Why it’s Illegal to Remove the Catalytic Converter in Your Car

Why it’s Illegal to Remove the Catalytic Converter in Your Car

rev up your engines, Adrian says what do you think about removing the catalytic converter in order to
boost the power of a turbocharged engine is it harmful to the engine, well realize
that it’s against law to remove a catalytic converter in United States you’re breaking
federal law, but I mean I talked to guys they live in Montana where they don’t
have any kind of inspection and they do it, and the only thing that a catalytic
converter does, is it slows down pollution, it burns
unburned hydrocarbons if you remove it from a modern-day car, all the kinds of
lights and stuff will come on, but it’ isn’t gonna hurt the car will actually run better,
cuz it’ll breathe better but it will pollute more, you’re braking the law, but the
only thing or reason a car has a catalytic converter is to burn hydrocarbons, if you
remove it of course you remove that and then it will just go through the exhaust
and there’s less back pressure and when you set them up right they of course
will run better, you know race cars don’t have catalytic converters on them, cold
wild says Scotty my car has a check engine light when I turn the key to
accessory, when I start the engine it goes away, what could it be should I be
concerned Thanks, okay no cars are made that way, here’s how it works, if you have
a normal car and you turn your car to the accessory and don’t start it, the
check engine light is supposed to stay on that shows you that the bulb still
works then when you start the car the computer does a bunch of tests, if it
finds a problem that’ll turn the light on and leave it on, if it doesn’t, the
light stays off that’s totally normal almost all cars sold in the United
States are set up that way, as I tell people when they’re looking for a used
car, if you’re looking at a used car good idea to have a scan too, like I
showed you get twenty four dollars scan tool easy cheap enough stuff, but if
you don’t have a scan tool you turn the key to the accessory and a check engine
light doesn’t come on, odds are they took the bulb out and then you definitely
would want to scan it cuz even if they took the bulb out, the scan tool would
still read a problem if there are any stored inside the computer, Eto says scotty
just bought a used 2008 mazda cx9 what do you think about this SUV, well I would
have never bought it, I had a customer that just bought one of those and
then they brought it to me a week after they bought it, was running like crap and
I said you’re gonna have to rebuild your engine it’s got a problem it’s gonna be
anywhere from twenty five to forty five hundred dollars I am NOT a fan of those
things, but you’ve already bought it, so change your oil a lot,
and on that baby I’d change it every four five thousand miles religiously, because
they do have engine problems as they age, if you don’t have any engine problem and you change
the oil every four or five thousand miles, hey it might be a decent car you
never know, but I’ve had customers have very bad experience buying those things
secondhand there’s a lot of them where there VVT valve system will break down a
lot and then it cost thousands to repair them as they do break down, so if it does
run good now yeah I haven’t any problems change the oil all the time, edward says
Scotty what do you think of a 2005 pontiac grand prix GXP was two hundred
two thousand miles, and a new tranny for six grand
although it does need spark plug wires and a new ABS passenger side wire, thoughts okay
well if it really has a new transmission I would want the
paperwork and I would call the place that supposedly did the work to see it
was really done and six thousand dollars more than I’d pay for a 14-year old
Pontiac but if you like it and it runs good and that transmission really was a new
one put in or remanufactured one installed in it, ahhh have some fun driving
around, just don’t drag around in it because you’ll burn that transmission
out too, the problem of that vehicle is the engine is stronger than the
transmission, if you want to drive it normal and use it as a toy car nothing
wrong with that, but don’t think you can drive that car as an everyday driver and
put thirty thousand miles a year on it cuz it will fall apart in front of your
eyes if you do that Armando Lopez says Scotty I’m 17 I’m
getting a 2009 or 2010 g37 Infiniti coupe do you think it’s reliable, I’m
getting from car max do you know about those cars, okay you’re 17 you’re getting
a g37 Infiniti coupe you’re gonna pay up the wazoo for insurance cuz that’s a
sports car, the problem with those cars are they’re good cars, they’re well make
cars but as they age they’re expensive to repair, Nissan Quality has gone down
since the company Renault the French company bought them out and merged with them
years ago, the quality isn’t what it used to be the problem with the g37 is, it’s a
high-tech car they break when they break the parts cost a fortune,
I’ll give you an example, I had a customer with one, the power steering hose went out, the
only people that could get it was the dealer and it was like 350 bucks for
hose assembly, where for say a Toyota I could get an aftermarket one for 50 bucks an autozone that works fine but I couldn’t get it for the infiniti,
so realize that, I wouldn’t go that high-end if I were you and seventeen and
getting the car, unless you have a rich father who’s gonna pay for everything, then
go right ahead, Melod says is a Hyundai
2013 with 126 thousand miles a good car to buy are there problems with their engines too,
here’s the thing Hyundai and Kia they’re kind of a merged
company, Hyundai I bought 33.8% of Kia in 2013, so they’re kind of like a merged
company and they ended up recalling 1.2 million of their 2.0 and 2.4 liter
engines if that car has one of those engines don’t buy it, but if it has a
different engine they can be a decent vehicle, don’t pay too much for a used Hyundai the Korean car the resale values are kind of low, so if you can get it cheap
enough it could be a decent car, so if you never want to miss another one of my
new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. Hey Scotty, my father and I both love watching your channel, never miss an upload. What is your opinion of the old gm 3100,3400,3800 motors? I have owned a 98 Buick LeSabre and currently driving 97 Chevy lumina, thoughts?

  3. We take the grassfire starters
    (crapilytic) converters off our trucks to keep from setting hay and pasture land ablaze, screw the greenwienies and the law.

  4. Nissans in my experience are bulletproof! I have owned 5 maximas and 2 altimas and now a Murano with 125K and Infiniti G35s with 160k! They work! They dont breakdown…with other than normal stuff, brakes tires and rotors! My son bought a 1985 nissan maxima with 425000 miles and drove the heck out of it!!! My 2 altimas had close to 200,000 miles until i hit deer or sold them!

  5. I remember the old cars with the LED lights on the ECM, it would blink a certain way to tell you what code it blinking LOL. those were fun days trying to figure out the blinks 😀

  6. I can't account for the law's in every state, but I know here in Connecticut vehicles need to go through emissions until the vehicle turns 25 years old. At that point it becomes emissions exempt. But here in the rust belt it's rare to see a vehicle that old that hasn't been restored, of course only the vehicles worth restoring go through that process.

  7. My C5 Corvette had Seat Belt light always on, Air Bag light always on. ABS and Traction Control lights always on.
    I fixed all these problems by removing the cluster and taking out the bulbs.!!!
    Now it is fun to drive the car again.!!!

  8. If your car is older than 25 years old you can go open header/downpipe. 25 year old cars don't have emissions testing. At least, that's how it is in Texas.

  9. The first time i removed a cat conv from a car was on 93 Fleetwood Brougham. Not really a caddy guy but it was cheap and reliable at the time. Anyway, i knew it was clogged up. Hacksawed it out. Lived down in MS at the time. Found a shop that welded a piece of pipe in. Ran so much better without it. Had the 350 in it. It was a 93 model.

  10. What do you think about 2000 Tahoe last 5.3 vortex 154 any changed oil religiously and wondering any maintenance ideas

  11. The only reason why I don't like catalytic converters is because the modern motor oils have no zinc in anymore which is great for engines but poisons the catalytic converter.

  12. You're confusing the Mazda CX-9 with the CX-7. The 7 is the one VVT actuator and timing chain that goes bad. The 9 has a much better motor.

  13. It' s totally legal in Arkansas, it's a filter that suffocates your engine from breathing, laquer thinner will deteriorate my old hoses, I have a 2000 Acura TL, and got 14k in maintenance, I will remove it, before I use laquer thinner, all I know it's bad, and a new one for that car will cost a fortune

  14. I live in Arkansas, and lots of people remove theirs, my is bad, 2000 Acura TL, it will breath better, must bypass the O2 sensors , but the ehaust is rusting out, got 14k in maintenance, so for 140.00 will do it, that thing has 2 cats and 3 mufflers. But in Arkansas it's 100% legal, no inspection required here

  15. What do you think about my G35 2006 coupe drives smooth has a 100,000 miles should I change the transmission oil ???

  16. Pollutes the air that's what they say but what doesn't? The damn govt will say anything? It's pretty funny big hole in the ozone but damn the world just keeps spinning! Doesn't have anything to do with cat converters or sensors or emissions or any other bull crap the government wants you to believe! It's plain bullshit! But that's me! Yes there's hydrocarbons that cars burn off but as far as destroying the environment and whatever is crap!

  17. I took a cat that was sitting around that my neighbor cut off his car. I bashed all the insides out of it. I then took material off each end until I could shove a 2.5 inch straight pipe threw it and welded around each end. I sanded it down and painted it silver. It is basically a straight pipe that looks like a cat. I still have it in my basement and I never used it. In my state, if the vehicle is 15 years old it does not need to have an emissions test, but if the vehicle was manufactured with a cat on it then it better dam well have one on it when you get it inspected even if they don't have to do the test. I am ready for when a cat goes bad and needs replacing, but they pretty much last the life of the car so the one in my basement is just collecting dust.

  18. Be careful of the Federal Catalytic Converter Inspectors…years in prison. I showed a DVD at church and went to federal prison for 20 years.

  19. The check engine light on my 04 Ram 1500 has been on for 8 years. Found out that when I put gas in it and loosen the gas cap the vacumn is broken and the light comes on. There's even a warning on the gas cap that this will happen. I've put 70,000 miles on this truck and never had a problem. It's the 4.7 engine and it runs like a Singer sewing machine! Doesn't use oil and doesn't miss! The truck has 256,000 miles and I would not sell it! Drive it anywhere!

  20. other things that are illegal:

    1. Marijuana for any purpose including medical on all 50 states under federal law
    2. Any CB radio with greater than 4 watts transmission power (ask any trucker)
    3. Filing false police reports (ask Mr. Smollett)
    4. Exceeding the speed limit on any highway
    5. Pretty much anything the government has done revealed by Julian Assange

  21. I took the converter off a 86 l6 f150 and it ran great but became a gas hog. Turned it into strictly a work truck.

  22. We need to get a complete list of dependable cars and common problems associated with specific vehicles according to scotty.

    He's a valuable resource for used car buyers. And his knowledge should be documented.

  23. As long as you get a good tune after removing your cats on cars with forced induction your car will run fine if not, better.

  24. i dont have a code for convert catalytic but i do have the code for sensor 1 bank 1 do you think i have to replace the catalytic ???

  25. I'm not paying $750 for a fucking metal box. I beat all the internals out of mine when one went bad. No emissions where I live, just put a pipe though it and welded it back up. No one knows the difference

  26. If the catalytic converter starts plugging up, you can take it off, get a hole saw close to the diameter of the inlet or outlet and a drill extension, drill out a passage between the inlet and outlet, then put it back on. Unless they take it off and look inside, the revenue collectors or auto inspector will never know the difference.

  27. Yes removing the cat is better. Some cars will not run right without them (O2 sensors). Just by a high flow cat designed for you application and you good!

  28. Modern engines are so efficient that they are cleaner than the catalytic converter. Just another government waste mandate.

  29. I have a 04 330i e46 with 111910 miles on it n it runs great but the one code is it says it mixtures is to rich or lean n I looked at my plugs n there are fine what could it be

  30. Hi Scotty my name is Michael. I recently bought a 2002 v8 explorer. Its got the 4.6 in it and I believe that the engine is missing while it is idling. What do you think of these explorers and what I can do to solve the problem ? Thanks for your help and time.

  31. Wrong,….
    Cats lower CO ,HC ,NOx…..
    Removing cats can decrease performance,as the vehicle is facory tuned for it.

  32. I have a hyundai with 239,000 miles. I have repaired almost nothing on it. It has been WAY more reliable than my previous Toyota.


  34. I honestly like ur reviews. I'm in Sierra Leone West Arfica. I just bought a nissan pathfinder 2003 nodel that has run 134,000 km. I emits smoke even after changing the oil and plugs. What can u sugges mr sir?

  35. I removed the cat from my 1997 Ford Taurus. It was meowing something terrible. Had to remove the alternator to get her out. Cat was happy and so was the car.

  36. in my small country town in the states it is legal to take them out but they're required in the city(our car also got its fuel pump replaced along with a 4 in 1 catalytic converter removed)

  37. I know u would probably not see this but im 17 and bought my second car its a toyota Camry Solara any thoughts? It has 180,000 miles and apparently a bad catalytic converter

  38. Not against federal law, you have the right to travel within the US. It’s against the vehicle codes in all 50 states though, for commerce.

  39. I bought my first truck yesterday a 2000 s10 Xtreme stepside and someone hotrodded it and cut off the cats

  40. Scotty. Why should Uncle Sam worry about emissions when they are trying to kill us off anyway….

  41. I bought a 05 dodge magnum with a 5.7 hemi about a year ago with 98k miles on it. What's your take on the reliability and life span?

  42. My car with catalytic converter only has 1/4 of psi of back pressure, is it a bit too little or my gauge was faulty?

  43. I had this issue that would cause my check engine light come on, and after removing and reinstalling the dash and remedying numerous issues, the check engine light stopped coming on! It'd taken me months of weekend work, but I finally got it! I drove right to the DMV to get the thing tested.

    Nope. The stupid check engine bulb had died. So. Defeating.

  44. Hey Scotty so on my 2014 Dodge Charger v8 old highway car…So when my eco mode pops up my engine light doesn't pop up but when ecomode doesn't pop up my engine light comes on any way I can fix this problem? Car still drives perfect!!

  45. Scotty , do a video of legal and illegal exhaust setups , like h pipes and x pipes and straight pipes and what not , us younger generation need to know these things , I was about to run straight pipes on my 04 tahoe , each pipe will have a catalytic converter yes , but I was gonna break the factory y pipe and have each set of pipes in a flowmaster 10 series , I called a couple places and only 1 of the 6 told me about this and I was literally about to get it done the next day haha I do live in California

  46. Scotty, You are a Master of Ceremonies! I love the flashes of artwork alongside your preachments! This is about one of nearly twenty videoas I've seen of you. I really enjoy your daily entertainment and information! Keep up the great work! DING DING!

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