Why Not to Bring Your Car to the Dealership

Why Not to Bring Your Car to the Dealership

rev up your engines, ride share supplies
says what’s better to go to the dealer to have your car serviced or an independent
mechanic, independent mechanics mark up the price of parts even though their
labor is cheaper ,first of all, no independent should charge more for a part
than the dealer, the dealer prices are the highest prices that you’re ever gonna
pay, now say a dealer says an alternator is $600, well independents, we can get
alternators for one hundred and fifty two hundred dollars, maybe mark it up
some but we never mark it up, honest ones anyways, as high as the dealer prices, the
problem you find is, the dealerships are generally the highest dollar places out
there, most of them are charged 120 to 140 dollars an hour labor now here in Houston,
most independent shops charge less, now you have to find somebody who
knows that they’re doing at either place I’ve seen some very horrible mechanics
that work at dealerships, I’ve seen horrible mechanics that worked in
independent shops, you can find crappy mechanics anywhere, the thing is you want
to find a good mechanic and if you do find a good independent mechanic, you go
to him and have them fix your car, if you go to a dealer you’re gonna get random
whoever’s time it’s turn for working on a car they’ll give your car to them, you’re
not gonna get the same mechanic all the time, so I always say get yourself an
independent mechanic if you can find one 79 says Scotty can you
please talk about the reliability the new GDI Honda engines for civics and
fits, do they suffer from carbon buildup their newer engines, you’re only gonna
know as time goes on but here’s how you can tell if they are gonna have a
problem the original GDI engine, just the
gasoline direct injection sprayed fuel directly into the cylinders not into the
intake manifold where that spray washed over the intake valves and cleaned them, a
lot of the modern cars now and what they did
they went out and they put dual systems on them and the dual systems have both
GDI injectors and intake manifold injectors, they never need it, they don’t
get buildup so check to see if that’s got the dual system or not, you really
want to check that, Kenny Aquino says hi Scotty I want to buy the new Acura TX
six-cylinder with all-wheel drive package what do you think Thank You
Kenny, realize if you’re gonna buy a new Acura
it can last a really long time, but as they age the
all-wheel drive systems can get very expensive to repair, now if you’re
talking about a brand new one, you’ll probably be happy because they probably
won’t break till it gets 140,000 miles or something, now you don’t want to buy a
used one that’s got 140 hundred and fifty thousand cuz you’re gonna put some
money into it, but if you go out and buy a brand new, one you’re probably not gonna
have hardly any problems most of my customers with that stuff just don’t
have any problems, their pretty bulletproof vehicle, they cost an awful
lot of money if you can afford that kind of money and you like the car, go right
out and buy it, I personally like Lexus but they’re just as expensive if not
more so, if you buy a brand new one they’re not cheap vehicle, vanilla says
Scotty I got an Audi a6 v6 TDI from my parents and it’s three hundred thousand
miles the automatic transmission broke should I buy factory repair transmission
for two thousand dollars help, well with that kind of mileage I’d junk the car really I
would not fix it, their money pits from there on, if you want to go ahead and try
that go right ahead, but realize if you’re buying a repaired tranny for
two grand it’s a job replacing it on that v6 engine, changing it out, most mechanics
charge well over fifteen hundred dollars to swap those things out, so you’re
looking at a whole bunch of money, me I’d just get rid of the thing I wouldn’t go
any further with an Audi they are endless money pits at that age, that’s
just how they are, mow Kerry says do you think Renault cars
are good first cars, the Clio or McGann, if you live in England or Europe yes I
recently came back from England and I met a lot of people there that loved
French cars and they owned them for decades, you know great, but here in the United
States no, all the French manufacturers pulled out decades ago because people
didn’t like them, they cost a fortune to fix, the parts were hard to get, they
gave up with sell them in the United States
now Renault itself it’s a big corporation I mean they merged with
Nissan, there’s a bunch of manufacturers out there that are doing stuff, even some
of the Japanese ones are doing stuff with Renault, it’s a huge corporations
but as for the Renault cars themselves in the United States they don’t import
them, I doubt if they’ll ever bring them back, they were a massive
failure, look at Fiat they bought Chrysler and they started to try to sell
Fiats in the United States and now that’s failing, they’re even talking
about pulling Fiats out of the United States because of bad sales, Americans
don’t like their cars they just don’t, Eric T says Scotty I have to refill the
coolant reservoir almost completely every three to six hundred miles what’s
going wrong, okay well you’re losing coolant the first thing try the simplest
thing, just replace the radiator cap, it could be a bad radiator cap, replace that
and it stops, voila you fixed it really dirt cheap, if
it’s not that, I’ve got a video, how to fix an overheating engine, watch that
it’ll show you absolutely everything you can check and pray that it’s something like
maybe a water pump leaking and not a blown head gasket, so if you never want
to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. Secrets. If you do an oil change in the dealership they give you six months of Triple A for free but they don't tell you about it. If something happens to the engine they have to give you a new one.
    Dealership finances the work on the car too. Your mechanic don't.
    More secrets. Chevrolet Cruze car have a transmission problem/defect. If you don't change the oil on the dealership where you bought it they will blame you and do nothing. Biggest ripoff from Chevrolet! But what does changing the oil have to do with the transmission?

  3. Living in a rural area means there aren’t a whole lot of options, one good thing is that we all know each other, rely on each other. The local dealership recently replaced my timing chain in a 2011 F150 Ecoboost, not a job for a majority of backyard mechanics. There are maintenance jobs I do myself to help save money, but changing a power steering pump in a new vehicle is not the same job on a vehicle 20 years old. I would have not been comfortable taking it to a dealership in a large town or city.

  4. The ONLY time I've ever taken my Chevy S10 to the Dealership is the few times in my ownership that I've been REAR ENDED so basically the Auto Collision Center and of course the Insurance of the other driver paid for the repairs

  5. I had a Toyota dealer offer to "dust" my brakes for $80.00. I smiled, said "No thanks" and let it go.

    Never let them inspect my car again.

  6. I broought my moms 98 Mercedes to get a small job done, and this dude comes out with a bill that added up to 6k.

  7. Regular service like fluid changes are cheaper at the dealership but when I had to get my wheel bearings changed out it was more than half off at my local mechanic

  8. Had a Renault Megane 1.6 from 2000. While it was working it was nice – basic and low end but snappy engine and could be thrown around in the city with such ease, felt like a sports mini-hatch at times despite not being one. But quality was at times awful – ignition coil issues always, automatic tranny repairs, would not start because a certain magnet related to the started would rust (solved with WD40) etc. This all at about 50k KM.

  9. The only thing I go to the dealer for is the $6.00 oil change (can’t do it cheaper myself) and warranty which might as well pull my own teeth.

  10. I only brought to a dealership service center once and that was because I needed the stereo unlocked. This was right after I bought my car and it wouldnt let me enter in a code at all. When I brought it to the dealer they had to program the stereo to recognise the vin of my car. Gotta love early 2000s GM rds stereos

  11. Happened to me a few years ago just for a oil change for 29.99 almost ended up paying 300.00 the so called worker used an air tool to take the bolt of to let the oil out then they sat there and going to lie and say it was already done even though I changed it many times before

  12. I bring my dodge to the dealership only for specialty services. Automatic transmission services I only use the dealership, malfunctioning accessories I use the dealership- or any job where I feel the need to have oem parts. Routine maintenance I either do myself, or go elsewhere.

  13. ALL the mechanics and service departments at the (Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep) dealerships in houston are COW POOP…
    I've had bad experiences and according to yelps reviews lots of others as well.

  14. Down here in Mexico we have to go to the dealership for basically everything or the warranty voids. From an oil change to a tune up. They're expensive AF.

  15. My brother-in-law least a accurate tox brand new in tueni 16 it was a 2017 year model within 9 months he was having issues with it the emergency/parking brake is randomly setting itself it has done it over a dozen times now hes had the car in to the dealership 5 × 2 try to get figured out no one knows how to fix it even at full throttle on the inner state when it happens at 80 miles an hour he only has about 4 or 5 seconds to pull off the road and come to a complete stop then he has to wait a minute before he can release the parking brake usually he has to restart the car the TL x's are huge piles of krapp they're just too much technology going on with them the computer modules don't interface properly and that triggers random stuff sometimes he also gets random – lights coming on as well including the check engine light when there is no fault Codes He had an older acura when he was in high school in the early 2 thousands you like that car but he says because of his experience with this acura this is the last time he will ever mess with accurate because it has been such a dangerous and disappointing car.

  16. I've used a number of highly recommended independent repair shops and none of them come close to my experience going to my Subaru dealer. I 100% trust the advice of my service manager, i've never felt swindled, they know their cars inside out, their prices are competitive, and when I can be flexible with the day the work is scheduled they can almost always can get me a loaner car.

  17. I went to Jiffy lube. The guy cross threaded / stripped my drain plug. Using a airwrench. Went back he F it up some more. Put in regular oil. Not synthetic my receipt showed. Went back. He put in synthetic. Went home. Oil poring out. On my way back home. Went to another shop to replace oil pan. Billed Jiffy lube for cross threading drain plug. After that I been mostly going to dealer. For oil changes.

  18. i have a renault megane 2007 1.5 diesel engine its consums 5 litre of diesel every 100 km . ,pretty nice car and reliable,here in europe Renault/Dacia are popular cheap and relaible you can buy here in europe a new renaul clio or dacia logan for 8500$

  19. Even when I buy a new car, I avoid dealers like the plague. I have always been able to find a good, honest, independent mechanic. My current mechanic I have used for 20 years.

  20. Sometime on dealers the mechanics have friends that have cars like the ones they work on and they change damaged or semi damaged parts for yours when its on the dealer, thats why i would recomend an indepent mechanic.

  21. Yeah all of these are generalizations when it comes to services. For transparency purposes I do work for a dealer. Is our maintenance more expensive than some independent shops around our fairly small town? Yes. Do we rip folks off? I dont see it.
    We provide courtesy shuttle services, completely free rental car service for large jobs/jobs that are going to take longer than expected (we are a small store, 2 quick lube, 2 technicians and 2 master techs) we provide free drinks, food, and even laptops for those who would like to get some work done or just surf the web. I have a better experience getting my work done at my store (and I was getting it done there before I worked there) than any other shop I had been to. I dont mind the few extra dollars I'm spending, when I have had a wonderful experience each time.

    Obviously results may vary. Some dealers F U C K I N G suck. I know, I briefly worked for one of em.

  22. @scotty kilmer I've been lucky with my Chevy dealer I always get the same mechanic (for 19 years now) and they treat me super well.

  23. I went to my dealership for my 15' xlt f150. I needed cabin air filter changed. They told me mine didn't have one, but it does.

    I'm upset they didn't do their job, that is the whole purpose of going to the dealer and paying higher price because they are trained specifically for your car, in my case Ford.

    Of course I can do my own maintenance, but I want the record to keep my warranty.

    This tells me for 3 years no one with an f150 xl or xlt has went to them for cabin air filter at 20,000 miles…or they've failed to do there job on a lot like mine.

    Scary part is they are one of the largest dealers in my area. The claim was they thought only lariat and above had cabin filters… I happen to have a copy of the dealer workshop manual it tells everything so I know they didn't do their homework.

    Worst part is customers are going to wonder what is wrong with their truck A/C and heat or blower fan. I'm guessing those parts will fail early. I've heard the place is a rip off from others…I didn't buy my truck from them not educated on them to make a sale and pushy sales.

  24. Hi Scotty I’m thinking of buying my wife the new 2019 Honda CR-V, just concern on their about the new turbocharged engines vs their older non turbo ones. From a Houston native to another What is ur take on them? Many thanks love ur videos!

  25. We had okay experience with service on our recent Subaru’s. They charged what local mechanics did for factory maintenance. Same with a power window motor. I think dealers like that are hard to find though.

  26. Hey Scotty, Could you please talk about 2007 Ford Ghia Automatic 5 door hatchback 1.6? Should I buy it as my first car?

  27. I'd take my hoopdie to Shouty if he weren't 660 miles away… seriously! Thanks Scotty, I enjoy your videos =)

  28. I’m guilty for going to a dealership I have a warranty and I rather go to the dealer than trying to find an independent mechanic because a lot of guys like that try to rip u off same as the dealer but I rather deal with. Them

  29. Been to the corner independent mechanics and they are extremely expensive, charged me hundreds for a diagnostic test which didn’t tell me anything.

  30. And on another thing, you may not know who will work on your vehicle at a dealership, but at an independent, you may not know what apprentice is going work on your car as the owner can throw anyone he wants to work on your car.

  31. Scotty, while your reasons for not taking your car to a dealership makes sense.. I drive a 2006 BMW M5 and when I took my car to an independent mechanic, I ended up paying more at them than I did at a BMW dealership.. any idea why? Or is it a crappy mechanic?

  32. Luckily the two Ford dealers I go to are family owned and ran, everybody knows everybody. Yes I usually pay a premium but I have NEVER took the car back because they didn't do it right the first time which I can't say for others.

    They always accommodated me on a moments notice and allowed me to use my own parts when I asked to keep prices low.

    They also have always been 100% honest which is still a hard concept for me to grasp because I have been screwed over by so many independents and big dealers a like.

    I think Scotty is the real deal, he says the same things the Ford Dealer does, like stay away from the Focus (yes the dealer is that honest with me at least that they strongly recommended a Fusion instead and cited transmission issues for the Focus!).

  33. I had a 2012 Boss 302 that seemed to stay at the dealership seevice department more than in my hands due to that crap transmission and the fact that they couldn't ever figure out quirky issues with the car. I had an obvious vibration issue and when riding with the manager, he pretended not to hear anything even though non-car lovers that rode with me asked what the sound was. Thumbs down on the Found On Road Dead service crew at the dealership I dealt with.

  34. Taking your car to dealership for maintenance" is the same experience when you buy it, they just want to ripyouoff. I bet if you take you two months old car they gonna make a big list of recommendations to do

  35. The number one car question I've been asking for years is HOW do I find a good, honest, and reasonable independent mechanic? Trial and error? I feel I'm getting ripped off by the locals almost as much as by my dealership.

  36. We have an 11 yr old F250. We take it to the dealership after finding independent shops can't really seem to work on it. Although we have minor issues with the truck, replacing a few hoses etc….something my husband probably could have done himself lol….we prefer to take to the place that should be able to diagnose and fix anything wrong with it. We have 130,000 miles on it and still still love this truck…but finding people we trust to work it is hard these days.

  37. I take my car to the dealership I bought it from for oil changes because they do a basic inspection for free and let me know what might need attention in the future .
    I can't get that at an oil change garage place

  38. One of your better videos. I do take exception for all your complaining about dealerships. There are many advantages to working at one, especially the training. I did honest work at them for 15 years and became a certified Senior Master Technician for the brand in the process. They do mark their parts up too much and encourage techs to do more than is really necessary. I didn't play that game and made a little less because of it. Some of us do have some pride.

  39. This maybe true. My dealer wanted to charge me 200 just to look at my car then told me an alternator will cost me 500 to 100 bucks.

  40. This isn’t always true. I recently had to replace my exhaust manifold. Independent quoted me 620, at the dealer it was $350. Always worth it to get a second opinion.

  41. My eyes were opened when I realized I could buy a $10 part at the parts store, and it would cost me $20 to get it delivered to the repair shop, and they would then charge me $40, for the same $10 part. I started shopping around after that.

  42. I have done brakes, fluid changes, replaced wind shields etc. When we bought a new Toyota I took it to the dealer for all it's oil changes. The reason was the warranty. The car ran great but as the warranty was set to expire I noticed oil on the ground and on the engine. I had to have it towed to the dealer. They gave me the cost to fix it and it was high. I told them it was still under warranty. They then gave me the sad story if I didn't have records of the oil changes and maintenance I was out of luck. That's when I pulled out the record book with all the Toyota stamps from day one. They ended up eating all the cost even the tow. So it did pay off to have them service it.

  43. One charged me 3100 claiming to replace a rear seal ruining my motor when I only had a bad pcv hose and valve.someone else looked at the car and said the motor was never removed to replace the seal.imformed only lower motor to replace seal not remove it just be careful.

  44. hi scotty I need your suggestions, I bought a new TOYOTA CAMRY 2019 XSE V4 from the TOYOTA DEALER in whitby . AFTER 3WEEKS my car met with an accident in a highway which was not my fault. It was hit and run case and after that i left my car for repair to the dealership- the guy in the auto body shop in toyota says he ordered parts and didnt receive them. its been 5 weeks now ! im really frustrated should give it somewhere else?

  45. Man you are right. Local Chevy dealer wanted to charge me $150 just to change a reverse light bulb. Light is only $14 bucks and the job only takes 15 mins. Found a how to vid on internet. ?? That's ridiculous.

  46. I always new dealers charged the most. BUT I recently called my local Chevy dealer to get a price to get my new headlights aimed correctly. The dealer wanted $175! The headlights cost $130 for the pair! A 'regular mechanic charged me $30!!! And they are aimed just fine. Talk about mark up!!

  47. I have to go to the dealer to get my oil leak fixed. My car has 25k miles. Manufacturer warranty covers it.

  48. Don't.. ever import a renault clio to USA, junkyards in Europe are full of them, so parts are cheap as chips, but that car after 15 years will be a kind of money pit if you have to buy parts to Renault, i can tell you I have a Mark I with 22 years, i never go to Renault, I have a good mechanic that mounts the salvaged parts from junkyards that i buy in the web or from nearby scrapyards, specifically the Clios with automatic transmission "that are rare as hell in Europe".

  49. What do you think about Nissan pathfinder 2016 with 161000 km used to buy from Nissan dealership. Drives great and has good pick?

  50. i brought my 02 nissan altima to an independent mechanic and he wasnt able to fix the car since jan. 2019..so I had to go to the dealer in Aug. 2019

  51. Scotty's stuck in a time-warp. The days of the neighborhood mechanic who will do work cheaper are long gone. There's an independent mechanic three streets away from me. He's more expensive than the dealer. I go to the dealer. At least I know I'm getting screwed up front, and I have some kind of recourse if something goes wrong. Theoretically they know my car inside out.

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