When to Use Front Brake and Rear Brake on Motorcycle [Hindi]

When to Use Front Brake and Rear Brake on Motorcycle [Hindi]

Hello friends and welcome to my channel. Today in this video I’m going to show you When to use front brake and when to use rear brake So lets start our video. When you ride you get confused Front or Rear which I will use? Don’t worry I’ll guide you in very simple way in this video. First I’ll give you some examples and how brakes works? Please listen that it’ll help you in future. There are so many videos where people guide you only use front or only use rear brake Don’t get confused by watching those videos. Which I’m going to show you that mechanism works in each & every bike. So just follow that thing so it’ll be easy for you to ride a motorcycle. With my tips you are able to calculate by your own which brake you should need to use. In the beginning example Like you’re riding a bike Like my bike I’ll show you from the side. Now This is our motorcycle Let’s assume that it’s moving. and you’re seating here at that time your body weight is on your rear wheel plus bike weight also on your wheel So means that your rear wheel get more weight and pressure while riding. and your front wheel will be free. So mostly many people say use front brake 90% use rear brake only 10%.

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  1. Bhai agar kisi Gali me turn le Rahe ho samne Koi gadi aaye to mere bike stop ho Jati Hai Kyu Koi solution batye

  2. वीडियो ज्यादा लंबा हो जाता है सर जी. 4-5 मिनट में खत्म कर दिया करो

  3. I don't even know how to ride bicycle n I need to learn biking how much days does it take to me to ride it perfectly????? sir please help me
    from the peak of the world NEPAL………..

  4. On emergency or panic braking, out of curiosity, can we use front brake squeezing it slowly without using the clutch?

  5. Please upload the video about how the engine breaking mechanism works internally in bike. Moreover explain how the power transfer happens in engine because of clutch??

  6. Sir agar main 3rd ya 4rth gear me hoo aur mujhe break lagana hai toh clutch press karke lagana hoga ya press na karke?

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