Why Not to Buy Cars Made in Mexico

Why Not to Buy Cars Made in Mexico

rev up your engines, Carlos Martinez says
new japanese-made Mazdas versus Mazdas made in Mexico, any quality control issues, of
course the ones made in Japan are better made, it’s like anything else
I mean Volkswagens was making eventually made some of the Volkswagens in Mexico
and the quality of them was down compared to the ones in Germany, that’s
just the way that it goes, and like one of the big Fiasco’s lately in the United
States is the Fiat 500 and all of those were made in Mexico and they had quality
control issues and the second year they had them sold in the United States I think
they sold 50,000 Fiat 500s but then like last year they sold like 4500 so people
aren’t buying them, the quality’s down, let’s just face it, Mexico’s not known for quality
control and I would personally not buy a car made in Mexico like those the neons
that they made there and the PT Cruisers that were made in Pueblo Mexico they’re
quality was bad, they were horrible vehicles they just fell apart for all
my customers that bought them, they never bought another one after buying the
first one Pierre Franklin says Scotty my
dealership told me I have about two thousand dollars worth of work that
needs to be done eventually on my car but my Volkswagen Passat is 140 thousand
miles, we paid off next year trade it in or fix it, one you’re not gonna get
diddly squat for a Passat that has a hundred and forty thousand miles trade in,
and they’re gonna give you practically nothing but the Volkswagen dealers are
absolute crooks, so that said go someplace else, if they say it needs two
thousand dollars work, I had a guy a month ago come with that same exact car
and needed a water pump and stuff and I did all the work for about seven hundred
dollars and he was happy and he kept the car so you know, getting a repair
estimate from somebody else and knows about Volkswagens and see what they’re
gonna say cuz you’re not gonna get anything I’m not a Volkswagen fan but if
you tried getting rid of that age with that many miles you’re not gonna
get anything for it anyway, the Slayer says Scotty there’s water coming inside
my car, I thought it was the new windshield was installed wrong but the
check it said some part of the AC is broke it leaks from there what can I do,
one here’s the thing never trust anybody that did work and said, oh no it’s okay
we didn’t screw up, if that leaking occurred after the new windshield was put in,
odds are they didn’t put it in right they’re not gonna tell you that cuz the
only way that could be fixed is by tearing a windshield out and resealing
it because the only thing that hold that windshield in is the glue that they
put on the bead on the inside of the windshield and then squashing it in, so I
wouldn’t know if I believe them but if it is your AC, that’s the AC evaporator
it fills up with water because if you live specially where I am in Houston Texas it’s hot and humid, air conditioning is real cold, so when that hot
humid Texas air hits the evaporator in your dash, it makes it rain inside and
creates a lot of water and then the AC evaporator drain makes a drip under
your car if that clogs up yeah I’ve got a video on that how to fix a car that
has AC evaporator that’s leaking, you can watch that it’s simple thing, you can
get a garden hose and you can get under the car find the drain squirt some in
and then drain it out, you can do that but like I said, if it happened right
after they put that windshield in odds are they did a crappy job sealing it, I see that a
lot of the time with these guys that are discount windshield ones that come to
your house a lot of times they do a real sloppy job, Ben says Scotty my 02
Durango has rear climate control I found coolant was leaking from the rear heated
core, I decided to bypass the heater core instead of replacing it can this cause
damage thanks, no it doesn’t hurt anything all you do is you got hot water hose
going to the heater core and another one coming back, all you have to do is
disconnect those two hoses and get a splice kit, I get them from autozone for
like eight bucks, it’s just a plastic connector with two clamps, you cut those
two hoses off and splice them together you still want to splice them together,
cuz you want to have flow, but that bypasses the heater core and it won’t
cause any damage at all you just won’t have any heat in the back, I’ve done that
all the time here in Texas we don’t need heated in southern Texas we don’t need
much heat so people bypass the heater usually never ever fix them back again,
John says Scotty I got a 1996 Cadillac DeVille with the Northstar 4.6
v8 engine as 40,000 miles, I heard good bad things about it, what’s your opinion and
how to make it last longer, okay they were very interesting design they were a very
powerful v8 they put out a lot of horsepower but they had
lot of problems with head gaskets blowing in them, now you’ve only got 40,000 miles,
religiously change the coolant in your car every three years, flush it out put
new coolant, put a new thermostat in and always have clean oil, if the oil gets
dirty and overheats and wrecks the head gasket, blah you got a mess, don’t listen
to any of the garbage they tell you change your oil every 3,000 miles in
that thing if you use conventional oil and if you use synthetic oil change it every 5,000
miles, if you’ve got it and it’s still working you only got 40,000 miles but
you want to take care of it because they were engines that had problems with blowing
head gaskets and that is such a complex engine that if you do blow that gasket
it’s not like doing a four-cylinder Toyota, I’ve seen people have head
gaskets replaced on those things and spent six thousand dollars, it’s a very
complex job, hardly anybody knows how to do it right either, so if you never want
to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. Just compare how much they pay auto workers in Germany ($21.30 Euros per hour) versus how much they pay the same auto worker in Mexico ($2.40 Dollars per hour). It is not an issue of Mexican quality it is an issue directly related to workers compensation. Would you give a F about your work making $19.40 a day? I do not think so… Car companies are at fault and the American consumer are the victim. I bet you 1000 to 1 that if you pay Mexican workers $10 dollars an hour they would be making Ferraris out of those cars.

  3. No, you don't buy a car made for Mexican market (cheaper pieces, lower security, less equipment), but they are sold only Mexico anyway. You buy a car that is made for international market (or USA market), with the same quality that if it was made in United States, Japan, etc.
    It's a ridiculous claim with no evidence, I am sorry but you are wrong this time.

  4. You might accidentally get a car made in Mexico loaded with a million dollars in cocaine. Depends on your luck I guess😉

  5. Nope. Ironically, Ford's most reliable vehicles over the past 10-15 years have actually been their Mexican-built models.

  6. My Ford Crown Vic was made in Mexico I put almost 500k miles with original engine and tranny in it ,the old Bettle one of the best reliable cars was made in Mexico for more than 50 years ,As Mexican I demand an apology 🤨😠

  7. I've been hating on your hybrid videos, but this is straight forward… again, hybrid versions of the Toyotas are made in Japan although you keep hating on them… just saying…

  8. Wife had a jetta made in Mexico and didn't have an issue other than replacing the rear brake pads in 4 years

  9. Wrong! Wrong! Automakers moved to Mexico not only for the cheaper costs of making cars but also for the high standards of quality! After all, German and Japanese automakers wouldn't invest MILLIONS before doing diligent research.

  10. Mexico just assemble the cars with Chinese made transmision and components if the cars brakes down is not Mexico fault I'm mexican and before i moved to the states i worked in few Auto assemble warehouse and I tell you with my own experience that those assemblers go through a strict hiring process also they constantly capacitating and keep training their workers also they have pretty high standard quality control if cars brakes down is due to chrap parts the automakers put on don't blame Mexico workers blame the corporation that doesn't invest in good quality parts

  11. ¡No revolucionen sus motores! 😭
    Even as a mexican I know japanese and even some chinese cars are way better made than ours (with the exception of Mazda and VW). The only good thing is that parts are cheap-ish.

  12. False information. Mexico 4th place of electronic exporter in the 🌎.80% ends up in the 🇺🇸. I dare u check!. there a 70% ur 📺 its made in 🇲🇽 .

  13. If the blueprints and designs are bad than the final built products will be bad. The assemblers l, no matter where they live, are just following the blueprints

  14. Certainly some are bad, then again, some of the best are made in Mexico. It is unfair to label cars made in Mexico as bad. US-made are no better. We do have a Mex-made Suburban and a Mex-made Chevy Trax. Both are great, reliable cars. We had a couple of Canadian-made Windstars, and can't say the same about them. There are many cars and trucks manufactured in Mexico whose quality and reliability is legendary. Ford's better-made passenger car, the Ford Fusion is still made in Mexico.

  15. Mexico like almost every other country are ignorant people that have make everything Spanish

  16. Scotty, I have a 1994 Ford ranger v6 3.0 engine. The truck would stutter after it would start, usually after the second attempt of startimg ir up after it stalls, I had the fuel pump and filter changed after a few recommendations to do it and the catalytic converter isn't clogged up, I had the spark plugs changed also, what else could it be? The stuttering stops after ten minutes of riding it around. Is there anything else that I could change?

  17. Absolutely love your videos; highly educational and without the useless fluff. Question: I own a 2009 BMW 750i. Love the thing, never any problems. Would love your advice on the best care for it. You rock Scotty!

  18. They are going to start making the toyota corolla in mexico. Toyota moved the assembly line from Woodstock ontario in March. The Rav$ are still made in woodstock and Cambridge.

  19. Bmw, audi, nissan, honda,kia , many manufactures build in mexico no complains each company controls their product.

  20. My Made in Mexico Ford Focus is a POS. There is good reason why countries south of the USA's border are called 3rd world $h!t Wholes

  21. So what do you say about the Toyota Tacoma or Ford f150? However for those same reasons you listed, I bought a 4runner. Manufactured 100% in japan

  22. I don't think I'm wrong bit arnt all Chevy and Ford truck made in Mexico and the Toyota Tundra made in the U.S.A

  23. Scotty doesn't usually get this many contrary responses from viewers, and you know, even haters can be seen from miles away! But this time I think he got a bit confused regarding Mexican cars and cars made in Mexico (????). Even the picture of the guy wearing a sombrero seems uncalled for, but whatever. I drive a Nissan made in Mexico that's run flawless miles starting in late 1999 that BTW has not lost its (resale) value for the past few years. Scotty Kilmer's fan here.

  24. Scotty do you have hard data that Mexican manufactured cars are inferior? Or are you speaking out of a bigot standpoint? Do you think a company would manufacture a car and risk ruining there reputation by not keeping quality control as well as well equipped facilities no matter where they are manufacturing? Ford Taurus was made in mexico and it had very high reliability marks while it was made there. Please stop being a bigot

  25. Hahahahahahaaha too late… I own a 2002 chevy avalanche, bought it brand new with 11 miles. Same thing with a pt cruiser, 2008… And unfortunately I love them…

  26. You said to not buy a car made in Mexico. Does that include the Lincolns and F150s made there? I understand that a lot of Fords are made in Mexico.

  27. Lol that used to be true but it’s 2019 and car companies are investigating $billions$ in Mexico! The quality is overseen and they have strict QC! State of the art factories, highly skilled workers and so on.

    Do your research, the quality is as good as anywhere these days if not better lol! Mexicans are not lazy like Canadian’s and American’s, they do not strike and demand more money every few months either! That said they are taken advantage of by these big car companies but it is what it is.

  28. I personally think that, it’s not the Mexican manufacturation, beacause my made in México Volkswagen Jetta 2014 hasn’t got any fault. Although that doesn’t mean that all manufactures fabricate good vehicle while doing it in Mexico, quality depends on manufacturers, not on the origin,
    That’s why you shall always test and review a product before buying it.

  29. Those passats suck. My buddy dad went dutch with the dealership on his 05 passat t…it had 60k miles on it.

  30. I have had Toyota(s) made in US, Japan, and Mexico — the Mexico built had too many quality issues, I got rid of that within a year, and it was new vehicle.

  31. The problem is you cant buy a car here in the United States thats built in Japan. Believe me i looked and looked and looked.

  32. I have a 2011 Chevy HHR made in Mexico. Engine and transmission are USA. Absolutely high quality throughout. Even the paint is show quality awesome.

  33. 4 Assembly plants for FORD Trucks in Mexico and who better than Ford for HD Trucks? Made in MEXICO 🇲🇽

  34. Guess what Scotty, your house was made by Mexicans 😉, it's the engineering that is sent that is bad not the Labor or people, grow up! wait 🤔😂😂😂 a tree that grows crooked stays crooked, besides Mexico does not engineer none of the cars it's just the labor and assembly they do.

  35. I have an 07 Jetta 2.5 with 160k on it that was made in Mexico. Thing is an absolute junker and quite literally falling apart.
    I hear the newer products are better.

  36. The tacoma and CR-V are made in Mexico. It is the roots of companies that make the difference. I have a 3rd generation (2006-2011) made in Mexico and works perfect. True production ended with 4th gen in 2017.

  37. Volkswagen cars are not good specially gettas and passats not very safe and don't last more an 200 I used to like them but not anymore the motor has plastic parts it's just not OK.

  38. My MEXICAN made Mk3 2.0 jetta is 24 years old, has over 200,000 miles and i havent had major issues apart of a CV axle that was incorrectly bolted on and came off, wiping at my transmission and making a hole on it. I had to bolt it back on and drive it about 20 miles to the mechanic. It had almost no fluid in it as it gushed it all out, and the freaking thing ran fine! Had to solder the transmission to repair the hole the cv axle made. My transmission is manual of course! that's why it refused to die even with nearly no fluid in it.

  39. Im an hvac technician … Carrier hvac has moved production to Mexico. Their brand new equipment has alot of issues ..units miswired from factory..screws missing ..refrigerant leaks etc .

  40. You mentioned a PT cruiser your right they are junk I had to resuface the heads at 50000 by the way is this a common problem for the 2.4 litre 4 cylinder?

  41. I own a 2008 Nissan Versa that I bought new in 2007. It's Mexican made and has never given me a lick of trouble. Nothing has ever broken and all I've ever had to do to it is regular maintenance. It's been the most reliable car I've ever owned.

  42. Right now for Mazda the Mazda 3 is the one made in Mexico so watch out if trying to buy a Mazda 3. From what I’m aware of the VIN number reveals what country it was built, if it starts with a “J” it was made in Japan.

  43. I disagree i this one whit you mr kilmer mexico had good quality control don't blame Mexican blame your engineers

  44. My 2000 ford f150 300 thousand miles and counting is made in Mexico and still working very good is not where they made is how you take care of the vehicle.

  45. I almost bought a 2019 honda fit and found out it was made in Mexicio and bailed on the purchase. Autos built in Mexicio are crap and the Automakers do not care, they build them becuase of the massively cheap labour costs, no benefits and dreadful labour standards. It about profit not quailty.

  46. Toyota’s Cambridge (Canada) plant has brought home the prestigious Platinum Award for assembling the best quality vehicle globally, not Mexico, US, Japan, Korea or Germany…but Canada. So this fact clearly disproves the comments here that were its built does not matter…it does. Canada builds the best autos in the world.. FACT.

  47. I think is bias he brobaby doesn’t know what he saying there could still e cars models in Germany Mexico makes the best of cars .

  48. I have a Mitsubishi is horrible a ford horrible they waste lots of gas dot last a lot. They tend to breakdown ford and Mitsubishi cars. Toyota good had a Nissan that’s been good too .

  49. Don’t buy iPhones because are made in china 🇨🇳 😂😂😂😂😂 90 percent of Americans products are made outside of USA mostly china , Mexico , india etc ,,, Nike ,, adidas etc etc etc 😂😂😂😂🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  50. Mexico 3rd country around the globe on car industry, any brand any model here in Maxico good quality ,you can find very old cars still running without problems just no Firestone tires and ready to go 😉

  51. I bought contact breakers made by bosch and they broke after one kilometer, made in mexico, they make crap too nowdays.

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