Why Not to Buy a New Toyota

Why Not to Buy a New Toyota

rev up your engines
ios says Scotty do you think Ford products will soon be as reliable
as Toyota or will stay like it is now or get worse, modern technology is really
high-tech and they stick a lot of it in cars, and a lot of it has planned
obsolescence built in, either the technology gets outdated and people want
newer technology or they can just make computer systems that turn themselves
off after a certain period of time and when you use electronic and plastic
parts on cars you’re gonna wear out faster, so all cars have more planned
obsolescence than they used to for example, you’re not gonna be able to buy
a Toyota like I did and have a Celica it’s 25 years old with 240,000 miles it
still runs like a top, I doubt that any of the newer ones will ask that long,
I don’t think Ford will ever exactly match Toyota because it is an American
company and they have so much pressure for short-term profit versus the
Japanese companies that aren’t short-term thinking, but even the Toyotas
these days they’re worse made than they used to be, there’s just like water
pumps, brake master cylinders fail with the problems they had and the CVT
transmissions new ones the corolla hatchbacks
that they had to recall, you didn’t use to see that in Toyotas, so if anything
they’re all kind of getting a little bit worse, willie g says hey the check engine
light on my 2003 camry came on midway through a four mile road trip but then
it went off what’s up, here is how check engine lights work, every so long I guess
it’s like a minute 45 seconds or something who knows but it’s some
shorter period of time the computer checks everything in its system and then
what does it do, then it doesn’t again, it just keeps doing it and doing it and
doing it and doing it, after so many cycles of seeing a particular problem it
turns your check engine light on then it has a code, but if you keep driving it
after a certain amount of cycles it sees that problem doesn’t exist anymore then
it turns to check engine light off, so if you got
a real minor problem it can go on and off but at least on the
modern cars it has historical memories so a guy like me will plug in a
stan tool and will look at it and say here’s historical codes, you say you’re
getting this historical code over and over if it happened ten times it would
have on there ten times and you know that’s the system to look at, but that’s
why they do that, that’s why they can come on and go
come on go off, daves, my 07 impala appears to have a throttle sticking
issue, in the olden days did a cable you step on the cable the cable would open
the throttle and what would happen with those sticking yes the throttle would
get carbon and build-up or the cable would bind so you get some spray
lubricant for the cable like motorcycle capable spray it in there and you take
off the air intake and you spray the throttle because carbon was on that
throttle blade it would stick and that would keep it from sticking
alas modern cars all have electronic throttle so it’s done by computer and if
you really get a sticking throttle on those, when you step on the accelerator
pedal that’s binding or you’re stepping on a computer mouse actually and if that
is binding it might need accelerator sensor could be sticking, if it’s not
that it means that the throttle itself is sticking you can clean that still the
plate iwth throttled spray cleaner if that didn’t fix it then it would need a
new throttle assembly would mean the motor itself and it was binding and
you’d have to replace it, nobody fixes them you just replace the whole
throttle assembly, doll back who says Scotty I got a question I got a 08
Dodge Dakota I have some popping noise coming out of the exhaust, okay
poppy noise coming out of the exhaust is misfires, misfires can come from many
things you start simple to work your way up that’s always how you should fix cars
check the spark plugs if they’re misfiring it’ll do that, check the
ignition coils if they misfire they’re doing it and let’s say you have a
misfire code when you put a scan tool on say it says misfire cylinder number
three, the easiest thing I knows to do is to take the ignition coil off number
three put it on number one and put number one on number three and if the
misfire moves over to number three for number one then you know it’s a bad coil
replace to coil, but it could also be fuel injectors that are spraying and
could be a head gasket blowing a lot of stuff can make them pop, but always start with
a simple stuff like spark plugs, even a bad fuel injector either swap them if
you checked all the other and then swapping the fuel injectors the misfire
moves and you know that’s the problem, you gotta be logical when you do those
things just don’t start wildly guessing or you throw money away and usually
don’t fix anything, 94 says Scotty what are your thoughts on a 2011 Ford
Focus that has badly rusted rocker panels, like Neil Young sang rust never
sleeps, well once you got holes it’s rotting away
today there is no reason for cars to rust that’s the 2011 it was just made
poorly, my mother’s has a 14 year old Toyota Corolla in Buffalo New York no
rust on at all because they use that zinc primer it’s electrostatically put
into the vehicle when they put the whole body of the car under water and
electrostatically it sticks on a zinc they don’t corrode 2011 should never
rust, if it did it’s because they didn’t build it right in the first place, and if
you ever see a car that is rusting out and you’re thinking about buying a used
don’t buy it, there’s somebody not rusted cars out today it’s not like the old
days when they all had to rust because they didn’t have any zinc primer now a
good car even in Buffalo isn’t going to rust Costner Carter Scotty my 2015
Chrysler 300 only blows cold air when the car is moving, you sitting there it
doesn’t blow cold air but it only does it when it’s moving, two things
first turn it on full blast open the hood look at the cooling fans they should
be blowing air like mad, if they’re not fix the cooling fans because if there’s
no air blowing it’s not gonna go, now another common thing is it’s just low on
refrigerant if you’re low and refrigerant when it’s idling it won’t
turn a compressor on, but when you get going faster a lot of times it’ll start
and then once it starts and the pressures build up it’ll work for a
while until the engine goes slower and then it’s spinning slower and a low
refrigerant just shuts the system off pray it’s one of those because another
common thing is the compressor that’s just flat wearing out then until you get
moving down the road it won’t start itself up and like if it’s got a bad
clutch on it you get rolling you hit a couple of bumps and then that jolts it
the electricity starts spinning on a compressor then you need your compressor
and they’re expensive, christian Pete says Scotty what do you think of a 2006
Toyota Prius, I know you said don’t buy a hybrid used but you know I really want one
the batteries are pretty good but by 14 years old generate those batteries are
going out and they cost small fortune for a new one and here’s something that
a lot of people really don’t understand about it, and there’s a lot of scams
about, oh you can just buy a a rebuilt one save a bunch of money yeah you can
get it rebuilt big hybrid battery but understand on those Toyotas the hybrid battery is
really a bunch of small batteries connected together when they go bad ,they
don’t go bad all at once, some of them go bad
and they lose a lot of their power when you hook the computer up to the Prius
battery it did a bunch of testing for like about an hour and then it would say
this cell is bad and that cell is bad, so the
guys that rebuild them they do that and then maybe six or eight of the all cells
that are on there bad and they replaced those ones and say here it’s
reconditioned take it away, well you still the majority of the cells are still the
original cells that are twelve years old how long is that gonna last, now these
guys might give you a year guarantee but hey what’s a year you know you’re buying
a car battery even that’s gonna be well over a thousand bucks and if it goes bad
after a year then you’re back to square one, the original batteries are excellent
there’s no arguing that I’ve seen them go ten years and they’re still working,
but you get these rebuilt ones I’ve seen rebuilt once they go bad year year and a
half then you’re back to square one and that’s why I tell people not to buy
those and that’s just the battery, let’s say the generator goes bad on that, 06 prius
that’s like a $5,900 job to replace a generator, so if you can get a
Toyota Prius like that cheap I’ve had customers buying for like 1,200 bucks
what the heck this thing last year or two you
made out fine paying that little amount of money, but don’t put a lot of money into
one of those things cuz they’re too expensive to fix as they wear out
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember
to ring that Bell

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  2. Sotty, with toyota they typically use NIMH which lasts twice as long than lithiums at the cost of capacity, however rebuilding batteries are only worth it if you do it yourself by stocking up on the individual cells and whenever one goes bad to just replace it yourself.

    I do agree though that toyota quality has gone down. Its even worse when you have plastic piping and a turbo.

  3. Most of You’re info is on line by other car guys .. show us a video of a broken car and you working on it

  4. too much blah blah .you dont own your own car manufacturing= stupid vlog blah blah blah as if you are perfect mechanic
    .poor guy.

  5. I didn’t hear anything about, “Why not to buy a new Toyota”. Scotty was answering questions from people about their cars and why you shouldn’t buy a older Toyota Prius.

  6. Welp. Looks like I’m sticking to the current used car market now. thanks for the help, now I dont need to sot and wait for any of these new toyotas to get cheap

  7. I am not disagreeing that American Auto Makers are compelled to look for short term profitability. But is that the only reason. What about the productivity ratio and who shows more profits, I wonder.

  8. After watching this video, I feel being a mechanic in this decade is really tough. They need to keep themselves updated with all the changes the car companies introduce. In other words, they're just like software engineers.

  9. To late mr. Scooby -doo! I just bought 2019 Trd off road and 2019 highlander for my wife ! Ones they brake down I way going to recurring with you to fix them up.

  10. Mr. Scotty, I have a 2016 Toyota Tundra and every time I hit the brake at 50mph, the truck shakes. I have changed new rotors for the front and had my wheels balanced. It still could not resolved the problem. Please give me advices. Thank you

  11. I began driving after the 1973 oil embargo. The feds nationalized the highway speed limits to 55mph. Interestingly, V8 engines of the time used transmissions with only 3 forward gears. Common final drive ratio of 3.08 to 1. So highway engine rpm in 3rd gear 1 to 1 ratio was around 1800rpm. The "planned obsolescence" Mr. Killmer is speaking of is
    High revving engines with ridiculous 1st and 2nd gear ratios of 3.5 and 2.8 to 1.
    "Drop de hammer in mama's cross over slamma!"
    Crappy peaky torque curve, so the transmissions controller is constantly downshifting with 2 or 3 overdrive gears.
    So the truth is: You only need 3 forward gears and one overdrive ratio for fourth.
    The scam is: Runs like a scalded dog up to 55mph. Do that 150 times and create junk metal parts.
    Camry(secret) is a 4 speed automatic.

  12. there is an uber driver in UAE who used a lexus ES 2013 model and put 900k km on it and still runs well. i think if you just put the right care into a toyota it will last forever!

  13. So you’re pretty much fucked no matter which new car you buy or lease, or even buy something newer that’s used!

    Thanks Scotty I’ll just show up to my million dollar real estate deals in a 94 Celica, older Volvo, or 2004 Lexus ES300

  14. Anyone can help me? Should I buy a Corolla hatch 2016 or the 2012/2013 model? I would like to get the 2016 as I need to do a bit of Uber but I am worried about the CVT transmission. Was it from 2014 onward all Corolla have CVT transmission?
    Thanks guys

  15. Hey scotty! Im curious about my 2010 Toyota avensis 1.8 petrol. What do you think about it? It has 200 000 miles. How much longer can it run in your opinion?

  16. Nope, because americans make bs stuff. They make it to tear up on purpose. It doesn't last as long. I will always buy foreign engineered vehicles. Never see my buy a damn FORD. "found on road dead". I'll never buy a Pontiac ever again. I'll never buy GMC. I will "dodge" a Dodge. I'll stick with the usual. Nissan, Honda, & Toyota.

  17. Don't worry, Scotty. I'd never, ever buy a Toyota. I don't live in Japan. Don't tell me about how they're "made" in America. I will explain. I buy a widget. I take it home and build it in my shop. All the components say "Made in Japan" on them. I "Build" the widget in my shop. Is it American??? No, It's not. I only buy American branded vehicles. I live in the USA. I buy American…..

  18. You guys realize the thumbnail/title is just to attract us to watch it right? Nowhere in the video did he actually say "don't buy a new Toyota." He just mentioned how they're SLOWLY going towards planned obsolescence. Stop being so quick to attack.

  19. Hello Scotty and any other people..please i need your help. i want to buy a toyota auris 2007 1.4 Diesel Manual transision with 160.000Km on it. i love toyotas but is this car model and year reliable. if you can help me with any idea who has this car model i will appreciate it. you are all the best

  20. The water pump failed on my 2015 Camry V6 at 29,600 miles and the infotainment screen is out of calibration, the bottom of the display doesn’t work. Junk, I’ll never buy another Toyota made in America again. Hell I may never buy another Toyota again.

  21. 7:51 Did anyone else notice the hilarious subtle joke Scotty made about not getting married? "…but don't put a lot of money into one of those things cuz they're too expensive to fix as they wear out…"

  22. According to Scotty I'll be better off using my grandpa's horse for transportation lol 🐎🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  23. I'm thinking about blinking, Scotty.

    SCOTTY: Stop! Before you do that, get your eyelids checked. Make sure you've thoroughly greased them with a silicone lubricant.

  24. Hey scotty i have a 2003 toyota 4runner v8 , 260,000 miles on it . 4 wheel drive limited. My front calipers keep freezing up. Ive changed the calipers 4 times on driver side and 3 on passenger side and they keep freezing up ? Do you have any ideas?

  25. Scotty Only the ducks are happy with the check engine light. Because the Computer keeps doing it and doing it. My best part.

  26. Make sure all the most expensive parts and expensive-to-replace parts came from good, Japanese manufacturers, not crappy US manufacturers. You'd need to write a parts-reference book and a cost-evaluation-based-on-history-of-failure for each component and each system within each vehicle. Actually, do these already exist? I can't imagine they would since service manuals don't even include parts-source information.

  27. People including myself buy a Toyota for the dependability and reliability it offers. The new Camrys are the best looking and running cars on the road. Yeah All brands have duds, but it's a unicorn if it's a Toyota. That's why you always see Toyotas on the road for years after the rest has rusted off

  28. Planned to fail, too soon?
    Great for manufacturers to sell new vehicles sooner -and competition for others that will LAST longer!

  29. Deciding between a 2019 Accord sport 2.0t and a 2019 Camry XSE 4 cylinder. I like both but prefer the Honda, it looks great in and out. But the Toyota has a great reliability reputation and I want my car to last. What do you recommend? The Honda drives great but sometimes known for transmission issues. Please advise.

  30. I've got a 2012 Tacoma with only 95k on it. In the last 7 months I've had to replace rotors, needle bearing in the front differential, CV axle, ball joints, whole lower control arm, an air flow sensor, wheel bearings and now they say there's a transmission problem. I babied this truck more than any vehicle I've ever owned and in less than a year it's already cost me well over 3 grand in repairs. That's more than I spent on repairs for all my previous vehicles put together.

    Toyota may have been known for quality once upon a time, but those days are very clearly dead.

  31. I've gotten a little dependent on automatic transmissions but it's great to see that in Portugal almost all vehicles and I mean almost all vehicles come in manual transmissions. It doesn't get any simpler than manual.

  32. I work in auto warranty claims, and EVERY brand has issues. Including the "almighty" Japanese brands. No brand is immune. Remember all those recalls toyota had, including unintended accelleration that toyota insisted was operator error…. but wasn't happening to any other brands? HMM…

  33. Scotty, give us a list of your top pick new vehicles in each category that are good buys.
    No more than 2 years old.

    Small car
    Midsize car
    Large car
    Midsize suv
    Large suv
    Midsize truck
    Large truck

  34. Scotty, thank you. Which is the latest generation of used Toyota Sienna you would recommend? I saw you recommended 2016. How about 2017, 2018, 2019? Did the Siennas deteriorate after the 2016 generation? Thank you!

  35. Skotty, my parents drive a 2003 Buick LeSabre with almost 190K on it. Lately the car has had issues starting. The battery is getting the voltage it needs, and it doesn’t appear to be an engine or ignition problem. What could the issue be?

  36. To be honest, what is more important than car manufacturer? Service history. If it's been well cared for, most cars will be good to you.

  37. Mark my words people. Soon, the good old fashioned mechanic will be a thing of the past as manufacturers will make it impossible to have your car repaired anywhere but the main dealer as they will refuse access to their software.

  38. This is not the time of the Bush administration we are no longer in the fuel crisis anymore pointless to buy a hybrid vehicle especially used and dealing with all those wallet breaking headaches cheaper in the long run to go with non hybrid economy vehicles

  39. Not sure what defines a ‘new’ Toyota, but I guess I’ll stick with 2013 or below to be on the safe side

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