Why Not to Buy a Cold Air Intake – Bad Car Mods

Why Not to Buy a Cold Air Intake – Bad Car Mods

rev up your engines today I’m going to tell you why not to put
cold air intakes on your car, now it’s come to my attention that many people
think they can put on a cold air intake on the car to get more horsepower and
have more acceleration, they remove the factory airbox and the filter, and they
replace it with one of these cold air intake systems, they have claims that they add more
horsepower, but listen to me yes they work on race cars, but race cars
are dyno tuned, so everything is set for the way the vehicle setup, before every
race they even reset it to make it run perfectly, your regular car on the other
hand, it’s designed by engineers the airflow that goes through the normal air
box was all carefully designed to work with the mass airflow sensor, to make
your car run as best as it possibly can so if you bypass that system, take out
the plastic air box and put in one of these cold air flow systems, what happens
is often the check engine light will come on, and that’s because modifying
your airflow that way, often will make the car pollute more than it’s supposed to,
turns your check engine light on, can’t get your car inspected, and over the course
of time it will actually run worse, over the years I’ve had people, a lot of them were
younger kids, they’ll put these cold air intake systems on, then they bring the
car to me and say, my car isn’t idling right or it’s not having the right
acceleration, and a lot of it can be traced with just putting this on, it’s
changing how your car sucks air in, which then confuses the computer, which
thinks you have the factory air box in it and you’re getting a certain type of
flow, now you’re getting a different flow, different air temperatures, it’s going to
confuse the computer in your car, now yes really good professional mechanics, they
can reprogram your computer to accept this, but they need a dynamometer, a five
gas analyzer, and they got to know how to reprogram computers, it can be done but
you can’t just bolt these things on and think it’s going to work right and if you
do find a guy who can do all that work one, it’s not going to be cheap, and two,
if it’s a newer car, it’s going to void all the warranties that you have on that car,
now I’ve personally tested some of these cold air intake systems on a dynamometer
that one of my friends has, and really one time we found out it actually had a
little bit less power, another time it had a tiny bit more
power, but it really doesn’t make all that much difference on a stock car, what
I often find is actually occurring is guys put them on because they look cool,
they’re colored and they’ve got chrome and everything on them, and being less
restrictive and more open, they make more noise and guys like to have a lot of
noise in their car sometimes, and it’s in that same respect that guys will put on
full flow mufflers and they make a lot of noise and they like the noise they
make, but actually that makes them run worse too, cause it changes the exhaust
pressure, which confuses the computers now the idea of cold air intake is
actually a correct idea, because engines run better on cold air, but a lot of
times when they put these cold air intakes on, they’re actually sucking in hotter
air, as in this case, it’s sucking in hot air that’s already under the engine,
where the old factory system, it’s air intake is way down here, it’s sucking
cold air that’s blowing from in front of the car, it’s actually giving more cold
air and then this cold air intake system does, you have to understand that the
engineers at the manufacturers, they’re under intense pressure to get the best
gas mileage, the least pollution, the most power that they can get out of an engine,
they spent a lot of time designing the stuff, and your just taking their stuff
off and bolting something on, not such a smart idea in most cases, so if you want
my advice, forget these cold air intakes leave your factory stock airbox on,
you’ll be happier in the long run, unless you like a noisy car that looks cool,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell!

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  2. I believe your car must be tuned after that because with a cold air intake your AFR will be different and your car will be less efficient.

    And you normally don't fit a cold air intake on a regular car

  3. I found out today that my 08 accord had a bad intake hose right after taking it out and replacing it with a CAI. I SWEAR that thing sounds and performs better now…

  4. I have a 2007 Dodge Caravan with 217,000 miles on it and one thing I did notice at the pool in a coal intake on the engine the engine defense store to get up to speed in nearly drive as good as a Nissan altimo I see that it did give it a little bit horsepower

  5. "These automatic locks won't make that much different than rolling them up manually plus it will confuse the computer" Computer- " how's that thing going up?" So next time you see automatic locks remember what Scotty Kilmer said

  6. If you install a cold air intake right, you leave the maf sensor on and put the new filter down in that low position by the wheel well. That way you get more airflow and the computer can sense that you are getting more airflow. And you put a heat shield behind the intake and you actually get a little colder air. Manufacturers design cars to have power and fuel efficiency, but most of all, good emissions. And almost ALWAYS one thing they do for emissions is intentionally restrict the airflow. That way less air gets in and less fuel is burned, which means less out of the exhaust and less pollution. If you install a cold air intake right, you should get colder air, more airflow, and the computer will know how much and what temperature air the engine is getting.

  7. 1) not all cars have MAFs.
    2) if you buy a legitimate CAI, it was engineered not to make your CEL come on. You are right that it won’t give a noticeable increase, but it looks cool and sounds cool shrug
    3) youre making it sound like ecu reflashes cost more than a few hundo

    Yea, on a 100% oem car it’s not really a smart upgrade, but you spend 99% of the video shitting on aftermarket intakes and barely even touched on the fact that that there is actually a viable use for aftermarket intakes, and it’s not just for race cars as you tried to imply.

    eye roll

  8. it's a short ram not a cold air intake you have there !!! and yes you have cold air intake with map designed in it… and more fresh air you got better mixe gaz and air will detonate. and yes you will not gain 12 hp on a basic 4 cyl .. but on a s2000 or 6 cyl on 8 cyl ect … i wish you learn from me once ^^

  9. This is the same thing my local indy- BMW mechanic says to me about my car, which has an aftermarket cold air intake. However, it is my theory that BMW has done so much over-engineering of the car and the computers that when you are doing "stage 1" swap, the variance in airflow can be learned and accommodated (for the most part) by the OEM tune / stock ECU. Furthermore, preset "optimized" tunes seem to be pretty easy to swap in and out with a laptop and a bluethooth ODB dongle (can't say for sure — the guy who sold me the car had a JB4 and said it was causing problems, so I just run the stock tune settings.) Every once in a while, usually on humid days, the car trips the check engine light. I plug in the scan tool and clear the code. And usually the light doesn't come back on, especially if the weather changes the next day. What's more complicated, however, is that the PVC valve that would feed back into the old factory air box has nowhere to connect to, so I get the nice smell of cranckcase vapors in the car when the circuit starts to run in a certain direction — YUCK! So that means running with the windows open even when it's freezing outside.

  10. When tuning my truck I’m doing a cold air intake but I’m doing a plastic tube not aluminum because it gets too hot and I’m getting one that is the same size but has a better filter, and when doing all tunes like this on a fuel injected vehicle, then put a programmer on it or put a tune on it that’s made the vehicle.

  11. Why is it that you claim to be a car guy but really you’re just a soccer mom mechanic? You aren’t a car guy if you don’t want to hear your car, gain horsepower, or buy nice parts for it so it looks good/cool. You’re just a classic “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” kind of guy, a proper cold air intake lowers intake temps, and increases airflow, then the computer uses the MAP/MAF sensor to MAP the new air fuel ratio which CAN increase horsepower/torque, and give you better throttle response, and mileage. The problem is that people don’t like to do research and figure out the right way to do things. Btw if you actually read this whole thing I appreciate you.

  12. That's not a cold air intake. There's no cold air feed there, he's just installed an induction kit.

    It does make a difference. But not if you use a cheap kit and put it in the warmest part of the bay

  13. Well he’s partially right if you only put a cold air intake is gonna run worst..on the other hand you start with a cold air intake, then with an exaust, then you go ahead and get e pedal commander, then you go to a shop and get it professionally tuned and see the result after..you gained at least 60HP…things for most guys start a bit at the time…

  14. like most mods, you need to know what else to adjust to make everything work together. doesn't mean the modifications a bad idea though. my cars 30 years old so for me its just a fiddle with the carb

  15. Man is dumb. Oem is restricting not specially made. It’s a bolt on part it won’t throw codes some cars get no air flow thanks to crappy oem stuff only makes you run more lean Also changing your muffler DOESNT THROW ANY CODES WHATSOEVER!!!! THERES NO SENSORS INA MUFFLER AND IT SOUNDS BETTER AND IS COOLER And you can get diffrent intakes and position them to get the most airflow possible most the oem or whatever the heck this dude calls them work. They work for stock internals if your looking for power a bolt on part might give you some of you want the power you have to tune it

  16. I have a 1995 mercury cougar in thinking about getting a cold air intake, and a straight Magnaflow exhaust and one of those cooling fans so I’ll let u know how it does

  17. That's funny, I just bought a brand new Chevy Silverado high country that came with a cold air intake and a Cat-Back exhaust system straight from the factory

  18. Put one onto my impreza the other day, no problems.

    The computer is smart enough to adjust. Watch mcm's video on cais on a s2000

  19. The correct way to do it is to retune the computer once the intake is installed. Getting the computer flashed for a tune on some vehicles will allow you to install an intake, exhaust, header with out the check engine light coming on. You will feel some increase in power but won't get the full benefit until you get the car tuned again. You just can't slap parts on your car and think your going to increase performance. Doesn't work that way.

  20. Don’t most modern ECM’s adjust to changes coming from the onboard sensors? Example; I moved from Baton Rouge, LA which is at sea-level, to Summit County, CO at 9,000ft. By your logic, wouldn’t that air pressure difference be enough to screw up my ECM? No, because they are built and programmed to learn and adapt.

  21. outside the car it suck cold air, other video have made a tested, in top speed cold air intake win, this video only make a stupid guess

  22. My 1992 Jeep renegade has a cold air intake and it works really well but my gas mileage is so bad and it makes a gas guzzler worse

  23. 1. Cold air intakes have been dyno proven to show slight increases in HP at certain RPMs.
    2. It will NOT void the warranty! ( Don't believe me? Just Google Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act)
    3. Manufactures want nice quiet cars, because they sell to the majority. Most people are willing to sacrifice a few horsepower for a quite engine. Others don't mine the noise as long as they know they have more power than the exact make, model and year car that is next to them at the stop light.

  24. CAI’s can make a huge difference but it depends on the turbo, placement, tune, outside air temp, and more stuff. Putting it on an NA car is useless

  25. My CAI works . I got the intake hose hooked up to a full size refrigarator strapped on the roof of my car….voila icy cold intake and beer !!!!!

  26. And this is why you get a Tune on the ECU before you even bother to install it to see real gains and thats maybe 5hp gain if you are lucky..

  27. Excellent video about how stupid mods mostly of times makes your car worse. Oh, wait… it is done by stupid young lads that possess a superior knowledge to the manufacturers engineers. Okay, let's forgive those dudes then as they are too fresh and still don't know nothing about Life facts.

  28. I had a cold air intake on a 2001 Explorer. Ran perfect for the 10 years I had it on. Sold it to a friend. Still running great.

  29. Horsepower gains will only be seen with a tune and you shouldn’t waste your money. Unless you’re like me and you drive the baddest muscle car still on the market, a Dodge Challenger hellcat, you buy that intake for the sweet sweet whine.

  30. I’m pretty sure k&n has factored all of this garbage in that your speaking of. Not only do you not have to reprogram the computer the computer does it itself it’s called electronic fuel injected it adjusts itself. My last question would be why not improve the air flow a bit clamp a clothes pin on your nose and you answer that question!

  31. I guess scotty doesnt understand that many cars have an ECU that can compensate for increased or decreased air flow with more timing or fuel by themselves.

  32. Hey man, the reason some of us buy these is we want a reuseable filter…maybe for the look too rather than keep throwing so many stock ones and pollute the eco.

  33. Haha funny I have a 04 Volvo and I have not had a check engine light has not come on and I get better gas mileage and I do run a mass air maby it’s because there are to many computers in cars now

  34. A lot of people buy the one size fits all intakes and that's the problem, buy cai specifically for your car and you more than likely won't have issues and actually might gain some power. I have an injen cai on my 98 impreza and it makes the throttle response more snappy the the bonus of cleaning up the engine bay because my intake goes in to the fender completely away from the hot as hell boxer engine.

  35. Uninstalled my short ram, installed the factory box on my corolla. Avg mpg went from 36 to 39 lol lesson learned, dont bother installing on a car that is stock, isnt turbo, or supped up

  36. Aftermarket mods DO NOT void all warranties on cars. Only if the technician can prove that the mod created the problem will it be voided. There are laws for this. Simply not true.

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