Why is My Car Horn Broken or Not Working?

Why is My Car Horn Broken or Not Working?

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  1. Saw yalls sponsor on a stock car at the daytona 500 idk who but it was cool to see you guys on a car ive been watching your videos for a while

  2. If your car is a bit old horn not working and electrics ok just give it a smack with a spanner or something – mechanic I know fixed mine doing that said they get crapped up over time – knows his stuff !!

  3. I fix my horn doing the clock spring change , first check the horn relay and check your horn direct from battery power to see if its working then change the clock spring and thats it you fix your horn switch (clock spring )you will need t25 torx special tool the one that have a hole in the center

  4. i have a mazda 6 2009 model and mine problem is my horn works half of the time and doestnot half of the time what problem can it be sir

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