Whirlpool Dryer Repair- Replacing the Thermal Cut-Off Kit (Whirlpool Part #279816)

Whirlpool Dryer Repair- Replacing the Thermal Cut-Off Kit (Whirlpool Part #279816)

Hi, it’s Steve from PartSelect. Today I’m
going to show you how to change the thermal cut-off kit on your dryer. It’s a pretty
simple repair and you’ll need a few tools. A quarter inch nut driver, perhaps a pair
of needle nose pliers and a wire crimping tool. Let me show you how it’s done. The very first thing that we need to do is
disconnect the power to the dryer. If it has a plug merely remove that from the socket.
If it’s a hard-wired dryer we need to find the source and disconnect the power there.
The second thing that we need to do is remove the dryer vent. We need to pull the appliance
out because all of this repair is going to be done from the back. Now we need to remove all of the screws holding
the back panel on. On this model there are nine quarter inch screws. The location of the thermal cut-off kit’s
two components located here and here. Ok, the first thing we’ll do is change this
top one. Remove the two wire terminals. Inspect them to make sure they are good and clean.
Remove this quarter inch screw. Lift the thermostat out of the housing, note the little tab that
holds it in place and replace it with the new one. Locate the tab in the hole and we’ll reinstall
the screw. Replace the two wires, make sure they are firmly seated on the connectors and
we can move on to the second component. To replace the lower thermostat we need to
first remove the two wire terminals. Lift the thermostat off of the terminal on the
heater and pivot it out. If your thermostat looks like this with an external wire attached
we need to make some modifications for the replacement part. Our replacement thermostat looks like this.
Now it will mount in place, there’s provision for two screws. Install the large terminal
wire to one end of the thermostat. The kit comes with a jumper wire which has a large
terminal on one end that will connect to the element. On the other end it has a smaller
quarter inch terminal. If your old thermostat had this small wire on it we need to cut this
and crimp one this dual male-female terminal in its place. First we need to strip a little bit off the
end of this wire, about a quarter of an inch. Take our terminal, insert it fully inside
and we’ll take our crimpers and firmly connect the male-female connector to the end of the
jumper wire. Now we’ll take the small orange wire and
we’re going to cut the end off of that and install a quarter inch spade terminal on it.
Again we’ll strip about a quarter of an inch and we’ll crimp the terminal on. Make
sure we have a firm crimp, nice and secure. We’ll install the large end of the jumper
wire on to the element terminal. Install the new crimped end on to the thermostat and our
third orange wire will go on to the male terminal on that. The last thing we need to do is put our back
panel in place. And that’s just how easy it was to change a thermal cut-off kit on
your dryer. Thanks for watching and good luck with your repair.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Thank you. It is so nice to see a real person doing the repair and not an actor.
    The step by step instructions help me to repair my dryier. Now my wife has a gift for me! 😉

  2. omg thanks! the other video i was using didn't have the extra steps for the third wire. everything's really cut and dry. good job!

  3. steve i dont like your uniform and please shave next time besides that good video ,question do fuses need to give a specific number when checking for continuaty?

  4. This video was very helpful – I have a Kenmore Model 70 that matches this whirlpool model exactly. Replacement went easy and my dryer is working again! Praise the Lord! Thank you!

  5. I have a similar whirlpool, but mine has four wires. Two wires to heating element and two going to the thermostat. Is this correct or has it been modified? Do I still need a wire going from thermostat to heating element? The thermo fuse has been bypassed by previous owner and I'm trying to fix that. I feel something is not correct. Thanks for the video and any help you can give me!

  6. Hi, Steve. I just want to thank you for this video. You just saved me the price of a new dryer. Your instructions are clear, easy to follow, and spot on! If you were here right now I'd buy you a six pack. 🙂

  7. The mod to the jumper wire tip is what I needed also. However, I can't get the old thermostat disconnected from the element terminal. I'm afraid I'm going to break it trying to get it off.

  8. Thank you very much for your very detailed instructions. I have never worked on a dryer and your directions made short work of this job and now my Wirlpool dryer works just like it did when it was new. Thanks again!!

  9. Thank you for this video.You took a task that was just a little confusing when I was following the not so detailed instructions that came with my thermostat and made it very easy to understand.But,my dryer still is not heating.I had the heating element tested before I did anything else and it was good.Besides the fact that my crimping skills are less than desirable,what else could it be?

  10. Hi Steve. Your videos are all great and easy to follow. However, I've changed the heating element, thermostat and thermal fuse and still no heat! 🙁 It comes on and turns/cycles through just fine, but blows cold air. Its a Whirpool WED 5540SQ0. Thanks!

  11. You're welcome. LOL, the easier question would be what HAVEN'T I replaced! I've replaced (all with help from you) the high-limit thermo, the cycling thermo, the heating element, and the thermal fuse. Cleaned all lint from the lint tray and from the inside of the dryer. I'm now at a loss.

  12. Yes, I checked and the breaker switches are all operational and in the correct position. We don't have fuses.

  13. we watched ur video and replaced the fuse but to no avail, the power comes on on the dryer but the start button wont work, do you have any ideas that would help us diagose the problem

  14. Bingo!!! I'm pretty handy with a shovel, and I do have a "PhD," (post hole digger), but when I got home with this replacement part for our Kitchen Aid dryer my eyes totally glazed over. Thankfully, the replacement part is exactly the same as you used in this video, and I believe the original is also the same configuration. Thank you, thank you…a thousand times "thank you!" 😉

  15. Thanks, but don't get ahead of me. I haven't done it yet. LOL But thanks to your video, I'm pretty sure I CAN do it now. 😉

  16. ha, well I spoke too soon! My dryer doesn't have the orange wire. There are only the two red wires. I can feel the glaze slipping back up on my eyeballs now…

  17. can you point me to a video that shows installation of the same part on a dryer where there is no orange wire???

  18. Oh that's awesome of you! I will promote your channel like a madman, I promise. 😉

    It's a KitchenAid Model # KEYS750GQ0. I'm pretty sure about the "S" and the "Q." There is also a Type #, and it's 180-00.

  19. Hmm. I'll look again, and thank you so much for your time, but if I recall, in this video the smaller diameter orange wire DOES appear. On my Kitchenaid dryer, there is no smaller diameter orange wire – just the two red wires. But let me watch the video again, in case I missed something (which is entirely possible!). 😉

  20. Yeah, sadly my dryer is different than the one shown here – on mine there are only two red wires, no orange one. 🙁 You're right, though, that the replacement part # is exactly the same. Do you think someone could email me at tommy (at) AldermanFarms (dot) net? If so, I can email a snapshot of my configuration.

  21. Love the background music 😉 but seriously. Kinda freaked out whem i got the kit in. Then found thia video.Thank you!!!

  22. What size connector do I need for the "large size" terminal? The smaller one is a .250, but I can't find something to fit the larger one. It seems like it's 5/16", but I can't find any in that size anywhere.

  23. Hi again sir, I have a problem with my dryer. After the technician repair my dryer, because wasn't heating, now when we select any option like auto-sense or timed heat the dryer never shut off by itself. in auto-sense never move from the selected option and timed heat is selected like 30min for example, moves until cool down option and never turns off. stays blowing cool air until I turn off. Do you know what do i need to replace? And can tell me where in the dryer? i don't have any experience.

  24. I need to first diagnose the reason why my dryer no longer heats up. How do I diagnose whether it is the heating coil/element, the thermostat, the sensor, etc… I read something about running a test where you bypass the thermostat to see if the heating element starts working. If this happens then it is the thermostat that needs to be replaced. Problem~ I need a video or pics to help me with this. I have a Whirlpool Senseon dryer model # GEW9868KL3

  25. I wanted to take a minute and say THANK YOU so much for this video!! I had this problem happen to my dryer this week and without this video I would have been totally lost on how to fix it. I watched this and followed it step by step and now my dryer is running again with better heat than it's ever had. THANK YOU!!!

  26. Nice video but why not just sell the replacement 250f limit instead of jumping through hoops with a cheap one size fits all kit?

  27. I am a retired appliance parts and HVAC sales part counter man. I was just wondering I know you can get that limit sep. I guess selling it this way is money saving.

  28. I am an older woman and until I found this video, I was going to buy my daughter a new dryer! I ordered the kit and a new heating element and followed your instructions to the letter and now my daughter's dryer is working better than new at a fraction of the cost! And my daughter and I fixed it ourselves! Thanks so much for posting your repair videos, they are great!

  29. Hello Matilda!

    Thank you so very much for your wonderful feedback. It's so appreciated. It's a great feeling that comes with successfully completing a repair, isn't it?

    Glad you found the video helpful, and good job on the repair! Take care.

  30. I'm hoping you might be able to direct me in the right direction here. The dryer starts fine, spins, goes through the cycle, no heat though. I have replaced the following high limit fuse, thermal fuse, thermal cut off (entire kit, element + fuse/thermostat) and I still don't have heat. I was on the fence on replacing things since all of those pieces (the originals) seemed to work ok when using the multimeter. Sure enough, after replacing I am still getting cold air.  Thoughts?

  31. I can't thank you enough for posting this. I ordered the parts and when I saw I was going to have to do the wiring modification, the diagram on the sheet of paper that came with the parts did absolutely nothing for me. Your video was extremely helpful. Dryer is working now.

  32. Thanks for this. The directions were less than stellar and they didn't send the right connection terminal for the smaller wire so I had to go and buy a package. But after that, everything worked perfect. Thanks again.

  33. Thank you for this. The other videos I have watched did not include instructions for attaching the jumper wire. This is what I was looking for. I had it right, just needed to be sure.

  34. Continuity test was good on both thermal fuse and heating coil. Purchased the thermal cu toff kit and
    it was fixed, Steves video was excellent because it was easy to follow along with. THANKS STEVE!

  35. Thank you so much…just finish fixing my dryer it wasn't heating your video help me a lot now is working perfect so happy

  36. What type of crimper tool is that? I have a crimper tool for insulated terminal ends but I can't seem to find one for those type of ends. Can you please let me know the exact name of that crimper tool? Thank you very much.

  37. where exactly did you connect the orange wire? once you replaced the original thermostat you have only 4 connections.
    2 coming from the new thermostat and 2 coming from the heating element, so there is not conection for the orange wire…unless you put part of the original assembly on the new thermostat..i am sorry but it can of confusing for me..

  38. Thanks for a very good video that allowed me to repair the dryer by myself for a very small cost. If I might provide some feedback: If would have been helpful to stress at minute 4:04 to cut the SMALLER connector, not the large one.

  39. i knew i could do it, just needed some clarification. just ordered a new thermal cut off kit for 7$. beats the heck out of $400 for a new used dryer. thanks a lot man. you should do a set of these for the puch maxi moped.

  40. You took great care in describing which wire goes to the heater element, etc. And how you crimp the orange wire, too. But you end the video with that orange wire by saying, "And this goes here," or words to that effect. Goes where? I can't find any place to put the skinny and horrid orange wire. What's its purpose? Can I leave it hanging or will I be fried? Two others have asked about it, and you never answered them. Someone, help!!

  41. Just bought this kit along with a new heating element as a coil was clearly broken on our 12 year old dryer. Watched this video and had it fixed in 20 minutes. Let there be heat! Thanks Parts Select you guys rock! I will definitely come to you first any time something goes on the fritz. You saved us a fortune from having to purchase a new dryer.

  42. On my dryer, I notice that one of the wires connecting to the upper thermostat element is completely charred to the point of being disconnected completely. I see the thermostat kit online, but could you help me identify the wire needed for that connector and or give any additional advice?

  43. I have a model like with auto sense feature. ||Any idea if it really has the auto sense feature? I can put a dry shirt in and it doesn't sense at all that it is dry and heats up.

  44. what if your dryer do not have a thermal cutoff on it only the lower one? I changed that one and the dryer is now heating, is it safe?

  45. Thanks for the video, but mine doesn't have an orange wire, just three red wires. My Kitchen Aid dryer is model #KEYS850LQ0. Do i just randomly use one of the two red wires to jumper from the thermostat to the element?

  46. I have a Whrilpool WED6200SW1. My hi-limit thermostat does not have the orange wire on the bottom, it has 2 small red wires going into a connector on the Whirlpool 8577891 that is there. It does not look like the one in your video but rather the original OEM part #8577891. What do I do? I replaced the thermal cutoff on the top, it looks just like the one in the video.

  47. Hi there. We just replaced both fuses, as well as the heating element, but still no heat. Any thoughts what else could be the cause?? Thanks:)

  48. Thanks for the video. Question: I have the Whirlpool le7680xsn1 and will replace the therm–cutoff switch and heating element I purchased several days ago. The problem I am having is that I can find no way of removing the heating element on this model. It is one solid piece and there are no screws on either side of the heating element housing. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  49. Hi. I have an Admiral Dryer AED4475TQ1. I was drying my clothes (a heavy load) and it was working fine. Once it went off, I went to turn it back on & my dryer won't start. Do you all or anyone in YouTube land have an idea what could have went wrong? I'm guessing it may be the thermostat. That is what brought me to this video…….

  50. Thanks so much. We were stuck, because our dryer had more wires than our new part would allow. Thanks for showing us exactly which wires needed to be crimped.

  51. I replace the thermostat and heat element and dryer still wont heat up, also tested all fuses and they wer still good what now ???

  52. What do I do if I absolutely have no orange wire? There were two wires hooked on to it when I took the old part out that is all the wires I have what do I do?

  53. Very big thank you for your vidéo. t help me a lot and i did the repair myself, my wife was very surprise of what I did.

  54. YOU LITERALLY SAVED MY LIFE!!! I couldn’t find a video where it showed me how to put together that extra wire and I thought I was screwed! Thanks a million!

  55. I guess I didn't pay close enough attention to the modification to the jumper wire. I assumed the terminals on both ends of the wire were the same size and I mistakenly cut off the large terminal instead of the small terminal so then the jumper wire would not fit onto the heater pin. To fix this I had to buy a repair kit 279457 at a local appliance parts shop so I could splice a wire to the jumper with the larger 5/16 in quick disconnect terminal. Live and learn.

  56. Have A Kenmore electric dryer TESTED thermostats and fuses for continuity tested ok but dryer runs with heat for 10 minutes or so AND shuts off vent is clear as well

  57. Thank you! My dryer would spin but not get hot. I followed your instructions to the T and it works better than ever. I'll get some more use out of it before having to buy a new one. Much appreciated.

  58. I have a whirlpool dryer. I notice that is was overheating and would turn off. i order the fuse and the one underneath the fuse with the 4 prongs also the Thermal Cut off thermostat timer and the one above as well. I check continuity and omhs on all 4 everyone was meter well. But that didn't fix my problem no sir, the heating element stop heating, I order one replaced my old one. Bam! still no heat! moved up to my setting and checked the dial housing and cleaned it up a little since it tested well. it clicks it moves. all I have is air. Help please!

  59. at 4:23 my dryer does not have the third wire. Do I then just connect the jumper from the heat element to the thermostat? No modification required?

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