Why Not to Buy a Lifted Truck

Why Not to Buy a Lifted Truck

Rev up your engines! [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s time for “The
Scotty Kilmer Channel.” Today, I’m gonna
talk about why it can be dumb to lift the
suspension of a vehicle. Now, every time I find
one of these vehicles that have been lifted
up in the air, I can’t help but
remember the story about the old Canadian
NHL hockey player. He was wearing a pair
of these platform shoes when he went out drinking,
not really such a smart idea, either fashion-wise
or physical-wise. Then he broke both of his ankles
and couldn’t play ice hockey for a whole year. Lifting a truck basically
does the same type of damage over time. Sure steel is stronger
than human ankles, but over time,
even it will end up breaking from being at the
wrong angle all the time. I’ll use this Chevy
pickup as an example. It started out as a regular
four-wheel drive Sierra pickup truck. But years later, someone came
up with the idea of putting this giant lift kit on it. It is solid steel. I gotta admit, it’s pretty
well made, but by lifting it, you start to change all
the angles of the steering and the driveshafts
and the transmission. So things that were designed
to work at one level are now at a different
angle and it causes weird problems over time. As you can see here on the
front-wheel driveshaft, it’s at too deep of
an angle going down, so it’s gonna strain the
bearings and the boots and make things break over time. As you can see here, the
boot’s already ripped here, and this one’s starting
to leak grease, but the internal
parts are worn too. So raising the
vehicle often causes the tires to wear out faster. It’s bad enough that these
big tires cost more money. You don’t want them
wearing out faster too. And realize that tires with more
aggressive patterns like these will also get worse gas mileage
from the extra friction they create going down the road. And most of these
vehicles already get low enough gas mileage. You don’t want to
make it any worse. And raising it up can also
make the driveshafts wear out faster. I’ve seen many driveshaffts
fall off on these race cars because they’re at
the wrong angle. Then, the joints
wear out faster. And in a worst
case scenario, I’ve see them where the rear
shaft of the transmission actually broke off. And if that happens, you’re
talking about a ton of money rebuilding the whole
transmission because it was at the wrong angle, had
too much stress, and then, snapped right off. And of course, it could also
lead to premature differential wear because that’s
now at the wrong angle. Instead of being straight,
it’s cantered up. And running thousands of miles
with it at the wrong angle is eventually gonna wear
out the pinion gears. And of course,
jacking it up higher makes it harder to
work under the hood. You’re gonna need a
ladder to get in there. And I don’t know
about you, but I don’t feel that safe
working on an engine, teetering on the
edge of a ladder. And climbing in and out of them
isn’t that much fun either. But that’s nothing compared
to how they ride on a road when you hit bumps. Blah! [LAUGHS] Because raising
the suspension system really makes the ride extremely rough. And of course, it
compromises the handling too. When you take
corners, you’d better be real careful so you don’t
tip over being so high. But there is one
advantage to having it that high up in the air. They may break more, but
you can get under them real easy without jacking them
up to fix them when they do. So unless you live in a swamp
or are a professional Monster Truck driver, I wouldn’t advise
you to lift the suspension on your vehicle. And remember, if you’ve
got any questions, just visit the Scotty
Kilmer Channel.

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Thanks for all the advice, always love your chanel. However, I just gotta lift that truck!! It's just the way it is!!

  3. Guys that put these rediculous lift kits on their trucks are Idiots ! This will destroy the resale Value and Basicly ruin what is otherwise a great Truck !

  4. My daughter saved her money since she was little because all she ever wanted was a lifted 4×4. She is twenty yrs old now. She got it. She loves it. I hate climbing in and out of that thing, but I have to admit that it does look cool. Everyone has their “ thing”. Some people overspend on the looks and speed of a sports car. It their thing. If someone jacks their truck up and is willing to pay the price for it….. thats their choice.

  5. A reasonable lift just looks macho , but 100% on everything he said , it cost in wear and ride quality , i had a lifted f250 10 years . Plus the larger tires that will useally follow change the gearing ratio to a higher ratio , making it lose pulling power .

  6. I live in the "lifted truck capital" of the world. If you want a weekend play toy, such as a lifted "Jeep" (Chrysler/Fiat product), and you have some cash go for it! From what I see, it's younger guys, with loud mufflers, lifts and big tires steam rolling down the highway. It's a guy thing. LOL

  7. I'd rather have people beneath me. Especially all the idiots who are their phone not paying attention to the road.

  8. 0:16 ALL TIME FAVORITE Scotty gesture! Even better is If you mute it, Looks like you’re being told off @ a red light 🤣

  9. Scotty I see you can't tune a carb on your Vette puffing black sut cause it's so rich and it almost died when you stopped.

  10. Are the advices he gave applicable in 2019? Were i live, it floods thigh – high when it rains.. i was thinkin' of lifting my truck to wade through it..

  11. This all depends on the lift quality you purchase I install a lot of them and a good lift factors in the angles of the drive shafts and Axles in the front, Make sure you do routine maintenance on your truck helps a lot, also, you have to plan wisely rebuilding your front suspension and doing it right takes most of the worries discussed away.

  12. It’s true, I bought a Nissan Titan 2004 lifted 9inches and I have put so much money into it already, it wears your breaks down literally in like 3-4 months kills your suspension if you don’t have a expensive one, basically every thing breaks and then once you fix it, it breaks again!!!!! I suggest this to anyone if you don’t have a lot of money do not buy a lifted truck or raise it, if you do lift it maybe only 2-3 inches if that.

  13. So much cope, just be honest scotty just tell them even if they do it right it just straight up isn't cool. The specific demographic that loves lifted trucks just don't realize they're the only ones who think its cool, they try to lie and say its about function, when we all know its about aesthetics.

  14. The truth in the modification world…what-ever you're talking about…you get what you pay for. If you're gonna be cheap just to get it done…it's not gonna hold…and cost as much as doing it the right way first off.

  15. Maybe hes mad his dad was missing a testical when he was made. And drove a lifted truck to compensate for his fucked up nuts. Maybe that's why he doesnt like lifted vehicles.

  16. I like scotty's channel, in this case though he is making judgments based on a poor lift. Correctly done steering, pinion angles and the like should be very near stock. The only exception to that rule is IFS front vehicles. There are companies that do make axles designed for added stress and angles. The ride in my lifted jeep actually is a better ride than stock. Additional trans stress happens when the axle gear ratios are not corrected for bigger tires. Handling at high speed does suffer as does gas milage. The price you pay for being able to have a capable off road vehicle that I can still drive to work.

    Scotty needs to do a little additional research b4 passing judgements. Proprely lifted vehicles can be safe and offer comfortable ride quality as well as reliability.

  17. This video should be titled buy the correct lift kit for your truck . When was this video made in 1995 Correct lift kits maintain factory pinion and cv Axel angles.

  18. I've never liked the look of those lifted trucks anyways I just think they look ridiculous, like a hippo on giraffe legs

  19. Who tf even drives or has time/money for lifted trucks unless they got daddys millions or lives off the government.

  20. Them cv's were at the worst angle iv ever seen. My lift looks nothing like that one. Looks like you picked the worst truck possible to review lol.

  21. I've lifted a Jeep before and change out everything on the front end except the drop pitman arm and ball joints with new control arms, track bar, tie rod and drag link and never had a problem with it since even though the vehicle sat higher up by changing a few parts on it I manage to have all the angles at stock specs (helps when you have solid front and rear axles)

  22. I swear this guy downs every vehicle enthusiast cuz he jus hates on every damn thing 😂fuckin dosnt know any damn thing bout vehicles

  23. My truck had a body lift and it has linkage issues and riding and handeling issues. Lifts are cool but not to practice.

  24. My truck is a show truck with super knobby 35” mud tiers with a 6” lift and does fine and gets 14.6 to a gallon

  25. Well, but i think a 4 cm kit will don t do much, mentioning that kit contains shock absorbers and everything, not just pieces of steel puted under the chasy

  26. scotty, all these problems have nothing to due with lifting your truck, for example the uneven tire wear is an alignment issue

  27. I bought a Tundra for a good price but it had a leveling kit recently installed. I ended up taking the kit off because after one winter in Alaska.. I already had to replace both the Half shafts. Since I’ve taken the kit off… It has better ride quality and I can tow easier because everything is even when it’s loaded.

  28. Nothing in this is factually incorrect, but this video is so dad it ate all the lunch meat on the way home from the grocery store.

  29. Most of the points presented by Scotty are addressed by a good lift kit. Only shitty lift kits mess up all your angles and make them ride rough.

  30. Do a video on old pot heads that peel rubber and beat on Barbie and Kens old Corvette.

  31. Your just mad because people in tall lifted trucks can see you playing with yourself in your silly little Corvette.

  32. lol If you're gonna do that, you should at least replace it with a suspension that is made for that kind of thing.

  33. Rev up your Little Man Syndrome!
    Another reason not to buy a lifted truck is that it tells you a lot about the previous owner and how they probably treated the thing. The type of guys who lift trucks are a lot more likely to have drove it like their hair was on fire. Not to mention, if they actually made use of all that ground clearance, that means they were driving it through some very harsh environmental conditions. If you're into rock climbing or mud running etc, that's fine, but I'm not buying your beat on toy after you're done playing with it.
    Great vid, Scotty!

  34. Stop these stupid videos for god sakes. Why not to buy a lifted truck, why not to buy a tundra, why not to put headers in your car, why not to spray your headlights with clear coat. SHUT UP. Ur losing it man. Stick to what you know. You don't really have to make videos about EVERYTHING. You creep.

  35. That’s about the most mis-informed, opinionated verbal diarrhea I’ve ever heard!! Hahaha nice stingray loser

  36. They need these lifted trucks, their penises are too small, combined with a balding hairline they need all the help they can get

  37. Makes sense. What is more concerning is the additional height of the body and bumper. In an accident the other vehicle that is not lifted is screwed.

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