Why Not to Buy a Land Rover

Why Not to Buy a Land Rover

rev up your engines,
James Adams, hello Scotty I just bought a 99 Land Rover Discovery 2, was taken
care of all highway mileage and my friend is the
original owner, transmission fluid and stuff was changed any advice,
well pray a lot, Land Rovers are one of those one of the highest maintenance
cars in the world, I was just in England now realize that Land Rover
it was after World War two, they looked at our American Willys jeeps and they
made their own copy and originally they were just four-cylinder cars with a
standard transmission, and those things are bulletproof, they’re still driving
them in Africa, the guy at the Sheep farm we went to in Wales, he had an old one
standard it still ran like a clock, I mean hey they were good vehicles, but
then they went bigger and fancier became yuppie Mobiles,
for a while they were using Buick v8 engines and those are decent engines, but
now they make their own, and they have all kinds of problems, pray that his mileage
was highway mileage and take care of it but if stuff like the transmission
starts to go out and the electronics start to go, don’t put a fortune into it, get rid
of it, it’s not worth it, if you have problems but if you didn’t pay much and
you like it, drive it around but don’t put heavy mileage on it because it will bankrupt
you in the long run they all fall apart when they get older, Steve says Scotty do
air-cooled engines have head gaskets and what happens if the head gasket goes
bad. oh yeah you know all engines got head gaskets. they got a head then
there’s a gasket and then there’s the block. now some of the really old ones
all they had was like a copper ring or something. but it still worked as a head
gasket. now the problem with air-cooled engines is. if they get hot they warp and
the heads will warp and the head gaskets will blow, their like other cars but since they
don’t have a water cooling system they’re easier to maintain and if you
drive them at normal speeds they cool perfectly fine, but take like here in
Houston Texas, where it’s hot and humid if you put an air conditioner on one of
those cars, it strains the engine more and you’re in traffic, like today it’s
gonna be a hundred degrees and the heat and humidity index will be probably like
114 or something, because that desert sand from Africa’s coming, and you’re idling in traffic with AC on with an air-cooled engine, odds are your engine’s
gonna start to overheat, even the Porsches there are cooled engines they
made the newer ones so that the heads are also water cooled
and they got water cooling too because they have a problem with overheating,
they’re not made for idling and hot temperature, buddy rare says Scotty
I’m having issues with my 2006 Ford Mustang, from AC issues, water leaking in
a car, needs new shocks and struts, should I just get a new car, well you know it depends
how many miles you have on it, how much money you want to put into it, you know
AC can always be fixed, water leaks you can find by getting a bucket of water
put some food dye in it and splash it around see where the dye comes through,
shocks and struts aren’t all that much expensive, but it depends on how
many miles you have and how good the engine and transmission is, if you want
to keep fixing it up, go right ahead, now I’ll say, you didn’t say why kind of engine
you have, but say it’s a v6 engine Mustang I get rid of it I wouldn’t keep
it, but if it’s a v8 they’re worth more money and if it’s convertible yeah
you want to keep it, because they’re worth money, but if it’s a hardtop they don’t have that much value and you don’t want to put much money and go get another car,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell!

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  2. The old Buick motor that Range Rover used to use was a beauty, powerful, flexible and good for 300k miles. Pity about the rest of the vehicle.

  3. We had a 99 Discovery II. Low mileage and maintained… it was ABSOLUTE JUNK. Run far, far away. Suspension issues, leaked and burned oil, overheating issues, tons of electronic problems. Every single warning light came on. They are absolute garbage, plain and simple.

  4. I just bought one of those Discoverys, it's an 03 and had a new engine put in and only has 30k miles on it. The rest of the vehicle has 180k. Bought it for $3400, only had it two weeks and I am slowly realizing how expensive it is to fix; I have to put a new plugs and wires in as the previous owner neglected to do so. But, I've wanted one of these since I was a kid so hopefully it doesn't have many problems since I'm in college and have no money as it is. 😅

  5. Oh ok this is why I saw a pretty new looking Land Rover on a car lift at the transmission shop when I went there to get an estimate to rebuild my 98 Tacoma transmission. Duhhh thanks Scotty 😁

  6. Best advice on any new car just lease them swear everything is under warranty and get a new one every three years. These newer cars are too complex to keep running after the warranty is out. Even though I'm driving an 01 Subaru Outback with 300,000 miles on it. Still doesn't burn any oil. But I'm tired of replacing other things that go wrong. Also have a 96 Acura 3.2 TL. Still drives like a new car but only has a little over a hundred thousand on it. These cars will run forever but you still have to replace Parts on them. All the time something goes wrong. I think I'm just going to start leasing cars I think I would be money I had. Especially the new ones.

  7. When I was a kid I had a land rover series 3 it was a 83 right hand drive how it got into the us I dont know but it was one of the best cars I ever owned just had to get parts from dealer and paid top dollar as this was early internet and I didnt know you could order parts from England. That way so I was stuck with parts from the dealer I believe break pads I could buy at a auto parts store tho

  8. Land rovers are expensive upfront and have tons of electrical that's goes bad and never works right again. They get really poor mileage when they run at all. Count on 10 mpg. And the brakes they put on are way to light and give poor stopping power for how heavy they are! Parts are rare expensive and hard to get here in USA!!!

  9. In parts store, a man with $85 dollar gas cap for 2012 VW Beetle. Imported from Germany. Land Rover price? Maybe buy cars with factories in America building model you drive?

  10. I worked in upscale private shop in 1970's. There was a Maserati, wrecked by salesman[Fired]Waiting for handmade replacement aluminum hood, passenger side fender, light bucket. Cost? $12,000 And six month wait.

  11. They are like those you find in the red light district, good to look and spend a few hours with it. But bad if you marry

  12. That would be a Base Gasket that goes between the block and the cylinder ya Gherkin and some engines do not have head gaskets ya old Chicago hippie. Rookie mistake.

  13. *That viewer’s mistake was to ask about Range Rover/Land Rover problems after already buying one. You research before buying sir. 😂😂😂

    *Scotty don’t let the kitty 🐱 pillow fall off the couch.

  14. The Land Rover, or any car manufactured in England, is garbage. Jaguars, Aston Martins, Triumph's etc. While the Brits can make an awesome suit (Saville Row), they can't make automobiles for a damn.

  15. Is it possible to buy a de-contented Land rover? I mean, without all the fancy accessories that break? Suppose you could buy one with just 4WD, a manual transmission, no air suspension, etc. then could you have a truck with Japanese-level reliability?

  16. In my area the hardtop mustangs sell for much more than the convertible counterparts. Must be a mountain people thing lol.

  17. Gotta learn maintenance on them your self , unless you hit the lottery, maintenance, maintenance. Makes em real reliable, at least the older versions.

  18. Ranger Rover late 80s – 90s – Oil leak issues and gasket issues and suspension fails. Landrover Discovery 3as and 4s if you do not service them due to the high service costs regularly then poof you are in a never ending money pit. I think these 4×4's are for people who know what they are doing instead of those who like to think they do know what to do etc.

  19. Rovers aren't bad if you lease them and give them back after 4 years. I wouldn't go beyond that. It will just be a huge money pit.

  20. They always get stolen in England these land rovers with these silly wireless key, then get exported to Africa or the Middle East if they are fitted with Tracker / LoJack you may get it back 90% of the time

  21. Fiat, Land Rover and Chrysler are the least reliable cars in the history of mankind. And the worst thing is these companies dont care they dont even try to improve.

  22. Land Rover based vehicles are past it now,, let them rust in peace,,posers vehicles when new,,money pits when older,, mugs still try to reserect them two and three times instead of scrapping them,, most will now realise they are over engendered in some parts and under engendered in others they are now living on past reputation,,
    Over priced and Over rated
    Why did they bovver to make the Freeloader (freelander) most other medium 4x4s will just laugh at it,,
    Japanese 4x4s have beat them all now,, P S
    There is being patriotic and there is
    being stupid,
    I live in the UK,,

  23. I have an lr3 was 199k on it, and it has been a great vehicle, the engine and transmission still work really well. The only repairs it has needed were a front differential and a new air compressor for the suspension. Compared to other cars in its class, I’d consider that to be pretty good.

  24. My friend had a 2016 AutoBiography edition, $160,000. Spent more time in the shop then on the road. Went thru 5 screens in the first year. British rubbish! Endless check engine lights and fail to starts. He has a 1993 Land Rover Defender too, thinks it looks cool. Bought to use in New Hampshire in the snow. Funny thing, they have very little heat, it’s a diesel. You freeze to death in it and the top speed is 50 mph. Buy a Toyota Land Cruiser!

  25. Rev up your air cooled VW’s ! You definitely don’t know Vw air cooled engines up until the water boxer or waserboxer there is no head gasket
    Everything else I agree with though

  26. My mother bought a Land Rover in 2004 and sold it three years later. It was a nice, luxurious vehicle, but the maintenance was stupid expensive and she got rid of it. Traded it for a 2007 Nissan Murano and still drives it today.

  27. My 2006 Land Rover LR3 is super reliable. We just had few days of -30F weather, my LR3 started on first turn of key, each time. It always starts, goes through snow like butter. Sorry, I have to disagree, It’s all about the maintenance. Of course dealer/stealer service will be astronomical, stay away from the “stealer”. I personally, do 75% of service, and I’m not a mechanic. Are some of the repairs a little pain in the rear? Yes. But, the satisfaction I get fixing my own vehicle is worth it. I say the same, with any higher-end import, “if you can’t fix it yourself, don’t buy it”. I don’t care what used car you purchase, 99% of the time, they’ll need something.

    People listen, don’t EVER, ever, Ever, eVer, purchase a used car without pre-purchase inspection!! I still can’t believe buyers still do this. Most of these vehicles, come straight from the auction, and dealers don’t repair them fully. Just good enough to sell to you. Do your homework!

    I like watching you Scott, but don’t always agree.

  28. Maybe everyone should take your advice, that means there’s less on the road, and my LR3 is even more unique. Life is too short, to drive the same vehicle as the rest of America.

  29. i agree..when i see a stearing box shot..on a rangerover..also broken gear boxers on a landrover..when older cast iron motor..high luxes can go 37 yrs with same motor gear box.. a range rover stearing box shot in in 10 yrs tell me much about the engineering

  30. allcast iron motor best or aluminium not diffrent metals..which kill yr head with electroleses fill motor with water also steam gas into radiator unlucky..normally s sooner or later unless use anti electrolesses special technology also a termostat with a safety holes..since they die often sooner or later..and is the start of engine trouble once badly over heated ..specially al head which exband at a large rate while cast iron block will not grow..so sart of gasket trouble…gaskets get electroleses unless use a stainless one..a badly over heated al head motor..with a cast iron block..may never be the same..my idea am generilissing..allmy aluminum head cars are dead..same problem..thermostates with out a small hole holes are money makers..a exper t freind in the areas say 1 in 100 fales use to test 7 times every thermistate he put in a cat to make sure it open seven times..manuals run much cooler at extreems..not share the radiator r to cool trasmission..

  31. They ride better than Toyota. The steering is faulty. Almost bought one. Ride like a dream. I'm 6"2 it's a big boy truck. Very comfortable. I also like the box look

  32. My friend bought a new discovery about 2005 Cost 60000 Australian dollars Drove it for 5 years At 100000 KMs the diesel engine blew up Cost him $16000 to repair it then traded it in for $20000 Expensive motoring He also looked after it very well

  33. Why people buy Land Rover- its comfortable,stylish, smooth and powerfull, eco gas, buy only people who has money, change viheclervery 5 years.Come on scotty if that long live brand alive so its has the reason who buy.Some people have a millions dollars houses, good jobs and you want to say they will count any cent to take stupid lexus or toyota.

  34. Soooooo can any anybody tell me why Land Rovers are so unreliable again? I mean, Lexus and Toyota are currently and were always sitting at the top of the food chain for being the kings of all the car brands in terms of reliability, so why can't Land Rover do that though? Am i missing something here or they just purposefully doing that to bankrupt you?

  35. Hey Scotty, I have a 2007 Lexus LS 460 that has a bad abs module, bad radio amplifier. Would you advise I fix it or just get rid of the car.

  36. The new ones are very reliable and durable, old ones around from 1990 to 98 are bad . The new ones can last over 250,000 miles. Remember you have to service these car's, engine oil, oil filter, and radiator depending where you live water can damage the radiator and clogg the waterways wich is that main cause of engine damage, high pressure build up inside the engine. This can cause the turbo damage. Use calgon tablets to get rid of all the crap .

  37. Scotty, what if someone has a land rover and is atheist? What should they do instead of praying a lot?

  38. I drive a land rover series 2, that's been driven around Australia and now the UK for the last 61 years there indestructible.

  39. It's a big shame the US market didn't get the td5 version, my dad's td5 Discovery 2 is about to tick over 200,000 miles, the only letdown really is the good old British electrics, but apart from that i'd argue reliability is on par with a Jeep if anything (i can already hear the Jeep fans typing), not as reliable as a land cruiser but certainly holds its own.

  40. There's an easy answer….don't buy one unless your a trained mechanic. I have Land rover discovery 2 V8, running on petrol and lpg. Great fun…. P.S… I wasn't rich before I bought it. Utter bullshit about showing off wealth. My favourite cars are my Austin and Rover metros. Oldest being 39 this yr. Awesome cars for the heavy snow we have in Wales. Btw Scotty…what part of Wales did you go to?

  41. LR seems to have an obsession with making their vehicles more complex. Take the range Rover-3 electric motors to move the steering column-why? They will fail on a regular basis, costing big $$ to fix. Vehicle manufacturers should be making their cars less complex-complexity and parts count is the enemy of reliability.

  42. I would rather buy a land rover than a ford or especially not a chevy, my Chinese Faw has been working great for 5years now, better than my 2018 ford which is at the shop right now

  43. Scotty, I love your videos and I don't mean to be rude but are you a little bit blind? You always wear those Elton John glasses inside. Nobody wears sunglasses inside so I'm guessing maybe you have problems with your eyes? Sorry for being so forward but hope you are well.

  44. Two tips before buying used Land Rover:
    1. Take a deep breath and run as far and fast as you can.
    2. (If you still want to buy it) repeat step one and visit to your terapist. Maybe she/he'll help you on why are you wanting to punish yourself. Sometimes it's matter of a tough childhood.

  45. Scotty . I’m what are you’re opinions on buying the old Nissan patrol compared to the new versions ? Can we still live with the old horses or get rid of it and upgrade

  46. Buy one and swap the engine with LS1 or UZ, there are a few typical issues with LR – air suspension, engine (2.7tdv6/3.0tdv6).

  47. I went at a shop for an unrelated job, and a guy brought his Land Rover to just change some tiny valves or washers related to fuel injection or some sort like that. Turned out, the original replacement from land rover cost EIGHT HUNDRED EUROS because apparently you can't just buy that small part, but an entire part which included 20 other components that didn't need replacement.
    And there wasn't even an after market part.

  48. If those buick V8 engines came equipped with SU carburetors you said a prayer before you went anywhere! Got better with electronic injection but not much better

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