Why Not to Buy a Keyless Car (Push to Start Button)

Why Not to Buy a Keyless Car (Push to Start Button)

One, two, three, four! [MUSIC PLAYING] Rev up your engines! [MUSIC PLAYHING] [TIRES SCREECHING] Time for the
Scottykilmer Channel! Today I’m going to show
you why keyless ignition systems in your car is
a really stupid idea. Not so on modern cars. They don’t have to
keyhole anymore. They have a push button
that starts your car. And here’s how they work. Your keyless transponder
sends information to the car, knows you’re in a car,
then you push the button, and the car starts. But when it breaks
down like this one has, and your car won’t start, man,
you can be in for big trouble. As an example, I had a
customer with an Infinity. The keyless ignition
system broke. It ended up costing him $1,500
to get it to start again. Now I have to admit,
the key wore out in my old, 21-year-old
Celica last year, so I had to get a new key made. And it cost me $2 at the
local hardware stores. And I know some people
are going to say, but with the keyless
ignition system, cars are harder to steal. Well, my wife’s Toyota Matrix
here is hard to steal, too. It’s got a key, but it’s
called an immobilizer key. It’s got a chip in it so people
can’t steal the car, either. You don’t need a
keyless system in order to keep your car
from being stolen. And of course, Toyotas aren’t
immune to this, either. I had a customer
with a Toyota Prius. The car wouldn’t start. They needed to get another
keyless remote made. It ended up costing
them $550 at the dealer to get the remote made. Now, I have a machine
that can theoretically program these remotes, but
there’s one problem with that. On many of these keyless
fobs, you need a special code in order to use this
machine to program them so you’ll start your car. And guess what? They’ll only give
the codes to guys that work at the dealerships
or to a bonded locksmith. And I’ve personally
tried some locksmiths on some of my
customers’ cars when they needed another one
of these keyless remotes made, and half the time,
heck, it won’t work. They make the process
so complicated that it can only be
done at a dealership. So if you wonder
why they’re making a bunch of these keyless
remotes, heck, it’s obvious. They’re making a fortune
repairing the things when they break. It’s planned obsolescence. All electronic devices
eventually break down, and then you’re stuck
with going back to them to pay an exorbitant
fee for a remote that you can buy on E-bay for
as little as $20 in most cases. But then, of course, good
luck getting the stupid thing programmed so it will
actually work on your car. And if, heaven forbid,
your car battery goes dead, you won’t even be able to get
into it pushing the remote, so– What do they include in it? Hiding inside is a key,
which you can then use to unlock the door and open it. So really, why don’t
they just give up with these keyless
remotes, and go back to having a key that works
right in the first place! Because sometimes
technology, for its own sake, is just plain stupid. [TIRES SCREECHING] And remember, if you’ve
got any questions, just visit the
Scottykilmer Channel.

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. I had to help someone get their car unlocked when their car battery died. They had one of the older ford escapes with a key lock only on the driver's door, but APPARENTLY that had been broken for 5 years, so we couldn't use it. Ended up having to hook a charger cable up to a 36" long screwdriver, then crawl under the engine and reach up through it and poke the alternator output terminal (like a game of operation) and hold it for 20 minutes until it had enough charge to use the remote. That was fun.

  3. The fully loaded 2017 Hyundai Elantra I have has keyless entry. I got the car for a lot of reasons, and the 'fully loaded' had nothing to do with it. I don't like red, or leather. The car has both, and this is a 2017 model in Feb 2018 with 14 miles on the odometer they couldn't move.

    I have learned that the fob is a terrible design from the get-go. Even more so if it cannot be easily DIYed.
    The fob costs $300 to replace, so I was nervous when I found it in the clothes washer after doing laundry one day. Fortunately, it still works. So I moved it to a key ring and carabiner, and I learned the key (where the key ring attaches to the "fob") is designed to release from the fob so easily, that wearing it on a key ring is a huge risk of losing it. So much so I noticed it fall off while walking, and I watched it slide under a retail display. Had I not saw it happen, that would have been a worthless key on my carabiner, and no $300 fob that needed to be replaced. Since that day, I keep it sealed in a plastic container that never leaves my purse, or barely fits in my pocket. Something that is impossible to miss. I have a few other convenient items in the container with it for good measure to give it some weight.

    I have yet to find where a hidden keyhole might be in my car. I have checked the glovebox, behind the button, arm rest, under the foot well, etc…. I'm annoyed there isn't a backup, and I will wire a work-around after when the warranty expires. Because that button won't last forever. I went with Hyundai with every warranty possible so I could minimize the risk of those sensitive electronic issues from killing my wallet.

  4. My family has a VW Jetta with a keyless ignition system. In the manual, it actually says if the starter button dies, you can hold the key right next to where the keyhole would be on the steering column to start the car.
    Nice engineering to have a backup system in place.

  5. Honda civics with push button starts can be stolen if you leave them running. Once they are started with the key fob they do not require it to drive off.

  6. Well, Scotty, my Lexus came with keyless only.  I'm afraid I will lose the key most anytime.  When  you go swimming, where are you going to hide your key?  If you rent a car and lose the key, you are in big doodoo.  Furthermore, with my old Camry, I keep a spare $2 key in a magnetic box hidden on the frame – it's still there after 24 years.  Trying buying a newer car without keyless.The auto industry is just downright predatory, much like corporate America.

  7. Scotty, all cars used to have push-button starts or floor or dash. My dad's 1951 Chevy pickup had it on the floor. My 1961 Land Rover Station Wagon had it on the dash… loved it. My 2nd car a 1965 MG Midget had a push button start on the dash, and a power switch… loved it. Never really got the key start… truly. When steering wheel locks came in my opinion was push button start and ignition switch were necessities… My new Benz E class diesel has a push button start [of course you can pry out the button and stick the key in and turn it]. Everyone I know with that feature on their car love it. So it is and will be the standard going forward. People are not ready for Start on Entry or Set and Go. But Push Button Start is here to stay.

  8. i drive keyless now since they come ou…NEVER get a problem . only change dead battery in the key fob any 2 years.

  9. With my lancer its keyless but u still turn knob to start engine.. u can still use key inside keyless remote to start car if needed.

  10. I know someone who watched this video and got rid of their high tech car with key sensing technology car for a key starting car. Two days later she accidentally locked her baby, keys, and her phone in the car. No one was around to help as she was at a remote park in Arizona. Her baby cooked to death………..thanks Scotty……….Just kidding buddy.

  11. Older style keys are so much better. Those transponder keyfobs are rubbish and can also be heaven for a car thief as they can in some cases outright steal your car from your driveway if you happen to be sitting in the lounge or front room with the keyfob of a dwelling at a reasonable distance

  12. All true. Eventually the plastic shell wears out but the electronics are still good. You can buy a replacement plastic case on Amazon or eBay and transfer the guts to the new case. YouTube video shows you how.

  13. Push to Start is such an idiotic system, and I really prefer turning the key. Does anyone know how to change a push start car to a key ignition system?

  14. The reason you have the key in the fob is incase the battery in it dies. Also, Dodge (at least my Challenger) you can pull out the start button with just your fingernails and use the key incase it fails. How old does a car have to be where getting a key made at Walmart for $5 works? I had a brand new Cadillac in 2002 and just 5 years later the ignition went. Cost me close to $500 when all said and done from parts to labor to programming the ignition (all had to be done at a dealership) so it would read the key. Love you Scotty but you're way off base with this one.

  15. I believe it's very rare to a keyless start have issues in a good brand.
    But the eletronic parking, that's something that makes me want to murder whoever invented it.

  16. I'm not living in 1957
    I don't keep a car longer than 5 years, I never worry about maintenance, apart from oil changes and regular servicing.

  17. I’ve had keyless start since 2008- hasn’t failed me yet. Prior to 2008? Regular ignition key assembly that jammed several times. Hate away on keyless, but my experience with them has been perfectly fine.

  18. If it were up to ppl like Scotty we would still be cranking up windows and locking our doors one by one

  19. I agree..had a Cadillac with a key fob it was such garbage..key went dead or got dropped in water your fucked and stuck where you are.. cant believe they can make this fucking garbage it makes me want to strangle people

  20. I have a car that has a slot to insert the electronic card (read keyless key) and then I need to press the start button ?

  21. Scotty didja just buy the Vette with the blown engine?
    When these cars with the fancy antitheft systems get old, that electronic stuff will cost more than the cars are worth. And it WILL go bad. I have a 97 Olds Cutlass that has a resistor pellet in the key shank. It still works even though the motor won't run. A Ferd Fiesta with the chip key cost me $150 for a new key. The dealer wanted $230 for a new key.
    An 08 Honda key was $185+ tax.

  22. Radio Keyless CARS are easlily STOLEN ….. !!!! CALLED HACKING via Radio Scanner… .. JUST LIKE YOUR COMPUTER LOG IN… only faster and automatically …!!! DUH !!! Don't be a Dummy.. folks !!!

  23. If you have a KEYLESS install a manual cutoff switch that goes to the transmitter…( exterior location weather protected and not easily visible for the switch) that works with a key to shut off the RADIO running off your battery. Duh >>>> !!! You can also get an radio switch to do the same that is under your hood…DON'T BE A DUMMY !!! Your insurance company will not replace a stolen car.. unless you pay a ton of money !!!

  24. My standard manual transmission is its anti-theft. I hate keyless on friends' cars, and that stupid driver warning thing, and the ecs/esp thing; it causes drivers to get stuck.

  25. I've had a car with both, and whilst it's convenient not having to pull a key out of my pocket, nothing beats the satisfaction of the physical turning of a key.

  26. DAMN! Got a rental yesterday that was like that. Wondered how it worked. And what would happen if it broke. It is dumb. I hate the new cars that lock the key in. Sometimes they are hard to get out.

  27. My 2013 Mazda3 ITHB is keyless but also has a keyhole to start it. I think the fob at least makes life easier locking & unlocking the doors & less likely to lock my keys in the car if they are always in my pocket.

  28. Technically, it's a proximity key, and often the doors are unlocked just by being near the vehicle, and you can't lock the vehicle if the key is inside, a safety feature. However, let's say your spouse has a key in her purse and you're going to a concert and she doesn't want to bring it with so you leave it in the vehicle. You can't leave the key in it or the car won't lock. What you have to do is get a metal box and put it in that so the vehicle can't "see" it and then you can leave it in the vehicle.

  29. Cars with keyless fobs. Start stop buttons are more vulnerable to theft. A thief can buy a remote and use a very expensive scan tool that costs several thousand dollars and program them to your car and drive away with it. That's one reason why I wouldn't get a car like this. Same with what scotty explained. I'll just stick with cars that have actual KEYS to start the car

  30. My jeep has that plastic key fob kinda weird its a regular key without the metal part I stick the plastic in the hole

  31. just get a quickrelease wheel if you dont want your car stolen… key cars are tons easier to steal than keyless. if someone really has in is willing to use the knowledge and skills to steal your car then you probably had it coming and drive something expensive

  32. One time, I had to pick up my sister because she dropped her off boyfriend at work and he still had the key fob on him. So when she got home and turned the car off, it wouldn't turn back on because the key wasn't with her. I decided at that point I would never try keyless ignitions

  33. Infiniti’s and Nissans have the pop out button in case the system/battery key dies…. Nice try old man

  34. If I was keyless car robber I'll grab away the driver when he get close the car and can running away with the car with start button

  35. I have one in my Volvo. Car is nine years old and haven't had any issues. Do you think some are made better than others? I mean a Dodge has got to be crap!!!

  36. It's not stupid. It makes life more convenient. The fact that I can get in my car, start my car, and lock it without even touching keys is so nice and you don't have to worry about scratching the paint getting into the car. You living in the past, scotty

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