Why I’m Never Going to Buy a New Car and You Shouldn’t Either

Why I’m Never Going to Buy a New Car and You Shouldn’t Either

Rev up your engines,
pie says hey scotty, what’s your opinion on the all new 2019 toyota corolla hatchback,
is it as realize as the older models, well only time will tell,
it’s 2019 right, it’s still 2018 here but you know in June they start calling them 2019
so you know, I personally never believe in buying a new
model of anything because you never know if their going to have bugs or not,
now seeing the history of toyota and corollas, they never really made many mistakes so I
imagine they would probably be pretty good vehicles,
but personally myself, I only buy things that have been tried and proven over the years
and I’m cheap as can be so I’m never going to buy a new car,
why would I pay even $20,000 for a brand new car when I can get them when their 7-8 years
old with 50,000-60,000 miles for $4,000-5,000 and they still have 80 percent of their value,
if I could buy a car for 10-20% of what it’s original price was, and still have 80% of
it’s lifespan in it, I’m all in and that’s all I’ve done my entire life and that’s all
I’m going to continue to do, nick says what do you think about koenigsegg
regera transmission less drive train, koenigsegg the guy is a genius, there’s no doubting that,
what he makes one of the fastest cars in the world,
if you got $2-3 million to throw out you know why not buy a couple of them,
he’s got very interesting technology, he pushes the edge,
and yeah that’s an interesting design I got to say, it’s very interesting, that said,
you know stuff like that isn’t going to be in normal cars for quite some time if at all,
he’s dealing with cutting edge technology and I find it interesting, I love watching
shows about it, I’d love to meet the guy, hey if somebody wants to fly me to Sweden
I’d gladly go, by wife would like to do too, you know she could meet some of her old relatives
or something there in Sweden, but he’s an interesting guy and he has some
very interesting designs too, So Cal says do Hybrids really save you gas,
well yes they do, because they regenerate electricity, but you got to understand under
what conditions they do that, if you drive on the highway, a hybrid doesn’t
do anything except give you extra power, because when you’re driving 60 mph say in a toyota
prius, it’s running 100% on the gasoline engine, if you had another car like a toyota corolla
you can get pretty close to the same gas mileage going on the highway 55-60 mph,
but when you get in stop and go traffic, some of those things can get 50-60 mpg because
when you stop, it regenerates the electricity with the braking system, that goes into the
giant battery and then the car can run on the electric motor,
they do save you on gas if you do a lot of stop and go driving,
I noticed the last time I was in Seattle every Uber driver that I used from the airport to
the hotel I was staying at was driving a toyota prius, and they do it because they save a
lot on gas, and their rides were cheaper, it was a long way from the airport to downtown
Seattle and it cost me 24 bucks because the guy said,
hey you know I only used 3/4 of a gallon of gasoline so it only cost me $2 in gas, they
do actually work, for getting better gas mileage, as to whether you recoup the investment of
what you pay extra, generally you’re not unless you’re running a business,
bear says scotty how risky it is to buy cars across country or internationally, well of
course anything is a risk, if you can’t personally put your hand on it and see,
I mean a few years back, a company wanted me to talk about their auction set up, so
they gave me a truck, a pickup truck and it looked ok, of course you know they only show
you a few pictures, and it was a toyota and it only had 110,000
miles which is nothing for one of those, so they sent it over here on a tow truck and
they dropped it off, I pull it in the driveway and I crawl under it and the frame is all
rotten, you know if I would have paid money for that
I would have been furious, I had to re-weld frame stuff it was a pain in the butt, I gave
it to my son he’s still driving it, so I did a good job fixing it,
it’s real risky buying things that you can’t personally see I mean it’s just a gigantic
risk, especially if you’re going international, now if you’re using a company like ebay and
stuff though a lot of times they got a pretty good guarantee that if it’s not as they said
it was, ebay holds the money in escrow and they’ll give you your money back,
a lot of times that’s not a bad way if you’re dealing with a company like that, that will
give you you’re money back if it wasn’t as advertised, but it’s always a big gamble buying
something like that, there’s no questioning that,
I have a 2010 toyota camry, it has a flashing ac light, the ac work for a couple minutes
and then shuts off, the relay and the ac controls have been changed what do you think is wrong,
ok it’s probably the ac compressor clutch is going out,
if you’re low on refrigerant they’ll do that, and if the clutch is going out they’ll do
that, and they had a problem with some of the clutches
on those, as they wear out the electric magnetic field
breaks down and then it shorts out and then that light starts flashing,
now make sure that it’s full of refrigerant, because if it’s low on refrigerant it can
do the same thing, but if it’s full of refrigerant, you already changed the relay, odds are that
the compressor clutch is starting to wear out and if you want to try just changing the
clutch, you can bolt a clutch on it without having to take the compressor off the vehicle,
knock all the gas out and then refill it which is a real pain in the butt,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that bell!

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  2. Buying a new car makes financial sense if you keep it long enough, especially if you maintain it properly. Obviously, this assumes you buy a reliable car in the first place.

  3. Actually some cars like the Accord and Camry are better to buy new. They don’t depreciate as much so you pay a little extra for the warranty and no miles

  4. I bought a new 2000 Toyota Sienna in 1999, which I still have and still runs like new at 203k. That said, I agree best to never buy a new car, unless, of course, you plan to keep it for at least 15 years or more. I have a mechanic who has been taken care of all my cars sine 2003, so this helps because he knows my Sienna very well. I realize this is not feasible for everyone because of many reasons.

  5. It can make financial sense to buy a new car if you keep it a long time. Buying new you aren't taking over someones possible problem and long term ownership spreads out the depreciation over many years. I own a 2004 Grand Cherokee Laredo, 2WD. It is now 15 years old. I paid new $24,000 cash–tax, tile, all included. It now has 79,000 miles and still looks great in and out, Repairs have been very reasonable. Even if this Jeep had zero current value (it doesn't) my annual average depreciation would only be $1600. Plus, I may keep it another 3-4 years.

  6. The new Corolla Hatch has been recalled.
    The CVTs are being replaced because of a bad torque converter.

    So much for Toyota's automatic transmissions being the best. The 10th generation Civic's haven't had any recalls despite coming out three years earlier.

  7. I bought a brand new 18 rav4. Thing come loaded to death with features even tho it’s a base model. Got it for 23k. .9% for 72 months. Best I could find used low mileage was 19k with 30k and almost 5% interest! No way. Sometimes new is the better deal

  8. Me personally I wouldn't really buy a brand stankin new car because all that technology could be too complicated to handle if you have to get it repaired by a professional mechanic. I would probably buy an older vehicle I could work on relatively easily and learn something new about it. But it all comes down to money. Some brand new cars are not worth buying because it has some technology that you really don't need unless you're will to accept it and take care of it. You'll probably lose probably about 2/3 thirds of what you paid in like 2-5 years for especially on brand new expensive luxury cars which some of them are complete money pit machines.

  9. Sweden has really changed due to their liberal government allowing mass immigration (welfare recipients) from Arab nations.

    It's no longer as safe.

  10. Hey scotty you are one funny guy
    Thank you for making these videos
    I have a Chevy Silverado which I bought at 105k miles what should I watch out for inregards to maintenance
    And second when I drive it, it feels it has happen drive 300k miles is it possible what someone change the miles on the truck? Despite the car fax showing good history.
    How complicated is it for someone to decrease miles on a car?

  11. I understand the way he buys his cars . But there is something to be said about enjoying a newer car if you like cars . And new technology. The extra money might be worth it instead of buying a car that’s 8 years old

  12. Scotty must me buying his clothes preowned and waits for supermarket specials before they are discarded. Whatever floats your boat.

  13. Hi Scotty, are you making more money by making videos than repairing cars? You made a lot of useful videos! Where to buy a good 4, 5 years old cars? Cheap and solid.

  14. I'm thinking of buying a Honda CRV or a Toyota Rav4. I heard the Honda 1.5 litre turbo engine has an oil problem, has this been fixed in the latest model and which would you recommend?

  15. The rumors are that Toyota is possibly going to be extending their partnership with BMW to include more BMW powered Toyota badged products, possibly a new Lexus IS w/BMW bits. Apparently Toyota is in need of an in-line 6 and the development time would take too long enter BMW. Either Toyota is relaxing on their standards or BMW has upped theirs that Toyota isn’t worried.

  16. Therin lies the problem….people don’t get rid of their Toyota’s! We run them to the ground, fix them, then run them to the ground again. Try finding a used one on craigslist for $5k with 60k miles…ha…. more like 250k miles for $7k.

  17. BUY USED ?  YOU NEVER KNOW HOW THEY TREAT THAT CAR.  A new Car you Know what it has, How you treat it, How you Maintenance and always put your hands on, don't take it to Dealer or any Shop

  18. I will do what I want and don't care what other people do. I buy New. i don't want anybody elses junk or scum.. I drive a 1/2 ton pickup truck, you can almost always buy one 20% off MSRP. Go try to buy a good used pickup truck. They cost almost as much as brand new.

  19. Buying a used car is just as much of a gamble as buying a new one, at least when the car is new you have a warranty so if something glitches the dealer has to fix it. When you buy used there’s more of a possibility of issues that you have to pay out of pocket.

  20. Scot you are a mechanic, you can fix it yourself and save a lot. For us if we buy a 3-4 yrs old we must pay parts n labor which can cost thousands depending the fix. Maybe a 1-2 yrs is still smart.

  21. I bought a 2018 Camry a year ago, and I hate it…..the new transmission is so terrible it’s like riding a horse that’s trying to kick you off it’s back. There are 3 active recalls and every Toyota dealership I’ve been to either don’t know about the recall or insist that that it absolutely normal and that every new Toyota has that sensation. I’m barely over 6500 miles and I’m planning on trading it in for a CPO or new BMW as soon as I have 10000 left to pay off, which will be in like 2 years. At least BMW doesn’t have those transmission issues.

  22. Scotty, why the "back/front" placements of rear shock absorbers on pickup trucks? I often see the driver side rear shock absorber on the back of the rear axle, and the passenger side shock absorber on the front of the rear axle.. Why this practice? Thank you.

  23. I’ve got no problem buying a new car, but the key is that you must keep it for a decade or longer, and always ensure that you maintain the vehicle in as immaculate shape as possible. Not interested in buying a used car that may have not been properly maintained, and/or the seller trying to screw me.

  24. Well if you can buy one for like 80% off the real price, sure
    But it don't quite work that way everywhere, especially if you live in a country where the car prices are jacked to all hell, used cars cost nearly the same as new

  25. Ebay actually screwed me on a vehicle described as all original. I called Ebay to tell them my car was not 100% original after receiving it and they did nothing!

  26. You Say That.. Because, You Know How To Repair Them.. As A Mature Adult I Don't Want The Hassle Of Being Stuck On The Side Of Some Road Waiting To Get Towed… I Own A 2019 Camry XSE.. With An Extended Warranty ( 10 Years 100,000 Miles Bumper To Bumper ) And 5yrs/ 55K Service All Parts And Labor Included.. That's Peace Of Mind.. With The Tech In My Vehicle.. But I Guess, To Each There Own. I'll Save Somewhere Else In The Budget… BUT NOT On My Primary Transportation.. Peace Of Mind To Me Is EVERYTHING In The Mean Streets Of The U.S.of A.

    Ancient (Not Eclesiatical) Latin: "Let the buyer beware!"
    Those guys lived a long time ago. Those guys were massively unstupid.
    Application in this case: A warning that the situation is one of "information assymetry." The latter is a cryptoscientific euphymism for, "Seller knows something Seller doesn't." If there is mercy in the Multiverse, one hopes not to fall into this trap more than twice. Cars and ladies are, of course, special cases. And may God have mercy on all our hopeful, stupid, souls. Amen.

    We are all dumb enough to fall into a trap of this kind. Once. Two falls? Maybe a coincidence…? Three times? of missing this situationk
    These days, we love to hide behind euphimisyms, so we can blame something or someone else for our making a forseeable mistake. Even new cars are, by design, carefully seeded with defects designed to detonate after buyer is introduced to the car, but before buyer is aware of aware of the possible problems looming for the car and/or its passengers.

  28. But Scotty, I financed a brand new Honda Civic LX coupe back in 2014, and it's been a great little commuter. Was I crazy to do it?

  29. I was gonna buy a brand new Koenigsegg Regera but thanks to Scotty, I'm getting a 2014 Toyota Corolla with 90,000 highway miles on it instead. Thanks Scotty!


  31. I want what Scotty is smoking. I guess if you don’t mind a Ford Fiesta that’s been owned by five people .

  32. Not even the new even trucks that are coming out ? Including the one that you made a video about recently ?

  33. Toyota Prius sales are now approaching VW Beetle levels, they are everywhere! I hated driving one, the windscreen was way too raked: I couldn't tell verticals from horizontals! That may just be my brain, but damn! Very spooky, the ride feels incredibly low. The big screen on the dash is way too intrusive and can't be stowed, not in that model anyway; the engine noise is terrible, considering it's a hybrid. But a Merc 500 is the most silent car I've ever been in. Never mind Kilmer's soundproofing from Walmart, buy a Prius and get all the scrap Axminster carpet you can and reline the firewall. It was like a John Deere combine harvester. In London they pretty much have to go with hybrid, hydrogen or electric because they're getting this ultra low emission zone and it covers the whole damn place.

  34. I saw a dude comment the other day that Scottys next video would be to never buy a car. He was pretty close

  35. SK.. I love your all videos in all aspect! it's a raise a roof!!! coz you spoke practical with experieced as a mechanic no flowery words opinion & analization.

    You know what since I knew that you are auto mechanic and I said to my self that you are the 1st & last that I will put my trust to look for your views or videos when I have a concern about the vehicle such as brand, performance, maintenance, fuel economy and many more. More Power!

    I Salute all the mechanic just like my father too.

  36. My last two vehicles were a 2002 Toyota Tacoma and a 2014 Honda Civic. I purchased both brand new, and intended to keep them for 20 years+. The truck, after performing nearly flawlessly for 16 years, finally burned up in a wildfire last fall. I still have the Civic and it's doing fine at 67,000 miles, but I regret getting the CVT because of the acceleration lag.

  37. 1999 Honda Civic LX with 252,000 miles, runs great! Parts are cheap, and I can work on it! (Clutch pedal club for anti-theft)

  38. I am from India . Petrol vs Diesel engine , and

    Maruti Suzuki Belono vs Toyota Etios platinum which car is best

  39. Hey Scotty, Love the channel. Just wanted to point out that as a Seattle Uber driver myself, we are REQUIRED by the Port of Seattle (Sea-Tac airport) to have a hybrid car (one that gets 42+ mpg). The only one that makes sense economically is a hybrid, and the prius gets the best mpg of all hybrids. That's why. 😀 🙂

  40. Best cars are the ones that are tried and proven throughout the years just like Scotty said ! You can have a 200k+ miles Camry that still runs better than a lot of cars out there with less than 100k miles

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