Why Not To Buy A Rebuilt AC Compressor

Why Not To Buy A Rebuilt AC Compressor

one two three four! rev up your engines it’s time for the scotty kilmer channel today I’m going to show you why not to
buy a remanufactured air conditioning compressor because on this Honda Prelude
there’s number one remanufactured there’s number two remanufactured and
here’s number three manufactured I just installed on the car now unfortunately
on this 1989 Prelude I couldn’t get anything but remanufactured Honda says
it’s an obsolete part and all my provider said they can’t get a brand new
compressor for this they said if it was an accord they could
get one with the preludes they didn’t sell enough of them it’s a different
compressor and you can only get remanufacturing so I’m trying one more
remanufactured ones I’m doing it for the customer for free but I said I’m not
going to do any more after this if this one breaks down number 2 remanufactured
here it worked but after about a month or two it’s started making horrible honking
noises and when you turn the air conditioner off it’s stopped making the
noise so I know they did a lousy job rebuilding a stupid thing now so far the
third one that I just installed isn’t making any odd clanking noises and it is
blowing nice ice cold air but it is the third one so you can imagine I’m not
that trust worthy of the thing now I’m going to take this one apart to show you
why don’t trust them because they’re so complicated inside keep taking it apart to get the
inside a little hammering, then take some more parts off and some more and now we can split it in half and
as you can see inside it’s kind of like a Mazda rotary engine spins around to
compress it’s very complicated and it’s very hard to rebuild these things
correctly and when you look closely here at the end it’s just metal to metal
there’s no piston rings or seals so as they wear they just wear out so when you
rebuild them heck odds are it’s not going to seal all that well I recently
read an article by a guy who checks these rebuilt compressors and he claims that
over two-thirds of them put out less than half of the power that a brand new
one would so not only may not last long when they rebuild them they’re not going
to work as well either and when it’s as hot as it is here in Texas it’s only
June but it’s already sweltering hey you want an air conditioning that works with
a 100% power 100 percent of the time and it’s going to last for years so next
time your air conditioning compressor crapped out take my advice install a
brand new one and remember if you’ve got any car questions just visit scottykilmer.com

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. I had a compressor replaced in my 1988 Acura Legend a few years ago. I wonder if it was rebuilt? It still works, but doesn't seem as cold as used to be. I also live in Texas 🙁

  2. Anybody know my question I have a ford explore 2002 that have AC problem. Driver side only get cold passenger side blowing out warm air and it's charged up

  3. A company is making new electric A/C compressors. Maybe we can replace the belt driven one replace y with electric, just like power steering.

  4. Hello there! I have a 1995 nissan king cab xe and when ur sitting at a red light it will idle fine then when u give it gas it almost dies on me. But it has been idling low, and it will start dropping rpms and just die out! Any help!!!!

  5. Maybe before you condemn ALL re-manufactured compressors garbage, you shouldn't start with a compressor that has a high failure rate even when bought new. There is also an old TSB for this compressor model that explains how to properly install the old Matsushita Compressors which is what you have, and if you wish to have it I can email it to you. The noise you are hearing is a vane click, which is what this TSB was created my Matsushita/Panasonic to fix. The reason it clicks is due to improper freon charge or incorrect oil amount in the compressor . They have used this type of compressors all the way to the 2009 mazda 3. There are many great re-manufacturers in the United States that do build a quality product that will out last many new compressors. One manufacture is a company you are blasting in this video. Food for thought, Most NEW compressors you buy that say "made in China" have USED internals parts from old compressors that these companies cast new housings for and add new clutch assemblies. this is why they are cheaper than OEM new compressors. Just so everybody knows. Also 90% of failed compressors after replacement of the original is due to improper installation of the compressor and not performing the repair correctly.

  6. Hi Scoty,
    I have a 2000 infiniti g20. It began to blow the ac compressor pressure relief valve because the clutch is always engage. I try pulling the fuse out and still engage. I replace the ac compressor bearing because it was making noise like 5 years ago. I do not know if that has anything to do with it. So, should I replace the clutch? Thanks….

  7. The ac in my VW jetta 2001 stopped working. Mechanic said is $600 to repair it. Why is that so much? I am trying to sell the car.

  8. Scotty Kilmer, the kind of guy to only buy Harbor Freight tools even though his livelihood depends on them.

  9. If it were my car, I'd be tempted to see if there's any way of putting a different compressor on. I imagine the bracket bolt placement and maybe the line connection is different than the Accord?

  10. My brother has an older model Hyundai Elantra. He used to live in Alabama where the A/C compressor failed. He had it replaced with a rebuilt unit for $1400 I believe is what he told me. He had it a few months and his family moved to Missouri. The A/C compressor failed halfway during a day that it was over 90F while hauling a travel trailer, boxes, and his family. I agree with Mr. Kilmer; you shouldn't use rebuilt or reman parts unless you have no choice such as his customer had.

  11. Why do you have oil and antifreeze containers as well as funnels leaking into the soil aside your driveway? You are a bad example to the viewing public.

  12. Never in my professional career for 30 years as an automotive technician did I EVER have a claw hammer in my tool box. That included from starting in a service station all the way through working for three dealerships.

  13. Scotty: do you feel the same way about more conventional piston-type compressors, or are these ridiculous rebuilt rotary compressors especially worthless?

  14. I am sure there's another compressor that could be installed even if new mounting holes and the plug changed. If new mounting holes have to be drilled a machine shop should definitely do it.

  15. After replacing enough of radiators, alternators, and starters, I never trust "remanufactured" anything. Just pay a little more and get the good stuff. Doing the same labor 4 times doesn't really save you anything.

  16. Hey Scotty, now that you've taken the compressor apart just rebuild it yourself and it'll be right!

  17. I used to do car air conditioning, sometimes it is better to change the compressor out for a modern readily available unit like a Sanden, change the discharge and suction line hoses to make it match up. Never an easy job though given pulley design, mounting space and system capacity.

  18. i was looking at a new compressor for my 91 buick park avenue. i live in pennsylvania and seen on rockauto they sell 1 with pag 46 oil and pag 150? which would be the better option? the pag 46 compressor is $23 cheaper but i dont mind spending the $23 if its better. and a can the lines take the r-134a if i replace the compressor and condensor being originaly designed for r-12?

  19. I wanna rebuild one someday and use MicroBlue on any bearings, pistons etc. MicroBlue is super rough metal coating that was made for race cars.


  20. Scotty how do I know FOR SURE whether it's my compressor that's bad?
    my AC suddenly stopped working and a shop told me it was the compressor but how do i know for sure?

  21. Scotty, I heard that if I had a bad compressor that there would be other part to switchout as well, is this true?

  22. I bought a new GPD compressor in 2015 for my truck. Biggest piece of junk ever! The factory one from 1990 is in better shape! The valve plate is held on with one bolt and rotates over time causing failure.

  23. Scotty, I have watched a couple of your A/C videos about changing the compressor, but you never talk about flushing the system to get rid of the old oil and metal contaminates that were likely introduced by the failed compressor. I am in the process of changing my compressor, condenser, evaporator and expansion valve and am worried if I dont flush the lines I could wind up with another failed compressor in a year (or less). Is there a reason you don't flush the system? Maybe thats why those compressors have failed so quickly? I enjoy your videos and find your experience helpful when trying to diagnose my car issues, so dont think I am trying to attack you.

  24. Hey Scotty, 2010 ford focus, while idling with ac on even on the lowest fan speed car suddenly gives a quick rattle for about 1 second, 20-30 seconds past and rattles for a second again, any suggestion? thanks

  25. Dude brand new ac compressors in newer cars cost 1-2k bucks xD. You can give it to real pro who will make job done correctly for 500 bucks (with new ac clutch).

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  27. When my car was 2 years old, I took it to a dealer for an oil change. 1 week later, the air conditioning compressor got a big hole in it! Haven't had air since! Thanks dealership!

  28. Hello scotty,i have a question..why is my compressor pulley is wobbling..i have already change the bearing..mine was a denso 17a.i hope you have a solution..tq

  29. That is definitely something to think about, especially the part of how the remanufactured units will not work as good as the new units. Great video, Thank you.

  30. Scotty you are a riot. You make fixing cars fun dude. In any event I have checked everything on my 2012 Nissan quest and everything seems to be operating correctly. I even checked high and low side refrigerant readings – both normal. The problem is the AC is not very strong especially when it's 90 out and very humid and the van is just idling – takes forever to get any kind of cold air. But eventually, especially moving, it gets cold. Condenser fans working normal. I don't know if the van just has a crappy AC unit or if the compressor is weak or failing.

  31. Whatever makes Scotty yell at us, we need to get rid of. I'd bet he never heard, folks that yell, "I Love You " are never believed.

  32. Scotty thanks so much for this video.  I thought this was probably what happens with rebuilt parts, and particularly A/C compressors, so your confirmation of this is appreciated.  I'm distrustful of rebuilt parts but as you state sometimes that's only what's available, so a meaningful warranty would be the determining factor in which one to purchase.

  33. Did you replace the drier, orifice tube, and condenser if needed? If not you’re just wasting your time and that compressor is going to keep blowing up

  34. Sooo… if theres only remanufactired available, what do I do? My 1985 Lincoln town car is the same as the car you're talking about in this video.. only remanufactured available it seems 🙁

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  36. Scotty. On older cars is it possible just to delete the AC by removing the AC belt? Would there be any negative effects on the performance of the engine.

  37. I had the one in one million new one to blow up on my mom's car. We had, a place that rebuilt the original one. It lasted till the car gave out 5 years later.

  38. I totally AGREE!! Remanufactured means 1/2 life & 1/2 power! Spend a little more and get a new one that's not going to make you worry every day. U get what you pay for! He needs to yell a little louder also lol..love his personality

  39. Hey Scott I got a 97 GMC k 1500 should I get an OEM ac compressor or try an aftermarket???
    Love your show thanks

  40. I think one of the issues with remanufactured compressors is in order to sufficiently test them, they have to be installed in a working refrigeration system with sufficient pressure drop across the fittings. Realistically, I don't think any remanufacturer is likely to do that.

  41. I'm on the fence here. I think my ac compressor is bad on my 2009 Rav4 V6 Limited. But I missed a few payments and I know the bank plans to take the car anyway (I have a brand new car to use, so I'm not too worried). But while I still have the car, not having AC really sucks. If the compressor is just leaking and not totally shot, maybe I can make it last a few months.

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