– Hey guys it’s Alex from Fitment Inc and today we are edumacating
you on different types of wheels you can buy for your car. We have a low pressure cast. We also have a rotary forged, a fully forged, and a multi-piece wheel that we are going to be taking a look at. So lets jump right into it. So this is the COSMIS XT-006R.
It is an 18 by 9 and a half. And the first thing that you’re
going to notice is it’s a low pressure cast aluminum wheel. So what does that mean for you guys? It means that the price point
is going to be pretty low. Usually cast wheels aren’t
going to be a high price which is why they are so popular. Some of the cons about a low
pressure cast though is that they can be heavy. Generally speaking most
cast wheels are heavier than a rotary forged or anything else. In addition, they can be
not as durable as some of your fully forged or
rotary forged options. On top of that, the sharp
design can be pretty limited as well as off sets that are available on low pressure cast wheels. So you’re going to see
more of a rounded shape on a lot of cast wheels. You’re not going to see
the harsh sharp edges like you would on a multi-piece
or fully forged wheel. Now COSMIS does a really good job at trying to keep their
weight as low as possible. 23 pounds for an 18 by 9
and a half isn’t bad at all. Alright guys we’re back
with another wheel. So this is a rotary forged wheel. This is the Rohana. This is the RFX5. So this is actually a 20 by 11. You are going to see it is massive. On top of that talked about
how the Cosmis was 23 pounds, this is much larger, about two-ish, one and one-half inches wider and it only weighs 4 pounds more. And that is one of the biggest pros to having a rotary forged wheel. So if you guys don’t know
rotary foraging is when they take the actual
wheel and the rim forged at high pressure while it’s spinning at an extremely high speed. So what that allows the wheel to do is it actually gets very very
thin but the grain structure in the rim itself actually aligns better and what that allows it
to do it’s less weight and it’s less rotational mass
that you have to worry about when you have it on your car. So one of the biggest pros
of having something like this as a rotary forged is the weight that you’re not going to
have on such a big wheel. If you have a cast wheel that’s this size, it’s definitely going to be a heavy wheel. You don’t want to deal
with something like that. Especially if you plan on doing
something fun with your car. So although the rotary forged, you do have more competitive price point, you’re still going to
be at a higher price. So this is where we start
jumping up in price point cause rotary forging, it is
more R&D, it is harder to make, it does take longer, it
does take longer to ship. So that means that you are paying more for a rotary forged wheel. On top of that, you’re
still not going to see the same amount of
sharpness that you would on a fully-forged or a multi-piece wheel. You still see plenty
of sharpness on a wheel like Rohana makes and other
wheels that do rotary forging. But some wheels still lack
that intense sharpness that a fully-forged or
multi-piece wheel provides. Alright so now we’re back with a fully-forged monoblock wheel. This is the Regen5 R35F. So what you’re going to see with this besides the fact that
it is an awesome finish, is that this is a light and extremely durable
monoblock forged wheel. So not just is the rim or barrel or hoop or whatever you like to call it forged, the full wheel itself is forged. Pretty much at the end of the
day what that means for you is lighter weight, more
durable, less rotational mass. So you don’t have to
worry about losing power in something like your wheels. Now Regen5 did a great
a job with this design cause you’re going to
see a lot of cool things happening all throughout the wheel. But at the same time, you’re
going to have some negatives that come along with
the fully-forged wheel. Number 1, the price point. Fully-forged one piece monoblock
forged wheels are a premium and they can rival some
pricing of three piece wheels. Depending on what you’re looking for and depending on how crazy
you want to get in your design sometimes forged wheels just don’t have the same variety of designs as your cast or even you’re rotary forged
wheels due just simply because they are not as
popular and they don’t get sold as often as something as a cast wheel. You are going to see some sharper design. You still aren’t going
to see the same amount of customization that you would with a fully-forged multi-piece wheel. You’re still going to see some curves, you’re still going to see some
things that could be edges, but just because of the process that forging does with wheels
you’re not going to see the super crazy sharp wheels
like you would as we go a step up in to the multi-piece wheels. And finally we are going to check out the Conceptone multi-piece forge. This is a CF-003x. And this
is a custom made wheel. So the first thing you are going to see that’s a huge pro with a multi-piece wheel is the customization.
You can do so so much. It’s literally like making
your own wheel for your car. Off set, width, diameter,
inner barrel color, outer barrel color, center
face color, rivet colors, semi-hidden, fully-hidden,
anything that you can possibly want to do with a wheel you can do with the multi-piece wheel. And that’s why so many people love them. It’s the customization options on something like this are insane. On top of that, something
you’re going to see as if you damage a cast wheel if you
damage even a rotary forged, or fully forged wheel it’s
likely that the entire thing is going to need to be
replaced and not repaired. Mult-piece wheels are and
exception to that rule because if something happens
to an inner hoop or outer hoop, it can be replaced and a lot
of times it’s going to cost less than replacing an entire wheel especially if it’s a fully forged wheel. Another awesome pro is just
how awesome these things look. You can get the sharp edges,
you can get the harsh lines, and everything you would want, if you want it to be an aggressive look or if you want it to be a subtle look. Multi-piece wheels have
definitely exploded on the market in the past few years but
I think that these are probably the pinnacle of where
you want to see wheels go as long as you don’t have
to worry about a budget. And one of the best things
about these wheels is actually one of the worst
things because they’re so customizable because they’re
so have a variety of options, they are by far the most
expensive things to buy. Not only are they the most
expensive things to buy but there is a lot of tech
that goes into these wheels that a lot of people can mess up. The silicone line that goes in between the inner and outer the barrel, if the tires are installed incorrectly or if somebody thinks that they can do a better job at silicone
sealing their wheels, they end up leaking,
causing a ton of issues and that can be an overall pain. A lot of times too, these
inner and outer barrels, if they do need to get repaired, sometimes cost more than
just a cast wheel would. And that’s a lot of the
reason that people tend to avoid these if they are using them for automotive active related
events like auto cross or drag strips. So it really comes down to what you want. Are you somebody that is interested in getting a nice set of wheels that aren’t going to break the bank? Cast wheels are definitely for you. There’s a ton of options. Maybe you are looking for something a little bit light
weight, with wider wheels, or a bigger diameter. Rotary forged is the way to go. If you’re more incentivized by
light weight, durable wheels, that are going to look sharp that handles whatever it is
you are going to toss at them. Forged is obviously the most
stand alone option for that. But if you want something
that’s going to look cool, that’s going to feel cool,
that’s going to have you written all over it once
you get the wheels in and shipped to your door, multi-piece wheels are the way to go. So we hope you guys
enjoyed this comparison, we hope you enjoyed the pros and cons. Let us know what you
would like to see next. If you have any of these
wheels, drop them in our gallery fitmentinc.com/add We’ll see you next week
for another episode. Peace. (Electronic music)

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