Why Not to Buy an Auction Car

Why Not to Buy an Auction Car

rev up your engines, today I’m going to tell
you, why you shouldn’t buy an auction car now over the years, I’ve got a lot of
customers say, Scotty I’m thinking about buying an auction car, what do you think
of that, well in my entire life I bought one auction car, but I’ve had a bunch of
customers that have bought auction cars and most of the deals ended up badly,
here’s the reasons why, most auction cars are at an auction for a reason, and it’s
not a good reason many of them are wrecked, flooded, stolen,
or repossessed cars by banks and needless to say, those cars have not been
taken care of very well and they may have been totaled by an insurance
company, now whenever you’re buying a car in this case it’s my motorcycle, it will say on
the title, the previous owner in this case, it was Gulf Coast BMW even though
it was a Triumph motorcycle, and it has the mileage on it, so I know it’s a real
title, and that it’s a clean title, if it’s been totaled it will either say
salvage title, refurbish title, they have lots of names for them, but they all mean
that the car had a really big problem an insurance company totaled it, or it was
stolen and found, and now they’re just trying to sell a stupid thing, realized
with the price of modern new cars being sky-high, everybody’s looking for a good
used vehicle, so if there is a good used vehicle out there people are able to
sell it very easily because there’s lots of people looking for them, but in an
auction, they’re bought and they’re sold quickly, the people get whatever money
they can get and it’s gone, a good car doesn’t need to go to an auction because
there’s plenty of people waiting to buy it, I’ll give you my experience with buying an
auction car, it was a Toyota pickup truck and Toyota pickup trucks
generally last forever so I figured what the heck, I was getting it
for my son, it was like 1500 bucks, so it wasn’t all that much money, but when they
brought it in on a tow truck to my house it did start, but it didn’t even have a
fan belt on the alternator, because the alternator had rusted up solid and was
locked on, and it didn’t have power steering either because that
belt had fallen off, but the main problem which you can see in this video, is that
a lot of a-frame was completely rusted away, but being a mechanic I went to
a metal store and I bought this plate steel, they cut me size as I wanted, then
I welded it all together, now was a gigantic job, and you’re not going to be
doing this kind of stuff yourself, and if you paid someone to do it correctly
you’d actually have to replace the whole frame, which would cost thousands and
thousands of thousands of dollars granted this was an out-of-state
auction, it was done on the Internet so really all I saw was the pictures
they took, and of course they didn’t go under it and take pictures to show that
the frame was rotten away, but even if you’re at the actual auction in person,
they just drive lost cars through general you don’t get much of a chance
to check it out, you can’t have a mechanic road test it and then use the
scan tools to see if anything’s wrong, it flies through, there it is and people
start bidding on it, now I know professional car dealers and they do buy
cars at auctions, but they’re pros and sometimes they’ll go to an auction and
they might buy ten cars for twenty or thirty thousand dollars total, so they’re
going to sell each one of those for anywhere from six to twelve thousand
dollars a piece, even if they get a bad one or two or three, they’re still making
a healthy profit, and for professional used car businesses, quite a few of the
auctions give them a limited guarantee whatever they payed for that car, say they
paid $1,200 if they say, oh our mechanic says there’s too much money there’s
going to need to fix it up, they’ll actually give them the $1,200 credit back for
buying another car at the next auction but I have yet to see or hear about one
that does it with private individuals who go to a car auction, it’s pretty much
as is, buyer beware and have a big sticker that says, as is no warranty, and perhaps
the most hilarious story that never happening to me was, a customer of mine went
through water and it blew up the engine in her Toyota Celica, so she sold it to
a junkyard, well I get a phone call about a month later from this guy who says, oh
I got this Toyota Celica can i tow it over and you can fix it,
so he towed it over and lo and behold it was my customers old Celica, and I
knew it because I had taken the head off the engine to see that the engine was
destroyed, and I put it in a trunk and as soon as I open the trunk, there was the head of
the engine and I said, my customer got rid of this car because it’s worth nothing
now, because the engine got blown up and flood water, what are the odds of that
one, so really in this case just use common sense, if a deal looks too good to
be true, a great car for only fifteen hundred dollars or five hundred dollars,
it’s probably a bad deal to buy one in an auction, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. A recent report on the local news was telling used car buyers to be aware that many
    cars were coming on to used car lots from areas that suffered very bad flooding.
    In some states it is easy to "wash" the tile. The report showed how a perspective buyer can check for flood damage.

  3. Scotty my last 3 cars have been auction cars and they were great cars never had any problems nowadays there big car dealerships take their trade ins that a more then a couple years old and just send them to auction rather then sell them so most of those are great cars!

  4. I would only purchase at a dealership auction I’ve had a lot of luck purchasing there great deals usually flip for 1-3thousand profit

  5. Bought a 2013 ATS at auction from a rental company, 30k miles, $22k, in 2016. The front grille was cracked and the parking sensors never worked but that never bothered me. Today it’s at 96k miles and it has given me 0 problems.

  6. I bought over thousand cars at auction, not a salvage auction. This guy does not know what he is talking about. Three major news: 1. we do not buy cars for 3k and sell them for 10k. 2. If the car is 4-5 years old, the chances are great it already visited a car auction at some point. 3. Most cars at auctions are guaranteed to not have major problems and dealers have a chance to return them.

  7. Every dealership i go to sells me a lemon for a high price.
    I bought a 1999 bmw for $700 at the auction.
    It ran all year for me!! and it just needs a repair now($850 coolant leak). Im just going to the auction to buy another, better then getting screwed over by another dealer

  8. I have bought three cars at public auction, still driving the Jeep I bought six years ago. Buy them cheap , fix what is wrong and drive them until something major needs repaired. That’s how I do it.

  9. Scotty, I bought a car from a dealership that was going to an auction. The car had 1 previous owner, and a clean carfax vehicle report for 90,000 miles. The bottom is sort of rusty, is it worth getting fixed? (It's a 97 civic coupe, manual)

  10. If you bought a used car from a dealer chances are they bought It from an auction.. A D+ mechanic can diagnose a good tran and motor with a obd scanner and bit of inspection.. yeah there will be problems, but how I see it you pay the dealer to overcharge you for repairs.. or you fix it yourself.. DONT OVERPAY

  11. Love your videos Scotty, but there is some crackling and distortion on the audio to your video intro. If you want to fix it you can use some utilities like Waves x-crackle which will get rid of the crackly distortion you hear. It happens when you start saying "En" in engines, it sounds like a crackling bag or similar sound. Send me the file, I can clean it up for you!

  12. This is one crazy story Mr. Kilmer a customer selling his or her Toyota Celica to a junkyard after the engine was submerged in H2O only to get a phone call from the guy who wanted to tow it to your house. The same car the female customer sold it to the junkyard and you seeing what was the main issue with it, wow that's crazy. I called that a double whammy in a half????????????

  13. At the auctions I go to generally the bigger ones you can road test everything (on the auctions closed road course) if your there early enough and while your at it scan it for codes. But you do have to have a dealer license not open to private individuals so I guess doesnt apply to this video just my experience.

  14. So basically don’t buy from: dealerships new or used or auctions. 99.99% of used car dealerships are auction cars. According to Scotty, Only buy a standard Toyota Corolla with little to no computer systems. Lol

  15. The one time a rebuilt title car can be a good value is if a. you know why it got totaled(eg: it was a wreck you were in and actually went through and it also depends on what was broken. i had my 2009 crown victoria totaled due to the front bumper being ripped off it by another driver. I got 3 grand for it and the parts in the junkyard to repair it as 133.00(bumper) and another 160 for the fiberglass section behind it(i got this new, it would of been 50 at the scrapyard).its not pretty but i didn't care, i wanted a reliable car not a pretty one. no damage to the headlights or grill even!
    theirs horror stories of much older cars being totaled for sillier reasons like paint damage that just cost the value of the car, esp over 10-15 years old. This may be a different case because its frame on rail car and simpler to fix than a unibody. I think by the time i get rid of it anyone wanting it will be after its parts since i generally get rid of cars with way over 200K miles on them and if i can get 300K out of it, its going to get it put on there.

  16. Those auctions need to improve, at least they need to provide info about the car including the carfax and other things to show its history or at least make sure that those who are looking for something affordable to take them from A to B do the job. Otherwise, time to invent the garage that is capable of upgrading those things to electric with supercharger compatibility.

  17. I bought a 04 Acura TL from an insurance auction 12 years ago with 59,000 miles on it I put a front end in on it painted it and I still own the vehicle it has a 138,600 miles on it now the best car I ever owned . Still runs like brand new no issues ever.

  18. You should've treated the frame with an anti corrosion rust preventer encapsulator convertor first before welding in new pieces. The  frame will rot out from underneath the welded in plates….Though yes auction cars are riskier but most used vehicles will need $1000 to $3000 of work regardless and if tire sizes are 18inch and bigger your already at $750 to $1000 just for tires…..

  19. Hi, frend your the best of the best. I had noooooooooo!!!!freken idea. Sorry just had to let you and America know. God dam! Your the auto God ??. God bless you and yours. Thank you, thank you, thank you. you'll save me so much money and how to do the basic fix her up project. And to oil change once a year. I love the vacuum air push back in. My brother. Do you know how long that light been on.? Hahahahaha!! I ask everybody. What's that.?? And the answer was just engnore it. ? Hehehehe!! Hey my friend.? God bless you. I was frekenig out every time I drove. Oh! no. My engine. I travel far. Eyes wide open waiting for my car to conkout. Hehehehe!! I wouldn't know what to do if we're to get stuck. I'd put scateboard in the back. And thought of getting a folding bike in my trunk. Whew!!truly appreciate your professionallizdum. Plane and simple your awesome ? love it. To know what the dealership and gas attended don't want you to know. I guess it's the same when you buy a house.or rent one. Squarters do want to leave. Hehehehe!! Where do I go. I have no where to go .homeless. heheheheheh!! Poor brother's. I always watch your show. I love your energy. Awesome. Wish I could be more like that. Have a great day today. Happy late start. Patrick's day.

  20. Auction cars are usually had problems that dealers won't resale them even after they are traded in. There are usually no warranty, and worst is that they aren't much cheaper than used car. There're just no reason to buy one. It's better to save up a bit more money to buy a used Toyota.

  21. way to burst my bubble scotty.  my grandpa used to buy cars at auctions and give them to my mom and uncles as teens and young 20yr olds.  thought I'd be able to do the same fro my nephew…but unlike Grandpa, I'm no mechanic, may he R.I.P.

  22. By a cop car at auction…carfax it first….they really take of those vehicles maintenance wise, never miss a oil change or tune up, brakes, alignment, suspension….and  keep them nice and clean…..

  23. Scotty I think recently you are making videos that dont make any sense. Buying cars from auction are always 50 50. Same as buying any used car from a reputable dealer. As long as the car is not brand new anything can happen. I bought a brand new rav 4 for my mother and when it reach 4000km i heard a rattle sound. The shocks had to be replace. Then it was starting. It was the alternator. Then door wasnt closing. Motor. They end up replacing the car. And I'm pretty sure that is gonna be sold as pre certified. I bought a honda crv 2019 with only 250km on it. Had front damage. I replace the light and bumpers and the radar. That's all. I'm at 19000km now. Nothing wrong.

  24. Thanks Scott, good car joke. but buying an auction car is a very good idea. in fact. if you know what your doing, and have experience with auctions, you can save yourself 20,000$ on a car. We have experience with buying over 30 cars on auction, so not everything on your channel is true. Thanks 🙂

  25. With out of warranty vehicles, new car dealers take their fresh trades to Manheim or Adesa because the vehicles don't meet the mileage or year requirements of most lenders… some of them are cosmetically banged up or require too much work to be a quick flip for new car dealers. Vehicles under warranty sold the auction tend to be lease expirations, trade-ins, rental units, or excellent condition program vehicles being liquidated by captive finance companies; these are excellent values, again, still under warranty. New car dealers also go to the auction to sell mismatched inventory to each other. For example, a Ford dealer might take a Mercedes Benz S550 in on trade, while Mercedes Benz takes in an F250 truck, they meet at the auction and swap inventory… efficient capitalism at its best! Lending institutions do sell their repossessions at the auction, there are usually personal belongings inside of the vehicle, tipping it off. Most of these vehicles are in acceptable condition mechanical and cosmetic condition. #1 rule, WHO IS THE SELLER? That tells you what to look for on a vehicle. I almost never buy from another used car lot at the auction, always from a new car dealer, rental company, or financial institution. Over 2/3rd of vehicles at dealer only auction will be perfectly road worthy and in great condition, unless you attend on the day of the cheap car sale or accident vehicles. Manheim and Adesa publish fantastic condition reports, online, which can be viewed 24/7. Manheim even furnishes a complimentary Auto Check report. If you're seriously looking for a vehicle, you're going to run a Carfax on it, and you'll be able to see that the vehicle was in a snow state, so expect at least surface rust. Car dealers all scan high end vehicles at the auction, and will get on the floor to look for rust and inspect suspension parts. Some auctions let you drive the vehicle, like here in Las Vegas, at Manheim. Mechanics as good as Scotty will spot bearing or excessive valve noise fast, and walk away from a lemon. Auctions also guarantee the mechanical and structural integrity of many vehicles. All branded vehicles (salvaged or rebuilt titles) are announced prior to sale and on the condition report + the free Auto Check. In addition, dealers carefully inspect the frame, panels, and weld marks, if they suspect paint or body work. A title can be washed through another state, and dealers who know what they're doing are on the lookout for that via Carfax. Buying from the auction is one of the best decisions you can make, what are you going to do, buy from a private party and have no recourse, because it's sold as-is? The vehicle could have recent major issues that you can't see on a Carfax. The private parties that people clamor to purchase from trade their vehicles in at a new car dealership so they don't have to deal with childish attempts at negotiating, games, or strangers coming to their front door. Think it through, it's common sense…

  26. If you know how to work on cars have tools and time you could get a good deal on a car and fixed your self without paying someone

  27. Have you ever gone to an auction?
    The auction where I go we can check out the cars two days before the day.
    So please do your research.

  28. Scotty, you are comparing apples and oranges. Yes, you should never buy an auction car that you have never seen, but there are local auctions where you can inspect the car, and yes there are a few good deals at auctions.

  29. I love your Videos Scotty, but this one is misleading, pure BS.

    There are good cars at auctions, and for sure Crappy ones. LIKE buying a car from a private party.

  30. Scotty u say don't buy a vehicle from a dealership or an auction or from a rental company. So where are we supposed to buy a vehicle from? Any individual u purchase a vehicle from, they got it from one of those places. So where should we buy from? Instead of where not?

  31. Toyota had a buy back for those Tacomas, for……. You guessed it ….. Frame Rot! My friend had one and got much more than what it was worth, from Toyota. He told several other people that had that generation Tacoma, and they all got a pretty penny for them. You could've made a few bucks on that truck, and saved all that work you did on the frame.

  32. I am a car dealer and I buy bunch of cars from Auction. Most of the cars are good cars. Alot of them are trade in cars, I dont know why scotty failed to mention that. I never bought a salvaged tittle car, the majority of those cars are clean tittle. He is making it look different than what it really is.

  33. Auction companies will list very clearly if it is flood car, accident car, or undercarriage car. Nothing is hidden, as Scott suggests.

  34. Thank you Scotty brings the competition down for me along with the prices I have to pay at auction lol

  35. Whatt is he talking about i had 3 cars from auction and those cars didnt give me trouble than I bought certified used and problems started

  36. Family bought a old 1990 bmw convertible at police auction, it was a solid, largely reliable and dependable, very lovable vehicle for 10+ years and I regret selling it. 2 cents, my E30 was a damn fine car, and while not TOYOTA reliable, was still perfectly reasonably reliable and tons of fun to drive.

  37. Lol i have bought over 1475 and sold most of them and kept some of them ,so what your saying is 50/50

  38. I go to a dealer auction where you can go one day before auction and check them out good and ive gotten good deals over there .. so not all auctions are bad

  39. Loads of cars at London's reputable big auctions (Enfield) are by private sellers who are horrified when the dealer they bought it from tells them it's worth almost nothing (mid-term small cars and high depreciation cars: Fiat, Jeep, Chrysler-Daewoo, high end BMW and Mercedes because changing the suspension on all four wheels for example costs £4000, or $5000 dollars and a lot else will need changing too because it's high miles). The big car auctions have to have a full description inside the windshield and you keep that. Anything wrong you get a full refund. Japan, England have huge car markets and even low-mile rentals are okay, it will say so. Johannesburg in SA is the best place for Japanese insurance company write offs. Often they will change the smashed headlight while you wait and talk you right through the car and everyone's got a gun so if you bullshit they kill you. (Benoni, beside JHB airport.)

  40. I bought a car on eBay auction once. $1800 winning bid+$200 dealership fee+$800 shipping. Still driving that car 11+ years later ?

  41. There some mechanic garages on here they won't buy a car off a car dealer telling me you don't know nothing about a car scared to buy a car from a car dealer .. how stupid tells me you ain't no mechanic I call it like it is sorry.

  42. There are different auctions dealer auction where dealers are only authorized to enter and bid, and open public auction of where junkers are sold

  43. I buy all my cars from the auction but your advice is sound. I can work on cars and most but not all the auction cars I bought needed some work. Mostly labor intensive type work, not expensive parts type of work. I bought a 97 Nissan Maxima SE for 500 bucks about 10 yrs ago, fully loaded with a sunroof and had to replace the ignition switch and driver door power mirror, junk yard had both parts and the mirror was the same color as the car, however the rear head cover gasket needed to be replaced. The car was smoking a little when they bought it in, cheap part again, however I had to remove the intake manifold which took 5 hrs the first time,(THAT'S WHAT nISSAN WILL BILL YOU) but after that, I got it down to 20 minutes and STILL have that car. The auction I go to lets you come in and look at the cars before hand, you can scan tool them, start and drive them IN THE LOT, so it takes a lot of the guesswork out, but never buy a car from an online auction EVER. Also if you can't work on cars, DON'T BUY FROM AN AUCTION.

  44. Rules for buying on Auction:

    NEVER EVER Buy clean title cars (you can get lucky, but it rarely happens)
    Buy car that are new with body damage like door that you can replace, but no air bags deployed.
    Always look up the prices on your area to see if it's even a good deal after dealer charges etc.
    Always buy from Insurance companies, no third parties!!

  45. Toyota trucks had a recall for frame rust a few years ago. They checked the truck, and if it was deemed "too rusted" by Toyota, they fixed it. If not, they applied an undercoating that just made it rust faster and returned it to the owner. Your pictures of the truck you had with a rusted frame look like many I have seen.

  46. Many years ago i bought an auction car that was only 4 years old. Its was a total piece of junk !! Never again !!

  47. Bought a 07 dodge ram from auction with p189000 for my job 3 years later 225k on it runs great sometimes you get lucky

  48. As someone who buys car from auction, I totally disagree with you. I finish my year 12 last year and I don't work as mechanic or anything. I was just like any other high school/college student who wanted to buy their first car. let me tell you I bought a 2016 Mitsubishi ASX with 14 km for 6.6k and got it out with auction fee and everything for 7k and fix it by 10k with inspections and whatnot. Lastly I was able to sell that car for 18k making a total of 8k profit while getting the km to 20km. since then I have bought lots of others. if you don't believe me, let me know on my channel and I shall make a video about it and show you how I do it by going through every single steps one by one.

  49. please do not buy from a police auction. Im a police officer and if we get a vehicle in a bust then whoever was first to be there gets the car. If no one wants the car it goes to the auction (5 cars that go to auction equal credit for one car). Same with police cars. They are up on maintenance but will get ridden if only when the motor wears out

  50. The auction comes clean about salvage title etc. when the car is purchased from teh auction, tarted up and sold, very often the history of the car can be obscured

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