil packs will take care of it it was running and we managed to get it home even though it didnt list them all as bad I went ahead an got six spark plugs were replaced about 45 thousand miles ago or so. I did buy them at oreilys but, got denso pretty sure they were iridium that I got as they were almost 11 dollars a piece so the plugs shouldnt be my problem What are your thoughts scotty or anyone else wanting to chime in this misfiring just happened out of nowhere today.

  36. I've been using engine flush for years, in multiple vehicles, and never had an issue. In fact, all of my cars have gone 275,000 or more miles with no internal engine issues. However, the flush I buy isn't corrosive. It's made from petroleum distallates. They sell it cheap at Wal-Mart.

  37. @savagescotty I removed the cats on my 2005 GMC Sierra 2500, the sound is really load and annoying and I was wondering if I can apply after market cats to alter the sound

  38. I used to have a small 05 GMC Canyon 4WD truck with 100k on it and those small trucks are tanks! Even tho I dented the oil pan haha! I took it off roading all the time and had to pull my friends out of some muddy places; I pulled a 2 Dr Toyota Tacoma an older one out of a small creek my buddy got stuck in the dang water was up to my windows and I rammed through there pulling his truck like mad 😡 as Scotty would say! Haha Tough little 5 cylinder that I loved! An 18 yr old girl slammed in the back of it welding our vehicles together which totaled it! I am still sad about it but if I get another one it'll be an 08 they put the V8's in! 😉

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