Why Luxury Cars are Expensive to Fix

Why Luxury Cars are Expensive to Fix

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m going to explain why luxury cars
often cost so much money to repair, now luxury cars may be fun to drive, and
be really nice inside, with fancy wood trim, and comfy leather seats, but you
have to realize one thing about luxury cars, they are expensive to repair, as an
example, I’m going to change the front shock on this Lexus, right here,
simple enough you might think, here’s the shock that goes inside the spring, but
guess what, I tried and tried, but no one makes this part other than Lexus, they
didn’t make and sell that many gx4 seventies, so there’s no company that
makes a replacement, other than the dealer, so I had to pay almost $300 for
one shock, and to me that’s really shocking, because this shock absorber
cost more than I paid for this entire car two years ago, and sure I bought the
car used, but hey, I’d rather have a whole car for $300, versus one shock absorber,
and if you think that’s bad, the back shock absorbers on these aren’t air
suspension, they cost almost six hundred and forty dollars apiece, because
whenever there’s not an aftermarket for parts, you’re at the whim of the dealer,
they can charge whatever they want for the part, and they often do, now after I
bought the Celica, I did put struts in the front of it, but hey, they only cost
me $65 a piece, because it’s a Toyota, and there’s a big aftermarket, because when
millions of cars are sold, companies will make lots of spare parts for them,
because there’s a market, so if you buy a high-dollar luxury vehicle, and they
don’t make that many of them, and don’t sell that many of them, you’re not going to
find any good aftermarket parts for them, and to take it even further, let’s say
you own an Aston Martin like this, it just had a clutch put in it, and it
cost over $9,000 to do the job, so don’t even think about rolls-royce,
now over the years, I’ve had many customers buy used luxury vehicles, only
to become really sad when they find out how much money it cost to fix them, so if
you’re thinking of being one of those people, perhaps you might think again
about buying a luxury car, and remember if you’ve got any car questions just
visit scotty kilmer.com and i’ll answer them as soon as I get back from this ride.

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  2. When you do it yourself and skip Joe the mechanic, it's cheaper; don't blow it out of proportion.

  3. I just got rid up of my bmw 335i. Had 115k miles.😳. Luckily I gave it to CarMax right when I was feeling like it was becoming a ticking time bomb. Got an Infiniti Q60/G37 coupe that I can work on myself. If I ever get another European car, I’ll lease it.

  4. Nothing beats Bimmers… it’s luxurious handles well and looks good.. I’m not another shmuck on the road with an over priced Toyota that has Lexus name on it.. same thing with Acura’s and infiniti…

  5. What about Ferrari, if I save up all the money i have and live off of potatoes in a tent, would it be worth it?

  6. Let's be honest here buying cars are expensive and money wasters no matter what. If you can alternative taking public transportation, using your own two legs, riding bikes will save you the most investment. Unless your lazy or have a big family nobody needs more than one car in your daily life. Not most general public aren't racer car or car lover as we might think. Buy a car is a big investment like mortgages real estates. 😁

  7. Broke people buy rich people car then regret it . Dont buy it if you cant afford it young ma voice

  8. Those that know only lease Luxury cars. Because no one with money will actually buy it for keeps.

  9. There's a lot of luxury cars that are perfectly reliable and surprisingly cheap to maintain. You just have to stay away from uncommon engines and sometimes AWD.

    Acura 4cyl V6, Lexus i6 v6, BMW i6, Cadillac v6, you get the point.

    My mom has a 2005 Cadillac CTS 3.6 that's fully loaded and 174k miles, I change the fuel filter, all the injectors and all of the coils in one swoop when one of each went bad. Oh! And a ballast. Front suspension, shocks, all costing about $1,000 in parts with me doing all the labor and about another $500 in there for routine maintenance.

    On the other hand! My dad's 2004 SRX 4.6 Northstar engine was replaced.. twice. Because the heads are so expensive to fix it was way cheaper to drop in a used engine with 60-80k miles. Then after another 40k miles we dropped in another engine around 80k miles and sold it. Otherwise, great truck?

  10. Luxury SUVs like Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, or Porsche, are absurdly expensive for what you get. And they are ridiculously expensive to fix. But rich snobs sometimes have the LEAST common sense. They will buy ANYTHING to look rich, but they are paying through the nose for that image. The smartest rich people I know drive Chevy Suburbans.

  11. Great tip Scotty. From now on I will know to do a quick aftermarket parts search for any used car I'm considering.

  12. 1. Expensive parts that are produced in small numbers.
    2. Luxury cars also tend to contain a lot of cutting edge, proprietary features that aren't fully tested and are prone to failing.

    Often times you need a special mechanic to work on fixing those systems which aren't well known.

  13. If I’m not mistaken, if you can deal with the suspension lights from the rear air shocks not being there, you can use 4Runner parts in a GX470, no?

  14. Buying used luxury cars is for poor people who want appear rich and impress other poor people…true rich people doesn't care about fixing costs, because they keep the car for just a couple of years, and then sell it (no matter how much resale value they have) and buy the new latest model…the true Idiots are the ones who think that they are doing a big deal by purchasing a luxury used car, while they are just taking a useless and expensive bargain…

  15. Scotty, love your videos and have helped an all-thumbs guy like me learn more about cars. In this video, you kind of discouraged buying used luxury vehicles. But then a few weeks later, I saw that your wife's car is a Lexus. Was actually looking for a good used runner for my daily commute and looking for a used Lexus ES 350 or Toyota Avalon. I drive cars till they die or fall apart, so I don't care about resale value, per se. Would you recommend and ES 330, ES 350 or Toyota Avalon? Appreciate your assistance!

  16. Hey Scotty; Found a 2002 Jaguar XJ Series Vanden Plas in my town. The man is only asking $1000 for it and says it 'runs rough'; that could mean it needs a new engine for all i know. Was hoping you knew something about this model vehicle and could give me some pointers on buying it. Thanks man

  17. Scotty I'm going to bug you again with my question. I know you get thousands of questions a day so you might have not read it. Okay I bought and absolutely love my new 2016 lexus is 300. It has 23k and seems to be doing well so far. What do you think of this car and the 3.5 VVTI engine and 6 speed automatic transmission? I really appreciate your thoughts on this exciting new buy of mine. God bless everyone

  18. Bilstein shocks are OEM and aftermarket for Lexus and Toyota and are the best in the world look on ebay good prices for Oem shocks. Alot of the new muscle cars are using them too.

  19. Just buy a Saab Aero model instead. Luxury feeling and sports car performance and TONS of cheap parts available, at least here in Sweden

  20. A lot of the service costs on high end cars is over rated and grossly overcharged. Especially the labor.

    Like $60 to put brake pads on a Toyota but $150 on a Lexus.

  21. Scotty my father bought a 2010 Audi Quattro he says it needs special brake pads from the dealer and has no dip stick and needs equipment to change the brake pads is this true? I told him get rid of it.

  22. Hi, Scotty. I've been learning a lot with you. I live in Brazil and I have a Kia morning (aka Kia Picanto). It's an awesome sub compact car and it's lasting ten years. But I have the same problem: there is no aftermarket to the struts, and the front and back would cost half of the car. So, what do you think I should do? (i saw the video with your wife's lexus also, and i was wondering if I could buy struts of a honda fit which has a good quality and a lot cheaper)

  23. I came back to Scotty for his low quality mic, the poor audio in the intro…. love the fact this man knows what hes talking about. straight to the point and no bullshit. would love to meet you Scotty.

  24. DAMN Scotty, that wax job on the stingray in the opening, WOW that is bad. However that is literally the one bad thing I have ever seen on your channel. I love your vids Thank you!!

  25. Life isn't free ?? Why would owning a Porsche be same as a Ford ?? I don't get people … If the cars weren't expensive to fix they would hold value and you NEVER could afford them ..at least you can get one and fix yourself. Or buy a Ford or Toyota Camry.. not me

  26. Cars are money pits in general. My Honda was and so is my Audi. Newer models even more b/c everything is electric.

  27. Just import Land Cruiser Prado shocks. They’re the same thing as the GX shocks, they’re cheaper, and they are more common.

  28. I was thinking about the new 2019 dodge ram 1500.. big engine.. very comfortable but with air ride suspension.. new model new problema..
    . Maybe not a good idea..
    Better stick with the new Ford f150 EcoBoost…

  29. From a financial standpoint, what people don’t seem to understand is that if the car cost more than 10% of your annual salary, you probably can’t afford it (i.e. if you make $50,000 a year than you shouldn’t spend more than $5,000 on a car). People don’t like to hear it but if you want to be able to bank your money and invest it, than you should not purchase a house (or rent an apartment) and/or car that is completely out of your budget. But of course everyone gets caught up in living a lifestyle than building wealth.

    Scotty, you are the man!!

  30. 2:30 My father was thinking about buying a used Rolls Royce. A guy we knew was selling his. The car was 20 years old at the time and it ran beautifully. It was so solid and had no squeaks. He only wanted 30,000 for the car.

  31. I drive a maserati and its never been too bad in terms of upkeep costs. Engine parts are expensive but that's about it, wouldnt recommend it for the masses though!

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