When This Happens, You Need to Sell Your Car

When This Happens, You Need to Sell Your Car

rev up your engines, today I’m working on
a 13 year old Nissan Xterra did it’s one hundred and seventy seven thousand miles,
isn’t running just right and makes a clunking noise when you decelerate a lot,
the customer wants to know should he continue to throw money into this thing
or should he get rid of it, I’m gonna prove one way or another what would be
the smart thing to do now the Steelman chassis here is pretty
cool, it’s got four of these units that are sending units, you clip them on
various parts of the vehicle and take it for a drive, it’s often very hard to
diagnose noises that occur only when you’re decelerating in a vehicle with all four
wheels on the ground, for example this thing if you put it up in the air and
step on the gas and let go you won’t hear the noise, you only hear it when the
load is on it and you take your foot off the gas,
now these exteriors have a history of transmission problems, so I’m gonna put
a couple of these on a transmission another one on an engine, and then drive it
around, it’s really simple to install we’ll put this one on the motor here,
then we’ll put the main unit we’ll clip it on this hose just so it doesn’t get
stuck on anything or bounce around, then we’ll crawl under the vehicle here and
we’ll stick one on the transmission, we’ll just clip it on here, and put the little
device here so it’s clamped on pretty tight and we’ll plug it in and take it for a drive, as you can see here these things are sensitive, it’s gonna hear any noise that’s
occurring on the vehicle, then we just drive it around with the headphones on,
switch it from channel to channel on this until we hear the noise the loudest, and
guess what the noise that was the loudest was the one I hooked up to the transmission,
so it’s an internal transmission noise and since the check engine light is on
we’re gonna put the scan tool in, just plug it right in, see what it has to say,
what does it say it says p0730 gear ratio incorrect, now theoretically there are
quite a few things can actually cause that, but I’ve worked on enough of these
Xterra to know that when you get a clunking noise coming out of the
transmission, and it’s got the code for incorrect gear ratio, that means the
inside of the transmission is starting to break down, now in this case the
vehicle’s 13 years old has 177k miles on it, it’s really not worth either
having a transmission rebuilt or replaced,
now these transmissions are known failure items in these xterras for
more than one reason, so it’s not a deal where you could think, oh well I’ll try
to get a used transmission and put it in because odds are the used transmission
won’t be any good either, it’s in a vehicle that’s known for having problems,
it’s 13 years old, and if you buy one from a junkyard it’s from one that was
put in a junkyard for good reason, so you don’t want to try a used transmission on one of
these, now yes it still looks good, doesn’t ride all that bad, but with this
transmission starting to go out, I’m gonna advise the customer get rid of it
sooner than later now it’s his vehicle and he can do whatever
he wants, I mean I can also tell him, if you want just keep driving a thing, sometimes
they’ll still go for a while clunking here and there but still drive down the
road, thirteen years old with 177 thousand miles, odds are he’s not gonna
be able to get much for it he it tries selling it, but at least now he knows
what’s actually going on with the vehicle, it’s one reason I advise people
not to buy Nissan’s these days, because automatic transmissions are pretty
crappy, and I see them going out all the time in these xterras, which is one
of the reasons you can buy them so cheap second hand, because the market pretty
much knows, they get older they start to get expensive to repair, big old SUV with
a v6 engine in it, their pretty much gas hogs too they don’t get the greatest gas mileage,
now it has gone 177 thousand miles but it had to have all the catalytic converters
replaced, it’s a typical Nissan when it gets older, it starts to turn into a
money pit and when the transmission starts to go out, you really don’t want
to get involved in that expensive repair on a vehicle that’s hardly worth
anything, because when I scan the rest of the vehicle not just the transmission,
hey it had ten body control module code fuel injection system codes, I mean you
don’t want to mess around with something like that, there comes a time when the
cons outweigh the pros in a car, then if you can find an honest mechanic like me,
then you can make a wise decision on whether to keep it or whether to get rid
of it, but just make sure you have an honest mechanic, because hey a lot of
guys I know they look at that vehicle and they’d see, oh we can make some serious
money on this vehicle, and they tell the customer, oh look it still rides nice, the
leather seats inside are still in pretty good shape, I think you should fix this
thing up, knowing very well it’s gonna put a bunch of money into their pocket,
so no on this Xterra, and from my experience any nissan these days that has that kind
of mileage, 13 years old, you don’t want to put too much money into the thing,
because I have had customers that did put too much money in, they either put in
a transmission when it went out, or an engine, and in many cases they used used
engines or used transmissions, and about a year later sometimes less, the engine would go out again, or the transmission would go out again, and they
threw good money after bad, so never get emotional about your vehicle,
be logical, and above all, either learn how to do it yourself or find a mechanic
like me, an honest guy that’s gonna tell you the truth about your machine, because
sure sometimes the truth hurts, but if you don’t listen to the truth it can
often hurt a lot more, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car
repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Scott 04 Pacifica 112k. Just started to make an under hood noise. No loss of power at all. Car is well maintained. Any ideas ?

  3. Yeah, I’ve realized over the years that rebuilding a tranny in a car with that many miles, puts additional strain on the engine, then the next thing you know, you need a new engine. And vice versa, replace a motor in car with higher mileage and the auto tranny(if original) won’t be able to keep up and will go out sooner than later. I enjoy this channel, I agree with a lot Scotty says, and have learned a few things from him. Keep up the great work! Many of us really appreciate you!

  4. Scotty, do u have a network of mechanics around the country you recommend? If not you should build one and call it Scotty's List 😊

  5. i got 2004 silverado bought it 07 it was cheap and plain jane truck nothing fancy they sold it because it had 300.000 thousand on it . it was company truck well maintained but i noticed when i was driving it none of the clusters was working no speed no oil pressure nothing ran good ,so i bought it for 3.000 cash . 3 year old with this many miles to me it was strange so i took home made an appointment at chevy dealership ,they put it computer nothing come up got the paperwork and it said mileage 155.000 so i went back in and ask he said the clusters go out in them trucks all the time ,new one was 400.00 i got lucky and found one on ebay for 100.00 . it took me about 10 minutes to change and they programed it at dealership today it got close to 300.000 and still going with regular maintenance ,so if you buy Chevy truck from 02 to 08 the cluster has been replaced and the miles is not correct ,unless they had dealership reprogram it with the actual mileage you might get one that says 125.000 miles and have over 2000.00 miles i just got lucky

  6. That comic with the husband and wife about the truth hurting is a good one. I literally laughed out loud when I saw it. 😂

  7. Ha, ha. Yep, get rid of it or it might hurt alot more. By the way, I'm pretty I did subscribe, brother Scotty. 😊

  8. I drive an 8th gen Civic 2009. 199,956 km and about to reach 200,000. Never had any problems. Even when I slipped on black ice and hit a concrete barrier, I could find a bumper for less than $100 and a cousin whose friend had a paint shop willing to give me a discount on the labour. An advantage of buying a popular economy car is that parts are cheap and easy to find.

    The only thing that went out was the AC compressor, which seized at 185,000 km. It's a stick shift, so no worries about Honda automatic transmissions, which is typically the weakest point on Hondas. I just bought a shorter belt (1.657 metres vs 2.189 metres) to bypass the compressor, which cost me $30. As you might have guessed from reading up to this point, I live in a cold, dark country where it's not worth fixing the AC on a 10 year old car.

  9. There are so many unethical mechanics out there, it's almost not worth it to keep cars longer than the extended warranty expiration these days.

  10. If you love your car I think keeping up is worth it. People want me to sell mine but I don't want to. I'm just going to by someone else's problem, New cars are no diffront. My boyfriend's is a Malibu and it's newer and already has problems.

  11. Once again Scotty and his contradict opinion. He always talked a lot about his 20+ years Toyota and why you should by one, but as soon there is another brand that has lots of miles and started to require some maintenance, now it is time to sell that crap. Really? First any vehicle if it not maintained properly will brake faster than a vehicle that is properly maintain. Second not all Nissan has a bad transmission, this particular generation of Nissan/Infinity with the VQ40 engine (V6 4.0L) came with a made in USA defective radiator that fail internally and mix the transmission oil with the coolant fluid and it destroy the transmission internally and the owner wont notice that until it is to late. The easy and fastest way to prevent that to happen is to bypass the oil cooler of the radiator to a external transmission oil cooler that only cost $50. Beside that the transmission it is proof that it is one of the most solid 5 speed automatic transmission that Nissan has use in their vehicles and even many other manufactures use the same transmission on their vehicles. I personally have seen several Nissan Xterra's, Pathfinder's, Frontier, and Infinity with that transmission and engine with over 250K miles without any issues if you maintain it as the manufacture recommends, with a oil change every 30K miles. I beet people with failing automatic transmission never change the oil on their transmission and when they do it just goes south. So don't blame the manufacture as a cause of failure on 100% of the time when more often if user/driver fault. Beleive me not only Toyota celica and Lexus can last longer than 13 years or 170K miles.

  12. Hey scotty how are you, i was wondering if you could maybe make a video of Jatco transmissions,i just got a nissan skyline with a vq25DD neodi engine amd wanted to know if theyre good cars. It has already run 120.000 km

  13. I do have a suggestion for the owner of the 2007 Nissan Xterra with 177,000 miles on it. Buy a Toyota 4 Runner. If you can't afford a new one, buy a good used one. They have been reliable and the do last a very long time. Don't bother with the last of the Nissan Xterras. The have the same drivetrain as the Nissan Pathfinder and the automatic transmission has been quite trouble prone. My suggestion. Stay away from any Nissan Xterra. They're junk.

  14. It sounds like you are saying the solution is to give the problem to someone else, a buyer who likely is strapped for money, since theyre in that low value market. I think as long as its sold with full disclosure, thats ok but its not ok to hide the truth from a buyer if you know it.

  15. can we tag NISSAN and CHRYSLER on these videos so they can see how bad their cars are. I wish i could see the faces of the people that run these companies and get to see what their products are really like.

  16. Thats what happens when a good company from japan gets involved with Renault, most of old er nissan stuff was bulletproof.

  17. If only my mother would listen to us. She has a sentimental attachment to the 04 Impala her brother gave her & omg.. LITERALLY one thing after the other is wrong with it. Just for example. We've now replaced the entire steering system. & Somehow, it's leaking worse than it ever has. I hate that car. It's just eating away at her money. She just needs to look at it logically & get another car already. I tried telling her to trade it in, in a honorary way lol but….

  18. I'm a bit stubborn so I decided to buy my first car which is a Hyundai Tiburon 2000 I got the shell for 500 and the engine was blown out still had everything inside and I bought the engine for 500 the car has 156000 miles in it the engine I bought had 92,000 miles I had to dump an extra 2 grand on changing parts the total of this car 3000 but the car runs smooth no problems so far I put 2000 miles on it 🙂 this is my project car my daily driver that's it

  19. My 2010 has been very reliable…maybe because it has a manual transmission. Replaced 3 batteries and it’s on tire set #3. I wish brakes would be better though.

  20. Yea, Nissan doesn't even make Xterra. Can you get another 4×4 SUV for the cost of that new transmission and engine? No, you cannot. Might as well restore to like new and go another 177K miles if you really need that kind of critter. Or am I wrong?

  21. Like the man says never get emotional with your vehicle we've all been there and done that at a certain point it's time to cut your losses

  22. Scotty my isuzu rodeo is getting old electronics on the lighting are going out I cat alroved for personal loan for 15k but i want Toyota FJ Cruiser what should I do

  23. Scotty can be very opinionated. But I have to give him credit. His opinion is based it on real world experience and he explains why.

  24. scotty, what do you think of a nissan sentra se-r 2008? i own this car for about 1 year no issue. 155k miles

  25. Damn words to live by from Scotty the truth hurts but if you don't listen to the truth it often hurts a lot more.

  26. I got a 2002 Nissan Xterra bought off the show room floor. It’s got 233238 miles and has the original engine and transmission. At almost 17 years old yes I put some money in it on repairs but I got my money out it. They don’t make em like they used to…. to date my Xterra runs pretty dog gone good!

  27. Can confirm, nissan transmission is junk. 2015 Versa blew its tranny within the 60k warranty. It was just over 51k when the tranny died.

  28. I don’t understand one thing: if the transmission is a known weak point, why hasn’t someone come up with a direct swap aftermarket transmission (or some kind of adaptor plate for a better transmission) WITHOUT the issues so these cars can remain on the road? On any expensive machine I own, I want to be replacing poorly engineered parts with well engineered parts. After I had the leaf springs break on an S10, I replaced them with springs off the SUV counterpart because it had an extra leaf and could take more weight.

  29. Lol I'm afraid to ask but how reliable is a automatic transmission for a 05 bmw 325ci with 242 000 km? I have no issues and the vehicle pulls hard

  30. i haven't owned a toyota or a honda yet, but i find it hard to believe that they are as amazing as people say. I do believe in alot of cases you get what you pay for, as well as EVERY CAR has its issues, its more of a question of what issues. and is it reasonably going to happen.

  31. I don’t know Scotty. My 2005 dodge 2500 hemi is hitting 280,000. Thinking I might be looking for a new truck even if it’s running smooth right now

  32. Thank you for the info on that slick sound checking tool. Never seen that before. That could come in really handy.

  33. I agree it’s not worth fixing but bad mouthing an automatic with 177k is kinda harsh. The JATCO trans in that is not a bad transmission the problem with ‘05 to about ‘10 was the radiator failing and mixing coolant with the transmission fluid. Nissan dropped the ball in recalling them or fixing them after the fact. Many transmissions don’t get to 177k…..

  34. Scotty, your right about the Trans, but Nissan corrected the problem in 2010. I love my Xterra!! I have 2 of them, a 2008 and 2010, both are PERFECT! AND THEY HAVE EXCELLENT RESALE VALUE!!! FYI, I met a guy in CA, he had a 2002 Xterra with 360K miles and he NEVER CHANGED THE TRANS FLUID!! The truck ran perfect!

  35. Hey Scotty. I was a heavy equipment field mechanic for 20 years, n I value your thoughts n suggestions with any trucks n cars. It's uncommon in today's market that consumers can ask honest questions. An when dealing with dealerships service department they lie through their assessment of your vehicle. The average dealership today employs parts changers Not mechanics.

    I think you should run for President Scotty of the United States. I'll probably buy a 2020 Outback XT even though the transmissions have issues. As it's the most bang for the buck imho. It'll be my last vehicle n my 99 f250 7.3l still is a beast. I drive slowly but mileage I get 22 mpg on the hwy at 60 mph. Thanks for great insight on vehicle's.

  36. hey scotty i’ve got a 05 civic automatic tranny with 145k miles and it slips between 3 & 4 rpm…should i try to get a new tranny or save up for a new car like a used town car or corolla or even a new civic with a manual?

  37. Scotty, I have a hard time selling my 2001 Toyota 4Runner. It runs fine, no major issue. Why people don’t buy it? I asked for $4,600 based on avg from my area.

  38. The counterpoint though would be that putting in a new tranny is still a lot cheaper than buying a whole different car. The first trans ran for 177k, so even if you get only half of that same mileage out of the new trans it's still money fairly well spent.
    Now of course, I agree with Scotty that in this particular case, with a car known for having transmission failures, it definitely would not be a good idea to repair and keep it. Too risky that it could go out again before you got your money's worth out of it.

  39. Thank you for your videos. You are awesome. If you live anywhere in Texas I would like for you to replace the a/c system in our 1989 Ford Econoline I50 passenger van. .

  40. Nissan transmission problem? Not surprise at all. People should feel silly if they're not aware of this epidemic on Nissans over the last 15 years especially CVT. The only thing good with Nissans are their puck up trucks, had a 2005 frontier with almost 200k miles, all original. Had murano and xterra both tranny needed replacement, I'm done with Nissan, same goes for Infiniti which hits your pocket the hardest. Scotty is 100% correct when it comes to Nissan.

  41. should I fix my Chevy Cruze's Turbo problem? 122K miles, and something keeps breaking the turbo. I don't know what to do with it no more.

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