Why Not to Buy a Toyota Celica

Why Not to Buy a Toyota Celica

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about a Toyota Celica that I wouldn’t buy yes Scotty saying he wouldn’t buy
this it’s a 2000 Celica GTS now why wouldn’t I buy it because it
looks weird no it looks fine because it doesn’t handle well no handles perfectly
fine because it isn’t fast enough no it’s got 75 more horsepower than my old
celica that’s a 94 the reason I wouldn’t buy it is because of what’s under the
hood the engine this baby has a 2z z GE engine designed by yamaha now it is a
special engine read the VVT l /i it’s a variable valve engine but it also has a
variable lift it didn’t just VVT it’s got variable lift
too, so when you get to higher rpms it’s got a pin system and it kicks into a cam
that has higher lift so it’s got insane horsepower once you rev it up terms of
horsepower at 75 more horsepower than my older Celica but that horsepower comes
at a price it’s a Yamaha designed engine if you remember back in the day 4 had a
v6 one that called it the sho and that one was even completely made by
Yamaha this was designed in conjunction with Toyota but the Ford show was
actually a Yamaha engine made in Japan and it to put out a lot of horsepower
but just like this Toyota they had problems the engines broke down a lot and were
super expensive to repair every single customer and I will one of these Celicas
that’s got the 2zz engine in it are on either their second or their third
engines they just don’t hold up look at us babies go hundred and eleven thousand
miles on it and a sign of second engine while my old celica it guys 239,000 miles
and guess what it’s still on its original engine it strangely enough
they’re both 1.8 liter engines but this old one is pretty much bulletproof we’re
the one in the 2000 Celica is anything but bulletproof
they’re both 1.8 liters but that’s thing hey it’s an aluminum block aluminum hat has
the fancy vvt and valve lift system so it can out out
a lot of horsepower at high rpms now I know for a fact some of my
customers just over revved the thing sometimes they’d miss a shift and they’d
over-rev and that’s how they blew the engines but there was also a design flaw
with the oil pumping these things from where I discovered the oil pumps can
fail then of course you get no oil at the top of the engine and it locks up
and from what engineers have told me they didn’t design the oil pan assembly
correctly either so when you’re cornering fast at high rpm all the oils
will go to one side and the pump would suck air that’s called cavitation you
wouldn’t get in the oil pressure as you go boom so the big selling point of
Toyotas having bulletproof engines wasn’t the case with these engines yeah
they were fast they were zippy they wanted a car they could really zoom
along they weren’t all that expensive kids could buy them I know guys that
were grocery baggers at the grocery store that bought some of these things
back in the day but the stock engines and them they just didn’t hold up now
realize there’s a lot of modifications that can be done to them I mean this
kind of engine modified slightly is what they used in some of the lotuses you get
a lot of horsepower I’ve seen some of these things that put out hey close to four or
five hundred horsepower but in their original design
they just didn’t hold up now these engines are only produced from ninety
nine to two thousand six they moved on and they pretty much perfected the
engine design itself take this 2007 matrix it’s got the same basic engine
design and it’s been bulletproof bought the original engine design like in this
2000 those 2zz engines just were not dependable over time and this isn’t just
a one-off fluke as I said every single customer might have bought one of these
the car was either on its second or third engine so it’s no surprise to me
that the last Celica made was a 2006 that engine as far as I’m concerned led
to the demise of the Toyota Celica when you have a company that’s legendary for
cars that run forever with little problems and the engines were blown up
that made the death knell for the Toyota Celica basically they tried to do too
much or too little yeah my 94 it’s not a racecar it’s top speed is 110 miles an
hour but it will run forever if you take care of it they tried to go too high
with a new design that Yamaha basically designed really it was a failure and
yeah eventually I’ve left a better design like those matrix engines they’re
pretty bulletproof if you take care of them I see them with three four hundred
thousand miles on it but you do not want to buy one of these 99 to 2006 celicas
that have the 2zz engine because they are just totally not dependable engines
especially if you drive them hard let’s face it most guys drive them hard with
that variable valve lift that doesn’t kick in until you get it to higher rpms
so you have to rev it up to get good acceleration and that’s when the engines
are at their weakest and with this new engine design
it had high-compression pistons there are eleven and a half to one compression
ratio it really requires high test gas many people with Toyota’s used to
running just plain old pump gas if you did they would not run right and they
would have a tendency of carbon up to here’s the thing a modern car sure it
can run any kind of gas because they have computer controls that can control
all kinds of stuff but this thing back in 2000 hey it doesn’t have all that
stuff on it so you really have to run it with premium gas a lot of people didn’t
so then they had a sour taste their mouth they didn’t have the acceleration
that they should have had they carbon up it was just kind of a mistake if you ask
me putting this engine in this car hey the maximum power output on this
thing came at over 6,000 rpms so you’re revving up real high and if you’re not
using the right gas you’re edging carbons up hey that’s a recipe for disaster,
so now surprise surprise you know a Toyota Celica that Scotty wouldn’t buy
and I wouldn’t advise anyone else to buy it either,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. My Astro 97 had a seized engine and my explorer 99 had a blown head gasket… So yeah that Eonon Android 8.0 will help a lot! 😄

  3. Scott Kilmer, I have a challenge for you. I challenge you to post a video of you singing Mr. Rogers famous song. Wont you be my neighbor. Do you accept the challenge?

  4. I didn't know that. I know Yamaha has designed allot of engines you'd never expect. This is one of them. My Honda has the 1.7 d17a2 Engine and it's only has the vtec on the exhaust side it kicks in at 3200 rpm which if you go any more than that … the transmission ain't gonna like you let me tell you that. Its an automatic. Don't try to drive it like it's a standard

  5. Got 136 miles on my 2000 Celica GTS 6 speed original engine, has no issues whatsoever and it see the ketchup every time I drive it 😂

  6. Can you explain exactly why these motors ‘don’t hold up’, in my opinion the 2zz is one of the if not the most reliable motor Toyota has ever made

  7. i own one toyota 96 celica but i dont think it any good because bigger part is belt snap if it snap alway ended up blew head gasket out nowhere and belt is unnotice hear or feel belt snap and ended up taking wholes front off get motor rebuild n put back together and stupid things about front end cover it super thin and easy tear up n easy fell apart it was terrible desing
    super bad part is hose behide water pump have 3in long n 1 3/8 diag and super hard find any hose fit it have order it and harder to change that hose uuggg i hate it

  8. Scotty, it is a Toyota 'Ce-LI-ca' not a 'Cel-i-ca' (silly car?) just like it will always be su-BA-ru and not subaru

  9. Personally I disagree… I had a 2004 TSport with the same engine… must be something to do with shipping them to the colony… mine did 200k in its life… gearbox failed engine was bullet proof..

  10. The problems explained in this video were with the models up to 2002, Toyota then revised the design and dropped the rpm limiter and switched the point at which lift kicks in. They also revised the engine oil delivery system meaning that there were no oil starving issues. Proof of this is how many celicas have survived until today. Mine for example is an 03 with 167k miles on it. Original engine and only minor maintenance over the 6 years I've owned it. I admit I don't use the cheapest fuel but that's normal for anyone who respects their cars. Celicas were and still are bulletproof cars.

  11. A friend of mine owns a 94 celica gt four and there are two things that he hates. 1 the last body style Toyota made, 2 people mistaking it for a MR2.

  12. Can You make a video about Celica V? I'm in love in that car and i'm planning to buy one in the near future 😉

  13. Good evening good Sir, was womdering if you could tell me anything about a 1993 toyota celica gts 2.2l 5 speed: is it reliable, is it worth buy or is it crap? It has about 60k miles

  14. Some be the manual trans or something, UK Gen 7 owner here. I have seen these 150k plus with origional trans and engine. So, not sure Im with you here Scotty.

  15. Scotty went so far with roasting cars, that now he went way too far. He roasted his own car. What a dummy dum dum. Lol

  16. I've got a 2004 gt-s, with an engine from a 2000 gt-s. Issue came from when the previous owner drove through water. This engine has about 230k miles on it, and it seems that it doesn't want to go into lift now.

  17. I know mileage does vary, BUT, I drive a 2000 celica with the 2zz and I haven't had a single issue for the 7 years I've driven it. I'll be rolling 230k miles soon, factory everything, and it's never ran better. Most dependable car / engine I've had, right up there with my GM 6.0. Just my $0.02 tho

  18. I just parted ways with my 2000 Celica GTS. It lasted 19 years on the original engine, and still ran fine when I traded it in. It had over 300 thousand miles on it.

  19. I have the GT version from 2000. 1zz and its at 200,000+ miles right now. It runs amazing still. Just needs to be taken care of. Just like any other engine. You gotta maintain it, that's it.

  20. 1:10 see I assumed the problem with the old SHO was that it was bought mostly by man-children who stomped a mud hole in the thing off every stop light

  21. Yes. Do not buy these 2000+ GTS CELICAS. They are not for regular drivers. They are for folks who love these engines and know HOW to care for them. And also how to mod them to eliminate the issues and get the most out of them. If you want a no hassle car engine that does the same, get a Honda k20 or k24.

  22. Yes. Do not buy these 2000+ GTS CELICAS. They are not for regular drivers. They are for folks who love these engines and know HOW to care for them. And also how to mod them to eliminate the issues and get the most out of them. If you want a no hassle car engine that does the same, get a Honda k20 or k24.

  23. Yes. Do not buy these 2000+ GTS CELICAS. They are not for regular drivers. They are for folks who love these engines and know HOW to care for them. And also how to mod them to eliminate the issues and get the most out of them. If you want a no hassle car engine that does the same, get a Honda k20 or k24.

  24. Brought mine with one previous owner 99k on the clock. 8 years later, 163k still going strong. Best car i have ever owned period!

  25. I've got a 2002 celica gts with 219k miles on it and never had a problem with it besides replacing the fuel pump about 5k miles ago

  26. The XRS Matrix which uses the same engine and transmission as the GTS (only the GTS has the lift system, only the XRS had the lift system) the GT had the same, or more/less the same engine version as that Matrix you're showing. You didn't mention the awful transition issues with the XRS and GTS with the six speed transmissions that were exclusively paired with those engines.

  27. What are you talking about? Lol im about to hit 200k on my gts, and my engine is still running strong. Sure if you beat the hell out of it somethings gona go wrong, if you're a race car driver that want it for the track then ok i wouldn't recommend it specially in hard cornering because of the oil pump issue, but if you drive like a regular normal person, buy it! This engine is super reliable and dependable, believe me, for this time dont listen to Scotty lol they are bullet proof.

  28. Had a 2002 celica gts with 215k with its original engine and it was fine, rough, but fine. It had a oil leak and the check engine light would come and go but it was bulletproof and would start up everytime. And it wasn’t like the previous owners took very good care of it either I just made sure the oil level was good and would top it off every once in a while. My brother also had one with 242k miles and it was fine for the most part as well.

  29. So does that mean I shouldnt get a 2003-2005 Toyota Matrix XRS either? It has the 2zz too… I guess ill just get the XR instead…

  30. Dear Scotty, Love your videos! Cavitation is when high and low pressure in fluids cause them to change phase, like when a submerged boat prop creates bubbles, not when your pump sucks up oil.

  31. the oil starvation could occur at over 1G lateral force. Toyota have explained that the design of the oil pan os to allow better flow of the oil and will hold up to 1G.

    slapping a 1zz oil pan will simply reduce the capability of the engine.

    with enthusiast driving on public roads and road legal tyres you most probably would not hit 1G.

    If you want to track it do a bit of research for the oil pans and possibly the oil pumps and you'll be fine.

    Worry more about misshifting and abusing the heck out of that gearbox 🙂

  32. Small aluminum engines hold up better with CVT transmissions because they don't have gears less stress on the engine at high RPMs

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