Why Ford Stopped Making Cars, What Went Wrong

Why Ford Stopped Making Cars, What Went Wrong

rev up your engines, well Ford the
inventors of the Model T which was the first really mass-produced car, has
decided they don’t want to really make cars anymore, they say that they’re gonna
phase them out and they’re only gonna make the Ford Mustang which is a very
popular sports car and the car they’re gonna call the focus active, now before
you freak out and think oh man, Ford is stopping making cars, realize that
they’re still making all kinds of transportation vehicles they’re gonna
still make trucks, SUV, crossover vehicles and hybrid vehicles, you may not know it
but Ford’s plan is that by the year 2021 they’re gonna be number one sales in the
United States for hybrid cars, surpassing Toyota, now if you want to know the
reason that they’re not building cars anymore,
a lot of it has to do with both profitability and society what’s popular
and what isn’t popular, in terms of profitability, SUVs, crossover vehicles
and pickup trucks are the most profitable things to build, so of course
they want to build them and sell them know when I was a young mechanic in the
1960s, station wagons were really popular everybody had a station wagon to fit the
kids and stuff in, SUVs and crossovers have taken over from that as an example
take this 2007 Toyota Matrix it’s basically a Toyota Corolla, the engine,
transmission, brakes, are exactly the same but it’s a small SUV body, people want
the handiness of four doors, but they also want, carrying capacity where you
can flop the seats down I carried sheets of plywood in this
thing, just take a look at any parking lot these days, you’re gonna find
there’s tons of SUVs, crossovers, so really it’s not like people aren’t
buying cars or making cars, they’re just the cars with SUV body style on them or
in the case of the big SUVs they’re just a truck with an SUV body stuck on top of
it, so Ford have been making f-150 trucks for a really long time and their very
popular, hey they make money selling those but they make even more money selling
the giant SUV versions of them and if you really look at it today, Ford saying
they’re not going to make any cars except for the Mustangs really isn’t
that big of a change because today, they only make six models of sedans and
coupes anyway, they’re just dropping six models it’s not that big of a deal
really, now it was a really big deal when people gave up their horses and buggies
and got Model T Fords, but I mean really changing from a Ford Fusion to an SUV or
a crossover, really isn’t big of a change anyway, and when you look at it from the
business standpoint, hey if you’re ran a company, what would you want to
sell, a bunch of little cars you hardly make any money at or suvs crossovers
and big pickup trucks that you make a lot of profit on, it would only make sense to
go the way of not making the little cars and from what they talked about
their focus active, they don’t actually make it yet, but that’ll probably be a
smaller car, odds are it will be made in China who knows it might even be an
electric car, so if they go electric cars or even smaller cars, hey they’ll have a
car to sell to people and if you really think about it, when Ford was only making
Model T’s a long time ago and Henry joked, hey you can have any color you
want as long as it’s black, hey they made a lot of money selling only one model of
car and the Mustangs hey they’ll probably be making them for a long time, it’s a
popular American icon, you can get little bitty ones with four-cylinder engines,
you can get them with big v8 engines, you can get them standard, automatic, even a
10 speed automatic that’s pretty much bulletproof, so all in all this talk about
Ford no longer making any cars, well you know it’s kind of a big deal about
hardly anything at all most people hey they’re going to SUVs they got a family they want to fit a bunch of people in, they want to carry
stuff when they can and if they’re really serious, they’ll get a pickup truck
and they’re never going to stop making those pickup trucks, so if you really
think about it, the idea of Ford no longer making cars
it’s just fitting with the rest of our society, they’re switching to SUVs and giant
pickup trucks that they are always good at, if the future
merits it, electric cars and a heavier dose of hybrids, although the hybrids cost so
much money to produce, I personally doubt that don’t ever be a really gigantic
part of the market, because hey either go full electric or really efficient
gasoline engines, you’re gonna get about the same thing on either of them,
why switch the whole way to a system that has to go
partly electric, partly gasoline or diesel, it’s always gonna cost more money
to build something that’s hybrid it’s a higher level of technology and then when
they get old hardly anybody knows how to fix them and then you got to buy another one,
that’s the reason down here in Texas where things don’t really rust, I got a
lot of customers with Ford f-150 pickups some of them are 30 years old or more
and they’re still running really good so you’re going against planned
obsolescence if you go to a simpler system that is only a gasoline engine
or only a diesel engine, making it hybrid that to me that’s too much
technology, like do we really need talking refrigerators that can order
your food when you’re low on milk, I mean come on now, but getting ready a car and
getting an SUV or a crossover vehicle, tat only makes sense in our society, so Ford
really they’re just following the market forces so they continue to make a profit
and sell vehicles that people want to drive, notice that Ford has
stopped making model T’s a long time ago, even Volkswagen stop making beetles,
things change and a company has to follow those changes or people won’t buy
their product and since this is the Thursday segment where I answer a
viewers question, place your own question on the YouTube comments below and I’ll
pick the best ones to make a single video to answer your questions, and where
else can you find a guy with 50 years experience of fixing cars to answer your
own question with a video, so if you never want to miss another one of my new
car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. This is bad news for me I buy a Taurus or mercury sable. Please tell me I can still buy a mercury sedan that is cheap and reliable.

  3. Rules for finding your next vehicle-
    1-If you want to haul things and tow things get a truck.
    2-If you want to haul things and tow things and carry people, get a full size SUV.
    3-If you want to haul things, get a wagon.
    4-If you want to haul things and people, get a minivan.
    5-If you want to drive for fun, get a small car with a good chassis.
    6-If you need transportation from point A to B, refer to rule 5.
    7-If you can’t drive in the snow and have to sit a few inches higher, get a crossover.

    That said, I’m still waiting for someone to give me a Porsche Macan.

  4. Ford should keep the Mustang, Focus, and Fiesta in their car line. I believe The Focus and Fiesta have great global potential, with the Fiesta’s 3-cylinder engine option.

  5. What about the loss of fleet sales to leave enforcement? 99% of law enforcement vehicles in NY State are Fords.

  6. Except the Mustang, F150, Explorer are more expensive in prices. The only one that would be more affordable wouldd be an Escape.

  7. I think the globalists infiltrated the domestic car companies and sabotaged the quality to make the foreign car makers more profitable, eventually killing the domestics. Ie:Globalism

  8. Let the sheep buy those oversized gas guzzling monstrosities! I'll be there to buy the dirt cheap better gas mileage sedans & station wagons no one wants…

  9. Scotty I love your videos man! My 2006 Ford Five Hundred won’t reset the oil life per the factory instructions so I can’t see my odometer. What do you recommend?

  10. Ford finally realized that the only vehicles they are good at making is big dumb mustangs and trucks. So the let the Japanese and the Germans make the cars because let’s face it they are smarter.

  11. That would be very unfortunate If Ford made the Focus in China. I will never buy a Chinese made vehicle just out of principle .

  12. Would u recommend 2017 Ford Fusion for low maintenance and non hybrid fuel efficient car? Coz I am considering this used car that I will purchase besides 2017 civic EX and 2017 corolla . and please discuss this topic and if this would last for 300k miles as well .this will be my basis to purchase a car. thank you once again.

  13. I remember when Ford released the Excursion many people thought it was too big…It was highly ignored and only last 1 year in production…Nowadays many people
    prefer big suv/crossover over a car.

  14. I feel like the Model T is closer to a modern SUV than it is to a modern compact car anyway. You’re high up with a lot of clearance, it can be made into a pickup truck, Trunks hitched on the back make for excellent storage.

  15. True in the U.S. However, go to Europe and the small 4 cylinder engines are still king (due to fuel costs). So, Ford could sell it here but do not see a market (yet).

  16. Cars have gotten so small on inside. I want bronco back. Crown vic. I liked when cars were bigger and more roomy inside. I think thats why people buying trucks. No room in cars anymore.

  17. Newer Ford sedans were garbage in terms of quality. The crown Victorias would run forever. Lol. My dad had a focus it ate through tires, and Ford only acknowledged the issue until he had gone through 3 sets of tires.
    Let's not talk about the Fiestas, my friend has one and the transmission is junk.
    While Americans buy less sedans, you still see plenty of Toyota, Honda, and Nissan Sedans.

  18. A friend of mine bought a new Ford truck. Part of the truck was missed when painted. The dealer the first time didn't get the color matched correctly. The second time a week later the paint was peeling off. He had to get an attorney involved so he could get it painted properly. Then after the warranty was up the engine Cam broke in half. In the late 70s my parents bought a new Mercury bobcat. Just under 2000 miles the automatic transmission stopped working. It was fixed under warranty. They said that they were surprised that transmission ever worked at all. Seems the transmission had a bunch of missing parts inside when they looked.

  19. Hey Scotty …new viewer here …I got a '97 Toyota Corolla with auto trans (145K miles) …after I accelerate and let off the gas, instead of staying in a high gear and rolling, I feel it downshift…and then 3-4 seconds later it goes back up to the higher gear. Typically happens in the 35-45 mph range ..any ideas ?? Thx !

  20. Fracking fracking fracking. Shale oil will last forever. Bring back the excursion, but even bigger. Muricans are fat, comfort is all that matters. I want an EV, and a hard top Van. Pickups are for farmers, suvs suck gas for nuthin.

  21. Pft I dont like cars much anyway to low to the ground for me personally I'd look at an SUV or truck as an upgrade mileage difference aside.

  22. The all new 2020 Explorer with RWD-biased AWD platform, Mustang's 10-speed AT, Lincoln's 3.0L V6 Twin Turbo-charged engine in ST and Platinum trim and a ton of technology features really seems like a dream come true for a "Mustang in a family-hauling SUV". But with such a short factory warranty that Ford offers (3yr/36,000 mile bumper-to-bumper and 5yr/60,000 mile powertrain), the real question is how is Ford's quality in a long-term ownership?

  23. We are forced to buy whatever crap car makers say..point 4 door pickups! For $80,000 bucks really?? Way to much cash for this guy..now they tell us SUV..OMG!!

  24. I bet SUVs willl be done just like wagons were, then watch Ford bring back Taurus and Crown Victoria just like they did with Ranger and Bronco.

  25. Ford will continue to make cars in Europe. British love fords they are the best selling cars (Fiesta and focus) two Highly rated cars and great to drive.

  26. SUV''s are not popular. they are being shoved down our throats because the factory knows they can classify enough of their fleets as trucks so the can meet the emission and mileage standards they can not reach with sedans. One more far left President and it won't matter anyway and then they will tell you how they only want to build hybrids because they're so popular.

  27. Bet yet who in TF could afford these new gas guzzling polluting junk trucks an SUVs, there extremely expensive. I'm still driving a car. Lol. The young generation myself don't need a fuckin truck or SUV . I mean damn hahaha

  28. The switch is a no brainer… people can't afford homes or rent these days, and are living in these SUV's.

  29. I love suv (first vehicle I drove was Honda CRV) I drove (borrowed it from my dad) until I got a used Ford Focus ZTS (2003) well maintained except the body (side skirt/rocker) has rust. Its actually not that bad (not tight, restrained, clustered due to me being 5'9.5" tall). I was hoping to get a new Focus in maybe 5 years from now since my Top 3 Brands I'll buy are Toyota, Ford, Honda. Guess I'll be buying Toyota Camry or Toyota Corolla, or Honda Civic or Honda Fit in the future then.

  30. I've got a Ford Focus with a 5 speed manual transmission it's an 07 model with 236000 no major engine or transmission issues. I've had to replace suspension parts and alternator and minor body work done but runs great and getting 31 to 32 mpg have you heard about any problems with this car as far as engine goes

  31. If Toyota corolla & ford F150 are the biggest selling vehicles, do we really need anything else…think about it. There's only 2 types of people.

    White collar office workers
    Blue collar trades & services..

  32. Scotty got a double standard. GM stops making cars because they make junk but Ford stops because they don`t sell. Me thinks plenty of cars still sell but they are sold by Honda and Toyota who just happen to make better cars than BOTH Ford and Chevy.

  33. Well the problem is that Ford is admitting that it's lost the race. That they no longer can built competitive selection of vehicles. So instead they're going to focus on what is continuing to build money, however they're not looking at fact that they are setting themselves to becoming a big fish in a small pond. Not everyone is going to buy an SUV, and the pickup truck market is about to be shaken up.

    The problem of Ford becoming the "Mustang & F-150" company is that eventually that will lead to developmental stagnation and market saturation. I hope that whatever 2 models they decide to continue building are extremely cheap and reliable vehicles, because if they're not then they're in a world of hurt…

  34. Used car lots are filled with 01-07 Ford Taurus cars, nobody wants them even when they're under $1,000. I've got an '06 and every year another part fails, the electric system has gremlins, but the engine keeps running no matter what dies around it. Going over 200,000 miles in the next 2-3 weeks.

  35. Ford stopped making cars for the same reason they stopped putting V8's in Lincolns and CD players in their trucks: profit is more important than pride

  36. It is always a good idea to focus on less products and build them as good as you can. I just with Ford would "Focus" more 🙂

  37. They're blending SUV and Sedans into one. The SUVs are lower to the ground than before, mimicking a car. But, you still get what looks like a beefier vehicle for the small size all vehicles are anymore.

  38. Scotty you have many interesting subjects, I think I have watched like over 100 of your videos over the past 2 months

  39. If Ford wanted to truly compete with Camry and Accord they could. They don't want to spend R&D money. You know these guys buy the foreign cars and take them apart to take a good look at them and say "nope, not gonna spend the money."

  40. hey scotty thanx for the good work. i hail from uganda and i am thinking of buying a toyota altezza with 2.0l beams 2000 engine. how reliable are they?

  41. Hi. Greetings from ireland. I have ford mondeo 2007 zetec saloon. 1.8 tdci
    117. 000 miles on it . When driving at low speed in cities, at 50 km/h or under its make vibration. When speed up then vibration goes away.
    What can cause the problem?

  42. give me a tundra, fj cruiser, 4 runner, honda pilot, ridgeline, crv or element anyday over any f150 expedition, explorer or new bronco

  43. Ford focus 'zetec' motor had plastic valve cover. You read that right. Plastic not aluminum. Thought I could take the aluminum foil heat shield off when replacing radiator and didn't replace it. Won't do that again. Melted down the front like fukishima and Chernobyl had a twisted love child right in the engine bay. Smoked out the cabin with a real nice burnt plastic smell. Putting a plastic valve cover 2" away from a looped rising header system… I'll stick to Honda thanks all the same ford.

  44. Scotty: any suggestions on power door locks not locking when functioned by the switch on the driver's door. R..passenger door on my '90 Cadillac wouldn't go down electrically and when I pushed it down it felt like 2 metal surfaces moving without enough lubrication. Would prefer not to take off the interior door panel and was wondering if there is some way to spray silicone lube into some area that could lube the locking mechanism. I'm 72 and full of arthritis and don't fancy having to wrestle with a door panel. Thanks!!!

  45. Dear Scotty, I have a 1990 Izuzu TFS 4×4, They were sold in the USA, mine is a Japanese import to NewZealand. It has 420000km, I have had it since 63000. How long do these trucks engines last for, It puff a bit of smoke when it starts, it starts very quickly, thtoo fast for the glow plug light to come on. Body is good for NZ as it has no rust.

  46. Ford should bring back the Mercury brand to sell cars for people who still desire cars instead of SUV's and trucks. They should bring back a Mustang based Mercury Cougar as an upscale Mustang like it was originally. They could base their cars on the Ford SUV platforms and probably turn quite a profit. This way, they wouldn't be the badge engineering guilty party Ford forced them into the last 20 years from their neglect. Re-establish the Lincoln Mercury division and bring back the best car commercials of all time: "At the Sign of the Cat".

  47. i always have bought ford CARS and love the focus, now im forced to go to toyota or honda, i will never buy another ford again, i understand why they are doing it though

  48. I like big SUV's as much as any American but let's face it, you only see fat people driving those things around. All of the American car companies are doing the same thing now, they will stop making cars in a year or two to focus on crossovers. GM said it was doing this but will be designing and building full electric cars next but since it's GM, I don't really believe them. I don't blame them since most car reviewers are always talking about how terrible domestic cars are.

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