Why Not to Buy a Toyota Tundra

Why Not to Buy a Toyota Tundra

rev up your engines,
scarface says hey Scotty why do you choose Ford f-150 over Toyota for
full-size, I heard some of the newer ones have electrical issues, okay here’s the
thing, if you want a full-size pickup truck and you’re planning on hauling a
lot, towing a lot the Ford’s have been made for ages to do
that, Toyotas make excellent pickup trucks there’s no arguing that,
but the full-size pickups, meh they can be expensive to maintain, because a lot
of their designs, they got the same engine v8 as the Lexus, I mean they’re
high-tech stuff that costs a lot of money to fix, they cost an awful lot of
money, I just had in my experience customers for the money and for what
they spend, they were happier with an f-150 than they would be with the Toyota
Tundra, it’s just from my customers and what they give feedback to me, and if you
do want a full-size one I just find it you’re better off with a Ford, and if
you’re serious about towing you get a diesel too, not a gasoline, Robert nick
says Scotty I have an Audi q5 with 170,000 miles, should I trade it for a
new lexus rx350 before problems happen, yes you must be the luckiest man on earth to
get a hundred seventy thousand miles out of that Audi, now I don’t know how much
money you’ve spent in repairs, send me an email sometime to tell me how much you
spent in repairs in all those miles, but yes that would be a very smart move,
because those Lexuses, I’ve seen them with 350-400 thousand miles trouble-free, and
I have never, ever, ever seen an Audi do anything close to that, the soldier 76
says what’s your opinion on a Porsche 944, okay I used to work out quite a few
of them, and if you remember years ago that David and David song, she drives a
Porsche 944 it was you know hip, they were weird cars you know, I mean it’s
just how those cars were, they kind of an oddball car, they’re worth nothing today
I had a customer who bought one and didn’t put any miles on it and had like 15,000
miles, now he thinks he’s gonna sell it for a bunch of money and he found out
that, one he’s gonna have to put a ton in it to get it running and working with
air conditioning, and then he found that nobody wants to give more than two or three
grand for it, because everybody knows those Porsches are endless money pits
and the 944’s especially with their design, where they had that torque tube
where from the engine to the rear wheel drive differential
instead of a drive shaft they had this torque tube, they go bad then you gotta
pull the whole back of the vehicle off in order to take it off and change stuff
in a transmission, it was just a horrendous design, so you don’t want to
even think about buying one of those as a toy, unless you’re a mechanic who likes
spending all this time messing around with those old vehicles, they’re okay to
drive but good modern cars have passed those things buy, so yeah there’s really
no point in even buying a 944 these days, you can get Japanese cars that run
circles around those things today, Nathan Gonzales, Scotty what do you think of a
Honda Prelude 2000 automatic, now Honda preludes were pretty interesting cars
they were their sporty version, now they did share quite a bit of things with the
Honda Accord, but there’s a lot of things that they really didn’t share with the
Honda Accord, they were actually better made cars as far as I’m concerned, and a
lot of times they had better transmissions, now from my experience I
have seen a whole bunch of Honda Accord transmissions over the year go bad, the
automatic transmissions, but personally in my own business, I’ve never seen a
Honda Prelude automatic transmission go bad, I tell people, well you know I never
saw the preludes get bad, but I saw the Accords so really, now if you’re thinking
about buying one, it is old it’s a 19 year old car, but they can be good cars
just have a mechanic like me check it out before you buy it, because that old you
don’t know what kind of shape it’s gonna be in, but it’s still a 2000 so it’s obd2
and a good obd scan tool when you plug it in, is gonna tell you a whole bunch
William Garcia says, Scotty what do you think about Saturn, it was kind of a trial
by GM that failed, mainly because they were too cheap, GM decided to make a
new plant and call them saturns, it was a big
advertising BS and you know Saturn let us be your car company and all this nonsense,
on your summer vacation you could go visit the factory and have parties
with the people that work there, crazy one of my customers actually was the guy
behind that, he was from Houston and he moved to San Francisco and he ran the
advertising campaign, the problem was they just made them too cheap, I had a
customer and her name was Linda Toyota and she used to drive Toyota, so she
bought a Saturn to say, I’ll buy American and I asked her, what do you think of the
Saturn, she says I think it’s about 60% of what my last Toyota was, the dash
wasn’t even a glued in right and they had so many problems and they don’t
make them anymore, but I’ve had costumers who bought them used for nothing and they
had fun with them, if you can get a use
four-cylinder Saturn for a thousand bucks or eight hundred bucks, I’ve had
customers do that and drive them for four or five
years as a second car and they don’t care, so there’s not wrong that, but I pitty
the poor people who bought them right before they went bankrupt, because their
cars were worthless, and they paid a lot of money for them, so if you never want to
miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Happy Super Bowl, early video today cuz I’m going to watch the game!

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  2. I love tundras but my ecoboost will blow it and any v8 gaser out of the water. Which is why i bought it and spent the money i did on it

  3. I have a 2004 Tundra. I would like to scavenge for parts at a junkyard. Knick nacks here and there. But Dam!!! Could never find one!!!!

  4. I got me an 06 tundra 6 months ago @136k, so far I’m in love.
    Needs a paint job badly but otherwise it’s the best vehicle I’ve ever had next to my beloved Matrix

  5. My Audi’s at 117000 miles and still is running solid a fuel pump went out a while ago but replaced and it’s solid

  6. I have 07 Toyota Tundra and I have no problem at all. 254 thousand miles and very strong and great for pulling what ever I want. This I disagree with you about. The first time I have disagree with you about this.

  7. Scotty,
    I have owned Tundra’s for Rae’s, just found out that it need to have the cam tower gaskets to be replaced, $2300, OUCH!

  8. Repairs on a tundra? What repairs???

    Tundra isnt most current, or best mpg, or most doo dads and buttons but its the most reliable truck made period.

    F150s are for guys who get a new truck ever 4 years.

  9. 2002 4.7 Silver Tundra.
    Just hit 350k.
    Pulls a mowing trailer daily.
    Still my dream truck.
    Hi ho Silvermist!

  10. Scotty is sometimes a real lunatic. Tundra's are some of the best built vehicles on the planet. They are over-built from the forged engine internals, oil jet piston coolers, oil/transmission oil coolers, huge ring gear/brakes, and stout transmission. Old-fashioned, time-tested and dependable. Ford simply cannot not approach them on quality, dependability, and reliability. Sorry, Scotty you are way off base here. I don't give a damn how long you have been in business or what your customers tell you.

  11. Man I’m all with you Scotty but I’m very surprised you picked the f150 over the tundra…. I mean come on you know those fords stay at the shop

  12. So let me understand you…Dont buy a Tundra because it has expensive Lexus tech…..but keep your lexus because it gets 300K trouble free miles? You are literally too stupid to insult.

  13. You can't fix stupid is soo right and you are living proof of that. If you haven't owned a Tundra, then you are NOT qualified to a negative opinion, I have 260k on mine and NOT ONE problem!!!! Little people like you with big mouths should not be on here posting unqualified opinions and reviews!!!!!! So little man, why don't you go play with your little toy cars and leave the trucks to men.

  14. How much did Ford pay you to say this? lol
    Love your videos, but come on… highest resale value in the industry on premium trim packages.

  15. In the last 4 months I spent 9000 on my 2008 Tundra Limited. It listed for 45000 new. I paid 35000 because it was a leftover. Bought it in 2009 new.
    2000 then 3000 then 4000.
    I should have sold it 6 months ago.
    Yes they are expensive to repair after 250000 miles.
    I'm hoping for another 100000 miles.
    I'm not looking forward to replacing it for 50,000.
    It runs great. It still loves 85 miles per hour.

  16. Bought a 2004 Tundra off of an auction recently, frame is rusted beyond belief, lots of welding work to do. Called Toyota but they won't do anything about it

    Anyway, just posting to make sure people don't make the same mistake, make sure you look under before buying, the metal frame is made out of 1/8 steel and here in Canada the weather and salt just eat it up.

  17. I have a problem with my 2015 Toyota Tundra. After ramming a pole, being rear ended 3 times, years of neglect and towing and carrying twice the capacity, 187023 in if abuse and off-roading IT JUST WONT DIE. While my F150 couldn’t last a year. This thing outlived and outperformed every other pickup in my company.

  18. But even though a tundra is expensive to fix, you won't be fixing and spending money as frequently as you'll be with an f-150

  19. Alot of people wet about tundra.
    U compare them with the f150
    F150 Its a legend we have them at work all have 400k plus miles we had tundra and returned em good truck but couldn't keep up with the abuse.

  20. There are at least 2 Tundras that went a million miles .. both guys where hot shot drivers for the oil industry.

  21. This guys stupid💀💀 I own three different tundras and they each have more than 100,000 miles and I’ve never had to fix them except having oil and tire changes💀😂

  22. I actually really want a tundra. It might be more expensive than the ford to fix but would probably last longer.

  23. 101730 miles on my current tundra. Other than gas and oil changes, I've only had to replace the front right turn bulb and front brakes. My last tundra had 120000 miles and I only changed the front brakes and windshield wipers. I plan to drive my current tundra into the ground. Should take another 10 years or so.

  24. Why doesnt he interview real truck owners?? If he really knew about tundras, he would know they easily out tow f-150s and that their generic transmissions are almost bullet proof

  25. Disagree on Tundra being expensive to fix. My Tundra is the first vehicle I've ever owned that only required a handful of parts to repair after 247k miles and none were expensive.

  26. @ My job we have a 09 tundra that thing has 600 thousand miles still runs like new.. never let us down never had to replace anything. The tundra is the best truck ever made bottom line.. so i am not sure why you telling folks to not buy a tundra? That's one helluva truck!!!

  27. My grandfather had a f150 and he tows all the time but he said it had horable gas mileage and got a lot of problems that’s why he likes tundra more

  28. This guy is a nut bag! He makes a video about how great something is makes reference to it in one video the. Bashes it on another. The Toyota Tundra is by far the most reliable full sized truck on the road

  29. Damn Scotty. If only I had seen this a month ago. I just bought a brand new 2019 yota after months of truck shopping 😆

  30. I must disagree with the point on the Toyota Tundra. I had a 2018 f-150 and the turbo kept giving me issues. The 3 Toyota trucks I have had gave me years of relative trouble free operation. That Ford was traded about 8 months after I baught it…yes….for a tundra.

  31. You are right about the cost to repair certain parts of the tundra, but scotty a friend of mine has one with 600k+ miles on it. And to be honest I have never seen an f150 with that many miles.

  32. I watched a Tundra tow a 26' Airstream 7,000lb trailer up to Lake Tahoe just fine. Elevation from around 1'500-7'500 feet.
    It had to pull over once due to the switch backs in the road which slowed it down and had cars behind it this allowing them to pass. But anywhere eventually it caught up to those cars and it handled that steep mountain climb like a champ.

  33. In my area Fords are very expensive as well..maybe a little easier to work on..but still costly…I have had several fords and not great performance for high mileage and not to mention subpar parts..however I've had one Toyota with 300K ran strong…

  34. I’m 100% Toyota but the tundra has the worst crash ratings of any full size suv. They are built in Texas. Most reliable. But worst safety.

  35. I had a 2018 Toyota Tundra 4wd Limited crewmas.  It had the worst mushy weak feeling brakes that I have experienced in a new vehicle.  I replaced the factory pads with aftermarket towing pads and not much better.  I guess I didn't drink the Toyota Kool-Aid.

  36. kinda went off track right away . Why not buy a tundra.. hey lets take questions about honda prelude transmissions and witty banter about porche investments lol

  37. Toyota tundras are absolutely phenomenal…i used mine for all types of heavy duty tasks, hunting and as an every day vehicle…its now 12 years old with 223K miles…still runs great

  38. Scotty you definitely know your stuff about vehicles no doubt you're funny and you're knowledgeable but I love the reliability I haven't gotten there yet I'm a newbie to the Toyota I have a 2019 crewmax but for an example somebody came over to my house and bought something off me on Kijiji which is the equivalent to Craigslist for you USA people but the guy had a 2008 Toyota Tundra with a 5.7 l he said he's at zero issues with it that to me is more important no I haven't gotten there yet I only have 12 kilometres on my vehicle but I'm pretty sure and I'm hoping that I have the same reliability as these other people that I hear have the same truck as me.

  39. With the exception of the 7.3 powerstroke, Ford hasn't made a good truck since 1996. You can make a 6.0 diesel good, you just better have DEEP POCKETS! How many changes has Ford made in the last 12 years in just engines??? That's a sign that they're scrambling to make somethin good. Diesel, or gas

  40. My tundra has never had a problem . My friend's drive Chevy and Ford and they have nothing but problems but yet they love there trucks I pick on thim all the time. Top 3 are garbage

  41. Im from south africa and we love those lexus v8s..almost every single breakdown bakkie(pickup towtruck )has one in..cheap and easy to buy and install..very durable and almost never gives problems..i always liked your channel but not anymore..maybe getting a bit old and delusional.

  42. My 15 Tundra has 107,000 miles and nothing but one set of brakes, no rattles, no recalls, no issues. The 5.7 tows my trailer better than any domestic gas truck I’ve ever had. I now fully understand the ramifications of the opioid crisis 🤦🏻‍♂️

  43. Own a tundra 2006. No problems. But note that there was a frame rust catastrophe for 2005 and older. Always ask if the frame was replaced. And get a mechanic to go over all frames to ensure you have no rust issues. Frames were replaced by Toyota corporate recall.

  44. A maximized f150 can tow13,009 a maximized tundra can tow 10,200 a plain f150 can tow 5,000 and a plain tundra can tow 8,800 do you really need 13,000 I’d like examples

  45. My 2011 Tundra with the 5.7L dropped a valve at 88,000 miles. I take excellent care of this truck and planned to keep it many more years. The dealer stated I need a whole new engine and their price quote for parts and labor was $17,000. Sadly I’m not joking. I plan to take the truck to another shop for a second opinion. Although my misfortune I’m sure is the exception not the norm is shows even the much touted Tundra isn’t indestructible as some people like to believe.

  46. I have a 2002 Sequoia with the 4.7L with 300K on it. Please show me a Ford 4.6 or Chevy 350 engine that hasn't been rebuilt with that mileage and still runs smooth and no leaks. I feel like I might have to wait a while.

  47. Sorry my friend but I am not agree. I have a Toyota Tundra 2008 crew cab. 5.7 litters 243K miles. Spent on parts $485 starter replacement only on 11 years. And still running very strong. I love it.

  48. I have two Tundras, one of them a 2011 has 180000 miles on it. I had two problems with it, the windshield wiper motor and the clockspring needed to be replaced. Other than that only maintenance. Oh! this guy is an annoying cheap mf.

  49. Didnt Scotty post a video about the F150's needing a new transmission after 150K miles? And they are worth replacing??
    Yet, a Tundra with similar miles might need a starter by then, and it could cost 1000 dollars to replace? 🤷‍♂️
    Seems contradictory

  50. I love scottys videos but the only truck to ever go over 1milion miles was a Toyota tundra and the reverse was the only thing that went wrong

  51. Hey Scotty! I have a 2011 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 LTZ, I bought it for $20,000 with 35,500 miles on it. I've been seeing a lot of problems with the 5.3L V8 having the oil burning. Can you do a video on how to fix it? Thank you!

  52. My 07 Tundra has just over 302,000 miles. Total actual repairs $3000. A starter, fuel pump and fuel pump control module. That’s $250 a year in actual repairs. Best vehicle I ever had

  53. My neighbors new F150’s power windows don’t work now… and a ton of other electrical issues. I feel bad for the guy, it’s brand new.

  54. I would rathrer spend $1000 replacing my starter than $5000+ to replace a Ford 6.0 diesel. Powerstroke is what a Ford owner has when his engine craps out at 20k miles!

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