Why Not to Buy a BMW

Why Not to Buy a BMW

rev up your engines,
Steve from Atlanta Georgia, what about buying a bmw x5 is it a good
move, only if you live in an alternative universe, the bmw x5 was one of the
highest repair cars in the world, they are endless money pits as they age, and
the stinker about that is, okay say okay I’ll buy new one then, then I don’t worry
about it till it breaks down, well they still break down when they get to be
five to eight years old anyways, but they lose so much value, that if you really
want to BMW x5 you’re better to lease a new one for a couple of years and then get
rid of it, and you lose the lease payment but that’s a lot less than it will
depreciate in those years of ownership there aren’t one of the worst cars in
the world when it comes to endless money pits, when I used to do a TV gig one of
the anchors there and those anchors made you know three-four hundred grand a
year for talking on TV, he had one he got rid of it in a year he said, oh god it was
a money pit I didn’t want that thing
anymore, and he made that kind of money and even he didn’t like it, Anders possio
says Scotty what’s your opinion on a Ford
Escape 05-0, and why does the Pontiac Vibe cost less than a Toyota
Matrix, would a Pontiac Vibe be a safe buy okay we’ll start with the Pontiac, they
cost less because they were Pontiacs now most of the vehicle was a Toyota Matrix,
engine, transmission, brakes, and all that stuff, but a lot of body parts were made
by Pontiac, its value is less it’s just just the way that it goes, it could be a
very good buy because it’s got a Toyota engine, transmission, and brakes, so if you
don’t mind the slightly uglier Pontiac body style on it, go ahead and get one you
know they could be good cars, now Ford escapes I’ve had customers that had ford
escapes and loved them, they can last quite some time, you can get a used one
cheaply enough, if you’re thinking about buying a used one though, pay a mechanic
like me to check it out first, and the main thing is, have them check out that
transmission cuz that’s the weakest thing, if the transmissions off a little
you wouldn’t buy it, but if an older person drove it or the person didn’t
beat the car much, they can last a long time, I got a lady who’s got one that has
240,000 miles, original engine and tranny, but
I’ve seen kids burn them out faster, so you want to have that checked out if
you’re gonna buy one, lele says scotty what do you think about safety between a big
SUV truck frame and cars, I’ve seen car crashes usually the cars are hurt badly, should
I get a bigger SUV, of course it’s pure physics and logic
the bigger vehicle you are in, the safer you’re gonna be in a wreck, when things get in
in a wreck, all the energy, kinetic energy of
that speeding vehicle has to be dissipated somehow, if you’re in a big
vehicle and you run into something your energy is going to be dissipated by
crushing the smaller vehicle, and it’s gonna push it around, if you’re in a
small vehicle, you’re gonna get crushed more, now look at a Formula One racecar
they’re tiny, but those guys can fly through the air and they come apart, but
they’re in the safety capsule and so they can survive it, cars aren’t that way,
so of course you are safer in a bigger SUV that’s just common sense, that’s the
way that they are, and the modern ones all have
airbags, so I mean if you’re really worried you’re better off with a bigger
vehicle then a smaller one, that’s just the way that it goes, the smaller ones
are safer than they used to be, because they have all crumple zones, but they still
you’re gonna be safer in a bigger vehicle with a crumple zone, than a
smaller one, mr. Rodriguez says Scotty, 2015
Mustang EcoBoost reliability, 27,000 miles is it a money pit, well you know it
depends if somebody took care of it or not, the problem with EcoBoost is, it’s
got GDI injectors, it has turbo chargers on it and puts more stress on the engine,
so you have to change the oil religiously
and use good high-quality gasoline, if that was done it can be a reliable
vehicle, but it’s not a vehicle that you’re gonna abuse and think, well I
don’t have to change the oil much, on a vehicle like that I’d change the oil
and filter every 5,000 miles, I’d use full synthetic oil and I
would buy hi test gas, because they run better with hi test gas with those
turbochargers on them, you can’t just run the
cheapest gas, the cheapest oil and expect them to be reliable, you do have
to take more care of those things than you do of a regular one, 115 says Scotty
how tall are you, well that’s an interesting story because I used to be
taller, I’m getting old and I have shrunk I used to be 511 and a half, and now I’m
like five ten and a half, but part of it was when I was younger I had a BSA
lightning that was chopped, and it had no shock absorbers on the back just bolt on
struts, so every time you hit a bump it compressed your back bone, and I was
going to school in Canada at the time in Toronto, and one of my friends was doing
this research on Eskimos and it turns out these Eskimos had all shrunk
one and a half to two inches when they started to get snowmobiles, cuz
snowmobiles don’t have much of a suspension system, and their riding them on the ice pack
bang bang bang and it shrunk them and compressed their
vertebrate, so that happened to me too it’s, a warning to people you really want
shock absorbers on your vehicles, or all that banging over time, special if you
drive fast, it’s gonna make you shrink somewhat, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. But I want an X5. They're nice. What if I'm careful with cars, have a friend that's a mechanic, and I get one that's not too old with too many miles?

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