Who Makes the Worst Engines, Fiat or Hyundai

rev up your engines, welcome to my
Thursday video, where I answer a viewer’s question with an entire video and
today’s question comes from Charlie six six seven eight, and Charlie asks, what
car company makes the worst engines these days, that’s a very good question
who wants to buy crappy engine well there are quite a few poorly made
engines out there I’m going to talk about a few of them and in the end I’m
gonna tell you which company makes the worst ones overall, now perhaps one of the
worst late-model engines made was a 2.7 liter Chrysler v6, I had a few customers
with those and it just fell apart in front of their very eyes now granted the
people that didn’t maintain them right and change the oil enough they fell
apart faster but even the customers of mine that followed all the factory
recommendations and changing oil and maintaining it, the engine still fell
apart so definitely don’t buy the 2.7 liter Chrysler v6 gasoline engines, stay
away from those things, now another relatively bad engine was the GM 2.4
Ecotec a whole bunch of them ended up burning too much oil there’s a
class-action suit against them for that and on top of the bad engine design, they
had a bad fuel pressure system that’s one of those GDI high-pressure gasoline
direct injection engines, when the fuel pressure leaked from bad regulator
systems that would wash the pistons with gasoline and of course that would wear
the engine out faster and make it burn oil too, another pretty weak engine
design is the mini 1.6 liter 4-cylinder engines that have gasoline direct
injection the system I’ve seen those engines break down with as little as
34,000 miles on them, not made all that well, it’s a marketing thing the mini
it’s cute and OH women like them cuz oh there’s
cute looking cars but really they’re not all that well made, let’s face it
you’ve got a car that’s basically been designed by BMW, which are notorious for
making high-tech expensive to repair machines that break all the time, and
you’ve got the English building of things in England,
English cars are also not known for their reliability think Jaguar and
speaking of companies that are sort of merged together and are building cars
together don’t forget about the kia / Hyundai cars in 2013 hyundai bought
33.8% of kia so they’re pretty much a merged type of company and in 2017
Hyundai / Kia had to recall 1.2 million cars because the engines could just lock
up and blow up while you’re driving down the road, these engines were the 2.0 4
cylinders and the 2.4 cylinder engines what happened was
I guess they built them wrong they got metal shavings when they built
them inside the engines that could clog everything up and then some of the parts
inside the crankshaft I believe, were rough and ragged and then they’d dragged
on something and metal would go in and the engine could just seize right up
while you’re driving them, and while I’m talking about merged company Fiat /
Chrysler they make a diesel engine that’s perhaps one of the worst diesel
engines ever made it’s a 3.0 liter v6 diesel engine that
they use, they call it an eco diesel well I kind of tend to agree there because a
diesel engine is really ecological when it blows up and it doesn’t run anymore
because then it can’t pollute, I have seen these 3.0 v6 diesel engines that
they use in the Chrysler’s, blow up as early as 16,000 miles, then they just
stopped running, and so far Chrysler / Fiat solution to people, they say oh you
should use 5w 40 full synthetic oil instead of the 5w30 oil that they
suggested, as if that little bit of change in viscosity is going to save a
diesel engine that wasn’t made right in the first place and of course this has
to do with Fiat buying Chrysler this particular engine is an Italian made
engine, it has nothing to do with American technology it’s a complete
Italian design and a lot of the engines that Chrysler uses in their cars now are
Italian designs and really they’re not all that great, so now the moment you’re
all waiting for who makes the worst engines these days,
well Hyundai / kia had to recall 1.2 million cars
for bad engines but really fiat-chrysler especially considering the history of
chrysler engines over the last couple of decades wins the prize, i say that fiat /
chrysler make the worst engines today, at least for any mass-produced car that is
sold in the United States I suppose there’s cars made somewhere or
someplace that are worse but these are the ones I’m talking about that are sold
in the United States and are mass-produced, and since this is the
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