Why Not to Buy a Luxury Car Like Mercedes

(SINGING) 1, 2, 3, 4. Rev up your engines. [ENGINE REVVING] It’s time for the
Scotty Kilmer Channel. Today, I’m going to show
you why it’s not a good idea to buy a Mercedes Benz
unless you’re a millionaire. Who could afford to buy a new
car when the ashtray gets full and it’s just too much
bother to clean it up. Or if you’re one of those people
that buys a new car every two or three years when
the new models come out and you just have to have them. They’re expensive to maintain. Check out this bill
on this Mercedes that just came from
the dealer, $932.02. And that was mainly for an
engine oil change and a fuel filter change. They did check the air
in the tires and stuff, but basically all they did was
change the oil and the fuel filter. And since the dealer wanted
another $4,000 to $5,000 to fix the other stuff,
they brought the car to me. And I’m fixing the
things that really need to be fixed for
a lot less than that. You have to realize that these
are extremely high tech cars. The Germans have put
technology in their cars often just because they
can, not that it really needs to be done. Take the spark plugs, for
instance, on his V8 engine. There are 16 spark plugs on
an eight cylinder engine. So each cylinder has
two spark plugs on it. So you have to change two spark
plugs for each cylinder, which of course costs twice as much. And these plugs aren’t cheap. And, OK, they say that
two plugs per cylinder make them run better and
work more efficiently. But I’m not buying that, because
Nissan and Ford tried that on engines years ago, and it
pretty much was a failure. Because if you look
here, this baby is only getting 11.9
miles per gallon, and I wouldn’t call that
very good gas mileage. So much for the more
efficient engine design. And that’s just the tip
of technology in this car. While this car is running fine
and there’s no check engine lights or anything on, I decided
to hook up this high level scanner. And if you look at all the
red faults as I go down, you’ll find it’s found a whole
bunch of faults with the car. Just read the definitions
of some of them– rear SAM, rear signal
acquisition and activation mode has a fault. Heck,
you wouldn’t even know what that means until
you go into what the code is. Trunk lid ambient
light is faulty or the line to the component
has a short circuit or open circuit. Now, I ask you, do you really
want a car that tells you that there’s a
problem in the wiring to the light inside the trunk? And look at this
doozer of a code. It tells you there might be a
problem with the washer fluid pump. But if it’s working
OK, it tell you to erase it and
then do a function check of the whole system. Even the computer knows
that sometimes it’s given out squirrely advice. I certainly wouldn’t
want a car like this. But if you’re really
into crazy gadgets, look at all these buttons
on the steering column. There are buttons
all over the place. Look at them all. I have to say that 3/4 of the
customers I have with Mercedes, they don’t even know
what half the buttons do. I had one over
here the other day. And I swear it took
me about half an hour to figure out how to open the
gas cap to put gas in the car. I mean, seriously,
there’s something wrong with the engineers
that designed these cars. I mean, I just don’t
understand what’s behind their thought process. Now, over the years, I’ve had
a few customers come to me. And they bought a used
Mercedes and said, wow, I got a great deal on this used
Mercedes, to which I always respond you think you got a
good deal on a used Mercedes. Their resale value
actually is rather low, because people have discovered
they cost so much money to maintain that their
value plummets radically after they’re three
or four years old. But I have to admit,
I’ve had customers that enjoyed their Mercedes. They were all people who leased
the car and got rid of it when the lease was over. So if you can afford $20,000,
or $30,000, or $40,000 over a two or three year
period leasing a car, they’re the car for you. But if you’re like me and try
to keep your cars forever– 10 years, 20 years,
even longer– stick to your Toyotas. This one’s got the same color
as the Mercedes anyways. So if you want to be a
cool cat in a Mercedes, and you’ve got money to
burn, go right ahead. They’re great
machines for fat cats. And remember, if you’ve
got any questions, just visit the Scotty
Kilmer Channel.

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