Who Makes the Worst Automatic Transmission Cars in the World

Who Makes the Worst Automatic Transmission Cars in the World

rev up your engines, today I’m going to
answer the question, which car manufacturer has the worst automatic
transmissions, now over the years various manufacturers have made some pretty
horrible automatic transmission designs for example up to 1973 GM had their
two-speed Powerglide automatic it was a pretty basic transmission it only had
two speeds, low gear and high gear that was all that it had and they got
known as slipping slides because that’s what they do, you step on the gas and it
would slip and slip and slip and then finally grab and then when you tried to
accelerate hard it would slip a lot it weren’t the greatest transmissions in
the world, but they stopped making those in 1973 now if we get into more modern
times the Ford Explorers with the 5R55W 5-speed automatic
transmission that they made for over a decade that was a very weak transmission
that broke as they aged, as they went to these more speeds that was a 5-speed
automatic they didn’t get it down pat and as they age they would break, I had
more customers get rid of them because the automatic transmissions went out on
those explorers called them exploders because the transmissions would explode and
they wouldn’t drive anymore but then we come even more to the present the honda
odyssey second generations that was 1999 to 2004 those were horrendous automatic
transmissions, now Honda of course started out as a motorcycle company, motorcycles
make great standard transmissions they only made one Honda automatic transmission in
a motorcycle on a 750 it was a pile of junk, their cars just always have
somewhat weak transmissions for Honda but the Odyssey from 1999 to 2004 it was
the worst one they ever made, it got so bad that I had a bunch of customers
actually get free transmissions from Honda they had kind of a secret warranty, and
when I told them I said your transmissions out and it cost so much
money I said, but they got this kind of secret warranty to take it to Honda
and they all got free automatic transmissions put in brand new ones,
because they were so poorly, made you couldn’t really rebuild the thing if you
try to rebuild them they had the same flaws as the old ones, they just got brand
new ones and even today I’m still suspect to those Honda Odysseys I’d
never advise somebody to buy one and if we go to even more modern cars, take it
2007 Volkswagen new Beedle that was by far the worst
transmission that volkswagen ever put in any of their cars, they had a class-action
suit against them, but politics being what they are in the United States at
that time the government doesn’t really do much about a lot of recalls anymore
they try to let them slide and oh they said, well you can sue them under state
laws because they’re basically trying to give corporations a break the people
that are in power these days, they shouldn’t recall them but Volkswagen hey
they fought it tooth and nail and then strangely enough they get caught with a
finger to pie with a diesel stuff a few years later, so you know not the most
trustworthy people in the world, but those new beetle transmissions whoa I
had customers and with them they find out, oh it’s gonna cost me six grand have
another transmission put in some of them went out at 40,000 miles, they were
terrific pieces of junk which is kind of amazing because those new beetles were
reasonably light car wasn’t like they were pulling a heavy vehicle they were
just poorly designed and poorly built but then we come to the most modern
times of who I really believe make the worst automatic transmissions in the
world, Fiat Chrysler used to be just Chrysler but then Fiat a not that hot
company merged with Chrysler a not that hot company and now they make really not hot
cars, if anyone’s ever owned one of those Chrysler minivans there are automatic
transmissions they were amongst the worst thing anybody ever made,
I had one customer strangely enough he owned five of them and each single one of
them the automatic transmission went out on, who would buy five of them after you
have four of them break down you know and Chrysler they continued to keep
making stuff like that, in 2017 there was a recall from Fiat Chrysler for one
point four eight million ram trucks for automatic transmission problems, and
their nine speed ZF transmission that to use a lot of their vehicles, a lot of the
jeeps and different vehicles, that is one of the worst transmissions that Chrysler
ever made too, it was actually recalled they said their fix was a software
update even though they admit they had wiring problems, figure that one out, you
got a wiring problem not just fix the wiring let’s reprogram the software because it
would cost a lot of money to rewire them all but it’s nothing to plug in a
computer and just reflash the software and from my experience
with those transmissions those nine speed ZF that software fix doesn’t really fix
them I’ve had customers do that they’re still shifting poorly it’s just a
stopgap cheap way to try to get them to work okay so they’re not under warranty
anymore and then of course they’ll say oh you need a new transmission and
charge you a fortune to replace something that they didn’t build right
in the first place so the winner or you might say loser in
this case who has the worst automatic transmissions in the world in their
cars today, I would have to say it’s Fiat Chrysler which when you think about it
only makes sense, you get a company Chrysler not known for high quality
being bought up by Fiat certainly not known for high quality or great designs that
lasts over time, you’re not gonna make a merger of two negatives make a positive
you know, this isn’t math this is the real world of cars, where negative times
negative is extremely negative not positive, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. Are you in New Hampshire? Recently started watching your content and noticed the "live free or die" on the garage.

  3. My Chrysler town and country transmission went out at 168,000 Mike's. Bought it with 97k miles. Took good care of it but still with good maintenance I would think it would last longer. Guess I'll go back to my Toyota Sienna which was a tragic ending to a great vehicle. Highly recommend the Sienna. Bought it 97 miles & kid hit me texting & driving & ran like it was brand new at 104,000 miles. Nothing broke except regular maintenance things. Thought I'd share for anyone picking between Odyssey & Sienna. Both great but in my experience Toyota was great

  4. Mr.Scotty , question:
    My 2005 Honda Pilot 4wd had transmission fluid flush( has service record ) at 80k miles , from the previous owner , I have 164,500k now ,
    Should I do a flush with a mechanic here in San Antonio TX or regular fluid drain , with 4 quarts ? Also do I need to replace a transmission filter along with it ?
    I bought original Honda ATF, 4 quarts ,
    Never done it before but transmission fluid drain looks like a simple process , thank you so much , Darko P.

  5. Do you answer your subscribers questions? I notice you don’t. My question is down grading from 2016 Lexus RX 350 to RAV 4 or Camry? Why? Personal reasons but not want brand new.

  6. At one time Chrysler made reasonable cars like my 1971 Dodge Dart. Only problem was during heavy rains the engine sometimes stalled.

  7. On Monday this week my car had broke down on the side of the road at 9:30 at night. I got it towed to my family friend mechanic and he had told me that the transmission in my 2013 dodge avenger sxt needed to be completely replaced and it is going to cost me $4300. Thought about just ditching the car and getting a replacement vehicle for it. But i still owe so much money on the damn thing that it would be stupid to get a different car. Needless to say once i pay off this car i am staying away from dodge or anything chrysler.

  8. Hey Scotty, I am thinking on getting a 2001 Volkswagen beetle with a burnt clutch. What do you think?

  9. I leased a brand new 1988 chevy astro van and treated it kind of rough but then decided to buy it out after the 48 month lease was up. I put 600,000 km on it (fair amount of highway usage) over 15.5 years and had zero tranny problems.

  10. 9 speed ZF is junk. I have a 2015 Cherokee and it has had 3 so far under warranty. Lemon law the vehicle over it.

  11. On Fiat's defense, Chrysler/Dodge was making junk way before the merger. I owned a Dodge that I bought new, and it was riddled with issues. Fiat has always made unreliable automatic transmissions. They just continued the tradition as Fiat Chrysler.

  12. I think the first generation Mazda6 has a pretty bad automatic transmission in it. My sister has one. It shifts rough into 2nd gear and apparently getting worse. Looked it up, apparently it's a common problem among first generation Mazda6s. Always ending in replacing the whole transmission. I think I read somewhere that they used the same transmission that's was in the ford focus at the time. Go figure.

  13. Now I'm not sure if this is a thing, but it seems like all automatic transmission that paired with any Honda K24 motor (Accord, Element, CRV, etc.) around the years of 2003-2006 were pretty messed up. I remember my dad had a CRV from that time with a bad transmission. He tried replacing it with a transmission from a Honda Element, then I think he tried a transmission from an Accord… all were faulty. One had delayed shifting and violent shifting. The other apparently had no 4th gear. We actually own an accord from that time with a manual transmission, and that thing is almost bulletproof. Over 250k miles and still the same transmission out of the factory.

  14. Easy solution to lousy Honda automatics I thought, buy a manual Civic. I mean, the rest of the car is decent, and even if the newer Honda automatics are better built, I can see why people still have a bad taste in their mouths about them, myself included.

  15. Chrysler by far has the absolute worst transmissions – you will get very crappy mileage until they finally die at about 50K miles …. Chrysler Sucks Big Time 🤨

  16. Hi Scotty. A Toyota Camry Solara v6 from 2002 is not an Aisin transmission right? is it a reliable one?

  17. Have a 2002 Accord EX V6 trans rebuilt at 48,000 miles.
    Funny no mention googling on what root causes are or ways to prevent reoccurrence.

  18. Well may 31 my 1996 Ford explorer decided to do a mule kick and not run anymore . Crying .had a Pontiac do the same.

  19. How are the new Hyundai's? Should I get manual or automatic? I'm fine with either but California traffic doesnt sound fun with a manual. The reason why I want a Hyundai is because theh are cheap and have a great warranty. But if this one choice can make my car last longer after the 100,000/10 year powertrain warranty thsn I'll go with it

  20. Yep I have a Grand Caravan with the 62TE transmission that had to be replaced around 100k miles, mechanic said it looked like a glitter bomb went off in the pan

  21. I am doing a course in ic engine and automobile engg. Course in undergrad. I enjoy ur stuff more than my professor.

  22. 2002 Odyssey 133k …it will be here another 133.. I use ZMAX… Im a certified mechanic 50 years and I've never seen a dead ZMAX engine. Has an FAA rating . I've ressurected the dead with ZMAX they call me Lazarus the mechanic . I studied this stuff it really does everyrhing they claim never heard a negative story. Best vehicle was a 92 econo full size injected six. 3 speed overdrive 16" wheels . Mechanic lied about an internal voltage regulator alternator . Sold it 8 years old 100k for $400. Engine bucking trans bucking. That night I saw a ZMAX commercial $39. We used it in our Piper aircraft. We had two and it was great stuff. But this van was running smooth as the day it was made in just 10 miles . Drained all the oil and trans bottom flushed it and wow blackest nastiest crap came out if that engine . And I added it again and drove it a couple months very comfortable and safe and sold it $3800 guy needed a cargo van for a band. True story I've fixed a million cars

  23. It's just not unusual at all to get half million miles with ZMax . I had an automatic in that van I describe below …. The 3 speed was another one and had like a 3/4 ton 16" wheel three speed overdrive 4 ton econo and IT got 27 mpg. This one I describe below was a six auto 15". Made a boo boo. No one would buy a vehicle with a bucking transmission and horribly missing engine …a mechanic lied to the guy and said it needed like a $500 alternator and he knew nothing if cars. The engine is coughing the tranny is bucking and I could see the $10 regulator on the headlight wall. So I bought all new light bulbs no computers were affected luckily they didn't have many in 92 so I am not kidding ZMAX and ten miles and the car was fine. Best cars i ever drove were $300 cars. My friend is trying to keep his 78 running parts are hard to find. He's a trucker and needed the econoline steering box he loaded it on a friend's run to Georgia and took the van to the part and drove back to az. Hrs like that

  24. I must be pretty lucky, since I’ve had a 2003 and a 2011 Honda Odyssey over 7 years/125,000 miles each with no transmission or any other issue except for a sliding door motor replacement on the 2003. I now have a 2019 Odyssey and hopefully that runs as great as the last two.

  25. Don't know if you got them over there, but Honda made the 400 Dreamomatic in the uk, 2 speed auto, some people loved them and now they make the dual clutch auto used in the Africa twin and the nc something 750, I'd like to know how that works, if your stuck for a vid.

  26. My wife had a New Beetle with the transmission Scotty was talking about, the Aisin 09G. It was terribly unreliable, and there is a cottage industry based on rebuilding them. However, Scotty left out an important detail. The actual gearbox, made by Toyota Aisin, was not that bad. The issue was the terrible valve body. The valves get stuck over time and that makes the transmission hang in gear too long or slam hard into gear, especially when the transmission gets hot. They need to be rebuilt, involving boring out the holes so that the valves can slide freely. The rest of the car was also a disaster. The evaporator core needed to be replaced, requiring the entire dash to be taken apart ($3000). The gear shifter broke ($500). The door handle fell off. The top leaks and often doesn't want to go back up. The list goes on. Thank God we traded it in.

  27. Hi Scotty, I’m a newer subscriber and really enjoy your self help videos. Your expertises makes each video easy to understand and even though I’m not a mechanic, your exceptional knowledge paints a vivid picture.
    Thank you for all you do and for making it easier to speak to my mechanic!

  28. I wholeheartedly confirm what Scotty said about the Honda Odyssey transmissions. Bought a 2000 model and went through 3 transmissions. Never another Honda again. Got a used low miles BMW E46 and still driving it with NO major repairs. That E46 engine and tranny just hums smooth as butter.

  29. Just rebuilt the trans in my 04 Dodge Caravan , sorry i made that investment . Every single part on it so far has had to be replaced . Reminds me of the old pintos that were good for 60 or 70 k then you needed to rebuild or throw em away .

  30. The early Ford Taurus had a terrible problem with the transmissions. I think it was the 1st/2nd gear cluster. When they were in overdrive, the 1-2 cluster would not get any oil, and when they got some miles on them, KABLAMMY!! Ford came up with a solution of drilling a hole in the valve body, and it would spray oil on the gears. "Ford, where quality is job one".

  31. Really Scotty he just said ZF transmission that transmission isn't made by Chrysler or Fiat it's made by ZF a German company. Fiat and Chrysler buy it from ZF

  32. Why was Ford (Focus and Fiesta 2011/12 ? and on!!) not on this list? Absolute bs response/fix from Ford on this shitty dual clutch auto-trans. Many owners’ time and money consumed by this nightmare!

  33. I had a 1964 valiant with the tourk flight tranny best shifting strongest tranny I have had to date. It's a shame chryslers are such garbage now days.

  34. I think the 1999-2004 Honda Accord EX 6 cylinder and the Odyssey automatics were the same transmission problem.

  35. I'm a ex Chrysler auto transmission tech and I have found most of the transmissions are good just poorly set up at the factory. The tolerances were to loose on the clutches and the solenoid packs failed. The 8 and 9 speed zf have valve body issue which is also the computer in most cases. but the jatco cvt is the worst of all.

  36. My local nissan dealership has over 100 broken cvt trannys out behind the service dept. And they are a small store Lol

  37. Dodge grand caravan 2014 new. Transmission went bad at 19k miles. And engine sound. Nocking at 30k. So all caravan s. From 2011-2019. Is same garbage. So the journey and dart dodge product

  38. I've had 2 grand caravans one 98 and 04. Neither had a transmission problem 98 had 300,000 when sold. And 04 still driving 249,000 and buddy of mine 489,000 when he donated it. All had original engines and transmission no major repairs 3.3 3.8

  39. I had a Ram with ZF 8 speed before I found Scotty. It would occasionally SLAM into 2nd gear. Dealer flashed it, did nothing. Never buying Chrysler again.

  40. I have a 2008 Honda Oddesy and know about the transmission issues thanks to the help of your videos. I've looked Into it and most common issue is due to lack of maintenance causing parts to fail. With dirty fluid it will cause passages to clog and the shift selonoids won't operate correctly. Also the valve body needed passages to to be enlarged to allow more flow and upgraded springs to allow better operation.

  41. 2:10
    I had a 2000 beetle manual 5spd. The transmission, drivetrain, gadgets, front end, handling were all top notch the engine was a chronic NIGHTMARE.
    DEAD at 80,000

  42. My 1999 dodge ram went through 3 auto transmissions before it hit 100k miles. I will never buy another dodge Chrysler product ever again.

  43. I disagree with u on this one. My 2002 i bought 10 yrs ago never had a problem. It's been very reliable & it seems like will run for another decade

  44. Put an super cooler on your Honda Odyssey tranny no more then $300 for parts and labor it give you at least another 100k minimum and yes important to put it on right away to prevent farther damage.

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  46. My friend has an early 2000s Ford Explorer with well over 200k on it and the transmission still shifts through all its gears like butter.

  47. Absolute nonsense. My 2008 Odyssey has 118,000 miles and the transmission is flawless.
    If a company has trouble with transmissions back in 2003, that doesn’t mean that they are having trouble now…. come on… that’s the absolute dumbest thing I have heard on this channel.

  48. Im guessing its the same as the odyssey but the honda pilot transmission is is a pile of 💩💩my 04 pilot has 190k miles and is giving me some problems for the second time i only had the car 6 months.

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