Why Not to Buy a Turbocharged Car

Why Not to Buy a Turbocharged Car

One, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel,
Today I’m going to help you answer the question, should you buy a turbocharged car,
now many modern cars like this Ford Focus Titanium Flex Fuel,
do have turbochargers in them, and they do it for one main reason,
this one is turbocharged and has gasoline direct fuel injection,
now this is done for one main reason, you get a smaller engine, and a turbocharger
gives it a lot more power, so you can have a small engine, but still
have a lot of power, and get good gas mileage at the same time,
and here is how it works, the turbocharger is connected to the exhaust
system, it spins really fast and it compresses air
and sends extra air into the engine, and by pumping all that extra air in,
effectively, it increases the compression inside the engine, like making the engine
a higher compression engine with more power, but turbos do have their downsides,
for one, theoretically you will get better gas mileage because your ramming more air
in but, most people that are driving with turbos are
always stepping on the gas really hard to go fast,
and that negates it and you actually get worse gas mileage from driving faster all the time,
and that’s certainly the case with me, every time I drive a turbo, they get horrible gas
mileage because I’m always driving like a manic,
and if you’re the type of person that doesn’t change your oil very often,
the turbos will wear out, the engine oil lubricates the turbos too,
and they spin at hundreds of thousands of RPMs,
dirty oil destroys them quickly, and all that extra pressure inside the engine,
yes they will wear out somewhat faster than a normally aspirated car, that doesn’t have
a turbocharger on it, now modern turbos are pretty sophisticated
though, I remember years ago when I was a kid,
a friend had a Kawasaki motorcycle that had a turbocharger on it, and it scarred the heck
out of me, because back in those days, they had really
bad turbo lag, you would give it a lot of gas, nothing would
happen, and then a second or two later, it would take off like mad and that Kawasaki
scarred me so much I got off it and never got back on it,
now modern cars don’t suffer from turbo lag, they’re all electronically fuel injected,
the computers are so sophisticated there is seamless acceleration,
you don’t have any problems with turbo lag, but do realize that many turbos need to run
on premium gas for them to run correctly, some of the modern ones don’t, but if you
don’t use high test in them, they won’t have the horsepower that they will if you use premium
gas, so when you take all of this into consideration,
and realize that turbochargers cost a lot of money, and they do eventually wear out,
when I want good gas mileage I go for a 4 cylinder engine that is set up for good gas
mileage that doesn’t have a turbocharger, and if I want power, I go for a car that has
a bigger engine that isn’t turbocharged, now ultimately it’s your money, but if your
cheap like me, you might think about not buying a turbo car,
especially if you keep your cars a long time and put a lot of mileage on them,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that bell!

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  2. Should you buy a turbo charged car?
    Y E S….cheaper than V6, lightweight, more agile, faster and upgradable…..and least important – better gas mileage, if you can't afford $3 per gallon on a 30mpg car you better buy yourself a bicycle.
    Let them warm up before you drive it, change the oil every 4kmi, not every 12kmi as dealership suggests, let cool off before you turn the engine off after pushing the car and it will be a reliable car. And by the way Scotty, you have never got back on a Kawasaki, because Kawasaki is not made for Toyota society. I think you will like the Vespa much better!

  3. My answer would have been. Because it really limits your options as there are not that many offerings with a pre installed turbo, so get the car you want and install the turbo you want.

  4. Scott, I have a turbo in my 07 mustang gt, I want to put a smaller turbo in the rear, can you send me a diagram of how to accomplish this

  5. And another thing: Turbocharged engines require premium synthetic oil — very expensive. No, thank you. Naturally aspirated for me, and regular 5W-30 or 10W-30.

  6. Scotty, what do you think about the Volvo S60s from 2015 – present? I love these and am considering getting one of those at some point. 4 cylinder turbo engines is what they run on.

  7. “Why you shouldn’t subscribe to YouTube channels with old men talking you out of building ur fucking car”

  8. I prefer a big displacement NA engine to these small turbocharged engines. If I were to go with forced induction(FI), I would go with a belt driven supercharger with an air to water intercooler and limit boost to no more than about 9 psi.

  9. if you listen to scotty?

    buy a hyundai, toyota or honda, do nothing with it except oil changes, and that's it xD

  10. why did scotty stop doing the burnout intros to his videos?

    because his neighbors started getting pissed off he was burning out in front of their houses every fucking day lol

  11. Dang good advice Scotty. I got told the same thing years ago, Don't buy a turbo charged car. Nothing but a head ache. I've seen friends and family wish so bad they never had one. They traded it off in short time.

  12. The new Honda CRV turbo has already had recalls about the oil mixing with gas. Most of these turbo nuts will be sorry about that garbage.

  13. Exactly why I chose a 2017 Ford Escape S. No eco boost, no turbo. I bought it at the end of the year, and took the savings and installed leather seats, the only luxury feature I wanted. Now, with the 2020 model Escapes, they’re all eco boost turbos, even the base model S. I plan on driving this until the wheels fall off. Any suggestions as to helping it have a long life?

  14. tc's is a no need not brainer?
    2017 optima SXL, turbocharged of course. I see no need to have my car tc'd. I traded it in for an ex low trim instead?

  15. I was lost in youtube… and then I saw a man screaming to explain why turbo is good and how it works… that's a way to do it ! And that was interesting !

  16. I wish more people in this world were clued up like scotty…then maybe we would have less shitty turbo cars with small engines and crappy electric steering…

  17. In the 1980's Kawasaki released the rare GPZ 750 Turbo sportbike (predecessor to todays H2R). In my college days a friend owned one and asked me if I want buy it cause he was graduating and moving out of the country soon. I test rode that bike and it was like a bat flying out of hell. He told me that it is a very rare bike cause it was not only turbo charged but it was one of the first production motorcycles with a fuel injection system at the time. Not many mechanics know how to service them properly at the time. I know that you recommend naturally aspirated engines over any force induction engines for longevity. In comparison does turbo charged engines vs supercharged engines causes the same type of ware and tear overtime?

  18. Only turbocharged and also diesel engine I respect is the Turbocharged Direct Injection or TDI engine, made by VW. I have 1.9TDI in my Audi A4 B5, runs like charm

  19. So really, it's all about the driver — if you don't abuse the turbo much, it can be a good thing to have — power on tap when you need it, but good gas mileage when you're driving casually.

  20. Hi Scotty, I have an old 1997 Mazda Bongo 2.5 diesel turbo. My question is: Considering the turbo is fed with oil should I run the engine at start-up to allow oil to circulate and also allow the engine to run for a while after stopping to allow the oil to cool the turbo down slightly. Thanks.

  21. I have 4 cars with turbos, 3 of them with over 100,000 miles & never had any turbo related issues. Yes, I do make regular oil changes with synthetic oil & use premium gas, even though they don't call for it, but I live by my choice & results prove me right. I do have one supercharged car and it gets bad gas mileage especially compared to the turbo cars and the bearings on the supercharger are getting bad @ 160,000 miles.

  22. I bought a 2018 Honda civic 1.5 liter 4 cylinder last year. I've watched your videos so curious what about the turbo and cvt on the civic. Are they better then they were or was it a bad idea to get one?

  23. Scotty is so damn right. 1 liter GDI 3 cylinder turbos may sound good but are underpowered at lower RPM. Just buy an electric car!

  24. Why does this guy shout all the time, is it a way of covering up the fact he knows very little about cars?

  25. Water cooled turbos and synthetic oil have helped turbo reliability a lot. Early turbos had crude electric/vacuum controls for the turbo waste gate and many engines were not really designed for turbos so head gaskets and other failures were common. A friend had a Daytona turbo with a common K car 2.2L that ate head gaskets so this is an example of that. Time will tell how today's turbos hold up when maintained properly and driven sanely. I know it will be much better than the 80's turbocharged cars.

  26. All that and Scotty missed the #1 and 2 ways most people destroy their turbochargers… not letting them spool down, and cool before shutting down their oil supply. Want to hose a turbo fast? Be that guy that pulls up, blips the throttle a couple of times, then shuts it off, or the guy that drives long enough to really heat-soak everything, then just shut the engine off without cooldown idle. We all know that guy.

  27. As a general rule he is completely correct. Unless you are looking for a performance oriented car such as a Subie SRX stay away from a turbo. Sure, you can make a well designed one last with careful maintenance but why would you want one if there is a nonturbo version with the same if not better power. My GF recently purchased a 2018 Acura RDX with the V6. At 80 MPH on the freeway it is doing around 2200 RPM. The 2019 produces the same horsepower with a turbo 4 with only slightly real world better gas mileage. I advised to her pass on the 2019 even with it's many improvements solely because of the reputation for reliability of the V6.

  28. As far as internal combustion goes. Exhaust driven turbines are the most efficient setup there is. There is really no argument to the contrary.

  29. Hi scotty, thanks for the video , one question , does turbo charged engines consumes more fuel ? What about the mileage ? Thanks

  30. His favorite Toyotas have largely avoided turbos which helps their longevity. Honda seems to have shot itself in the foot with their new 1.5 turbo which suffers from oil dilution and probably increased engine wear.

  31. All you complainers ….you think it’s a good idea to force feed something than natural ? Go learn some physics

  32. Scotty, you mentioned but forgot to elaborate on one important point. Do not use regular gas if the mfg recommended premium. You could use regular gas but you would not get 100% power and the computer in the car will retard the timing to compensate for the low octane and waste up to 20% of the gas (not burned). Result: getting less MPH and HP with cheap gas. It amazed me that people put cheap gas in a $50,000 car.

  33. Take it from the mechanic: don’t buy turbo charge engines! I agree, the problems start later and not all mechanics are familiar, so you must take it to authorized workshop only.

  34. your voice reminds about Rod Steward singer, this is a sexy voice. My comment is not relevant to the topic, i know.

  35. My brother has an Audi I don't know what model but he's had it for years it's turbo charged and he's had it since 1999 first owner and man he put it through hell and back he never had a problem and still turns on like the first day he took it out of the show room ?

  36. My 2019 Accord has a turbo charged engine. Almost 200 HP and it gets over 32 MPG with my lead foot wife driving it most of the time. I was skeptical, so we leased it. If it is reliable we'll buy it. There is no way to tell it is turbocharged. No lag, no turbo whine, and the torque comes on very low in the RPM range. So far so good.

  37. His point is very true, if I'd live in USA I'd definetly drive something like a 5-7 liters(305-427 cubic inches) coupe, but in Europe, I get away with a 50 euros yearly tax for my 2 liters 270 hp turbo engine, and I also have dirt cheap insurance as they still base it on the engine's size, so they assume I have some N/A 130 hp 2l engine. By comparision, the tax for a 305 engine would be 1500 euros per year, and the insurance at horror prices. So yeah at least in Europe turbo's do make sense. When it will die I'll just get a hybrid turbo for 700 euros and get some more extra power.

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