Why GM Doesn’t Make Good Cars Anymore, What Went Wrong

Why GM Doesn’t Make Good Cars Anymore, What Went Wrong

rev up your engines, zack says
Scotty my old family are GM fans, do you know when GM car started to make them
poorly, my guess would be when they went bankrupt around 2009, well they started
to make them poorly long before that, even in the early 2000s they started to make
a lot cheaper stuff, I don’t know how true it is, but I talked to an engineer
and an engineer told me one time that GM and Ford were going neck to neck and
people thought, Oh GM’s are made better than the Fords and then they did a
little research and GM found out that they were spending 20% more building
their vehicles and that’s why they were better vehicles back decades ago, well
according to the engineer that I was talking to, GM looked at and said gee
were spending 20% money more than Ford building our cars, let’s make them
cheaper, so they did and then the quality went down, I know if it’s true or not but
an engineer told me that, but they have been going but down since the
early 2000s, it’s just the nature of the beast with corporations these days, they
want to make a profit and they want to make things as cheap as they can and pay
people that make them as little as possible, so they make more profit for
the corporation that’s the way that things go and sometimes it takes the
wrong turn like GM did and make products that you don’t hold up like they used to,
I learned to drive on a Chevrolet Biscayne the thing was like a tank it had
a 302 v8 in it and that thing just ran
forever but not the new ones their not made that wa,y no Oberto says Scotty
I am seriously considering buying the 2019 Land Cruisers, do you consider it to
be the best quality built SUV I’m aware of
the gas mileage, yes they are for that kind of a vehicle if you’re willing to
spend that kind of money and get that kind of low gas mileage, they are well build
vehicles my customers with them are all pretty well happy with them, other than
the horrible gas mileage and if you’re willing to spend that kind of money, they
can last a long time, I got customers with those thing that have three hundred and
fifty thousand miles on them and they’re still running strong, yeah if you don’t
mind spending that kind of money go right ahead, me I’m too cheap I’d never
spend that kind of money, Rambo ask Scotty what do you think about me buying
a 2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited all wheel drive with 140,000 miles straight
6 for six grand from my uncle as a first car,
well first of all some uncle he should give you the car, now I’m not a Jeep fan
by any stretch of the imagination but back in 2004 they were building much
better ones than they are today now that Fiat owns them, that straight six-cylinder
engine can last forever I’ve seen those things go 400,000 miles, good engines the
transmission that’s an OK transmission it’s not great but it’s not totally
horrible, it’s a 15 year old Jeep try to get it for a little bit less than $6,000
see if you can barter it, they can be fun vehicles to drive around, realize they’re
somewhat gas hogs because jeeps are trucks their high up in the air, their not
aerodynamic or anything but it can be a fun thing to drive, just try to get it a
little bit of lower, Scotty my SUV keeps going out of alignment I had new shocks
replaced and no one seems to get the alignment right, any ideas what as to what
it can be, here’s the thing, front end alignment
work we’re talking about thousands of an inches here thousands of an inches there
it’s gotta be a pro who knows what he’s doing, so your best to find a
front-end shop that’s all they do, here in Houston I use cotton brothers front
end, they know what they’re doing they can fix any alignment problem, now the
second thing is, modern vehicles especially the SUVs they’re not like
vehicles when I was young, when I was young they had all kinds of adjustments
there were like six different adjustments you could do, today a lot of
times the only adjustment you can do is the caster and the camber that’s it
you can’t do anything else, so it might be that the alignment is off because the
struts bent or an a frame is bent, that’s why you have to start with a really good
front end guy, who knows what he’s doing and does good work you have to start
there, because otherwise all bets are off, Devon says Scotty and I got a 93
3 liter 4runner, it does 16-17 mile per gallon on the highway but does five to six in the
city any reason why, I live in Fresno with hardly any traffic on the streets
Thanks, okay first of all, when you’re driving it in town does it get into top
gear, if you drive it really slow and the transmission doesn’t shift into top
gear, you’re gonna get crappy gas mileage like that, 16 to 17 is what those things
get on a highway, so it’s working normally at highway speed, so I’m
assuming it’s not shifting into the top gear when you’re driving in town, go 35
miles an hour count the shifts as it shifts and it should be into the top gear
if it isn’t, you got a problem with your transmission not shifting into gear
that’s about the only thing that would make sense cuz if you have any other
problem with the vehicle, it’s gonna get horrible gas mileage on the highway too,
the only difference is, it’s shifting into the higher gear on the highway maybe
it’s not doing it in town, you should still get at least 12 or something in
the city not 5 or 6, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. "I have customers that have 350,000 miles on them and they're still running strong."
    Wait…….if they are running strong shouldn't you never have met them since their vehicle never needed repair work? I mean…….if they're your customer that would be because the vehicle had a problem, right? o.O

  3. Anyone remember Toyota motors General motors join adventure back early 1980 Toyota show G.M how to built reliable car nearly 40 year later still can't built dependable transportation.

  4. Ive had alot of gm cars. Its definitely been a mixed bag. 2 3rd gen camaros, 1 lt1 4th gen, 1 ls1 4th gen. 1995 lt1 corvette. 2009 cobalt ss sedan. 1993 Eldorado with the 4.9 that i still have, which i gave to my father and just inherited back. My 1999 ls1 camaro 6 speed was a very solid car. Just sold it a month ago with 67k miles. No problems at all. The 1996 camaro i had ran good, but the interior was very horrible. Had 138k when i sold it, original clutch. Just regular maintenance. My 95 vette was also a really good car. It rode smooth like a Cadillac for some reason i guess they were marketing those cars to the boomers. But the lt1 was bulletproof. Just some interior rattles that were annoying. My 2009 cobalt was a rocket. Only problem was that i felt unsafe in it due to the steering issues those cars are plagued with. And theres really no fix for it. Clunky steering racks and columns and shafts. Stay away from cobalts.
    Now my 1993 Eldorado with the 4.9 that im currently daily driving since i just sold my cobalt and camaro, is a tank. I dont see this car stopping any time soon. The interior is actually put together very well. Every surface is soft. Its very comfortable and is also pretty good in the snow due to that heavy v8 over the front wheels. I honestly think that GM got really bad around 2005 and started making real trash. I wouldnt even buy a c6 vette due to this reason. Compared to a c5, the build quality on the c6 is horrendous. You get a cobalt steering wheel, which is a total deal breaker for me.
    I am going to look at a 2000 buick regal gs with 53k on it later today. Guy says its the cleanest in the country. I try to look at other car brands but idk. Gm just makes some cool cars that i like. Ive never had a catastrophic failure with any of mine. So my advice is stay away from gm after 2004.

  5. Why would a person possibly think a bankruptcy caused quality to go down and not the other way around? That makes zero sense.

  6. I understand Chevrolet and Opel these days are rubbish but I don't get why Isuzu hss to suffer the ssme abuse, we had an Isuzu that hit a million kilometers and it's still going strong?

  7. This is really about the dumbest thing I've seen on YouTube. To just flat out make a blanket statement that GM doesn't make good cars anymore is overly simplistic, and completely subjective. "Good" compared to what? It couldn't be that people have opinions and you're expressing yours and have no interest in opposing viewpoints, could it? Opinions are as valuable as something else that everyone has, and yours stinks as much as anyone's.

  8. I have 99 buick park avenue 91k miles I got it from my grandma and they took good care of it and I love it. what's your opinion on the early 2000 and late 90s?

  9. Problems per 100 vehicles sold (2018):

    Lexus (99)
    Porsche (100)
    Buick (116)
    Infiniti (120)
    Kia (122)
    Chevy (124)
    Hyundai (124)
    BMW (127)
    Toyota (127)
    Nissan (133)
    Honda (140)
    Audi (141)

    Industry average (142)

    Mazda (144)
    Mercedes (147)
    Ford (152)
    VW (157)
    Chrysler (211)

    2017 Buick finished 4th
    2016 Buick finished 3rd
    2015 Buick finished 2nd

    That ain’t bad, Scotty.

  10. The sad part is that GM's divisions started making some better cars in the 90s. Sadly either the brands were killed off, or the cars made were replaced with others.

  11. Hey Scotty. To the guy about his 4 Runner. I have a Corolla that's doesn't shift into the next gear. It's been doing that since I bought the car when it had 130000 miles but now it has 345000 and I just decided buy another car.

  12. GM Workers are Always Angry. They always go out On Strike. They do nasty stuff to the cars when they build them to Spite their employer GM.

  13. My gmc Denali was the biggest piece of crap I ever bought , what an embarrassment of American engineering. Just bust the unions and move to China already you pieces of CRAP!

  14. Gm is going to go the way of amc, their quality is junk there prices are to high and they are just plain awful!!!

  15. I owned a 1984 Chevy Celebrity as a poor college student, because I was poor. It was only four years old and it was a POS then, despite the low mileage (40K). Pieces broke off, everything inside was cheap plastic, drove like a boxspring on wheels. I got rid of it and got a Subaru GL a few years later. The Subaru had 176K on it (that's right, and was older, yet it drove better, lasted longer, and was well put-together. That's all I've ever needed to know about GM. I've never known anyone who's been happy with their GM past the first few years, and other American cars are as bad. Anybody who buys a GM deserves the headache they get.

  16. Gm fucked up expanding to Asia
    Invested too much
    Thinking they could make bank with cheap cars
    Then they stuck with cheap cars
    Then they started rebadging cheap cars… Funny though like that Saturn Astra. Best seller in Europe fail in US. Some new buicks are rebadged opels. Chevy dead, they are assimilated with Korean cars. I think that's what killed gm. Korea

  17. GM quality suck even in the 70's. My last GM was a 1979 Gran Am. AC, water pump, power brake piston, alternator, peeling paint, interior roof came loose, power antenna. All within about 50K miles. Around 80k piston blew. Got rid of this junk and never bought another GM since then. Our kids do no drive Detroit cars. Two generations who no longer buy Detroit products.

  18. Why cant people see why GM suck these days!?
    Accountants run the show, accountants arnt interested in what people want or making a good vehicle.

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