Why Not to Buy a Subaru

Why Not to Buy a Subaru

Rev up your engines,
goodman says, don’t you like subaru outbacks you never talk about them, I don’t like subarus
for a couple of reasons, anybody who watches me a lot knows, one they have a boxer engine
that’s an old fashioned design and they have a tendency to blow head gaskets, and they
have very weak automatic transmissions, I rented an outback a couple years ago when
we went to the great southwest utah and arizona it was beautiful, this was a subaru outback
and the thing had 7,000 miles on it, I could already feel the transmission starting to
go out and shift poorly, to me that’s bad, I’d never buy one, now some people love them,
but mainly the people that love them they got a 4 cylinder not a 6 and they got a manual
transmission they didn’t get an automatic, and the cvt transmissions that a lot of the
new ones have, their even worse, I’d never buy one like that, I don’t talk about stuff
when I don’t like them unless people ask, boaty says 2008 jeep wrangler is it a good
long lasting vehicle, it has 100k miles, no that’s generally when they start falling apart,
it’s 12 years old and it’s got 100k miles, you don’t pay much for those things, now on
the other hand, I’ve had customers buy vehicles like that in the past, and they’d buy them
from somebody who was hard up for money and they’d give them $1k and they’d keep them
for 3-4 years and they’d spend a little money repairing it as it broke but for the money
they paid what the heck, if you get them cheap enough go ahead, but don’t pay much for them,
cuz their money pits as they age that’s just the way that they are, demon says 2011 audi
a8l for $16k with 117k miles, is it a good deal, well it’s a good deal for the guy selling
it to you if you can get that kind of money for those junkers, those things are the biggest
money pits on the planet, those 8 cylinder audis, and since it’s 9 years old and has
117k miles on it, that thing is going to be a money pit, stay away from it if you value
your money, if you want to get an audi, get a 4 cylinder one non turbo and at least they
might last a while, buy those v8’s man they are just money pits as they age, goodman says
was the tucker really a viable car, tucker was that guy who after ww2 tired to build
this car that had an engine that was in the back, basically he didn’t have enough money
to back it up, it was an interesting design and it had some revolutionary stuff in it,
but it cost a lot of money to build a car even back then from scratch, and then market
it out to people, I’ll give you an example, years ago I went out to california to look
at these Elios, now the Elio were, they guy’s name was Elio and they guy was planning on
making these 3 wheeled cars and he even was renting the old factory that hummer had, to
date and this is like 4 years later, he still hasn’t build a single one, he made a few prototypes
with junkyard parts that he got with a old geo metro engine, I mean he’s never produced
any in the factory and I doubt if he ever will produce it, cuz he found out how much
money it costs to actually make a production line that can build 100k cars or more a year,
it might have been a good car but it’s past it’s prime, but today to actually put a car
on the market it costs so much money, nobody is going to bankroll anybody for that, Musk
is a billionaire and he’s even having hassles with that trying to keep the thing going,
and now he’s making a factory in China so he can make them cheaper so even he realized
that, arthur says my 05 grand marquis blower on the ac, I noticed a clicking sound and
the lights on the ac are going off, now the blower isn’t working, first thing you want
to do is, blower motors go out all the time and their so simple to check, all you got
to do a lot of times if it’s under your glove box is kick it, and if you kick it and it
starts going you know the blower is going out, now if that doesn’t work you can just
take the little plastic stuff of that’s under the glove box and get to where the connector
is that goes to the blower it unclips, there’s two wires, one is positive and one is negative,
it doesn’t matter which way you put it to test it, put power to one and ground to the
other, if it starts spinning it’s working and if it doesn’t spin replace the motor,
that’s the most common thing, I change them out all the time, luca says I get a squeaking
sound when I roll up my electric windows, is it a rubber part or worse and how do I
fix it, the first thing you want to do is, get a can of spray silicone lube, roll the
window down, when you roll it down you’ll notice on the front where the window goes
up and on the back, there’s the rubber runners, spray silicone lube in those for like 5-10
seconds, then run it up in the air, then run it down again, the spray it again and run
it up and down, then wipe any stuff off, if it goes away great, now if it doesn’t go away,
then it’s inside the motor or the linkage, then you can take the inner door panel out
if you want to go that far, and get some spray lithium grease and spray all the main points
and usually the noise will go away then, if it doesn’t then it means you need a new motor
and you’d replace the motor, so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring that bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. scotty u talk smack about nearly every car on earth but the truth is no car is bullet proof and most have good warranties on them if you only count on reliability to buy a car you most likely won't buy any car

  3. Hey Scotty I’ve noticed that in a couple of your videos you give some advice about how to maintain different components of your vehicle. It would be great if you could compile these tidbits into one video of how to keep up the maintenance on your vehicle. Love the content! Keep the videos coming!

  4. Rental cars ARE NOT a good car to use as an experience. Blowing head gaskets only really happen when your making REAL power. Rethinking all of Scotty's opinion. If boxer motors are so bad, then why is SUBARU and PORSCHE STILL USING THEM?

  5. I bought a 13" Forester with 28k on it, the friggin thing had to have 1 quart of 0w-20 added ev ery 600 MILES!!!!!!!! This was getting way to expensive to keep this piece of crap because 1 Quart of 0W-20 is like 10 bucks, I learned my lesson with Subaru

  6. Hi Scotty!
    I have a 2011 manual mustang gt with more than 100,000 miles on.
    I would like to have your opinion on the most common problems these cars have.
    I had my crank recently replaced along with some pistons and bearings, and I'm afraid of having other problems pop up!

  7. 2012 Subaru outback owner here, 180000 miles no problems still going strong cvt and all 😉 still original head gaskets believe it or not lol

  8. My grandparents have an outback, 150,000 miles with a boxer 4 and an auto, the headgaskets and the tranny are both on the way out

  9. My father has a 2005 Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT wagon and it still runs well. Automatic transmission, 2.5 liter 4 cylinder, and has high mileage.

  10. I mean yeah their reliability isn’t perfect but you act like everyone can just easily drive 2 wheel drive cheap sedans in their location. I happen to live in a mountain area of Colorado and all wheel drive is critical even if it’s more expensive, I’d rather pay more to be safe on the road than have a more reliable vehicle and subarus have there best all-wheel drive trains there is.

  11. My 04 Lincoln LS V6 has started thumping sporadically. I don't think it's a knock, but actual thumping with an irregular rhythm. We put seafoam and 91 gas in it, which seemed to make the thumps less aggressive. What is going on?

  12. 10 year old wrangler for 1,000 never seen one they run for about 10,000-13,000 round these parts in good condition
    The audis yeaa those can be had for super cheap nobody wants to deal with the timing chains

  13. I like my 19 5 speeder awd.. ive got a 4… but the dealer cheated us .. hannah in vancouver… they are known as crooked bastards

  14. If you’re buying a Jeep Wrangler Either go with the older 4.0 L or 3.6 L from 2013 up And a manual transmission and you’re almost guaranteed not to have much trouble if you service it. The 3.7 and the 3.8 are junk.

  15. My mother has a 2012 Outback 2.5 with CVT and 60,000 miles. No problems yet. Subaru has extended the warranty on the transmission to 10 years or 100,000 miles. If you have one check to see if your vehicle is covered.

  16. I was thinking of buying a new subaru, am glad I got your opinion…My last 2006 Honda civic had too many recalls and am waiting for the engine to crack, and the 2012 toyota prius suicide also is a disappointment.

  17. Hey Scotty you didn't say much about the manual subaru transmission. Come on man,they are not as bad. Any car need good maintenance. Most ppl like or go for the manual one. So what focus just on the automatic one?

  18. i have an 09 Impreza 2.5i with a head gasket oil leak, still runs like champ, pulling the engine this summer to do the head gaskets.

  19. My Impreza 2.5i has head the head gaskets done at 105k with wrx gaskets. They were leaking before and haven’t had any problems with them since. And mine is a manual. I’ll never buy an automatic in my cars, I would in trucks tho

  20. Subaru has one of the highest resale values of any car on the road. So Scotty, you're not right about everything. And, as long as you don't buy one from Carmax, you'll be fine. But Scotty, you gotta find something to talk about if you're going to keep your viewership numbers up; that's where the money is. Wait, Scotty doesn't read this stuff; I'm sitting here, talking to myself.

  21. I value your opinion, but my 2012 Subaru Impreza with automatic transmission has 145,000 miles on it and runs like a top.

  22. My coworker owns a 2017 wrx and it already blew out the transmission luckily he had it under warranty he even admits Subaru is trash.

  23. I had an 2012 that got in an accident so I got me the 2014 and from a premium
    To a Limited 2015 Subaru Forester for the past 5 years… never had a problem with them…

  24. I had a 1996 Subaru Liberty(called a Legacy in the US). This thing had a faulty 2nd gear sychromesh,at just 26K kilometres. Would crunch in second gear when engine was warm, but not when it was cold. The front seats were like slabs of concrete,very uncomfortable on long distance journeys. Kept it just 1 year and sold it. Worst car I have had the displeasure of owning

  25. So many butt hurts in the comments , owned 2 Subaru’s both relatively low miles (around 90k) both head gaskets and timing jacked up now I own a 2011 Mazda speed 3 no issues what so ever drove to Cali and everything in between and back same miles and it’s all good in my experience Subaru’s are gross .

  26. I have two Subarus:

    1. 1993 Legacy Sedan with 207000 miles (original engine and Automatic transmission)
    2. 1988 Justy 5spd with 784000 miles (original engine and Manual transmission)

  27. My suburb has a Subaru dealer. There are a LOT of Subarus around here. If these cars didn't work well, word would get around. There's a reason why people hang on to them so long and there aren't a lot of used ones on the market: they work. Sure, every car company has a few bad ones that slip out, but there aren't any Subaru models that seem to be inherently bad.

  28. I want a Subaru because I have to commute 45 mins to work everyday but on the weekends I go up the mountains. What's a good alternative to a Subaru crosstrek?

  29. you are wrong about Subaru. The normal engine in cars, that's not a old concept? come on !!! Go try in new 2019 subaru.

  30. My mom used to had a 98 Grand Prix sport and I remember the blower from the Heat you have to kick it and it comes on that's GM's type of way of fixing it

  31. Our 08 Tribeca is a pos. 127k miles and the transmission fluid is black and it’s starting to clunk. Constant suspension problems and it also burns 1 quart of oil every 500 miles. Wish it was totaled last year when we hit a deer.

  32. Scotty, why do you always pick on the transmissions of mazda, subaru, nissan and chryslers ?? The new model cars must surely be better these days ???

  33. 1000 dollars for a 2008 wrangler! Lol that’s a 16 thousand dollar car. Yeah I’d buy one for a thousand bucks too

  34. The worst thing I have ever made: buy a Subaru.
    I want to sell it only 2 years old. I hate this Forester. I will buy a German car again. My first and last Japanese

  35. Lol the clips are funny. I have a standard 4 cylinder legacy with 300000+ km…Bought it for a grand, put in a new clutch. Have been driving it like a maniac for five years. I do love it…I am strange.

  36. the transmissions aren't nearly as bad you make them out to be. But I currently own 3 subarus (04 forester 5 speed, 14 forester XT CVT, and 11 WRX STI 6 speed). My Father also owns an Ascent and its smooth as hell, but were subie fans and def biased

  37. “Outdated design” is not a good enough excuse to say the boxer engine is not good, and you still never give a reason to how their obsolete. Nearly everything in modern cars is technically “outdated design” because manufacturers would rather stick to what works. Subaru’s are great cars.

  38. Scotty, how much does Toyota pay you to praise their product? I’ve owned an ‘81 Corolla Tercel and an 86 Toyota Celica. I’ve rented newer Camrys too. Hated the lack of power. Sucks working on Toyota suspension. I’ve also owned MANY Hondas and I still own a ‘99 Civic. But after trading in my wife’s 2001 Civic EX for a 2003 Subaru Forester we much rather own a Subaru. You can’t compare a Subaru to a Toyota. Does Toyota offer symmetrical AWD? So far we’ve owned the ‘03 Forester 2.5X, a 2003 WRX that I still own, a 2007 Forester 2.5X, and a 2012 Legacy that my wife currently drives. We’ll never go back to a Toyota. I’ll still keep my Honda though.

  39. Scotty, LOVE your channel (and your "Live Free or Die" sign!). Just got a 2009 Impreza hatchback (5-speed) with 80K. Great car. Only problem: started making a kind of thunking sound on slow, tight turns. Some people thinks it's the Center Differential Viscous Coupling. Is this a disaster?

  40. Did he just judge Subaru transmissions from a rental car? Im sure you're aware of the amount of abuse that people put into rental cars?

  41. I love my subie, dont know much about the automatic transmission but the manual transmission is bulletproof.

  42. Some people just love the car and don't mind spending the money plus a few problems gives it character, wouldn't swap my hawkeye sti for anything else 🤙🏻

  43. head gasket issues, bad transmissions, poor interiors, terrible gas mileage, awd kinda nice (but mostly unnecessary) and they are ugly
    the wrx is a fun car to drive though

  44. If u don't have toyota don't watch scotty cause it will ruin your day every car in planet is a pile of junk except toyota! This channel should be TOYOCOTTY or LEXMER..

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