Why Not to Buy a Ford Focus

Why Not to Buy a Ford Focus

rev up your engines,
Eric and Eric says what are your thoughts on a 2010 Ford Focus, I’m not
really a fan of them because I’ve had a few customers that have bought them and
we’re extremely disappointed as a vehicle aged, 2010 has a tremendous
amount of plastic stuff under the hood and a lot of it melts cracks and breaks,
I’ve had customers buy them brand new, and keep
them for 80,000 miles and not have any problems with them, but as they aged and
got to be 8-10 years old they tend to fall apart, the plastic breaks they have
very poor resale value, and on some of those there’s actually a class-action
suit against the automatic transmissions, so I’m not a fan of those at all, now if
you would have said Ford Fusion, I’d say those are pretty good cars, but the focus
that was a cheaper car and it’s pretty cheaply made actually, Michael Young says
what do you think about a 97 Jaguar vanden plas, okay beautiful looking cars
and they make great lawn ornaments that you can park and polish and look at it
they really look nice, their endless money pits as they age, they cost a
fortune to keep the things up, but that said I have had customers that were
English guys that loved English cars, and they’d buy one in the United States dirt
cheap and they would just keep it as a weekend toy, and they’d only put like a
thousand miles a year on the vehicle, and then they didn’t care if they bought
them with low enough mileage and they weren’t completely falling apart they
can be a fun toy, but don’t ever buy one of those things and think you can use it as
an everyday driver and put fifteen thousand
miles a year on it without bankrupting you Lee Shaffer asks, were those little
fifties Thunderbirds good cars mechanically or nothing but trouble,
well in their day they were good cars but you gotta take in consideration
you’re talking about the nineteen fifties, and that was like almost 70
years ago, you get a car of that old it’s gonna be nothing but trouble, I know guys
here in Houston that have them and they keep them for parades and stuff and car
shows, they don’t drive them around much there’s no air conditioning, the original
ones didn’t even have seat belts in them and their
big heavy vehicles with giant v8 engine so the tremendous gas hogs too, it’s more
of a collector’s things, if you like them you buy one and collect them and if it’s
got the original serial numbers and everything it’s worth a lot of money,
then you just upkeep it and keep the insurance on in case it’s stolen.
and then when you’re tired of it you sell it to another collector, they’re not an
everyday drive everything, Tony b says Scotty I have a leak in my power
steering in an 02 Grand Cherokee, could it be the pump or the reservoir lines, it
seems to be leaking from the side of the pump, well it sounds like the pump, 1500
psi pressure is a lot of pressure, what you want to do is, you can never miss it this
way, you get some ultraviolet leak dye stuff doesn’t cost much, you can get a
kit at autozone for like 20 bucks, you put a little bit maybe a quarter of an
ounce or so into the power steering, then you
drive it around and then with the little yellow sunglasses the kit comes with and
a UV light, you search around and wherever that green dye comes out you
know that’s what’s leaked, it’s probably your pump cuz you say it’s leaked around
there, but you’re supposed to check with the dye because you can have more than one
leak, where they mainly leak are the pump seal, the high-pressure hose or the rack
itself, and if the rack leaks those boots on the outside when you squeeze them
you’ll see the dye come out of them, ali says tsx is
burning oil I changed the PCV valve, but I noticed
there was oil on top of the engine cover what could it be,
pray it’s just your valve cover gaskets leaking, they often do that, will leak and
drip on it and make the top of the engine all oily, change those, the gaskets
themselves are cheap the labor is kind of a pain, but change them out and see
what happens, now if that doesn’t fix it and you change the PCV valve and it’s
actually burning oil, there’s nothing to do other than rebuild the engine, I
would just live with it and add oil as a burnt, cuz I got customers with them and
drive them years that way and they just add oil, they keep a couple
plastic quarts in the trunk and when it needs a quart they put it in, and then
when they run out of that to get another couple quarts to throw them in the trunk
for when they need it obadia says what do you
think about buying a used Maserati Quattroporte 2009’s, a four-door Maserati
I wouldn’t even buy a new one I sure wouldn’t buy a used one, those things are
the biggest piles of junk, they’re just endless money pits, that’s basically a
snob mobile car, it’s a Maserati it’s got four doors that’s why it’s called
Quattroporte that means four doors you want to get a sports car get a
sports car, why are you gonna get a four door one, it’s like the other day what did I see,
I saw a Porsche station wagon going down the street in Boston, I’m like what is
the point you know, I don’t understand people, why they pay all this money just
cuz there’s a name on it you know the world is crazy it’s gone insane, but if
you value your money don’t buy that Maserati, so if
you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. what about a ford fiesta st? 2015 or newer? Im looking into that or a focus st… both seem pretty popular in the car community.

  3. 2011 and previous year model focuses are solid. The major trans problems with the class action lawsuit are on 2012 and up model year focuses

  4. I have an SVT focus and they were made pretty well. Unfortunately I live in the rust belt, so my motor will outlive the car

  5. reallly stupid blog.. i'm using the new model of focus vignale and i must admit that i would've never expected so much quality and beauty from the ford.. it's even better than the german cars ..now i'm quite sure that it's the best hatchback car of this year 2019! try to believe. try a vignale and then you will spit off this stupid blog..

  6. I'm still driving my 2005 Focus, 95000 on it and the only non maintenance thing under the hood that's been replaced is an engine mount.

  7. In 2009 bought a 06 focus 1.6tdci with 50k miles. Now I have 200k miles and going strong. Apart some small repairs that all added costed me 500 bucks to repair in 10 years i had no issues with it. I'm very happy with it and it proved reliable and very cheap to run and mentain.

  8. Title should read. Dont buy an automatic ford focus.

    I bought a new 2015 with manual transmission. I have no complaints whatsoever

  9. Sorry Scotty, but I gotta disagree with you on this one. I have a 2010 Ford Focus and it almost has 200,000kms on it and it's been absolutely reliable, no major problems and it runs without problem, I drove everywhere and everyone around Atlantic Canada with it. I rather have the normal automatic transmission versus the dual clutch monstrosity in the later 2012s.

  10. Scotty, my wife owns a 2014 four-door hatchback titanium edition Ford Focus. It is about to hit 100,000 miles and I was thinking about taking it to the Ford dealer to have them do the 100,000 mile service. After picking myself up off the floor when the lady told me it would cost $900 I decided to send you a text on your video and ask you if this is a good idea to do this 100K service? The car has been a good vehicle with no major problems.

  11. I have a 2006 Focus with 222k. So far it's been a great car but I've spent all week so far fixing things that I never noticed, and now I wonder how on earth it hasn't fallen apart yet.

  12. This video hit home. My grandam had and loved thunder birds. And I am driving a 2007 Ford Focus. This version is ok, but I also take good care of my car and don't drive fast. Its 12 years old, I had it 4 years now, brought it used with 19k miles on it. Paid too much for it, so the dealer got over on me and even convinced me to but the warranty. But I was younger and more stupid then. Over the years I put 20k miles on it. Only use it for work, and I tend to take the streets. Never had any troubles with it. Will I get another one? Hell no. It has some nasty blind spots. The car is light so wind can be a issue for new drivers. It cramped and not comfortable for taller people. The performance is not what I am looking for. Torque and power are not their either. But it is still good as a starter car. Would not pay anything over $4k for it. Only $2k if it has over 50k miles. You wont get anything on the resale or trade in.

  13. Toyotas just seem to fall apart way before 100,000 miles
    there is a ton of plastic under the hoods of all Toyota cars and trucks
    I would not buy a Toyota

  14. Ironically I have a Focus with the same engine. 2005. Nothing mechanically went wrong except for stuff that was my fault. The only things that are plastic in that car are the intake manifold and the airbox and as far as I’m concerned neither of those ever melted. I’ve had the car for 5+ fucking years

  15. For the record, the Ford Focus you want to avoid are the MK3 2012-2016s equipped w/ the DCT. The 2010 Focus is a solid vehicle.

  16. My girl’s got an ‘07 Focus. I was appalled the first time I changed the oil and noticed all the plastic under the hood. It’s got 160k on the clock, still churning away and holds all it’s fluids. It’s also been wrecked twice, so Ford must have the goody on space age plastic. Who knows..

  17. I have a 13 Volkswagen Jetta with a 2.5L 5 cylinder engine it has 77k miles how long should it last? I also tried to check the trans fluid and believe me it sure is a job 😂😂

  18. Plastic looks new on mine its 7 years old now and thankfully i looked into before i bought and got the standard thank god , ford needs their balls busted over this.

  19. We bought a 2005 Focus brand new. My son still drives it! The biggest problems are: alternator, motor mounts, engine rattling caused by something in the fuel injection system, suspension. He has 125k miles on it, and it's still pretty dependable though.

  20. Had a Ford focus go 200 thousand and nothing wrong with it ran perfect that being said the miles were out on in 5 years. Sold the car so don't know how it changed. Worst thing that the steering wheel was rubbed down quite a bit looked like someone sanded it down

  21. But scotty it's a Ford! I thought you liked Ford! Personally I say stay away from everything American and European! Everything Asian is good except Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Subaru!

  22. Yeah, why do people buy Toyota's and Honda's just because they have a name on them? You can get a Saturn Ion for three cups of warm piss and it's the same thing as Toyota Corolla, but less slow with even worse handling.

  23. As my very, very, goood friend Scotty says (Free Translation from Texan):
    "…aaahhh, those Maseratis are 'way overpriced, AND, they are deplorable piles of high class crapola. You have to remember, these are ITALIAN. And they are SPORTS CARS, if you have the centavos." He did not have to work hard to convince me. They can, undeniably and elegantly, get out of their own way. They can do so while leaving vapor trails, and with Golddiggers riding shotgun(s), even if asked rudely, and without notice. But right after they do that, they fall directly to piece$."
    As usual, he was at high decibels, and talking too fast, but he was only occasionally unintelligible after two or three takes. These are expected, and always worth waiting for.
    And the part about falling to piece$? Listen carefully, children:
    He was referring to the Maseratis.
    He was not referring to the Golddigger$. They never die.
    They ju$t don't catch ride$.

    Please expect Scotty to deny all knowledge of having spoken,
    heard of, or fantasized the above thoughts. Especially if they are true.

  24. Someone asks me: "Is a brand new Ford <Focus/Fiesta/Fusion/Taurus> any good?"

    Me: Crown Victoria! Crown Victoria! Crown Victoria!

  25. I have an 03 zx3. It's been a great car for me, I can do most of the work myself. It's a stick and it's fun to drive too!

  26. 2010 Ford Focus is the most reliable vehicle one of the most common problem is the ignition key cylinder thats it

  27. I was in Italy recently to find the new generation Ford Focus and realized they're not in the USA. The focus pulled out in the US and now only in Europe. Came to realize how European these Focus came to be. Surprising how Ford is getting more foreign with their sedans.

  28. Scotty, focus is one of the best serieproduced cars! Haha and u not a fan of them? Ok, but the reality is that focus is a very good car , is maybe why Ford has so big success in Europe with their focus(plastic) haha

  29. With brand new Focus ST blowing head gasket problems , Ford Kugas catching fire on highways, Fiesta and Kuga faulty door lock mechanisms, which is making it super easy for criminals to break into these cars, without activating the alarms. Ford quality along with its sales, seem to be going down the drain in my country.

  30. Ford won’t sell you a new Focus unfortunately. Hopefully Ford will return to selling cars in America someday. The new Ford Focus ST wagon coming to Europe soon looks so badass.

  31. Scotty didn't do his research on the Focus.
    Prior to 2012, Consumer Reports rated top pick on overall reliability in all categories. They were using conventional automatics, 5speed manual, and port-injected understressed 2.0L (2.3L optional) 4-poppers. Basically Ford just refreshed the sheet metal here and there and kept improving the hardware little by little.

    2012 is where Ford went with the so-called "world car" with the new DIG VVT 2.0L, and the horrible dual-clutch autos. The 5 speed manual continues to be optional until about 2017 (relegated to bare-bones trim).

    2019-2020 redesign is Europe only, including the even better Fiesta.

  32. Ford car are JUNK! Had a stupid 2017 Ford Fusion Sport WORST Car EVER!!!!!

    Steering wheel got recalled
    Passenger side windows went out
    Engine light came on and flashed!
    Tires had to get replaced

    All at under 13,000 miles!!
    Ford Fusion Sport was the absolute worst car I've ever had!!!

  33. Old gasoline mazdas (more than 20 years old) are very good cars and the interior ages very well. The only problem is that they tend to rust in the rear wheel arches. Apart from that you can use them as daily cars for the city making around 15.000 miles a year and they just not break. In my case is a 95 323 F BA with tiny 1.5 non turbo motor with 88cv.

  34. Friend of mine has a 2014 focus se and no lie has had the transmission replaced 11 times and at least ford paid for it.

  35. oh scotty please lets be realistic not to like a car because it has to much plastic under the hood. ok so what new cars dont have this this is the way it is now scotty and you cant change it or do anything about it this is not 5 years ago I do not have any problems issues with old school mechanics/techs only when they complain about this type of stuff

  36. Bad advertising the new focus picture on the cover doesn’t have problems rated pretty highly. Mine is a 2013 running really good with 70k.

  37. My 2017 Ford Focus was not cheap at least I don’t think so at $40,000 plus tax & financing

  38. Misleading thumbnail used again. Why did you use the image of current generation Focus when the question and the in-video image are about the previous generation? So much for jacking up your view numbers.

  39. What about ford focus i am 21 and looking to buy a car but i am so confused from all different videos from you saying some Toyota are good some Honda are good and don't buy Ford what to do. Please help me thanks

  40. It's their dual clutch automatic transmissions or "Powershift" transmission. Absolutely garbage. Fiesta's have them too.

  41. love the Ford Focus design and I've seen a lot of good reviews with people enjoying driving the car. i'm going to get myself a 2016-2018 ford focus. I've looked at a lot of options and the Focus beats them all for me.

  42. I got a 2008 I got new. Still runs great. I did have to replace a motor mount but that's it. It has 90,000 on it now.

  43. If u can't out 15.000 miles on a gag without going bankrupt ..you need more mechanical sympathy ..give me ajag even with problems and few hundred dollars I get 115.000 out if it

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