Who Makes the Best V6 Engine and Why

Who Makes the Best V6 Engine and Why

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna
answer Willie Z’s question, who makes the best v6 engines these days, v6s really
became popular in the last couple of decades because, they’re smaller than a
v8, they’ll fit in front-wheel drive vehicles easier, and with modern
technology in both metallurgy and electronics, they can put out insane
horsepower too, but sometimes that insane horsepower is just that it’s insane, you
really don’t even need 450 horsepower to be driving around in you know let’s face
it, so today I’m talking about what
the best v6 engine is, I’m not just talking about pure power, I’m talking
about what is the best engine in terms of reliability, smoothness, power too, but
a combination of them, how long is it going
to last, how smooth it is, and does it have really good acceleration, and of
course I’m not going to be talking about exotic v6 engines either, you know
Porsche even a while back started using v6 engines instead of their boxer fours
they went to v6 in their SUVs that they were making, I’m not going to talk about
any of those engines, they’re too exotic, they’re very expensive, they have lots of
problems, I’m talking about cars that average people are going to drive that
they want to run great, lasts a long time, have good power and get decent gas
mileage, now over the course of time the GM 3800 v6 engine was actually a really
good engine, I know everybody says Oh Scotty doesn’t like GM, well those are
actually good engines, now the vehicles that they were attached to often weren’t
all that great, the transmissions especially the front wheel drive ones
had a problem of burning out from the engine and too much power for the weak
transmission, but those 3,800 were pretty reliable v6 engine, and Nissan has been
making pretty reliable v6 engines for a while
well since Renault took over their quality has been going down, but take like a
2002 Nissan Maxima, hey that Maxima v6 it put out 250 horsepower which is 40
more than a 2002 Lexus 300, so really they were pretty powerful engines and they
were relatively reliable, I had customers with them they got a lot of miles out of
those maxima v6’s, now people are always asking me about Kia’s, saying oh
you know are Kia’s reliable cars well yeah originally they were pretty
puddle jumpy cars that fell apart as you drove down the road, now they’re
better made than they were, but even so they’re v6 engines have had problems over
time, originally they were just basically Mitsubishi v6 engines, they took the
design from them, a lot of the parts are totally interchangeable, so I am NOT a
fan of Korean v6 engines, they can put out power but over time they don’t hold up, a
lot of them especially the ones that have the mitsubishi style engines in
them, they were good for maybe a hundred thousand miles, then the internals would
start to come apart and you’d have to rebuild them because they were just
using cheap bearings, cheap piston rings they were just making them to low quality, i
saw some of those kia v6 engines break down and just stop running at 45
or 50,000 miles, which is really kind of unheard of for any kind of japanese car,
you know they’re known for reliability but the korean ones not so much, now
if we get to Ford, as I said you can get a raptor that’s got a souped-up v6 that
puts out 450 horsepower, now you have to realize that sometimes people go a
little bit too far with these sixes, if you throw in gasoline direct injection
where you have thousands of psi pressure from the fuel injectors, and twin
turbochargers, that’s going to strain any v6 engine quite a bit, and of course over
time it’s just gonna wear out faster there’s always somewhat of a price to
pay for power, you want an insane power generally you’re gonna get worse gas
mileage, the engine strained it’s gonna wear out faster, that’s just the way it
is, and I know people get caught up in these horsepower Wars of the more
horsepower the better, but this video is about reliability, smoothness, power and
decent gas mileage, so my choice for who makes the best v6 engine in the world is
the Lexus Toyota v6 engines okay this Lexus v6 it’s 17 years old, the
engine doesn’t burn oil it still run smooth the silk, has plenty
of power and at least on the highway it gets decent gas mileage, it’s an old car
but it still gets 29 miles a gallon on the highway, and though it’s 17 years old
the engine has never been touched these things are made, I have had customers with 350
thousand miles on these things and they’re still running strong, now this is
a 1m z fe engine, the modern lexus use what’s called the 2 gr engine, but it’s
the same v6 reliable powerful engine they’ve got a model with a supercharger
on it that puts up the 400 horsepower but as I said, you start pumping more
things in them the engine will wear out fast, they’re plenty fast enough with the
stock horsepower really, you don’t need to keep adding it to make them bigger and
bigger and faster, if you want a nice car that’s gonna last a really long time, you
can’t beat that v6 engine in a normally aspirated situation, they’re smooth
running, they’re long lasting, they get decent gas mileage, it’s exactly what I think
is the perfect v6 engine, now me I gotta say I’m a four-cylinder fan, they got
plenty enough horsepower to get you around get a little bit better gas mileage, but if
you want a more luxurious car that’s gonna have a bit more power, run a lot
smoother, and still not break down, you can’t beat the Toyota Lexus v6 engine,
now realize that the Lexus is presently made mainly in Japan, they got a crossover
that’s made in Cambridge Ontario, but I’m convinced that one of the reasons
those Lexus engines are so good is because they have Japanese actually
building them, they’re really serious about building their engines in Japan,
I’ve had Japanese motorcycles I throttled the heck out of them, and they
wouldn’t blow up, they didn’t burn oil every time you push the starter button
they start right up, I mean they have quality there is no arguing that,
and sure their expensive cars but hey I bought that one used $3,000 you know, you
can always get used Lexus because they can last so long, there’s nothing wrong
with buying a used one at a really good price, cuz
engines are rock-solid, I mean the last thing in the world I’d advise anybody to
buy would be a used Chrysler with a v6 engine, but getting to used lexus, no
big deal I got customers doing that all the time, and I said tell my customers, if
you’re gonna get a Lexus get a v6 don’t get a v8, the v8 have more
maintenance, they’re hellacious to work on because of their designs, designed so
that when something breaks even the starter you got to take the intake
manifold off, you can spend over a thousand bucks changing the starter,
where with the v6 Lexus takes me like 15 minutes to change the starter, it’s a
nothing job, sometimes v8 is just overkill, you don’t need that much, like I
said with his modern design, a v6 engine today can put out four times what a v8
engine put out a few decades ago, so there’s plenty of power don’t worry
about not having enough power, so now you know who makes the best engines, power,
gas mileage, reliability and smoothness and since this is the Thursday segment
where I answer a viewers question place your own question on the YouTube
comments below and I’ll pick the best ones to make a single video to answer
your questions, and where else can you find a guy with 50 years experience of
fixing cars to answer your own question with a video, so if you never want to
miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. I like Dodge Caravans, and where I work at CN Rail they use nothing but Dodge Caravans to drive all the crews around. They sell them when the get half a million miles for $3000. They go forever, so I don't know what he is talking about with dodge 6 cylinder engines. The drivers drive a hundreds of miles every day and they do get problems, get fixed and on the road again. If the engines break then they junk them but the engines never stop. Since the bodies are still good at 500,000 miles , all highway miles and they are only 4 or 5 years old , I am considered buying a couple , they sell to employees at a discount.

  3. I have 2000 Toyota runner 3.4 with 330,000 and is running like a champ smooth with no problem
    The only thing, my 4×4 stop working and is no 4×4 light showing transfer case is good you think is electric problem
    Is the sr5 model

  4. My 2013 Honda Accord white pearl color. it has an awesome ivtech V6 engine sedan 4 door and very smooth on the highway +fuel *economy 👌 excellent *

  5. I got a 1998 Lexus ES300 with that same engine I got a 2001 Honda Civic and guess like Scotty would say still runs like a clock

  6. I have the vsix in my twenty year old Dakota. The truck, not so much, but the motor has never burned any oil, it is still smooth and powerful and twenty three miles per/ allon . A lot of problems with truck but non with the motor. (Twenty years and over two hundred thousand miles) New oil every three thousand, that's it.

  7. Dodge intrepid 2004 15 + yrs of age ,V6 3.5 engine is impeccable and so is the transmission. Drives like a dream. Inside and out and even underneath looks like brand new.

  8. One of the best V6 Engines ever made Scotty for hard work is the GM 4.3, sure not very economical, but good torque and lots of them around that have turned over twice. I will agree with you on the Toyota/Alexus V6’s. But overall I’ve had great service and fun with GM 3.6.

  9. My 2003 Honda has the 3.0 V6 has 275,000 miles on it, gets 31 mpg on highway, burns and/or leaks ZERO oil and with the 6 speed manual it's very powerful. Always buy Honda!

  10. I had a 1995 Park Avenue with a 3800 Series II V-6 engine I used as my highway work car. It had 245,000 miles on it when I sold it. The only engine problem it had was the water pump went out around 150,000. Otherwise, it ran flawless. I agree, Toyota does make the best V-6 engine. My current 4Runner has the 1GR-FE.

  11. Dear Scotty I know you dont hild Boxer engines in high regard, but of the boxers engines,that are out ther. What ones do you feel in your experience run the best ?

  12. I was impressed by the Maxima v6 engines. I wonder about Mazda v6, i drive a mazda 4 cyl Japan built, it's lacking power but is a good engine.

  13. I have a 2002 Ford ranger with a 3.0 L v 6 with 24443 miles on it and I get 17 mpg at still have plenty of power and always starts right up

  14. Can you recommend a minivan or midsize suv with a good engine. I have a Ford Winstar Minivan with 199,xxx miles on it. It has been a great van. I'm looking at a 2004 Cadiallac SRX V8, with only 43,xxx miles, for $7K but I'm not hearing good things about that Northstar engine.

  15. I would have to say the best v6 ive ever owned is the 262 4.3l gm got a truck with 333k and another with 270k and both are still running like sewing machines.

  16. I'm very impressed with my 3.5 6 cylinder in my 2010 Rav4 with 105k miles as of today.
    It is simply awe inspiring. Besides being almost 10 years old it is like new. It has incredible acceleration that puts me on a head trip everytime. Like he says, it is all around great engine. I get up to 31 mpg at times and that's very impressive for an AWD vehicle. It has a 5 speed automatic with over drive as well. I've never experienced anything like it.
    Although, just having saved $2500 doing tuneup myself instead of dealer, I was disappointed that you have to take off intake plenum to get to rear 3 plugs and coils. Also one of the brand new OEM toyota/lexus Denso coils was bad and i had to tear it down again to replace it.
    Goes to show you nothing is perfect, not even Toyota, but it's the best I've come across.

  17. Does anybody see that the comment section text is black while you type? I use dark mode adn it is dark on grey. Did youtube make an error.

  18. Hello Scotty! Thanks for all the tips you bother to give us!! A question all the way from Peru. What would be the best 6 cylinder engine – Gearbox combination to put on a custom built tubular car if one would wanted to put the engine in the back? Thanks!!!

  19. Scotty- True story – My wife and I bought a brand new 1999 Lexus RX 300 3.5L AWD. Maintained at the dealer on their factory recommended schedule- at 100,000 miles it was using 1.5 quarts of oil every 2000 miles. Upon researching, it turned out that the engine had a major design flaw which would cause sludge pooling which restricted the flow of oil, causing engine failure.
    Lexus would NOT help us with the cost for a re-build, so the Dealer (Meade Lexus) bought it from me for 10K, rebuilt the engine at the dealer, and sold in on the lot for 16,500.

    Too bad for me- I will NEVER BUY another Lexus. Also, Service at the dealer is extremely expensive. We had a lot of electrical problems with dash lights burning out all of the time, etc.
    Have you heard of this engine problem? It was common with Toyota / Lexus 3.5 at the time (2009, approx. 10 years / 100 k miles).

    My point is, sir, that not all customers have good experience with Lexus V6.
    We've actually had much better luck with GM and Ford V6 vehicles. No Bias here, just the facts.

  20. I'll take a ford 300 inline 6. Those damn things run forever!! My dad had two Fords with that motor and they both were great trucks!

  21. I love the Ford 3.7. I have a Lincoln MKZ with that engine and I love it. It sounds like an 8 cylinder. Decent gas mileage and great acceleration

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  23. I’m always wanting to learn about cars the cheap way, not the hard way, you my man are the best teacher to learn and understand about what is good and bad about cars, used cheap and dependable, is what many of us need to learn and know about, so bring it on.hit that like button friends.

  24. I agree, Japanese built Toyota’s are better!
    All because of American Edwards Deming! Deming taught them quality and right management. Detroit told Deming to get lost. That’s why Detroit quality stinks and Japanese are excellent. Toyota quality system I’d Deming!

  25. Hello Scotty, In your own word can you review the Toyota Hilux performance and compare it to other truck, please. Thank you

  26. Gm 4.3L best v6 every because mine is 19 years old with 220,000 miles on it still runs like new and can smoke any Japanese peice of trash

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