Why 7 Seats is Better than 8 | Japanese Cars

Why 7 Seats is Better than 8 | Japanese Cars

Hey guys! Welcome to this week’s video.
Today I’m going to be telling you why seven seats is much easier than eight
seats. While watching me go through the back, I’d like you to keep in mind that
I’m 162 centimeters in height, which is above average for my age. I’m 12 and in
year six. And I’m guessing if you have teenagers in the family they’re probably
gonna get the privilege here and it’s only gonna be the kids going to the back.
So… That is such a drastic life change for you, if you have to do school
drop-offs and pickups every single day. With these electric doors and this
walkthrough your mom can seat extremely happy in the front. Of course that
depends on who is watching, if you’re a child… I could do something more
productive about, yes, your mom, but if you’re a mom, not your mom, you are going
to be very happy. Before I started walking to school I
used to get dropped off and I remember I’d be sitting in that car, and there’ll
be people in front of the line, and there just be literally the parents, and the
children would all gather the car, and that go to the back, and they would open
the one that you call boot and take the bags out. Here, in this car there is so much space, that
everyone can just have their bags in front of them and then get out. and it’s
so much quicker and easier for everyone. Seven-seat is a considered luxury for
those reasons. And now let’s go see an eight-seater This one is an eight-seater. So here we have an 8-seater: three, three
and two. And as you can see there is no walkthrough because there is a seat here.
When we went to Port Douglas in July there were six of us and obviously every
time we were on the car together, one person had to be in the back. And every
single time this state would have to be moved and it was extremely stressful. It
was a 2015 Kia. And this… It would hardly move, it was very extremely difficult.
This one moves much easier, but it’s still very inconvenient, so if you have
seven or less people I recommend you go over the 7-seater. Let me show you my
attempt to get into the back I do consider myself strong, but I currently
have a sprained wrist and… You know. So that was a little bit of a hustle definitely
strange my wrist and another most convenient thing but you know. I hope
you’ve understood and I’ve been able to explain to you why 7-seat is much more
convenient than 8-seats. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, share and… comment. See you next week!

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