Why Not to Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Car

Why Not to Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Car

Rev up your engines,
studio one says scotty what do you think about certified pre owned vehicles, especially Lexus,
certified pre owned to me it’s a bunch of non sense, it’s just that they put a name
on it and charge more money because their all a dealership, I’ll give you an example,
I once went to a toyota dealership, a customer paid me to check out a car for them and I
check it out and I looked, it was a quart low on oil and the oil was dirty and it said
it was a certified pre owned vehicle, so I told the guys at the dealer I said, you
know the thing was low on oil and it was dirty and they said, oh well we haven’t changed
the oil yet, I said it doesn’t matter it’s too late, it dirty and it’s burning oil, the
engine has been damaged and I told the customer not to buy it,
and of course all they’d have to have done was change the oil before I checked it and
I would have never noticed that, but they didn’t, a lot of it is non sense,
they don’t have anybody go with a fine tooth comb to check it out you know, it’s just a
sales joke you know, and since their all dealerships they charge too much money for their cars
anyways, I once bought a toyota celica for my son for $900 and he drove it for ages,
and that same one when I was looking for one, I found a toyota celica that was the same
age, it was 15 years old at a toyota dealer and it had 50,000 miles more than the one
I paid $900 for and they wanted $6,500 for it at the dealer, so and it was certified
pre owned you know, a joke if you ask me, scotty what do you think about Chinese car
brands selling cars in Europe now, their at great prices is it a good buy,
it’s like everything else made in China, there’s good things and there’s bad things,
your not going to be able to tell one from the other until they’ve been out for a really
long time, or your not going to be able to tell until
you buy one and experiment with it and see what happens,
from what I’ve seen in my experience with people all over the world that email me, that
company Geely they make pretty good vehicles, and if it’s one of those, maybe it would be
a bad idea to buy one, you got to do a little research first, eventually their probably
going to be selling cars all over the place because, I know GM now sells more cars now
in China than they do in the US, but those are all made in China they don’t
sell then in the US yet, but I’m sure one day they will,
just like Ford announced they weren’t going to be making cars anymore in the US just SUVs
and trucks and the Mustang which is their big sports car,
but their making cars in China and I’m sure at some point in time they’ll probably start
importing them to Europe and the US and selling them,
you know eventually they’ll probably be making really good cars but you want to do a little
research first on which models people have had and which ones had the least problems,
and they don’t sell them here yet so I can’t say from my experience, Maverick says good
morning scotty my 04 honda keeps shutting off every time I stop or turn it on, you know
what they problem is thanks keep doing what you’re doing, oh I’m having fun I’m not going
to stop, if it keeps shutting down, the first thing
you do it the obvious things, take out the air filter, I’ve had more customers bring
me cars and the only thing wrong was the air filter was full of crud, you might just need
an air filter, now if it doesn’t, there are things that can get dirty and clog
up, get 2 cans of the spray cleaner that will cost you $14 combined and will take you maybe
45 minutes to run them through and clean it and that might solve the whole thing,
I see that all the time, if not that, listen for vacuum leaks, if you
hear a sucking noise while you’re driving down the road or you open the hood and hear
it sucking air, it’s a vacuum leak and fix the vacuum leak because that will do it too,
j johnson says scotty I’m thinking about buying a used prius 5, what should I watch out for,
well one I wouldn’t buy a used hybrid car because their too complex and when they get
old they cost an absolute fortune to repair, but if you’re going to buy a used one, pay
a guy like me to check it out beforehand, because that machine I just showed you that
cost me $5,000, I plug that into that prius, I will get thousands of pages of data that
can be checked, got to pay a mechanic to check out one of
those, don’t ever think about buying one without a mechanic checking it out who knows all about
priuses and understands how they work, and if you want to gamble it go right ahead,
zed says I got a ABS light on a toyota 3s fe engine, the code scanner just says ABS
failure, cables look fine,what the possible reason,
here’s the thing about ABS, anti lock braking systems are all run by computers, there’s
sensors on each wheel, their very complicated systems, you got a cheap scanner and it just
says ABS failure, you got to find a guy like me, that has one
of these scanners, this is a $5,000 one, we go in, we can see the wheel speed sensors,
we can see all, I’ll get like 50 lines of data on the ABS system and I can figure out
what it is, you can’t work on them without one of those
computers and a guy who knows how to operate it,
now most ABS systems are fail safe, is the ABS brakes go bad, it goes back to normal
non ABS brakes likes most of my cars are, and it perfectly fine, but if you want it
fixed, you’re going to have to find a guy like me that’s got an expensive machine, because
you’re not going to buy a $5,000 machine and learn how to operate it, find a guy like me
that says they’ll check it out for $85 and they’ll tell you what they found wrong with
it, so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring that bell!

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  2. Buying a certified pre-owned car is advantageous if the warranty comes from the manufacturer. For example if a dealership like “joe shmos Chevrolet” puts a 10 year 100k mile warranty that’s “bumper to bumper” but the warranty is only good at his dealership it is a sales pinch. If you’re looking at a certified Honda/Toyota/Lexus or Acura, the certified warranty is very extensive. I’ve had customers that buy a certified pre owned mini van and the electric sliding door shorts out, it’s a $1700 fix (there’s no way for a dealership to know if something like this is going to happen) with the warranty it cost her a $25 deductible. TRUE certified warranties are good at any of the manufacturers dealerships NATION WIDE. I hope this helps anyone that’s currently in the market or will be in the market soon!

  3. Certified preowned is a joke. the checklist I looked at on one said the sunroof was ok. Didn't have a sunroof.

  4. Hi I had a 94 Accord, it wouldnt start sometimes. I found out it was the computer. Went on Ebay and bought a used one for $75 and it started up like new, no problems.

  5. No one sells a true certified pre-owned vehicle that's 15 years old. There's a big difference between a dealer saying it's certified vs. a manufacturer certified pre-owned car. The manufacturer will extend the factory warranty on the car. For example an Audi certified pre-owned car gets an extra 2 years added to the existing factory warranty (which means the car must still be under warranty when sold) plus it raises the warranty mileage from 50,000 miles to 100,000 miles. If you car about warranties and are interested in Audis you're better off buying a lightly used CPO than a brand new Audi. Many other brands have a similar system. If it's backed by the manufacturer the warranty will be honored at any dealership. A lot of dealerships put a generic "Certified" sticker on their cars but in those cases it is a bunch of BS.

  6. I bought a certified pre owned fusion from palm coast ford, twice got a free oil change ,they over filled the oil, then tried to deny that they over filled it,then when I had a problem with the door lock ,they wanted to charge me $ 100 to fix it , I fixed it myself in less than 5 minutes, bottom line is Palm Coast ford …SUCKS!!!

  7. Bought an 07 Prius for only 4,500 and it’s been fucking perfect. It had 95k miles. Perfect Inside and out. Cmon Scotty you’re old lol

  8. I had the same type of experience but at of Nissan dealer I bought a certified used Nissan Titan pickup truck and when I got it home…I was checking over everything myself… air filter for the engine was black …the cabin filter for inside the car was missing… the engine oil was black… I mean it was ridiculous so I called them up and complained… I changed everything myself gave them the bill and they reimbursed me 👍

  9. Looked at two used cars at a GM dealership. One was 'Certified', the other wasn't. The credit union was ready to loan more money on the 'certified'. I purchased the other and saved some cash.

  10. RUYE!!
    Damn!! Scotty, you sure stuff lots of answers and opinions in one short vid!! Why can't all YT-ers be like u??!!??!! Keep up the good work!

  11. Learn that the hard way back in 2014. Bought a 2008 Ford fusion and it was used from the dealership and I had one more car payment then the computer went out and they wanted $4000.00 to fix it and had to trade it in. Felt like it have a kill switch or something.

  12. I agree. I shopped with intention to buy a 3-4 yr old Toyota product with manual and under 35k. The CPO options were ridiculous. Cost only a couple grand less than a brand new base Corolla. Dumb. They wanted $13500 for a 20k Mile 15 Scion XB. These warranties have limitations. They will end as well. I finally found a 2015 manual Scion XB with 30k and basic remaining 2 yrs on powertrain or 20k miles, and it was $10,500. There’s piece of mind, but not for $3000 on stuff that rarely fails on good cars!

  13. I am currently looking to purchase a new vehicle. Went to a Subaru dealership they had several certified vehicles at lower prices….one dealer pointed me towards them, but I didn't have time. Returning the next day that dealer wasn't working another dealer was we spoke on those vehicles……he showed me a list of certified vehicles that has recalls and those several vehicles it would take them several hundreds of dollars to get them up to speed so the salesmen were encouraged to see those vehicles for a percentage bonus. I told him thanks, but just started looking for another vehicle.

  14. Hey Scotty , I took my car into dealer for reg oil change. Usually do it myself but it was super cold out. After 1000 km driving the oil was dark when I checked it. I didn’t get to check it right after. But it isn’t thick it’s just darker. Think it should be just fine? Did they maybe just not empty it all out. I swear the last time I changed it the oil stayed cleaner longer. Should I redo my oil just to make sure it’s good to go ?

  15. Ford certified means you get a 5k warranty so if your dumb enough to buy a used car from dealer. At least with Ford they give 5k warranty with certified used cars. But make sure you dont pay extra for it. Find a used Ford car wheel and deal get lowest price and then tell them you want it certified. They'll try to charge extra but dont pay walk away and they'll usually change mind.

  16. Chinese steel sucks.. Products from china has improved a ton since 80's.. but everything is still disposable.. There is nothing that you could consider high quality

  17. nonsense, buying a car that carries a warranty such as certified is a very good thing cause the manufacturer is backing up the warranty not the new car dealer…always buy a used car that still has it's original factory MFG. warranty left on it…..

  18. I worked for a Toyota dealership and noticed that their factory certified cars were in very poor condition, the interior was dirty, mechanically was bad, body wise bad. So I asked the used car lot manager why Toyota allow these abused cars to be sold under the Toyota certified brand, his reply Toyota gives incentives to the top brass if they hit company sales targets, the GM could not care less he wanted his bonuses end of story.
    My understanding of Certified: the consumer pays a premium for the car, in other words, an extended warranty contract is included in the sales price. Good for the factory, good for the dealership, bad for the buyer.

  19. I enjoy your videos. I have a question. I bought a 2018 Dodge Durango SXT. I like the car but it seems to have a transmission that slips and even with the car shut off the radio will come on and run all night. Seems strange. My first Dodge and maybe not a good car. Curious what you thought.

  20. Nothing wrong to bay if you know about car you can say on evry car.if car in accident or if car have other problem

  21. They’re good to get the newer cars. Goodluck trying to find a used car that is the same calendar year or a year older.

  22. I bought one with a gold wrap on it. Bumper to bumper 7 warranty coverage. Great deal and no problems. It works sometimes.

  23. I've only bought 3 used cars from dealers and had major problems with all of them. Any used car I've bought from a private seller, or any new car I've bought, have been trouble-free.

  24. Certified Pre owned Hyundai's is good for the 2nd owner. Without the certification, the warranty for the 2nd owner is capped at 60K. Certification extends it to the original 100K.

  25. Hay Scotty please do a review on the Volkswagen passat inline and the best 1 to buy new, or used.I'm looking sir. Thank u😄😎

  26. Took my Kia to the shop for all its fluid changes and it still had a transmission shudder and some acceleration issues. Transmission flush took care of the shudder and I replaced front plugs for better acceleration. Still got to take it back so the shop to replaced the rear plugs. Lots of money spent on a certified pre-owned.

  27. How could you possibly recover the cost of a $5K machine by charging $85 to use it?? The guy is worth at least $60 without the machine.

  28. This is one of the few things I disagree with in a Scotty video. Certified used cars are a great deal for a late model car. I purchased a certified used Lexus. I purchased a 2015 GS 350 F sport with 16,400 miles on it in 2018. The car was a lease return, purchased it for 34K on what was a 59K car new. Not only did it come with the remaining manufactures warranty but as a certified used car through Lexus they extend the warranty to 10yr 100K miles. Also if you finance the car through Lexus credit they treat it as a new car and I received a new car rate of 1.9%. Great car Great Deal!!

  29. Some times a CPO will enable you to get a low interest rate during financing. Many dealers offer .9% to 1.9% for a certified pre-owned vehicle. Some times credit unions or banks won't compete with this. Other than that, you're basically just buying an extended warranty.

  30. Certified pre-owned means the manufacture puts their stamp on it. They will cover everything and anything broken under their extended warranty that comes with the CPO. Even a new engine .

  31. Scotty not sure what you are talking about. Your anecdote about the CPO car at a Toyota dealership that was a quart low on (dirty) oil sounds very similar to one you told in another video about a CPO vehicle at a Toyota dealership that was TWO quarts low. Also as others have mentioned, the CPO programs that I have personally dealt with at both Toyota and Lexus, neither accepts cars 15 years old into the program. For the sake of clarity, I wish you would make it clear whose CPO program you are talking about. Is it an independent used car lots program, a dealership's program or manufacturer's CPO program. I owned a Toyota CPO Camry for two years and I presently own a Lexus CPO ES350. The Toyota was four years old when I bought it and the Lexus was three years old. Both cars compared favorably to the brand new Toyota and Lexus cars which I have owned. The price I paid for each was very fair considering the warranty coverage. I think warranty coverage is the key thing to think of when buying a manufacturer's CPO vehicle. The car is a USED CAR! It is not perfect and things may very well break. In the case of Lexus that warranty can be, and often is superior to the new car warranty. I like and watch a lot of your videos; but in this case I think you are misleading your viewers when it comes to ALL CPO vehicles.

  32. Basically don’t buy from a dealer but make sure to hire Scotty so he can go and check the car for you . Lol . you make somewhat sense Scotty but just like I trying to make money everyone else is too . When you go to the dealership make sure you know your stuff and know the salesperson you are working with . Do your research and go with your finances and what’s reasonable . Only take information from the salesperson and ignore all the selling tricks. Very simple . Scotty make it sound scary but it’s not like that . Certification is good and it’s done by 160 point inspection as well . Ask the dealer for proof and they should have it .

  33. Wish I would have found this guy, before I spent $18,200 on a 2015 Toyota Camry XSE. Nice car, but I know it wasn't worth that much. It was CPO, btw.

  34. Scotty my 2016 Chevy Cruze Limited LT just popped the code P0299/Turbo underboost. I've don't so much research. I just need to get under the hood and diagnose it. It's my only vehicle at the moment tho. I was thinking about taking it to the dealership. I don't want to they always charge an arm and a leg unless it's an oil change and they don't even change the filter.

  35. No idea why he says not to buy a used Prius. Some of them go 400k miles+ on one engine and battery. I bought my Lexus CT200h used (glorified Prius). I've put 60k miles on it with not one single problem. Has 93k miles now.

  36. it’s just a 18 year old that gives the car an inspection. i test drove a certified car and it was shaking and pulling to the right. its just a used car they put an $300 warranty and they charge u $2500. thats all! not even a factory warranty! with a $100 deductible

  37. So scotty what you are telling the world is dealership Techs are guilty of not doing their job. That they don’t do proper recon. It seems like you are too into your world.

  38. Misinformation… CPO is great bc you get an extended warranty. They are not all equal… I always recommend it when buying German cars. You still have to maintain the vehicle.

  39. I bought a certified Toyota Camry "parkway Toyota Stealership NJ. It had a mess up Back bumper painted with a different color than the rest of the car, no even finished it. But I did not see it because they put the car in the shining sun in order for you not to see the details of the paint and other damages. Sucker me. when I went back few days later they told that I had bought an use car. Then they forgot about the great Certified selling crap that they were putting to me by my throat days ago. "Thieve"

  40. I would love to see Scotty have discussions with other experts, maybe on the selling side. Because while I trust Scotty a lot I’m sure there are some things he’s wrong on or other valid perspectives that most of us laypeople don’t hear

  41. Isn't a cpo vehicle still covered under warranties whereas a USED car has ZERO warranty. You talk quicker than a used car salesman. I know I know. $5k scanner right. Find a guy like me. Blah blah blah. B.S.

  42. I regret financing a dealship car cost me 3 times more. Dam i should of been watchingn.scotty since day one

  43. Funny how his stories change as he tells them multiple times. The other time I heard that story about the certified pre-owned the car was 2 quarts low.

  44. You had me until you said priuses cost a fortune to maintain. That's a myth that's over a decade old now, and you couldn't have been more wrong. Look at the actual hard data and you'll find the polar opposite conclusion.

  45. 02 Ford focus, certified piece of crap! Certified warranty repair to dead transmission lasted until the top end blew up within 100 miles after the warranty expired. Sold it for parts and put 390000 on an 07 Corolla. No wonder Ford stopped making cars. The only worthwhile vehicle they make is a truck.

  46. I bought a certified Lexus, and although I don't believe many of the 160 points inspections are really inspected, maybe just few here and there, but the car is in great condition and it does extend the warranty by 2 more years unlimited miles and give 2 years/20k miles free oil change. I paid a fair KBB for it. Now, many other certified Lexus cars were overpriced by at least $3500 over KBB high book and for those, there is no way I would pay over book price. But, for what I got I'm very happy with it, I still have 6 months on the original bumper to bumper, then the certified 2 years will kick in after that.

  47. I am wondering if you are stating facts on 15 yo certified preowned Celica. No manufacturers certify 15 year old vehicles, vehicles typically has to be 4 years old or newer to be certifiable… How did you find a 15 yo CPO???

  48. certified pre owned cars are 10x better than a regular used car. They go through a huge safety inspection, you get a huge extended warranty. Plus someone already took the hit of deprecation so your saving thousands. Most of my certified cars only have 2k miles on them and there around 8k cheaper than a brand new car. I will only buy certified cars. Dont listen to this retard and whatever he has to say. He sounds like a uneducated little kid.

  49. Buying a certified car gives you a warranty… so this video is pretty ignorant. It's not like u buy a certified car just so you get a certification, you buy it to get an extended warranty

  50. So true, i used to work at the dealer. They just slap the "Certified" on and charge a premium. I saw bird nest in the engine, low coolant, broken tail light etc…Never even check the car claiming 160 inspection.

  51. Scotty. I normally can disagree but your are CERTIFIED WRONG. and you can't certify a car thats older than 4 or 5 years. So your 900 vs 6500 certified story if wrong or a lie.

  52. So i bought a 2010 Volvo S80 in 2013. Certified pre owned, 40k miles. Original sticker was $44k. Bought it for $23k. Had routine maintenance all paid for until 100k / 7 yrs. At 108k miles now and not one problem to be seen. Had Volvo go thru it (trusted mechanic) and can't find anything even on the fringe. Some are probably better than others. Ten year old Volvo better than any new Chevy, Chrysler, Dodge, BMW, Merc, etc

  53. You are correct on this one!!! Lol normally when a a car ends up I a dealership with miles on it is because they had issues with it and traded it in for a good one!! Dealership never checks it like they claim!!! If it runs!? They will try to sell it!! Bottom line is that they are in the business to make money! Not to fix cars up and sell them at no profit!!! The least they invest in a car!? The more they will make$$$$

  54. Certified cars are nothing but an extended factory backed warranty. Dealerships treat cars like trash. Service guys just try to move things as fast as possible and check all the boxes without inspection.

  55. Some Volvo, Cadillac and Buick sold in America are made in China. As good as any of their other cars, maybe better, as they use more robots.

  56. They are all I've ever bought with no problems, using common sense comes first!

    Stick to car repair videos, avoid your opinions! Most times they make almost no sense!

  57. I bought a certified pre-owned wife, and that didn't work out, so I certainly wouldn't buy the same in a car.

  58. Hey Scotty! Got a question. My alternator went out so I recharged the battery and drove it several times with a fully charged battery. Worked fine but I noticed that almost as soon as I start driving, the “SLIP” light comes on, along with the “BRAKE” light and another light that I think is the skid protection or something. But all 3 lights come on as soon as I start driving it. Would that be caused by the alternator not working? Or is it a problem with brake sensors? My brakes sound like they’re wore out too, so I’m not sure. Thanks.

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