Why I Buy Used Teslas

Why I Buy Used Teslas

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  1. I am Considering Buying a Tesla Model X P100D, I love those Falcon Doors!…Meanwhile, I would like to know what Year would you recommend and still get Free Supercharging?

    I am a Ford Shelby Mustang Guy at Heart but I am Just Not Ready to Pull the Trigger on a $140,000.00 2019 Shelby Super Snake Widebody with 800HP+ and a 10sp Auto Paddle Shift Trans!

    Also, Does Unplugged Performance offer any Performance Upgrades?…Thanks and God Bless!

  2. Can you let us see the list of small issues with the X that you took to Tesla service to ask them about?

  3. From what you told us about your wife’s hobby, I think she might ended up stealing your Model X because it has tons of cargo space. How’s that for irony?

  4. 30 day free autopilot trial – 10 day free autopilot trial – it is not selling. sadly, my p100d ludicrous rear motors did not last more than 6k miles. heavy understeer was another issue. their stock is plummeting for good reason. good luck with their crappy customer service department.

  5. Wow you have register Teslas? And switch the title in your name? Who knew……………………

  6. Thanks for the info. I'm debating between a new x or used one. Warranty info was helpful. I just found out that the new x comes with 8 year warranty.

  7. The X on Automobile Mag was orange. How was the used X you bought black?? Was the car repainted?? How's the CarFax? Showing an accident?

  8. You should do another vid on their security and validation protocols for switching the vehicle information over to a new owner… Similar to your teslajacking wifi spoofing video… Fake a bill of sale and registration and then see if Tesla can catch it…

  9. Electric cars still don't have that longevity even new gas or diesel engines are very unreliable due to the electronics

  10. Paying extra for the wheels on the model 3 is worth it looks sweettttttt & that model X is to die for congrats!

  11. I like the GTR also (see @ 4:57 ). That is still the ultimate Driving machine. (Giving a basic driver amazing driving potential). Pure engineering beauty right there.

    Thanks for sharing, enjoy the X.

  12. So, did you get an extended warranty on the X? Also, How did Tesla treat you as a used Model S owner ?

  13. Tesla is my dream car. Have you heard comments from residents in other states regarding difficulties accessing locations warranty repair? I'm a East Washingtonian and I've seen a few Teslas on the roads, but not many. Wondering if there will be Tesla certified repair shops popping up in the near future.

  14. Congratulations Ben.
    I have a 2014 model S. Last Thursday when I pressed the brake paddle to back up I heard a high pitch noise that lasts for about 10 seconds each time I press the brake coming from the area below the frunk. This noise was never there before. I took the video and sent it to Tesla service and they showed it to their mechanic asked me to tow the car as it could be from the brake booster and it may need to be replaced. When they inspected the car their tech thought it is from the vacuum pump and replaced it. But this noise did not go away. Now they are saying it is normal for older model. 😁😁😁
    My question to you since you had old model also and other Tesla owners with old model is if you ever heard high pitch noise from your car when you press the brake paddle when the car is idle or when you press it to back up?

    I would greatly appreciate your replies.

    Best Regards!!

  15. I'd be tempted to remove the interior rear view mirror to get a completely unobstructed windshield, and have the rear camera enabled on the screen at all times

  16. Ben. Is the Tesla model S CPO really worth buying coz I’ve seen a lot of you tube videos about their CPO experience . Lots of defects. Now I’m scared

  17. Sounds like you're talking about upgrading a smartphone. Quite clearly not a car guy, nevermind a petrolhead.

  18. Man those black cars really show the orange peel on the paint.. Especially on the back of that tesla.. Not hating but damn if it's a quality issue from tesla that sucks

  19. New vs used Tesla’s
    this and do you think there will be a redesign of the model S or just interior upgrades?

  20. Ben, Is it a concern living in earthquake country, and owning only electric cars? What if there's an earthquake and the possibility of running out of electricity after an quake?

  21. Similar to taking a used ICE car to a mechanic before you buy it, can you ask Tesla to run a diagnostic on the batter pack to give some sort of health rating (or do you think they will one day)?

  22. It runs on batteries instead of petrol. Its range is severely limited. It takes too long to charge. Parts are mega expensive.
    EVs aren't convenient enough and for that inconvenience you pay through the nose.
    I'm a buyer when SS batteries are a thing – refueling faster and longer range than ICEs.
    SS Batteries will be the game changer to cars that iphone was to mobile phones.

  23. @Trius – I am SO with you…on everything you said! Right now, EV's just aren't "there" yet. And as a matter of fact, 98% of the general populous isn't buying into the EV hype either. 98% of all auto sales in the U.S. for 2018 were for ICE vehicles. Only ~2% of autos sales were for EV/Hybrid cars, so…your average consumer has become well-enough educated and has seen through the false hooplah. A high ticket price (just to have an alternative powertrain), limited range and long recharge times are the 'trio of troubles' that keeps people going back to ICE vehicles. If these three issues can be addressed, and perhaps the upcoming SS batteries will be what does it, then people might be willing to go all-electric en masse. But…I have my doubts, because we all KNOW what happens when a new technology comes to market (e.g. SS batteries). The price will shoot up 50% claiming that the new cutting-edge technology is expensive to produce. So instead of an overpriced $40,000 entry-level EV from Tesla, it will be super overpriced at $60K. The first company who can deliver an EV at an entry-level ICE price for the masses – $15-25K – with none of the drawbacks, will be seen as the company that has the economics acumen to know how to do it right.

  24. Hi , I plan on buying a tesla from another state and drive it to mine. Would that mean I need to register it in its home state or my state ? Never done this before . Ty

  25. I’ve been following Tesla on YouTube for nearly 2 years and never knew about the Model X auto door close. Mind blown 🤯

  26. Thanks, Ben! Could you spend some time talking about the warranty information? Direct vs 3rd party. And how mileage can affect the warranty. It's mentioned at 6:55 in this video, but some more detail would be interesting.

  27. Good day Ben wat would you advise someone outside the USA where there's no Tesla dealership or repair shops to do buy a new or used Tesla because am from Trinidad and Tobago and I've been trying to make a decision on either a new or used Tesla for a while now so what advice would you give to me.

  28. U should really buy some good camera gear man. The ones that are much crisper than this really cheesey one. (Smooths out and all too much. And kinda washed out and all at many times. Otherwise pretty lit videos u make.

  29. Hi Ben, Brand new tesla model 3 performance or 2016 tesla model X. If you can only keep one and both same price or only 5k difference, which one would you buy?

  30. I’m 17 and I’m planning on going to college. so I’ve got to hopefully buy a Tesla before they can make me money(cus when they can make a customer money, there’ll be fees and the cost of a new one would be super high) Or I could actually look into getting an old one or be smart and just let this crazy new decade unfold before me. (I’ll survive)

  31. I got a 2014 Model S 60, I got the same views as you, love my car but it’d be nice to have more range and autopilot

  32. Ben autopilot is life changing. Happy you got yourself an upgrade! Good advise for buying a used Tesla. Will help people not get burned.

  33. Hi Ben ! We always buy used car but pretty much worried on buying used Tesla . Where do I start looking around for a used one? Congratulations with your new Tesla.

  34. When will the 'S' and '3' get the optional tow package? What if you add an aftermarket kit? Void any warranty?

  35. @Ben – Congratulations! What a beauty!!!

    Can you give more specs on Ex-Machina please? I just booked a 2016 MX P90D from Tesla 🙂

  36. Scared isn't exactly the right adjective; more petrified! I'm like an old[er] guy; I'll be 72 this November and about to close escrow on an all electric home (only my 2nd home purchase) & solar is the only sensible way to go. Previous owners spent an average of $270 per month with PG&E. I'm dreaming of; solar and a Tesla, with a payoff in 8 or so years with no more utility bills and not having to buy any more gasoline. Just saying… your thoughts?

  37. I’m looking to trade my Chevy suburban for a used Tesla Model S. I just moved from Texas to San Diego and gas is expensive. What I can’t seem to figure out is what year model S to buy. I want a P85 and don’t want to pay over 40K I see a lot of 2013 but my biggest concern is warranty. Being that it’s 2019 what year should I stick with on a used Tesla model S?

  38. Tesla needs to offer car upgrades it would be profitable and lighten the load on stock offer battery upgrades screen upgrades charger upgrades etc etc why not do this eventually the older cars will be useless because they are so outdated much more so than ice cars

  39. I bought my 2019 Model 3 LR AWD used at just 3 months old and 3,300 miles. The car was well cared for and still has the new car smell. I saved about $7,000 out the door compared to ordering the car in the same configuration, considering no use or sales tax for private sales in my state, and avoiding doc fees. The car also had several key accessories/mods that I would have done myself (center console wrap, tint, door weatherstripping, wireless charger, etc.), further adding value in my case. I feel bad that the seller took the depreciation hit, but I suspect he's claiming Fed and state tax incentives to offset the loss.

  40. Congratulations on being a man and admitting you made an error in lowering her model 3 and raising it back to stock ride height.
    When man gets married it is a major culture shock to his lifestyle, that plus you realise you have a new boss?

    Three things to remember to have a happy life/wife.

    Yes dear, ok dear and finally right away dear.

    Now you can either use these three rules for happy life/wife or not, your decision.

    But remember how happy she was with the power liftgate installation you did on her model 3?

    As you have obviously discovered ways and means to make her happy ( 2 plus kids).

    I am 69 years old and have two bad knees and I recently switched vehicles from a Chrysler Sebring convertible to a Jeep Grand Cherokee limited and brother I have never found getting in and out of a vehicle so easy. No pain in the knees. I would love to own a Tesla but my retirement will not allow that though I haven't given up hope. I grant you she's much younger than me but when a woman is pregnant lots of " old age problems temporarily raise their ugly heads ".

    Maybe she will make out a list of the most of the aches and pains of carrying a child to delivery entails then you get the " Marathon for life race " for the next 7 years or so.
    That's where your ( literally) running after the little tyke to keep him/her out of trouble.

    All in all I'd say you've done a good job in choosing (?) her as your wife. ( that's what I used to think with mine until I realised she chose me ),
    I still love her even though I lost her September 23, 2018. She went into the hospital to get her pacemaker replaced as the battery had died, she stroked 10 feet from the or table. No brain activity after the stroke. But I had 21 good years with her long after I had given up on finding a good woman, instead she found me. Kindly give yours a big hug for me please.

    Sorry if I got a little off topic.


  41. Congrats. Nice car. Just what we want to get in 2020. Hope that we will still be able to get any issues that arise fixed under warranty.

  42. I want to buy a used Tesla with :
    Long-range (300+)
    Full Self-drive Capability (Fine with paying to have it added later, but don't think Tesla does that anymore)
    Free Supercharging (not 1 year)
    @Ben, what do you suggest?

  43. It’s about 5:30pm on Sunday evening 9/29/19 just picked up my Tesla M3 (Blue with white seats). I traded in my ICE car. It was not a smooth process, the agent I got seemed to be the totally untrained. After completing the process and paying the balance I owned minus my trade, he said your “all Set”. I said what about my trade, he had to go to the back room and check. Ok, after that paper work, I asked if I could put my plates on my new car, he said you have to wait to get plates from the State, he said he would have to check. At that point I just drove off to start enjoying my new Tesla. I’ll check with DMV to see. But I really, really enjoy driving my Tesla M3 dual motor 4WD. Super car. The car had 73% charge and after zipping around town for a bit I noticed charged level dropped to 72%. Also that Tesla delivery agent told me if I plan on charging the car once a week and he said charge it to 100%. I think I’ll stick with 20%-90% rule. Wish I could have gotten one of the more experienced delivery agents, who seem to talk with their people a lot more. Anyway I guess I’m not a Tesla FanBoy — maybe not I’m retired and I observe decorum.

  44. Hey Ben thanks for the video. I wat h alot of your videos, very informative. I'm about to pull the trigger on my birthday next month for my first Tesla. I'm torn between used S or new 3. I like the S size and look but I like the newer tech in the 3. What do u suggest?

  45. Hi BEN are creating an autonomous ride sharing network with Tesla? If so what are the negatives ?

  46. Did you do a vin check on the history or does Tesla tell you what they have done or know what has been done to the car? You made a big deal of registering it even though you don't do that with gas cars if the warranty is not assumable.

  47. Great video! I LOVE my used Model S! 2016.5 Model S75 with amazing (and rare as far as I can tell) charcoal metallic paint (with color sparkles!) Car came with chrome delete, badge delete, 21" Turbines (grey), carbon fiber interior trim, alcantara headliner / dash accecnt, ultra-premium sound package, dynamic adjustable suspension, sunroof! (no longer available!) all for HALF of the new price! Used Teslas are the best kept secret in the car biz! Keep up the good work!

  48. Real question… is it supposed to be pronounced “Tezla” as he’s saying? Have I been saying it wrong this whole time? I say TeSla

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