Why German Mercedes are Better than American Mercedes

Why German Mercedes are Better than American Mercedes

rev up your engines, today’s question
comes from Benny Smith who says Scotty are the Mercedes that they make and sell in
Germany and Europe better than the ones that they sell in the United States, yes I
believe they are, and to understand why look at a little history, when I was a
young mechanic in the 60s, Mercedes Benzs were built like tanks, really
solid reliable vehicles, but they were all made in Germany, but today at least
as of 2017, fifty five point six percent of the Mercedes made are made outside of
Germany, I’ve often made videos saying hey don’t buy one of these luxury
Mercedes in the United States, they’re endless money pits, they have horrible
resale value, and people from Europe say, well Scotty we’ve had these
Mercedes in our family for decades and they still run great, why are you
saying this, now I respond to them that I’m in the United States, I’m talking
about the Mercedes that are sold in the United States, not the ones that are sold
in Europe, and when they told me what was sold in Europe it’s a completely
different ballgame, because in Europe they use Mercedes for taxis, when I was
in England I saw Mercedes Benz ice cream trucks people were driving around in,
it’s a different ballgame in the United States Mercedes were originally
interested in the luxury car market, so they sold high-end luxury cars, that’s
where they wanted to make money in the United States, things are starting to change
for Mercedes, especially in the United States, they’re pushing their trucks now,
for a while they were selling these Sprinter vans that are pretty good vans, but
strangely enough those mercedes vans, up until a year and a half ago, they
were made in Germany fully tested, then they took the engines and transmissions
out in Germany and brought them to a truck factory that they had bought in
South Carolina, and put them back together again and sold them in America,
now you might well ask, why on earth were they building them entirely in Germany
and then taking the engines transmission apart shipping them to South Carolina
and putting them back together, well it was to avoid this 25% tax that they had on
commercial vehicles, it’s the only reason that they did that,
otherwise is patently absurd, but in September 2018
Mercedes opened up a new 500 million dollar plant in South Carolina, where
they’re building the Sprinter vans as far as I can tell and they try to hide
everything, the engine and transmission stuff is still coming from Germany, but
they assemble the whole things in South Carolina, you probably see them in
your neighborhood now because Amazon order 20,000 of these Sprinter cargo
vans for bringing packages to people all over the country, so Mercedes which
always sold trucks all around the world is now pushing vans and trucks in the
United States too, they kind of changed their focus, they used to just want
luxury so they didn’t sell all the taxi cars and everything they sold in Europe
in the United States, they only throws the expensive ones, now their getting in the
truck market seriously, but when it comes to Mercedes cars sold in the United
States, their still pushing luxury and as far as I’m concerned, the luxury cars
that they built in Germany are better than the ones they build in the United
States, take this Lexus as a comparison lexus aside from one SUV are all
made in Japan, the SUV is made in Cambridge Ontario and the Canadians do a
pretty good job, but all the rest of the Lexuses are still made in Japan, and I
found the same thing, Toyotas and lexuses that are made in Japan, are of a
higher quality than the ones made in other places, just the way that it goes,
today Mercedes sells mostly commercial
vehicles in the United States, of the 2.3 million cars Mercedes sold worldwide in
2017, only 350,000 were sold in the United States, they’re pushing more
towards commercial vehicles in the United States now, and of the car sold in
the United States a lot of them are the c-class, the lower-priced well at last the
lower price for Mercedes ones, that are being built in Alabama, not in Germany,
and one Mercedes started manufacturing SUVs in the United States in the late
1990s, the quality went rapidly downhill you find any expert they’ll tell you the
same thing, the quality will just, and the customers of mine that owned those, oh man,
one guy had the seat go on fire, he had one of those electric
seats that burned his leather coat and part of his
butt, they had super expensive power-steering leaks, you might think oh
it’s just a power steering leak, well on those racks if you got to change
one out, it could cost thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars on a
Mercedes, because of their crazy German design where you gotta take just about
everything apart to change it, and it’s not like their giving these things away
they’re still relatively expensive, and the latest research that I’ve done on
what other people think was that they just rated Mercedes in the middle for a
reliability, no longer the high stuff that they made when I was young and
they’re charging a ton of money that isn’t the greatest like it used to be, my
advice is, if you want to buy a Mercedes Benz, buy one that was made 100% in
Germany, not one that has, well the engine came from Germany or the transmission
came from Germany or Hungary and they got factories all over the place, you want to
buy one that was fully built in Germany, I just see that they have higher quality
they have less breakdown, and yes your going to pay more for them, there’s no arguing
that, but if you’re gonna pay that kind of money, at least you’re getting the
real thing, I mean when I go out to eat and I want to go to an authentic Chinese
restaurant, I want to have authentic Chinese people making the food in the
back, when I go to a real pizza joint, I want to have that pizza either made by an
Italian, or an Italian American from New York City like I do here in Houston, and
if I was gonna buy a Mercedes, but hey I’m Way too cheap for that I wouldn’t
spend that kind of money on a car, I would want one that’s built in
Deutschland by Germans, and since this is the
Thursday segment where I answer a viewers question place your own question
on the YouTube comments below and I’ll pick the best ones to make a
single video to answer your questions, so where else can you find a guy with 50
years experience of fixing cars to answer your own question with a video
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell!

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  2. Scotty, I really want to thank you for your honesty and information. I live in Switzerland and I saw a 2008 Mercedes S600 with low mileage for sale, but it said "US import". At first I thought so what, when I watched your videos about Mercedes. Now I know, only to buy German made Mercedes, thank you very much for saving me a lot of money! 🙂 (By the way, the dealer was asking as much money as for a German made S600!!!)

  3. That’s why I buy BMW’s only!!! They are coming to us directly from Germany with love 💕 (except X5/7 series)

  4. Excellent video!!!

    I’m from México and have 3 models made in Germany.

    The ML was a example of quality differences.

    But “made in Brazil”,are good?????

  5. The Mercedeses that are currently built in Germany are the same piles of crap as the ones from the US.
    The difference is that Americans can't be fooled as easily. Because Mercedesses used to be built as a tank, they still have a reputation of reliability. When you paid through the nose to get a Mercedes, to show everyone how successful you are, you don't want to admit that you bought a pile of crap, and deny the problems they currently have.

  6. Not to get too political but it is hilarious how the US hates foreign people and got this superiority complex demanding companies build cars in the US just for uneducated American workers who could give two shits about quality control make horrible quality stuff that is 3 times worse than the foreigners like Japan, Germany hell even Canada. Then Americans cry when companies outsource to people who do it for less money and better or equal quality.

  7. IF American workers were as well trained as German workers – in Germany you have to go through a three-year-long apprenticeship before being allowed to work in a craftsman trade – American-built cars COULD be equally as good, and IF American car company bosses would make the transition from making a quick profit to delivering quality and well-built automobiles American cars could stand out. But – unfortunately not. American car companies tackled build quality issues by raising the output, based on a hit-and-miss principle. If GM churned out 60 cars per day and half of them had to be re-adjusted their logic was raising the number of production would automatically increase the number of OK cars. Instead of stopping the assembly line when noticing a problem and fixing it right where it occured.

  8. W210 260k Km
    W211 350k Km
    An dthey still dont eat any Oil. The Trick is that you need a WDB in your VIN Plate 🙂

  9. And I thought badly assembled foreign cars only happen in my part of the world (south east Asia), didn't know you guys in the United States facing the same problem too

  10. Scotty is right. Here in Romania and all eastern europe we are all crazy for german cars. We import them used from germany with over 100000 miles and the’re still reliable cars. The ones from Vag group are also cheaper to maintain because of a huge offer in aftermarket parts.

  11. Unfortunately people buying Mercedes are tricked into buying an expensive car with poor reliability. I get it, they buy it for status and all. I'm also not at all against buying expensive cars. But why cant we have expensive cars that are also reliable? Why cant we hold manufacturers to a higher standard for the hard earned money we spend?

  12. I hate to say it but most cars coming out of Mexico are junk also. I've seen it first hand working as a Volkswagen mechanic. Another reason is that Mercedes fall apart in the USA is they are meant for the highway not stop and go traffic

  13. Every word said in this video is correct. I'm a little sad, that buying a Mercedes in the US means buying something so much different than here in Germany.

  14. I don't know about Mercedes, but I work at a BMW factory in Germany and the cars that are going to US are double proved and double, triple checked every little part. Plus the Americans have the JDM quality Standart.

  15. See I thought I was the only person that wanted Japanese people actually making my food at a Japanese Resturant not, Jose from Cuba.

  16. I have worked at a car production line in Austria (standard's the same as in Germany) and they want both quantity and quality. Most of the time workers work 8 – 10 hours 5 – 6 days a week. If a car does not meet the quality standarts at the production (still on the line) that car goes down from production line and will be only applied back to the line if it gets fixed to match the quality. Working conditions are 8/10, it would be better but production line supervisors that don't consider your improvement ideas (at the workstation the you are working) make it harder.

    EDIT: Quality standard examples;
    Big problem = if a screw fell into the car doring the production
    Huge problem = if an interior light does not light up
    *they inspect the car all the time during the whole production

  17. Time to start the Scotty Kilmer German Car Boycott. They are all crap. I worked in the car business for a little over 2 years and all of the salesmen and technicians I have ever known said to avoid these cars. I owned a mini cooper and although I will always miss my mini ( totaled by a driver who WASN'T paying attention ) it was somewhat of a maintenance nightmare. BMW and Mercedes are crap. Probably the reason why most lease them and get rid of them.

  18. I bought a 1979 new Datsun 200B, and had it for ten years: carburettor fell off while driving, rust, fuel tank behind rear seat (interesting). How did other owners fare with this same model?

  19. Mercedes are rich people's Chrysler's. Much more expense, equal quality. Meaning LACK of quality. Whenever a Mercedes drives up to a Mercedes Dealership for service. Service Manager says KA-CHING! Ring that bell!!!

  20. So.. What you're saying is, since i'm from Europe, buying european cars like bmw, mercedes, audi, renault, peugeot are actually worth it here, compared to america, where they are poorly made? Because from your videos it comes out like anything german or european is junk. We also don't have the obsession with v8 everything here in Europe, so probably the cars will last longer just because of that.

  21. U cant really compare the new ones with the good old reliable ones. In the late 90s the mentality changed and they produced cheap and sold high. The cars nowadays are designed to fail.

  22. I bought an old one from MECUM AUTO AUCTION. I love it there so Solid. This is my 3rd car that I bought from MECUM and have had no problems eith any of them.

  23. Mercedes W123 why are they diesel in America, I’m looking for one and I have to go to Germany for that ,,?

  24. American Mercedes have longer stronger springs on the left hand side for all of those 350 lb ers who drive them in America = /UK

  25. Just to let you and your millions of viewers Scotty Mercedes vans over here in the U.K. are not so good !!! The sprinters are not bad but the smaller vans are rust buckets

    and not that well made infact most vans today in my opinion are rubbish They are more comfortable that is true but reliability has taken a dive and running costs have gone through

    the roof I have Toyota Hi ace' and they are fantastic but small so I ended up buying an L.D.V. Layland DAff Vehicle which get a big thumbs down but i have always got on ok with them.

    Ford Transits are now also in the thumbs down bracket As always the word rip off comes to mind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. All 911's are made in Germany so does that still make them money pits ?????????? Or are they good cars to buy ??????????????

  27. Hi Scott, I really enjoyed your great opinion about Mercedes benz cars but how can I be able to spot out or differentiate between Mercedes from USA and Germanany?

  28. i used to work at JEEP, and the slavery system requires you to work 6 days a week, 10 hour shifts. focus is totally on production and quality goes out the window ( KL Cherokee)

  29. Glad you made this video scotty. You finally adressed the issue of where the car is built. The german merc is a lot better in quality than the us version. And a lot more expensive also.

  30. My Honda Accord(2004) assembled in Marysville, Ohio is still flawless so stop saying that Americans can't be trusted.

  31. Hallo from Sweden 👍👍👍

    Made in Germany Mercedes is built before 1995 👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️. W115- 1967-1975,👍 W116-1973-1980.👍
    W123- 1976-1985,👍 and W124- 1985-1995.👍👍👍👍👍

  32. I have always wondered why people complain about reliability issues on bmw and Mercedes cars, when my bmws have lasted years without a single problem. I now know the reason. Both of my bmws were built in Germany and I brought them back

  33. I’m very disappointed right now. I just ordered a 2020 x5 from America because it would ship faster and costed less. Now I feel like I made a bad decision.

  34. Mercedes here… E220 CDI W211, (edit, misspelled "turbodiesel") turboiesel 4-cylinder. NEVER broke down on the road, only thing that broke was A/C compressor last year, and it lasted over 10 years… It has a good 327500km (203500 miles roughly), and it's comfortable, doesn't rattle, every electronic bits work, I think the only broken thing rn is the front right headlight washer mechanism doesn't squirt water, but you can live with it.

    German made mercedes are simply better, better Q.C, better manufacturing, lower dealer markup, cheaper parts… Just better.

  35. Just a small fact
    All electronics and interiors and other components are mostly not made in Germany and actually other European contryes cuz its cheaper like Romania or Hungary

  36. Sorry to upset you with Scotty but the Mercedes vans we got in our country Britain are not so good yes they are made in Germany but the turning circles is rubbish and the gearbox is rubbish is automatic and the engine it's not a Mercedes engine it's Peugeot engine I think the gearbox is trying to blow the engine up. Stick with Ford Transit.

  37. Thank you Scotty. My 1998 chevy malibu motor runs nice. during its life span I replaced the 4 struts ,computer and brake pads. before changing the trans fluid (all by myself), and now after that it is still shutters in 4, 3 but not much in 2nd. No shuttering in reverse ( at a stop). Assume you will tell me to "live with it" cool with that. have 135K miles on it. AC/ heat fine. My questions is how to fine a HONEST transmission person to give me the the truth about the trans. live with it or can it be a simple fix. Peace David ([email protected]) Thank you for your time. O! was a student at Sam Rayburn HS back in the 70's (Huston TX). Still have my ID for proof. Peace David

  38. Hungry Hungarian here 🙂 There is indeed a Mercedes factory in Hungary (since 2012) that builds B class, CLA and CLA shooting brake models, about 5000 people work there. There is also an Audi engine factory and a BMW factory in Hungary, there is a reason for all this German production moving to Hungary. Hungarian law provides lower taxes, flexible employment (read: they can fire people more easily) and easier overtime (read: the manufacturer does not need to pay so much for overtime). Hungary is culturally very similar (used to have a large German population before the world wars, still has some), is close geographically (about 600 miles from Stuttgart to the Mercedes factory in Hungary) so transport is easy, and it is in the EU so it can't screw over German manufacturers like China or even America can, they have a much bigger say in how things are done in Hungary, intellectual property, etc. Proximity also means easier temporary relocation of German engineers for different stages of starting a production line. Finally, local schools and universities are happy to modify curriculum to fit the needs of these manufacturers.

  39. The current E Class and the current S Class being sold in the USA are made in Germany. They put them back in Deutschland.

  40. Every body knows that white Americans are lazy and try to cover it up with racism. They are so lazy, they let the Russians just walk in and take the country. And what do they do, they attack all non whites.

  41. When you said made in Germany do you mean the car assembly is in Germany?
    In where I live, Lexus are generally more expensive than Mercedes, BMW etc. due to the reason it is assembled in Japan while others were assembled locally. The government tax the locally assembled cars lesser, that explains why Lexus are so expensive here compared to other German luxury brands.

  42. Well, i`ll tell you…here in Europe, Mercedes it`s not on the top anymore. They began to colaborat ewith Renault now.
    Plastic everywhere. DCi Renault engines.
    Audi is less expensive and can give you the same options for less money

  43. Mercedes still have bad electrical harness that degrade fast with heat, plus the oil leaks like mad and gets wicked up by harness. Ergo huge electrical problems after 5-7 years in warm climate. Hot isn't an issue in North Europe for more than a few days a year.

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