Why Not to Buy a Mercedes Benz

Why Not to Buy a Mercedes Benz

rev up your engines, Zingo says
Scotty please please help me, I’m thinking about mercedes-benz 2006 r
500 70k looks clean and nice any thoughts please, yes don’t buy that thing they
are endless money pits, unless you have more money than you know what to do with and
you like spending money on repairs and becoming friends with the local German
mechanic, do not buy that car they are cheaper to buy used because they are
endless money pits as they age, they are super expensive vehicles to maintain,
their resale value is garbage, their parts cost a ton in the United States, you do
not want to buy those 500s, I mean they are just endless money pits as
they age, I got a customer and though I got my
Mercedes lalala and she only paid like fifteen thousand dollars for it and the
original person paid 100 something grand for the vehicle right, after the first
six she spent with me she gave up with the car and went back to the Lexus, I
told her to buy a Lexus and she liked it then she got rid of it and I said, so why
did you get rid of the Lexus and she said oh it’s
not fancy enough, oh I want to be I wouldn’t drive
around in a Mercedes, cuz she’s a single woman she’s looking for a rich guy I
guess, but now she’s back in the Lexus steam x says scotty what do you think
about the Chevy Cruze, well I think it’s one of the worst vehicles GM ever made, I
got a customer with one he’s got picture of Mickey Mouse in the back window and I
said why do you have a picture of Mickey Mouse in the back of your cruze,
he said because it’s a Mickey Mouse car he sued GM under the lemon law and since
they’ve gutted the lemon law, they admitted that it was a lemon but all he
got was like $2,500 back and he’s had two automatic transmissions replaced
already, and now it’s out of warranty and he asked me a couple months ago, well
Scotty what’s going, I said yeah the trannys going out again, I said if it
goes out again now you’re not gonna get a free one, he says yeah I’m just gonna
drive until doesn’t he move anymore and then take it to the junkyard and never buy
another one, so that’s what I think of Chevy Cruzes, I would not buy one of
those things, you want to buy a cheaper car get a cheaper Toyota or cheaper
Honda don’t buy one of those things crazy outlaw love that name, what do you
think of PT Cruisers, well I’ll tell you I got one in the driveway right now that
I’m working on, I am NOT a fan of PT Cruisers, their quality is garbage,
they have overheating problems all the time, they blow head gaskets, they’re
rattly now on the positive side their like cool-looking
retro gangster cars right, interesting looking but
man those things don’t hold up if, you want to get a used one cheap like my
customer did it’s only got fifty five thousand miles on it, even though the
thing is you know seventeen years old, it’s kind of a cute little thing to drive
around for a knock around car, but don’t pay much money for one cuz they’re not
worth much, d-bag says can you talk me out of a Jeep Wrangler, it’s easy enough
to do, do you value your money, the late model ones I’ve had customers buy
new ones and they were garbage from the get-go, they had transmission problems, they
didn’t shift right, now if you really want a
Jeep Wrangler if you go get a really old one that’s two three decades old, hey
those things were solid tanks and they can last a really long time, I mean
there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but you wouldn’t want to buy a
brand-new one, you could buy an old one they’d either had no mileage or had been
done over and there’s nothing wrong with that you know I got customers driving
around in sixties and seventies jeeps and they’re bulletproof,
but do not buy a new one, SG says hey Scotty what would cause the front tires
to hit the fender liners when turning the wheel all the way to one side, I got
a 17 maximum alignment’s been it done twice make sure that you got stock tires,
you got stock rims, somebody put bigger rims bigger tires it’s gonna hit stuff,
everything is made like garbage these days, and inside your fender you got all
these plastic fender liners, a lot of times those things are just held in with
stupid little plastic clips, a lot of times the clips get loose, the fender
liner start rubbing on stuff, and then when you turn yeah they’re gonna rub, I
see that all the time make sure that all the little clips are in, I even have a
video about those clips, if you ever do work on your own car, go to Amazon or
Ebay or anyplace and you can buy a whole box of clips for your car for like 7.95
and they’ll be hundreds of them, it’ll be a lifetime supply and you don’t have to
worry about it when the clips break you just throw them what’s left away and
then put a brand new one in, they don’t cost hardly anything if you buy them in bulk,
don’t buy them at the auto parts store where there’s a package of four for
eight dollars, for eight dollars you get hundreds of them if you go
online, bran man says Scotty should I flush out my 2007 dodge caliber CVT
fluid or just change it, it has 153,000 miles, there’s no issue, just
change it and use the same fluid use the original fluid, when vehicles get more
mileage on them, you really don’t want to take
a chance by flushing, I seen people flush out cars and then they had no problems
and then they started to slip, now the only time I ever advise flushing
vehicles, you got a junker it hardly moves and shifts like horrendously bad
and you know it’s not really drivable, try a flush you never know maybe it can
flush crud out, you got a car that has no problems when you flush it will push little
particles into tiny holes and jam them up and it doesn’t work at all or slips like
made, so I’m here to help everybody, no sponsors you don’t see any banners
advertising this or that, I’m just telling you the truth, I hate getting
ripped off, I know other people do too so I’m here to help everyone, so if you
never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that

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  2. Germans don’t care about reliabilty but only a status symbol. If they would have cared, BMW and Mercedes would be reliable like Lexus. Japanese engineers build luxury vehicles that are comfortable and reliable. I don’t trust anything German after Hitler.

  3. Not everyone wants to spend life saving every penny. Some people want to experience some luxury and precision drive and do not mind spending some money on maintenance. In Europe Mercedes is considered one of the most reliable and long lasting car ever better made and more luxurious than a Toyota.

  4. I bought used Mercedes Benz C220 CDI (2013) about an year ago and it's been super reliable and not so expensive to maintain. I guess things are different in the US.

  5. I work at an impound lot. We put vehicles that are left here in auction or junk them. Just had a 91 Toyota Corolla with only 40,000 miles on it. The other officer listed it as a junk. I thought of Scotty as I was unjunking it and listing it for auction. It's pretty beat up, but only 40,000 miles! Scotty's voice in my head saying "those things will run forever". Yes I am sure the mileage is accurate

  6. Want to know how much I spent on my Honda Accord and odyssey, 5 transmissions, multiple sets of engine mounts, the hydraulic ones, power steering pumps, hoses, rack and pinions, oil leaks like no other, engine head, wheel bearings, multiple multiple recalls, water leak on top of the main fuse box, dash console, cheap plastic and rubber used extensively in these vehicles, lower control arms, on and on and on……Toyota’s not any better, most Toyotas have engine issues, oil consumption, cheaply made worse than GM cars built in the 80’s, Toyota’s have less issues because they are simple and less sophisticated cars, not fun to drive and ugly mostly, at least a Mercedes is fun and exciting to drive no matter how old it gets.

  7. I have a 2003 Mercedes Benz ML500. With 165000 miles runs and shifts smoothly. Great car in the snow as well. M113 engine has great torque and power fun to drive. Not all Mercedes are endless money pits. Get over it scotty

  8. Thank you for all those videos. I got a question for you. What are your thoughts on mini cooper the 1st generation.

  9. BUT if you do buy a new wrangler these things hold value just like a toyota.14's and 15's in my area stickered at 28-30k.

  10. I went to the Lexus place because I watch Scotty’s videos all the time and checked out the LS500 and it might be reliable and all that but I thought it was crummy. I’ll stick with Mercedes because I am driving and riding in it myself. I had never even been in a Lexus before in my life and I’m 69 years old and it didn’t take long to see why.

  11. PT Cruiser = PT Loser🤪. My 1999 4Runner, 2002 Acura CL-S and 2007 Acura RDX all have well over 150K miles each and I sleep soundly at night.

  12. 2009 Honda Accord lx sedan 4d for $8900 78,500 miles any comments out there for me?? First vehicle purchase for me.

  13. I contacted you years ago about my Chevy Cruze I got. It was the worst car I have ever purchased. And I got it in Thailand. Bought a Honda Civic (in 2012) and almost 7 years later all I’ve done is change the oil and the tires and brakes once.

  14. What happened to companies they always make garbage transmissions…!!? I'm starting to lose faith in the industry. But good for Toyota for still making reliable cars.

  15. Any car is fine if you maintain and take care of it. There are many folks who look at a Mercedes as the ultimate in “luxury,” so they buy it, knowing they can’t really afford it. Part of the affordance is in the maintenance.

    I’ve been buying Mercedes and BMW cats all my adult life. They’re just as dependable as anything else, as long as you take care of them. Just like anything else.

  16. scotty i love your videos but you have to admit that mercedes is a good car bought by bad people i have 3 of them one a 2003 s430 with 240000 on the odo and no warning lights drives ok but needs an alignment and new air shocks.

  17. Any car is a money pit! Doesn't matter the brand. As long you give it a nice regular maintenance, and take good care of any car. Then you're fine. Seriously it doesn't matter the brand! Biggest common misconception!!!

  18. I bought a 2005 E320 Benz, with 100k on it three years ago. Drove nice, right to the garage constantly! Never again! I couldn’t keep up with it

  19. Haahahahahhaahaahaha I just coped a used benz. Tbh just take care of it and it will take care of you. Mercedes is top of the line, parts WILL be expensive, but a used c class 300 isn’t so bad 😂.Do your own research.

  20. Scotty I just bought a 2009 bmw 328xi 130,000 miles for $4,800 one owner has always serviced the vehicle properly, I've done an oil change , filter , plugs , coils, all fluids changed & doing new struts this month. Please make a video on preventative maintenance on this vehicle!

  21. Don’t listen to this old fruity man all he talks about is Lexus being the best car ever Mercedes Benz all day he doesn’t know what he’s talking about I have a 01 clk 320 and it has 0 problems

  22. Scotty you are the guy I've been subbed to you for about 2 years i believe or more but you always make me laugh even though sometimes you can be a little bias 😂.
    Thanks Scotty and keep up the good work

  23. There are two kinds of people – Americans and the rest of the world. Scotty's ideas are like the latter. Plain common sense. Merc's and BMWs are money pits…esp older ones

  24. PT cruisers are the same things as a Mitsubishi Mirage,blame japan for that one and Chrysler for been so stupid

  25. Regarding the Cruz, to be fair I've got a 2007 Cobalt with 177k miles I've been driving for 11 years with no engine or transmission problems.

  26. Scotty I know you hate Chrysler but I have to say my 2.4 sebring has always been a great point A to point B and I have had some really bad luck with Chevy and Ford products. That being said I have converted to Toyotas since watching your channel but still like my Chrysler. I believe strongly it's the owner at times and not the car. 😂

  27. After wrenching on my 95 mustang gt for 23 years, I really look forward to working on my two Mercedes. They are way easier to work on. CLK500, SL500

  28. I've had 2 Mercedes Benz and drove them till they were old cheaper then any other make I've had. Did not baby them. And parts were cheaper then Cadillac. If they cheaply made like others we would buy them!

  29. I have seen people with S Class Benz, BMW 7s, and Porsches paying rents for apartments. Some people just don't have any common sense.

  30. I don’t know if you guys ever heard of the guy that was arrested for supposedly stealing a Beamer, what the guy did was put BMW parts on his Honda and proved what he did. That was more than 10 years ago I wish I could find the article for you guys.

  31. When I see the repair invoice for merc repair in US I get headache and I can understand why he is saying don't buy Mercedes but in Europe is a different thing… I can show you invoice for corolla and mercedes so you can understand why we drive mercedes here… We have saying here: all the best to the other brands but drive mercedes… Question for all you out there:someone comes and say pick one for free, same age both but one is mercedes, what would you pick?think about it, I have no doubt as I drive merc

  32. Mercedes are garbage
    Daimler Chrysler PT Cruiser Garbage
    Fiat Chrysler Jeep Wrangler Garbage
    Chevy Cruize Garbage

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